El Sol Mexican Restaurant
1815 Pleasanton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78221, United States
El Sol Mexican Restaurant
Review №1

The cheese of the enchiladas and bean and cheese is very good it taste very good, but we need to keep social distance for this pandemic there is no social distance here

Review №2

Overall had a great experience. Food was hot and fresh, service is really good, tea is excellent, price is very affordable. Would visit again.

Review №3

The food was great. The service was great. Great experience all around.

Review №4

The food is good, however my husband says the plates are to small for the prices. You get more on your plate at other mexican restaurants for less. This place is normally crowded, so the food is good. But if your a big eater, you might need to order some taco with your plate.

Review №5

For the most part the food is very good & homemade flair BUT on May 1 I got a Mexican plate & was surprised that the beans were cold on the chalupa & the lettuce was old What happened I did tell cashier & she did take off the chalupa less than $ 2 worth . That was the first time I had lunch here mostly breakfast items in the past with no problems . Rest is large enough for handicap accessible BUT getting into there are high chairs , carts in the way

Review №6

First time here and this place was great! Food was hot and delicious. It tasted like old school tex-mex which was exactly what I was looking for. The staff was very courteous and the owner was really nice. Will be coming back soon. Nice big parking lot, too.

Review №7

Oh you can't go wrong like elso the tacos and menudo the women the workers are awesome

Review №8

I love the Carne guisada tacos that's all I ever order for takeout. I wish they had a menu so I can order me some different type of tacos but there good tacos

Review №9

What can I say this place has been here for years and it's nice and quiet and peaceful restaurant to enjoy some tacos or your favorite dish very familiar with the family of this establishment and never had any complaints stop on by and enjoy el sol's delicious food

Review №10

Chiliques are good and so is the rest of the food. Staff is friendly and its doesn't take along time to eat. Food is got and fresh, This is a very good spot to eat and worth the time to stop by and check them out.

Review №11

It was better before the pandemic. No Social distancing practiced. Rest packed to full capacity. It is dangerous especially for elderly and sick. Most tables full.

Review №12

My favorite Carne guisada!!! Always on point and the staff is so sweet.

Review №13

Went by El Sol Mexican Restaurant on the Southside for the first time.Nombre shut up,orale the place was a rocking people were going in and out none stop.El compadre ordered the mexican plate,half tea half lemonade with flour tortillas.Everything was delicious but one thing that stood out was the enchiladas they were flat as a c.d.Never seen that before it looked like they just rolled up the corn tortillas and even then they were flat we let the waitress no about it.And hopefully that won't be the case next time.On to my order wacha I ordered the chicken puffy tacos plate,corn tortillas and sweet tea.I got's no complaints puffy tacos were huge rice,beans,corn tortillas,sweet tea muy impresionante.Plenty of staff to keep the place moving at a fast pace.Staff very helpful and courteous.I recommend El Sol Mexican Restaurant and will be going back to see if the enchiladas aren't still flat you got four stars because of the flat enchiladas.

Review №14

I ate here growing up especially when I went to the school right across the street glad to see they're still doing great service and food

Review №15

Wednesday's Special w/iced tea terrific

Review №16

Young lady very respectful. Good chow

Review №17

Great food. Good customer service.

Review №18

It was okay good service just not great food at least for me...

Review №19

Amazing enchiladas made with carne guisada grave, very friendly waitress.

Review №20

The food Good. Plate price are high.

Review №21

The food was good but service was poor had to wait 10min to get a waitress to being us a manuAs it's a pandemic state for covid-19there was no hand soap in restroom after telling the waitress the first time i figured they'd put somebut never didasked the cashier why is there no soap in restroom she stated they ran out but there is hand sanitizer at at register

Review №22

Fast good service been eating there for years since my harlandale years of the 90's.same food taste and service.sezzy cashier toolol.

Review №23

Place need a good cleaning, dusting. Wait staff needs to attend customers more attentively, not wait till my hand is raised because she hasn't checked on our table. Please get new menus they are disgusting. The food was decent but come on it was just eggs, potatoes and beans. Oh yeah to all wait staff, if you drop my menu on the floor don't pick it up "dust it off" on your leg and then put it on my table for me to use. WTFH!

Review №24

Delicious and service is awesome as well.

Review №25

My Favorite place to go for tacos.

Review №26

Good food and good service.

Review №27

Quick and delicious chips n salsa had. Tbe picadillo and asada taco.

Review №28

Carne Guisada was delicious would definitely drive from the westside to the southside again.

Review №29

Me and my bestfriend Mori Gomez went to eat and the food is ok.

Review №30

Good food and great service. Claudia is the best!

Review №31

Another gem on Pleasanton. The food here is really good, nice casual atmosphere, musica mexicana playing. Would I come here again? yyyyyyup.

Review №32

Food sucked. They made it wrong the first time. Had to wait for the correct order. They didn't tell my wife that her plate was HOT, so she burned her hand. Too was good though.

Review №33

Good food.. little pricey..

Review №34

If your looking for good food and friendly service this is the place to be. Definitely one of my top 5 restraunt. The only thing about this place is its always packed. So please do expect a wait but definitely worth it.

Review №35

Good food and fast service

Review №36

Best enchiladas... The Hungry Man plate is a MUST try

Review №37

It was open i enjoyed it... no more then 6 to a table must wear a mask to enter

Review №38

Fastci food and service. The food is fresh and perfectly seasoned. The service is even better than that. The waitresses are always friendly and very quick to take your order. Definitely a well kept secret on the South Side.

Review №39

Great food!! Great service!!They have the best home made lemonade!! From fresh lemons!! Not!! The can powder stuff, like other restaurants try to pass off, as real lemonade!!All the food is great there, but you guys out there, have to try their Chicken and Beef CALDOS!!! They serve you so much, in that large bowl, that you won't want to eat anything else, until the next day!!!

Review №40

OMG, I am so full! Homemade all the way around. The red Habanero salsa I think is the reason it's called El Sol. It's as Hot as the Sun!

Review №41

Nasty food never again..menudo was so greasy ..chicken. Tacos had bones in them and enchilada plate tastes so ugly n beans falling off to the side!!

Review №42

It was the best two people were so welcoming and the food is great

Review №43

Love the service, food and the lemonade is the bomb

Review №44

They were very accommodating to our large group. We went Sunday morning and did a great job. I had bacon/egg tacos. Only issue I had was the bacon wasnt crispy, but I didn't specify to the server either. The staff were welcoming. Overall, good place. Will come back when visiting San Antonio again. Keep up the good work.

Review №45

Good food/good service

Review №46

Food is great here ,But today I had a bad experience, the server never came back she was very distracted a lot gossiping at other tables. Bianca was her name I believe ! She wears her clothes too small , an another thing she started arguing with another client in the cashier in front of all the clients very unprofessional of her part.

Review №47

Great lunch specials. Patients tell me all the time they can't eat healthy at Mexican restaurants. Look at this place avoid the rice and beans and tortillas and eat everything else. High fat low carb ketogenic diet you will feel amazing!

Review №48

Enchiladas were good but rice had no flavor and bean were good . Didn't like there corn tortillas they tasted a little sour.

Review №49

The food here is good. The last two times I ordered food to go they had me waiting an extra 20 minutes in the restaurant. This last time they gave me cold enchiladas. The cheese wasn't even melted. That's to say they weren't as busy as they usually are. They need to work on getting their to go orders out in a timely manner.

Review №50

Horrible service. We waited almost 45 minutes after we ordered and the food was cold. The waitress was too busy stuffing her face in the corner instead of asking if we needed anything, we had to ask for our own tea and food. We will never go back there again!!!

Review №51

Always a good experience. Good customer service. Good food.

Review №52

Food is delicious. Service is great. And the price is very reasonable. Love this place!

Review №53

Great place to eat. Friendly waitresses and food is good.

Review №54

Really good breakfast tacos. The wait staff is friendly . And has anyone noticedhow pretty they all are?

Review №55

Great taco place, wonderful food.

Review №56

This is a must try ..the wait can be long but the braised ribs are amazing

Review №57

Definantly my favorite place to stop by. Service is always great and do their best even when they're extremely busy. Been coming here since I was in high school across the street and I still go often.

Review №58

Excellent food every time!

Review №59

Good Prices, Service and Food.

Review №60

Terrible food the waitress had me sitting for a 1hr before I got served the food was terrible and they use fake cheese on the food they could not even tell me what kinda cheese it was the food was cold tortillas were hard and tough never again!

Review №61

We visited restaurant on a Sunday, place was packed, our meals were taking longer than expected, waitress came and apologized cause she forgot to turn in order we calmly accepted Her apology, we understood all the waitresses were trying their best to service customers in a timely manner, credit should be given to all of them for trying their best, besides my wife and I weren't in a hurry, we were enjoying our Sunday outing, at the end our food was good and our waitress was very attentive and sociable, we'll definitely visit place when we're in the area.

Review №62

That was a fun time.

Review №63

Really GD food it's always busy so the only problem is u have to get there to get a table but everything is 5 stars

Review №64

Food was delicious.

Review №65

Great service & tacos were great.

Review №66

Food was but they are still using the regular dirty menus and it l was nasty looking

Review №67

The food and service are great and not expensive.

Review №68

One of the best places for cheese enchiladas

Review №69

Waitress socialising with and catering to her family members at the table next to ours. Brought our food cold. We returned cold Menudo and waited another 20 minutes for our menudo to come back. I believe she wasn't checking on our food because she spent her time waiting and talking to her family.

Review №70

Good food and great service with reasonable price,,,,great combo.

Review №71

The food especially the menudo was perfect, the waitress was on point and the restaurant was very clean.

Review №72

They got great food

Review №73

Food and service was great,The owner was rude really unprofessional, she scolds the servers in front of clients that they can't speak too the clients that's how servers make there tips... besides that everything was great

Review №74

Great!! Service was fast, and employees very friendly, good food.

Review №75

All I had was a ham& chees omlet 2 pancake and a tea was 15.00 very expensive could of gone to Ihop and got a better omlet with lots more in it! First time there and last time too!

Review №76

Never been to this restaurant before. Service kinda slow but the food was delicious. Large plates and servings. Tried the fajita plate and the Enchiladas Mexicano. Both were very good. Great value for the price. Great tasting sweet tea corn and flour tortillas. They also do private catering.

Review №77

Excellent menudo and corn tortillas.

Review №78

It's usually pretty packed which is a good sign. We went for early lunch and snagged a table. Thank goodness because it was an AMAZING experience. We came from 8 hours away on vacation and a friends uncle owns the place so she sent us over. The carne guisada and enchiladas are THE BEST I've ever had! And they had live music playing! Loved it all.

Review №79

Best taco spot by harlandale high school, outs like home here to me and i can promise the for is just like your moms homemade food. Sweet tea on point always

Review №80

Fast service, friendly staff. Good variety of menu items. Generous portions, fair prices. Come hungry, foods I've eaten here have been delicious. Owner very attentive and seems to care about customers , kept walking throughout dining area , asking if everything ok. I like that, most times dont ever see owners from other restaurants.

Review №81

Good food n tea yummy!!

Review №82

Good food and good prices and good service.

Review №83

Good food ' and good service ! Need to do more thorough cleaning !

Review №84

Their menudo is great. Not to spicy nor lacking flavor. Some of the girls are a little rude so sometimes it messes up the experience. Most of the ladies are nice and always remember to check in on their customers. The fajitas our my family's fav.

Review №85

Food was so good . My wife took me there to have the carne guisada and OMG the best . We now make it our Sunday morning spot.

Review №86

The service is great the food was good

Review №87

Great place with good and kind waitresses

Review №88

Food was nasty and queso was old and hard. I would not recommend this place.

Review №89

Our favorite go to for breakfast.

Review №90

A true gem of the Southside of San Antonio. If you are in the search of authentic Tex-Mex this is the place to go. Warm salsa and freshly cooked salsa will make you rethink your ideal chips and salsa. Every plate is a winner and will not break the bank.

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Review №92

The food and the service is always great! I have been here several times with my family! And have never been disappointed. It's worth going back!

Review №93

Came out here for the first time with a co-worker, and oh boy the food was so good. Service was quick too. Literally in and out. Though I have heard that it can get pretty crowded. Overall excellent!

Review №94

Food is delicious.

Review №95

Love it good food

Review №96

The tortillas are soft and are made homemade, breakfast is really delicious especially if you like hot food like the chicharrones con salsa that is spicy, also the crispy tacos are good but what really is good is the fresh homemade lemonade. Like I mentioned I'm very picky about my Mexican food. The waitresses a majority are really nice especially the waitress Cynthia she is very attentive always making sure your food comes out to your liking and you always have your drinks full...make sure you tip her well. If you stop by ask for her.

Review №97

Food was good but sassy costumer service i think her name was kathy suoer rude didnt even greet us just said TO DRINK!Then trying to get her attention was like pulling teeth i was ready to get up and get my own things but i give it three stars because they go to the food.

Review №98

The person taking the drive thru order has gotten the order wrong twice & when she repeats the order in english, she says it wrong. I'm sure she's fantastic in Spanish but my spanish is very weak too. Although the food is delicious they need to change the person at the drive thru in order to improve their service. Not everyone is fluent in spanish.

Review №99

El Sol is the perfect place for the eveyday locals and a place I'd recommend for tourist to try thats a true authentic taste of San Antonio. There are some great healthly options as well if you know how to make a few adjustments. Menudo & Tripas here are amazing and I'm pretty picky about those two items!

Review №100

Good food

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  • Address:1815 Pleasanton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78221, United States
  • Phone:+1 210-923-5553
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Latin American restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–3PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–10PM
  • Thursday:7AM–3PM
  • Friday:6AM–3PM
  • Saturday:6AM–3PM
  • Sunday:6AM–3PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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