6670 Woodlands Pkwy, The Woodlands, TX 77382, United States
Review №1

Incredible slow service through the drive through, had to wait 15 min to get my order because their frosty machine wasn't working.. I had to physically show them what they gave me because they didn't believe me when I told them that I was missing an item. Definitely the last time I'm coming to this Wendy's even though it's my favorite fast food

Review №2

Triple Meat Burger Rocks from Wendy'sPretzel Bread makes it even Better !!!

Review №3

Good fast food. Frostys were good

Review №4

The staff are friendly and the new pub burger was great!

Review №5

The four for four dollars meal is a winner. Also try getting two Jr Bacon's and take both bottom buns off. Double bacon, lettuce, meat, and cheese. Want to try a different drink? If they have the. Freestyle machine try grape Sprite. Taste like grape Skittles.

Review №6

Very clean and customer service has been amazing. this review is before COVID 19. cant wait for the dinning in to open up again.

Review №7

Came in to the location and was greeted by a gentlemen very nice and polite. He took my order and as he was getting order ready the manager on duty came up to the front behind the counter and clocked this gentlemen out and told him bye. By this happening in front of me and I'm in a management position myself I don't fell that was handled the right way. Maybe that manager on duty needs to go back through training when and where to address employees inside the work place...

Review №8

Perfect service. Correct order. Super staff.

Review №9

Went to try the new breakfast on a Wednesday at 7:20 AM and the place was closed. How are you going to serve breakfast and not be open at 7:20 am?? Y'all should be open at 5 or 6 a.m.

Review №10

Having grown up in Central Ohio I really like Wendy's and their normal consistency. But this location is the absolute worst and shame on me for keep trying to give them a chance. I have 3 times through the drive through had my orders wrong - one occasion they even lied to me about the salad size they gave me vs what they charged me. Tonight I go there to eat in the place at 7 pm. I walk to door where it says no lobby service drive through only If you want good service focused on the customer - this place sadly is not it

Review №11

They gave me some horribly stale bread recently. They used to be soo good ! I guess they changed crews or I caught them on a bad day.

Review №12

Clean and neat (if a bit older) location. Very convenient for the occasional fast food treat.

Review №13

Went to this Wendy's at 4:00, today. Was going to order 2-baked potatoes, 2- lg. chilis and burgers. When I ordered potatoes the register person said it may take awhile. I said how long. He talks to his potato cook and the cook states that he hasn't a clue. Register person relays same message to me. I said never mind. As I'm leaving, register person says to other employees that he sure must of wanted baked potatoes. I turned and said that it had nothing to do with baked potatoes. It had to do with poor customer service. I left and went to Wendy's on 242 ( 5 star ). In and out within 5 minutes with order. Whoever owns this franchise has some employees that don't have any understanding of customer service or respect.This location has lost this customer, forever. Their loss is 242 Wendy's gain. One earns what they get in life. Worst service out of all fast food establishments.

Review №14

Awesome salads and burgers too!

Review №15

Good fast food and solid service, but the restaurant needs a major upgrade.

Review №16

Food is fantastic quick food service. I wish the app to order didn't zonk out before WiFi kicks in.

Review №17

Worst fast food ever. Fries cold burguer no taste cold only good thing was the coke. Bad service even the rest was empty.

Review №18

Horrible service. Ordered a burger, fries, nuggets And a drink. Never got my drin . Waited almost 30 min and watched 3 people behind me get their food. 242 location has way better service. Don't go to this one

Review №19

Slow service the guy who took our order was so rude went to the back to chat could hear them laugh at the back had to hoot after 8 mins of waiting just to get our order cold

Review №20

The apple pecan salad are so good.

Review №21

The food was good. Staff was nice also.

Review №22

Drive thru could of been a bit faster, but overall it is good. I Absolutely Love their Strawberry Lemonade !

Review №23

Nice guy working the drive threw but he got my order all wrong even after he repeated it to me and even forgot stuff we had paid for there was no line, we were the only people there so it's not like the order was mixed up.

Review №24


Review №25

Food was hot and delicious

Review №26

This Wendy's is always quiet and welcoming. We enjoy taking our kids here to get frostys!

Review №27

There was a girl working the window today at 5:30 she had the best customer service. I was having a bad day her positive attitude completely changed my mood my receipt says her name is sametra need more like her!!!

Review №28

If the manager on duty is a woman, your food will be burn-your-mouth hot, fresh and RIGHT!! It's the best place to eat!If its the guy, check your order before you leave, and eat fast...cuz its going to be barely warm when you get it!! The inside ketchup dispensers are always either broken or empty, so ask for packets when he's there.

Review №29

Clean place, friendly service, fresh ingredients. Gratitude

Review №30

This place really has turned around. Very friendly workers! Great food

Review №31

Love the franchise. This location I've been to a few times and they screw things up everytime. Horrible service.

Review №32

I got a 4 for $4 and my jr bacon cheeseburger was horrible. It was ice cold,the buns were stale and the bacon was rock hard. I was very disappointed but didnt have the time to return to the restaurant and get my $$ back.

Review №33

My favorite fast food hamburger

Review №34

A bit dated and quiet but service was very good

Review №35

I was working near by and happened to see Wendy's during my lunch break I stopped in I'm not a big fan of fast food restaurant but this time my time was limited so I needed something fast the service here was quick and the cashier was friendly my food ready in about 7 minutes just the way I ordered it I recommend this establishment.

Review №36

It was the worst. I ordered 1 Dave's cheeseburger with 3 beef patties. That's it. No soda no fries no nothing. It took literally 15 minutes. The manager says you dont want uncooked meat do you? What?! Does she think this is my first trip to buy fastfood? She didnt even apologize.

Review №37

Quick frosty is all. Fast courteous service.

Review №38

Typical fast food restaurant. One of the cleanest fast food chain restaurant I've been in. Many others reek of rancid grease but this place doesn't. Employees have been courteous & efficient.

Review №39

They didn't give me my burger though the drive through. I had to walk back in no big deal. Waited 5 min for it then got back on the road to keep working. So I start eating it and its dry no ketchup or anything lol. The manager was helpful but her team not so much.

Review №40

Great service. I wish you'd stay open late. Please keep your frosty machine running until you close, especially in the summer.

Review №41

Food is amazing ! Service was outstanding

Review №42

Go to whataburger this place is stuck in the 80's with staff that cant comprehend basic orders.

Review №43

Wendont care.

Review №44

Spicy Chicken Sandwich was Great! Fries....cold.

Review №45

It's ok but needs better fries.

Review №46

Chicken nuggets are delicious and so is the baconator customer service was amazing

Review №47

Food goo n hot fast

Review №48

Always love Wendy's no matter the location!

Review №49

Typical fast food, service is as good as the person's on duty. They have great salads. Have not tried their burgers etc..

Review №50

Food and service are good but place is dirty. The floor is always nasty and sticky. The tables and chairs are always sticky as well. That is just nasty and the place needs to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Review №51

Very polite and friendly staff.

Review №52

Just left. Lady at the drive thru was rude! Fries were gross!

Review №53

Alright place, and the food is good.

Review №54

Food is hot and fresh,employess are very polite. Will not go to another wendy's!

Review №55

Only person in the drive thru line after a long day at work. Simple combo order that took about 10min to get to me only to have ice cold fries and nuggets. Disappointing to say the very least

Review №56

Out of juice boxes. Out of fruit cups. Out of apple slices. Only gave us one toy with the two kids meals. Went back through the drive thru. Out of toys. Okay how about some ketchup. Out of ketchup. Not sure if the lady was just messing with us. But job done. We won't be back.

Review №57

June 14th 2017- store is so clean, my salad and chicken wrap were so fresh. The service was fast and friendly. The GM, Natalie, was so accommodating with my order. I'm really impressed!

Review №58

Not the most wonderful place to eat, but in a pinch it is better than most chain fast food placed. Hint: check out the value menu. For about 4.00 you can get a burger, baked potato or salad and a frosty. Wow! Great if you are in a hurry and on a budget. The decor, however, is sadly lacking. And I could live without all the TV screens, thank you. Improve the dining area and I would give it 4 stars.

Review №59

This location is the nearest to my home, which isn't close at all. I frequent this location on my way home since my family and I truly miss the food. The food is usually good... When they manage to give me my whole order.But the worst of it is the "customer service" I received tonight by the drive thrust worker Victor. Not only did it seem like he had nothing but disdain for his job, he seemed like he was bothered just by doing what he should (read: his job)

Review №60

Bacon. Nuggets fries drink...$5

Review №61

4 for $4 deal is a great bargain. The food is almost always fresh and the people are super nice.

Review №62

Best chilli

Review №63

Convenient and reliable fast food

Review №64

Food is cold sometimes, and sometimes it's fresh. It's a 50/50 toss up whether food will be good or not.

Review №65

Fries were cold and place is older and smoky.

Review №66

Ordered from here three times, never once did they get the order completely right. Tonight's was missing a chicken sandwich and had stale tasting burgers. Beware.

Review №67

Friendly and clean, prompt service

Review №68

Great food.

Review №69

Crappy customer service and nasty food.

Review №70

Was nasty. Poor service. Couldnt get order right. As eating the Chili my throat was hurting as if there was cleaner in my chili. I had cleaned my table with paper towels from barhroom and wet them That was a warning in the first place. My grandkids really wanted to eat there. Wendys usually good. Dont go to this location.

Review №71

I've been to this location many times, but tonight they were super slow...

Review №72

Fast. Good food. Decent price.

Review №73

Greasy spoon. Needs top-to-bottom power wash.

Review №74

Longgggg wait and the food was GROSS.The manager and employees were making sexual (gross) jokes with drive thru window open and my daughter right there.

Review №75

The store was clean the floors were clean it's a very nice store the value menu has very good prices the food was very hot and served fresh. it's my first time here and I will be back again and I recommend it to anyone

Review №76

Really bad service, only us and 2 other people there and they got 2 of our orders incorrectly. An employee even left the bathroom without washing their hands, could of swore they were the ones putting the fries in the box.

Review №77

It's a great stop I always loved the food just some times the drive thru is beyond slow and other days it's fast.

Review №78

Great service.

Review №79

Great atmosphere and quick service. The foods are amazing!

Review №80

I will never come back to this place, ladies are very rude they take forever to attend you even if they see you standing in line they show and when finally they give your order they just throw it to you and say there you go. oh and to many flys

Review №81

Always has a very clean restaurant and restrooms. The cashiers are really friendly and the Drive-Thru always has very fast service!

Review №82

Not even exaggerating, waited 5 minutes just for them to answer. 15 minutes to get my food. The drive thru person was good, he was polite and we received everything. Got home meat was pink all the way thru and cold. Nuggets were cold. Ewwww ughhhhhh!!!!

Review №83

Food and service is great. Prices are getting ridiculous like Burger King.....

Review №84

Good food for decent price

Review №85

Terrible nasty bathroom, hair in sink. Dinning area is dirty used paper on flook and table. Ordered siracha fries. It looked like they threw it together.

Review №86

Fast and friendly

Review №87

Very good very fast and nice area

Review №88

Awesome food and services

Review №89

Great foods and friendly staff.

Review №90

Good fast food. Love the square burger!!!

Review №91

Great selection..

Review №92

It's ok

Review №93

Worst service ever at night every time they always get something wrong or the food is just horrible never returning gave 3 chances already

Review №94

Rude drive thru service! All of my food was cold! What a Waste, over 12 dollars down the drain! #neveragain!

Review №95

The staff here is awesome.

Review №96

Love it. Fast service

Review №97

Mmm 50 cent frostys one each

Review №98

A good quick lunch stop

Review №99

Sometimes the burgers are cold, inside this place is greasy

Review №100

I would rate 0 if I could..I love Wendys..but this location is the worse i have ever seen...wrong orders ... Cold food... Bad service...worse experience

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3.4 Rating
  • Address:6670 Woodlands Pkwy, The Woodlands, TX 77382, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 281-364-7372
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:6:30AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:6:30AM–11PM
  • Thursday:6:30AM–11PM
  • Friday:6:30AM–11PM
  • Saturday:6:30AM–11PM
  • Sunday:6:30AM–11PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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