Eatn Park
2057 Wal Mart Dr NE, Warren, OH 44483, United States
Review №1

I haven't been in an Eat N Park in over 15 years and I have to admit I've missed it. All these years I've gotten excited when I've seen one, but never been able to stop. Now that I've moved to a new area that has one I had to stop. Sure enough they still maintain high standards for cleanliness and flavorful food at a decent value. This particular restaurant has a lot of ephemera of area and well done art work. On an even better note, their fruit and veggies were continually maintained and fresh. I was expecting to find fruit that had been picked too early and therefore too firm and flavorless. Instead each type of melon seemed to be picked at the peak of freshness and almost tasted like sugary sunlight. You could have told me they had a garden in the back and I would have believed you. Then I saw why... items were from local farms! A+++

Review №2

We went here for my daughter's 17th Birthday, it was very nice. Had the endless soup and salad, great price for the huge amount of food we received. And towards the end of our meal, the staff came out and surprised her with a cookie with a candle and a song. It was sweet.

Review №3

We ordered the chicken bruschetta family meal deal, and honestly, this is something we will be ordering once a month from now on. Everything was fantastic! Well done chef

Review №4

Soup and Salad type of dsy wonderful waitress.

Review №5

We were so disappointed tonight when we ordered dinner from here. First off..their menu is horrendous. They have no selection of anything anymore! The food was the next disappointing thing. We ordered the Whale of a Cod. Uh yeh..evidently they take liberties with their pictures. This was more shrimp of a cod. The coating was burnt and it was horrible. We also got chicken tenders. Tender was not the word. These babies were hard as a brick, burnt and bland! They were so chintzy on the fries. I get more from McDonald's small order! The only saving grace was the fruit cup and the potato soup. Their potato soup is always delicious. I do believe this will be the last time going to Eat 'n Park. Even the free smiley cookie couldn't help!

Review №6

Good meal, service very good.

Review №7

The Bourbon Burger was really good for the price. And LOVE the chi tea milk shakes!

Review №8

Limited menu at this time but still good with great wait staff

Review №9

You just can't go wrong with a buffet full of comfort food! I have ordered off of the menu a couple of times and it's just as good as the lunch and dinner buffet but nothing beats the breakfast buffet. The wait staff has always done a great job!

Review №10

Ok they didn't have the salad bar which is ok but they didn't let you pick any items either

Review №11

The server was pretty good but my eggs were undercooked. My friend ordered scrambled eggs and got an omelette. The "hash browns" are potato cakes (just be forewarned...I'm not sad about that) the plastic cup of cheese for the pretzels was melted....I would NEVER have let that out of my kitchen.

Review №12

Chilli was bad. So wasn't chicken noodle soup

Review №13

I grew up with Eat'n Park in PA. So sad this is just about the only one left in Ohio. I always stop in for my favorite Lemon Meringue Pie when I am in this area!

Review №14

Excellent restaurant. Excellent Service.

Review №15

Worst place to eat my blue beer pancakes was uncooked dough had them sent back twice not happy

Review №16

Waitress was great, food not so much.... The cod toppings were burnt along with the garlic toast... Mashed potatoes were dry like maybe they were instant... Salad was good, lots of toppings... blt sandwich had 3 strips of bacon on whiole sandwich and one slice of tomato on half of sandwich ... Very disappointed with food...

Review №17

Was not in their game the day of my visit. Took a very long time to get our food. Server was good but kinda of left us hanging. Felt like they had lost our order.

Review №18

Their Sunday brunch buffet is great. Only 11.99 and has a variety of breakfast food.

Review №19

Excellent service. My server's name was Keke good job.

Review №20

Simply the Best! Excellent Food, Great Friendly Service & Comfortable Place. So sorry they've closed so many restaurants.On of my favorite breakfast spots. I just love it!!

Review №21

Not a fan of the current breakfast. Everything (including potatoes) was much the same as a McDonald's breakfast.

Review №22

Always a pleasure. Great waitress. Good food

Review №23

Eat n Park is an okay place to eat. I really like the salad and soup bar and the selection on the soup and salad bar is very good. The rest is okay.

Review №24

Variety of foods. Especially good for picky children. Kid friendly. Parking is okay here not a hazard getting in or out. Can see this place from the road.

Review №25

Great,chicken strawberry salad

Review №26

A good bowl of soup

Review №27

Eat'n Park is my favorite family restaurant prices are nice salad bar is great and I've spent many a year going late nights with my husband. That's like over 30 years I'm going there on like a date night

Review №28

The servers are very friendly.

Review №29

Omgosh, such great service....we bring our residents from the nursing home and they are so patient and caring for them.

Review №30

The food is lacking flavor these days the super burgers always good salad bar was well kept we was pretty much flavor this service is very slow but overall eating park has a good restaurant if you time it right he thinks their menu the most restaurants before times a year is new one for summer doesn't have much on

Review №31

Amazing being from eastern pa I have never been to this place. Wish we had them around. Food was great staff very friendly.

Review №32

Came in after 2:30. Salad bar was not up. It was finally finished at 3:00 pm. Never seen such slow creation of a salad bar. Guess I'm spoiled, never had to wait this long to get a salad. Maybe some training may be in order.

Review №33

Great salad bar! Also the entree was delicious

Review №34

A very wide selection of choices in food. The wait staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Prices are good and one of the few remaining restaurants with a salad bar. A great salad bar ,too.

Review №35

Always fresh, hot and tasty food. Recently had the chicken cordon bleu. So good!!

Review №36

I love the salad bar and the French fried zucchini w/marinara and my friend really enjoyed a slice of strawberry pie (you can get a whole pie to go) Lots of menu options. BUT I kind of think the restaurant could be a little tidier AND, they no longer have cashiers !! The servers do it all..handling the food and money..idk Also, we needed our ck credited back to my friend's card - my turn to pay - and the server said they couldn't do it - I insisted she ask the manager to help because what business can't credit a card in this day and age? She came back and said they tried and couldn't do it. I know - how many times do you go to a restaurant and ask for your meal to be credited back to a credit card in order to use a different card - but, still the staff should be trained in "returns" just in case. Not as impressed with this restaurant as I used to be. Seems different - environment and service.

Review №37

Best salad bar next to shoneys!

Review №38

WE ate here Saturday night about 9pm coming home from Sharon,PA to look at xmas displays and going home to Mayfield Heights, eastside of Cuyahoga county. IT was dead but salad buffet was good. WE had BBQ chicken wrap and turkey club and wasn't bad. The ones near us all closed earlier this year so we figured since this is closets one to us to stop before going home. WEll since been earlier this year we saw menu changed. Our favorite sandwich chicken roll up is gone and prices went up. Sandwiches are near $10 before was $6 or $7 per sandwich. 3 sandwiches with salad bar, kids meal to go, 2 drinks and slice of pie over $50. Sticker shock. That was one of the reasons we stopped since we thought be cheaper then anywhere else. We thought pie was cut so small should be maybe $2 not $5. Server we had, think name is Anna, was very nice and seem happy we came in. We told her ones by us closed earier in the year and this is closest to us. She was thankful they didn't close Warran and wishes us safe drive home. We felt bad that hardly anyone was there at 9pm but kinda see why if prices went up. Good food but not worth that price. With that said since my daughter likes it, she wasn't with us, but wanted chicken to go from kids menu I know she likes it due to free cookie. So we will be back at an eat n park. If not this location maybe another for my 10 year old daughter.

Review №39

Worst meal ever. Bacon was burnt. Forgot my fruit. After my husband had started to eat his hamburger, the waitress came and said they forgot to include a patty. Took it and returned. Yuk Won't go again.

Review №40

Sat and Sun breakfast Buffett is awesome...

Review №41

Love the breakfast buffett!

Review №42

Salad bar was not as well kept or stocked as in previous visits. Food and service is very good.

Review №43

Horrible experience for the second time. We waited about 40 minutes for our food. They were not busy. We will not be returning.

Review №44

Food was good. Service was a bit slow but friendly, they were very busy with the lunch rush

Review №45

This is a great place to relax and fill up on good foo . Fair prices

Review №46

Salad bar is always fresh, and very appealing to the eyes and the stomach. One of the very few salad bars around, but hands down the best around town.

Review №47

Salad bar tops off the menu. Clean and always crisp looking. Cost a slight bit above average.

Review №48

It was our first time eating at an Eat and Park. We are from Indiana. It was highly recommended for a lunch. My burger and fries were delicious. It was a monster of a burger. I left full and satisfied. The Recommendation was right on.

Review №49

Good food and good service and pleasant staff.

Review №50

Always a pleasure dining here. I love the salad bar.

Review №51

I love this place. Great food at an awesome price.

Review №52

Food and service is excellent! Breakfast bar is amazing.

Review №53

Great, awesome salad bar! Super reasonable prices and great baked and fried fish, my favorite! Well recommended. Nov 16, 2018- Had to re-review here. Best carry out burger, double Angus beef, I have had in long, long time FROM ANYONE! Called the store and let them know they hit a homerun.

Review №54

Herb crusted chicken is grrrate. Love it. Pickup window is sweet too

Review №55

Never had a bad meal or service

Review №56

Good prices, good food.

Review №57

We were given the wrong food. The menu didn't provide start times for the buffet. Was even what felt like put in my place by a manager that called me about the issues. Just seems like the place has been going down hill..

Review №58

Service was good, food wasn't that good.

Review №59

Very friendly service very clean as well

Review №60

Good food

Review №61

Best salad bar around. Always clean, fresh and well stocked!

Review №62

Just OK.

Review №63

Eat here often. Usually pretty good. A few weeks ago stopped and had super burger and salad bar. Special sauce on burger tasted like watered down ranch dressing Yuk. Had to use knife and fork because it ran all over when I picked it up. Salad bar not up to par either. Hope this place not going down hill because we really like it.

Review №64

So me and my dad showed up because we had nothing to do and thought this was a good idea, we go in to the place and there is a counter we sat in to watch a football game, we got our drinks and ordered, we both got burgers, yet we sat there almost an hour waiting for our food, and my burger was messy, and it was half burnt, they could have done better, probably going somewhere else next time

Review №65

If you go for a burger, great... but the breakfast is gross, I got eggs, bacon, home fries, and pancakes the only thing that I could eat were the pancakes, the eggs were bland and didn't taste right, the bacon was burnt and of course all the flavor was cooked out of it, the home fries were half cooked. It was very disappointing and if I was the cook I'd be ashamed to send that food out. Once again if you wouldn't eat it than don't send it out for someone else to eat. Won't return for breakfast for sure, strictly burgers.

Review №66

Excellent salad bar.. good

Review №67

Above average food. Good service. My favorite are their cookies. The sugar cookies with the frosting are amazing! A dozen cookies won't even last a week around me.

Review №68

Food and service were good.

Review №69

Every nice place to eat

Review №70

I enjoy my breakfast very much

Review №71

It was good overall. Good service and good food at a reasonable price. Reccomend.

Review №72

Good food, decent service, good value.

Review №73

Food and service ok. But my daughter in law found a bread tie at the bottom of her lasagna.

Review №74

The salad bar during the weekday afternoon is horrible. Corn relish was rancid, vegetables brown, spinach smashed and watery. The selection was reduced, maybe because it was lunch? We complained nicely to a server and she said "i know, im sorry" and got the manager who offered us pie. Uh, no thank you. We paid 25 for two salad bars and won't return. The wait staff was really nice, but not worth risking illness. I'd take a hard pass if you are expecting a normal chain experience.

Review №75

This place is just overall gross. When you walk in the door you just feel dingy. Then the servers come. All of the wait staff look like they want to die. Like the place had taken away all of their personality. The food tasted frozen and every time i took a bite it just felt like something from the dollar store freezer section. Very over priced for the quality. The drink was sour and gross as well. Would not recommend.

Review №76

Good service. Good food

Review №77

Favorite place to have breakfast buffet

Review №78

Food was cold

Review №79

Love going here for the breakfast buffet. Something for the whole family to enjoy.

Review №80

They now have you pay the waitress, that is when they decided to ring you out. Wont ever go back!

Review №81

I was very impressed with the staff and the layout of the restaurant. I like natural light in a restaurant and they have plenty of windows. We arrived just in time for a lunch buffet. The food was fresh and not over cooked. We received courteous service and very friendly. I will definitely eat here again if in the area.

Review №82

Wonderful waitress Sandy,, good food/price's

Review №83

Good,took a long time for food

Review №84

Great banana fosters waffle!!

Review №85

6 of us ate there this evening and it was very good three of us head Cod I had to bruschetta chicken chicken had a little too much balsamic vinaigrette on it the other night the mule is very lovely the waitress was awesome I highly recommend anybody wanting to have a good meal with good staff to come here

Review №86

Great food at a great price!

Review №87

GREAT breakfast buffet!!!

Review №88

There was hardly any food at the Buffet, even though it was going to end in 30 minutes

Review №89

Very good food and great waitresses

Review №90

Very good salad bar n spinach lasagna.

Review №91

They are great community partners who donate to local school events!

Review №92

Kids loved it! Best salad bar around

Review №93

The food is good, staff very pleasant.

Review №94

The Sunday brunch buffet is served from 11-2. It is $9.99 and includes and assortment of breakfast foods as well as fried chicken, soup, and a small salad.

Review №95

Great food at good price

Review №96

Love eat n park. Quiet place n friendly service. Good food. Always get pie for desert.

Review №97

Food was great. Had the breakfast bar.

Review №98

I used to go here regularly a long time ago, and decided to go back again today. Immediately I noticed that all of the staff were acting incredibly robotic, like management has forced them to show no personality. Everything they said was worded very unnaturally. The next thing I noticed was that the prices have gone way, way up. A burger now costs 9-10 dollars! I settled on the salad bar because nothing else seemed worth the price. As it turned out, neither was the salad bar; all of the lettuce was wilted, and the dressings were mostly water. They had chicken noodle soup there as well, but without any chicken. To top it all off, the music was effectively white noise. A 50/50 mix of something that could fit the most vague definition of jazz, and bland music that sounded like it wanted to be pop but its parents wouldn't let it. Overall it feels more like a soulless corporation trying to pull money out of your pocket than a restaurant.

Review №99

I had a very good meal at Eat'n Park. Goid value for you money. Service was great and everything was cooked good.

Review №100

Just stopped in to get a slice of strawberry pie, pie was good

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