Ramonas Cafe 1
604 NW 24th St, San Antonio, TX 78207, United States
Ramonas Cafe 1

Review №1

They good lunch specials here. Fideo Loco and Carne Guisada Burrito

Review №2

I've never had a bad experience here. I used to bring my mother, my daughter and my aunt every Saturday like clock work for years, until my aunt got older and too sick to go out, and it had been a long time since I'd been there, so I went today during my lunch break and the food and service was just as good as it's always been. I love the beans here because most Mexican restaurants put too much oil or grease in their beans and they upset my stomach, but this place doesn't do that. They taste great and I leave there feeling great. Highly recommended at all times!

Review №3

The cooks are probably Mexican because the food is always good. The corn tortillas are excellent. The coffee is really good. Not overpriced and well worth the drive to the west side!

Review №4

Tacos are sooo good here!! Tortillas are freshly made. Barbacoa and beans taste fresh. They are so efficient. Love this place! Everytime I see my Grandma I stop here.

Review №5

No chips and salsa food was ok rice was clumpy and tea tasted like old pot smelled dirty too find out that this place does pass inspection either hope don't affect place of fresh bread next door ....

Review №6

Its not a very fancy place . This place has the best menudo.I compared from lots of fancy places an no only Ramonas has great menudo . For those that love menudo.

Review №7

Very good sweat bread. Right now with pandemic thay are very clean safe the way they have set up. Good job thats why I leave a 5 star

Review №8

Since I was little that has to be my Number one Always will be my #1 restaurant if I was rich I would make tht place big

Review №9

Great food and quick service. Waitress is friendly!!

Review №10

Good food at a good price n good service

Review №11

We use to visit Ramona's Cafe #2 every Sunday. We liked the staff and the food was good. They had great daily specials. We tried the #1 cafe and is was ok. The food was not as good and the place is smaller. If they had the same cooks as #2 it would have been better.

Review №12

Cant beat the quality and down home feel to it all. Plus its one of those spots that just brings people together. Stop in and try anything you cant go wrong.

Review №13

One of my favorites in SA. Been patronizing it over 11 years. One of perks is it shares building with Panifico. Ramona's is like eating in Mom's or grandparents home. Consistently delicious. Never ever had a bad flour tortilla. My favorites at Ramona's are carne guisada, chicarrones, and the dish I compare at all Hispanic establishments, huevos rancheros. If it's good don't bother with utensils. Bring stack of flour or corn tortillas!!!

Review №14

Delicious tacos and bakery next door is the best In the West!

Review №15

Good food but bad service long wait

Review №16

My family and I normally come to this restaurant for the caldo; however, recently the service and the sanitation has not been up to par. All the waitresses are female and they primarily cater to the male customers even serving them before us. Today, we went and waited almost an hour for the caldo...we were initially told that it would be 25 which turned to 45 minutes; my mom is diabetic and is on a schedule. When my mom spoke to them, they laughed. The restaurant is very filthy; they have random people walking in and out of the kitchen without hairnets and without sanitizing their hands; will definitely be calling the health department.

Review №17

Foods really good but the place can use a better cleaning of they're walls and salt shskers

Review №18

This is been a family Hangout for so many years post Church. May look like a hole in the wall but the food is fabulous. My kind of place. All the locals eat here.

Review №19

Great food, great service and reasonable prices, especially for the Good, but YOUNG Seniors!

Review №20

Order took long to get even though it was called in. But the food was delicious

Review №21

Execelent bean and cheese.

Review №22

Always yummy

Review №23

Amazing food, delicious! Great service very nice people!

Review №24

Whenever I have time I always go to Ramona's Cafe food is good prices are cheap

Review №25

$6.47 for Huevos rancheros and bacon, outrageous, never going here again.

Review №26

Great place good for good prices I hope they keep that one open they close to I love going there

Review №27

Iam very disappointed today my tacos where very cold and they didn't really put enough babque meat en the taco but love there food

Review №28

Always my go to breakfast place for pork chops & huevos rancheros!! You can tell how good this place is because it's always packed all day!!

Review №29

Is it good restaurant to eat at and it has a sweetbreads also

Review №30

Great tacos

Review №31

They have the best caldo de res and fresh tortillas

Review №32

Good food good prices

Review №33

They got the best carne guisada

Review №34

Varying route the food was uncook at what's wrong the waitress unprofessional

Review №35

Food is very good at a great price

Review №36

So far, so good. No complaints. Good food & good prices. They are always busy. Caldos are both good. Came Guisada is awesome. I'm very picky, I'm a Fat Girl so I know my food

Review №37

Great authentic Mexican food at an amazing price ️

Review №38

They suck

Review №39

Had to rate one star to give comment. We had gone in to order and we were told that they were closed yet a man entering after us was seated given a menu and drink was given. How is that if they were closed, was told this place was good but now we'll never find out not going back oh and there were other people eating as well. We went in around 1pm during the week from what I saw tbey were open.

Review №40

A great place to get Sweet Bread and great restaurant. Service is friendly and attentive.

Review №41

Menudo was really good, my g-daughter actually had the asada tacos, she really doesn't like to go to Mexican restaurants, said they were soo good, with avocado, of course... Thanks

Review №42

One of the best taco places in town. In mhmmm y opinion.

Review №43

Nice area good food and there's a place attached where you can get something sweet if you desire

Review №44

Small tacos, great wait staff though.

Review №45

One of my favorite locations for delicious mexican food. service is always excellent even when they have a full house. looking forward to coming back with my relatives.

Review №46

It's a little hole in the wall place, but don't get me wrong the food is delicious from a been taco to steak lunch. It's good, the place is small, but the wait service makes up for it.

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Review №48

Great service and food. Warm and inviting place to have breakfast, delicious food.

Review №49

Great food

Review №50

Food is good but appearance is not great.

Review №51

Great food

Review №52

I will never go to this place again i ordered a picadillo taco and it was red to me and my workers agreed not cooked all the way i took it back and they offered me another item but nothing seemed good after biting into a raw meat taco so i asked for my money instead and the cashier was about to give me the 2 dollars back and the owner came from behind the kitchen and told cashier you know we dont give money back that the taco was not raw it looks like that because thats the way the meat looks when they reheat from the previouse day .The owner then told cashier you give money out you will have to pay out of your pocket so the drawer wont be short then i said if you need the 2 dollars that bad you can keep it and i walked out. I should have kept taco and took it to health department I have never been treated like that at any restraunt i can not believe this lady runs a business this way. I felt so bad for cashier she looked stunned and emberass because she knew what the right thing should have been done. What makes me mad these people come from other countries and open up business here and treat us citizens born here how ever they want . I'm glad Donald wants the wall.Sorry if it sounds harsh

Review №53

Love the carne guisada with chesse !!! Best chocolate donuts !!! This is my fav mexican restaurant with an awesome bakery !!

Review №54

Restaurant is old n dirty. Soda cooler exposed no bottom cover..walls dirty.chairs dirty.overall good food but dirty place.will never go back.

Review №55

Everything was good until someone walked in with a sound speaker and attempted some singing entertainment. It just was not good and very loud. Then he asked for money. Seriously?!

Review №56

Service can improve.

Review №57

Great lunch specials and the fact that there's a bakery next door is awesome

Review №58

The best in the West!Great food, great prices. Come on Wednesdays and try the Costillas. Lunch special only $5.99, no I dont work here I just thinks that's a great deal

Review №59

Service good. Food was deliciousa.

Review №60

Good food resnable prices hot menudo and tacos bakery attached to restaurant

Review №61

Huevo rancheros and freah corn and flour. Can't beat the price....LESS THAN $5.

Review №62

I love this place food is good memories from childhood. I go next door for sweet bread after with coffee.

Review №63

God is the carne guisada legendary here

Review №64

Loved the food and service, But the place was somewhat warm, Not enough air conditioning

Review №65

Good food, service, staff, and bakery next door. Nombre, SHUTUP!! Can't wait for their new facility to open.

Review №66

The waitresses are always friendly and the food is always great!

Review №67

Greatest Bacon and Egg tacos in the world(in a restaurant). I've been to every continent and these guys are the real deal. I love you...

Review №68

Slow service, chipped coffee cups, food is not that hot, dirty salt and pepper shakers

Review №69

Delicious just had lots of flies inside Restaurant.

Review №70

Ordered a chicken caldo and chicken had freezer burn..I complained to waitress and manager and they didnt seem to care...will never visit again.....will further complain..

Review №71

Home made tortillas and everything else. Great service by the waitresses. The owner is very friendly and always smiling.

Review №72

Best caldo de res in San Antonio n great breakfast tacos.

Review №73

The food taes so good go eat there

Review №74

The service is great and the food is just as good. Being attached to a bakery is also a big plus

Review №75

Great food and great prices. Homemade Taste

Review №76

Good food good,good service

Review №77

When I was living in Austin I would travel all the way to San Antonio for their food the costillas plate and the lengua or tacos are my favorite now I live in Houston and still travel all the way to San Antonio for this food been going there for 20 years.

Review №78

Food was excellent. Down home cooking Mexican food.

Review №79

A very good Mexican of the best in San Antonio.

Review №80

Good prices & most of the time service is quick good place 2 eat

Review №81

The food us very good testy the waitress are friendly and fast service parking is good! I will always recomend friends &family here!

Review №82

Every visit is individualized, they make you feel as though your a guest in their very own home, with personally prepared meals.

Review №83

Good food and good service for me

Review №84

First time there. People are really rude. Not going back at all. If u want great service & awesome food go to Norma's #2 on Fredericksburg. I should of went there instead of here.

Review №85

My mother likes the caldo de res. Can call ahead of time, order usually ready within 15 minutes. Small, cozy seating area. Panifico Paneria in same building!!

Review №86

They always have the best food ever

Review №87

Great food great service and you can't forget I need to go next door for your good sweet bread

Review №88

Great food, very tasty. Great waitstaff.

Review №89

I had egg/ham tacos they were a little greasy, but coffee was great along with the service.

Review №90

Love there carne guisada

Review №91

Their barbacoa was delish and so was the Ramona special plate️

Review №92

Very cheap,you get what you pay for,its been 20 years since ive been here,itll be 20 more before i return

Review №93

Real good food but sometimes the service is slow and waitress don't smile feels like your eating with your ex-wife

Review №94

Food taste great! The ladies/servers are so nice and attentive.

Review №95

Good food and good waitress with a good mood.

Review №96

This place is always delicious! The huevos rancheros plate is filling and so cheap! Also they keep the coffee coming. If it's busy well then they are refilling less often but that's ok because you know it just means that so many people love the food here. It gets pretty packed. When you get there, you seat yourself so sometimes you have to stand and wait til a table is cleared. Not a complaint, just a warning for people who might think that's bad. I happily would eat there every single morning if I could. In fact, this summer when they were on vacation, I was so sad because my fam was in town and we wanted to go there. We love this place!

Review №97

Great place for puffy Taco and gordita. Loved there tea

Review №98

Loved having the bakery next door to restaurant.

Review №99

Great prices excellent food!

Review №100

Very good, services as well,

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  • Address:604 NW 24th St, San Antonio, TX 78207, United States
  • Phone:+1 210-436-7100
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Bakery
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Taco restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–3PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–3PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–3PM
  • Thursday:6AM–3PM
  • Friday:6AM–3PM
  • Saturday:6AM–3PM
  • Sunday:6AM–3PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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