Red Olive Restaurant - Warren
8369 Twelve Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48093, United States
Review №1

My shrimp was tasty especially when dipping it in the seafood sauce and my lettuce salad was good. I did not care for the mashed potatoes but I did get a carry out for them and gave them to my daughter-in-law when I got home. She said they were good so it just must have been my taste buds. I love grilled onions & they were sauted with mushrooms so I had to get a a little side order of that. The staff was cordial and helpful. When I first walked into the restaurant I did not realize that my sugar was dropping and I do believe I was about to pass out and it was going to be time for a 911 call but didn't happen thank you and I ask my waitress to please hurry and get me something that was already prepared and put it on the plate. I had to have something to eat. She was kind of slow with it but she did get me the mashed potatoes and I ate a couple of forkfuls before I started feeling a little bit better and by the time my blood sugar was returning almost to normal, my shrimp was there for the eating. Yes and after the pandemic is over I will return to the Red Olive!!

Review №2

Good prices for food. I enjoy going here with my grandma. We love this place so much. Their salads are very good. I am also in love with their pancakes now. 10/10 I would recommend very nice for breakfast.

Review №3

My friend and I met for breakfast here (her suggestion) and the food was great! They give you a healthy help of food and you don't leave hungry! I had the vegetarian omelette and it was very delicious and I had some left to take home. The server was very friendly and nice.

Review №4

Best salads hands down! Excellent friendly service, great restaurant.

Review №5

Just love their food

Review №6

Red Olive always has freshly made, verytasty, full of quality ingredients in every one of their tossedleaf lettucesalads that I enjoy so much. Whenever my husband has ordered an entree when we've dined in it's always been very tasty, fresh, anddelicious.

Review №7

Food was great, service was even better, clean and social distance was being practiced at all times, have been there numerous times and will be back soon!

Review №8

Not Bad at ALL, Nice & clean place , Social Distancing & My Big Breakfast wasn't Bad At ALL

Review №9

Good breakfast omelettesThey used to have a $5 breakfast special before covidHoping they bring it back

Review №10

Food was great, but service was SLOW and there were only 3 -4 other tables in there, so not busy.

Review №11

Good food good service. First time there would definitely go back.

Review №12

What a disappointment! Loved this place when they first arrived. They used to make a great eggs Benedict, one of my favorites. No longer. Now they just put the hollandaise on with a paintbrush. If you ask for more they want a buck and a half. And the cook hides in the kitchen and won't come out when you ask to talk. Charging extra to do it right? Won't be back.

Review №13

We were hesitant about going to a chain restaurant but we were pleasantly surprised at this place. It is clean, offers a wide variety of good food, and good prices. I haven't had a bad meal there yet. The Greek Salad was tasty with lot of ingredients including red beets and chick peas. My friend enjoyed her Chicken Caesar Gyro. It was so large that she took half home. It is clean, offers a wide variety of good food, and good prices. I haven't had a bad meal there yet. Definitely a family place but a lot of workers come here for food. Highly recommended

Review №14

Waitress was very helpful with helping me choose gluten free items. Very pleasant and helpful staff.

Review №15

Great wait staff. Pretty good food. A bit higher prices then most family restaurants but still affordable. We had 3 adults and 1 child and it was approx $42. Not including tip.

Review №16

We love this place! My husband and I go there all the time. Great food and wonderful service. I ordered chicken tenders and hash browns with soup. I ended up taking most of my food home because they always give us so much food. And the food is so tasty. My husband gets their burgers and loves them! We will definitely return in the future! Thanks Red Olive!

Review №17

I love this place. Red Olive has a huge selection of salads to choose from, more than pretty much anywhere else. Their other food is good too, but I come here to get a good salad. Tonight I had the Cobb, which is generously covered with avocado, chicken, tomatoes, bacon, and onion for only $9.99. Most of the salads are around this price, but the others generally cost more to add chicken, or include chicken but cost a little more.My son always gets the childrens pancake. It's a single huge Mickey Mouse pancake with a side of meat. They will add chocolate chips if you ask.My husband gets a variety of American style dishes here, but they have Greek, Italian, and Oriental dishes too. Many of the items are gluten free, and the servers are happy to help you make gluten free choices.For dessert, they have a variety of cheesecakes all made with their patented recipe.The servers are also generally pretty good. I have never had a problem despite coming here for years. In fact, the servers have all been generous and helpful.Dollars to donuts, there is something on the menu here you will love.

Review №18

Jennifer was amazing! Oh my gosh so warm hearted and welcoming️. I will definitely be back to visit! The food and service was great!

Review №19

Red Olive allowed me to order on GrubHub. They charged my credit card, canceled my order, and then I was told I would receive my money back within five business days. Do not order from this restaurant because all they do is take your money!Update: tried to give them another chance today. Again they showed themselves open and available on Grubhub but then canceled my order. Apparently this restaurant does not like money.

Review №20

I went there for the first time tonight, and my experience was awful. It took 15 minutes before someone actually came to our table and asked what we wanted to drink. Then it took another ten minutes before we could actually order. During the time of our food arriving, not one person came and asked how our food was and if we needed anything. The only time they came was at the end of our meal. I ordered the cod meal and I was not happy with it, it was cooked in butter, the tarter sauce tasted so vinegary, the salad was ok but the ranch dressing was watery, the broccoli was plain and somewhat dry.I am NOT impressed by this place. I will NOT be going back.

Review №21

Nice staff good food would recommend

Review №22

This is the second time I have dined at this restaurant. The food is top notch and the staff is awesome. You never have to ask for a refill because they are always there to fill your cup before it gets empty. Will definitely come here again when we come back to Michigan

Review №23

I certainly liked their dishes and service, fantastic area next to my apartment. The employees are always friendly. Will come back again.

Review №24

The interior is clean and modern, and the booth cushions are well worn but still comfortable. The menus are clearly written, the servers prompt and attentive. The food, a mix of Greek, Italian and American, is well executed with large portions served. My wife and I have not found a bad dish yet, and the cheesecake is excellent. This restaurant has entered our regular rotation.

Review №25

The food is so good and the staff is excellent!

Review №26

Very disappointing. We ordered two different entrees. The lemon rice soup was thin, the vegetable soup was good. Both entrees were overcooked and the sides weren't good. They substituted other sides that weren't good either. The staff was nice and tried to be helpful. Unfortunately, the food just wasnt good. Good luck to them but we won't be back.

Review №27

Fantastic food and an amazing variety plus friendly and prompt service.

Review №28

Good food nice atmosphere

Review №29

Always a great place to eat. Food is always good no matter what I had. Service is great, especially Melissa. I definitely recommend this place.

Review №30

This place is always clean, both in the dining area AND the kitchen. Trust me, I've seen it all. Their windows are always taken care of fairly consistently, and everything is kept tidy.You can really see that the owner cares a lot about his business and the guests he serves just by how well kept he keeps the place.To me, that's enough to keep me coming back. 5 stars for me

Review №31

I went with the chicken kabobs. You got two on a bed on rice and green beans. A little extra charge and you can upgrade your salad to Greek or Caesar. I went with the Greek minus beets. The salad was very good. Their Greek dressing was quite tasty. I will say that the green beans are not exactly how they are pictured in the menu. I bring this up because I hate the green beans they serve. YUCK! Now this is just my opinion, but I like the French style green beans that have a crispness to them. Other than the green been issue (haha), it was good. My friend went with the chipotle wrap which which also got two thumbs up.

Review №32

Love, love! Always delicious. Great staff as well!

Review №33

Customer of years, will NOT be returning after last night! My family has frequently visited this location, and the owners SCS location, for the past few years - the food is good, reasonably priced, and most importantly since some of my family has gluten allergies this was a good fit since they offered gluten free wraps. Last year the SCS location was out of GF wraps for 4 visits in a row, which we were told they were on order, then by the 4th visit we were told the owner won't be ordering GF anymore and we have to go to this location. So we started going to this location, which is about a 20 minute drive. We have been going to this location for dinner in store, and pickup for roughly the past year now without issue until last night. Long day, we placed a $70 order which included several meals with GF wraps. We got there and the owner told us that they were out of GF wraps. We asked why they didn't call us to inform us before we drove all the way out there, and were told that the waitress did call us to inform us of this. Checked our phone and told him we had no missed calls or voicemails. Then the owner told us that the waitress did call and spoke to "Christine" (my wife is Tina), and that we agreed it was okay that they were out of GF wraps. No such phone call took place! So we wasted 20 minutes driving out after a long day, apparently to have one of the staff there lie about a phone call that never took place, the owner didn't even try to bring the waitress over to ask her about it...and now pushing 7:30pm at night we had to drive all the way back to our side of town and order from a different restaurant. Very disappointed. We would have been more accepting of them saying they forgot to call us to inform us they were out of GF wraps, but to insist they did call and spoke to us, was a bad attempted cover up that lost them our business and respect.

Review №34

When we moved across town, one of the things we knew we were going to miss was our local breakfast spot. This has been an admirable replacement. The food is great and everything we've had it's well prepared. The prices are reasonable, especially with the weekend omelet specials. The waitstaff is excellent, as well. We've found our new breakfast spot!

Review №35

Delicious food , moderately priced and very good service.

Review №36

Waitresses are wonderful and sweet, food was good, slighty overcooked but tastey, i would go again.

Review №37

This place is the best. GREAT food, AND service. My husband and I go there all the time. Keep up the good work, and thank you for the great food.

Review №38

Waitress was real and the food was ok. My soup was not really hot it was warm could have been hot. Not a bad place to go.

Review №39

A comfort food restaurant designed for The Good Place. After 4 attempts to find an enjoyable and/or passable meal at this place, I've decided to admit defeat and move on to other, slightly-less-undewhelming eateries near the Tech Center. Here's a snap of the breakfast scrambler I ordered.... cold/room temp potatoes, unmelted cheese, unseasoned playdoh-looking eggs in a cold salad bowl. Yeah, stick a fork in me... I'm done. Frozen yogurt, anyone??

Review №40

Very disappointed.Country skillet served cold. Food felt like frozen food just warmed me. Even the texture didn't feel good. Wasted 75% of the food.

Review №41

I like this place. Good food and nice people

Review №42

This place is clean and well priced! I really like the chicken Schwarma wrap. It's 5$ and they put everything including veggies on it!

Review №43

Friendly service. A little slow but they were busy. Meal good and hot

Review №44

Consistently delicious food and friendly staff.

Review №45

Chicken Kabob and Greek Salad were delicious. The bad part is they weren't even busy but it took 30 minutes for our food to come out

Review №46

Good food. A lot of Greek dishes.

Review №47

Food was decently priced, service was fast and fair. The menu is incredibly large however, so certain items aren't made as well as others. If you're in the mood for some light Greek options, you could certainly do worse. Not bad.

Review №48

So, this is a classic Greek diner, but it is a pretty good one. Nothing stellar here, but decent eats when the group can't agree on a cuisine.

Review №49

It was very busy when our group of six came in for lunch. I had a cobb salad, with honey mustard dressing. The avocados on the salad were very fresh and perfectly ripe. Our waitress was very sweet and attentive, despite being super busy.

Review №50

It's was really good and I would like to go there again

Review №51

Most of the food is delicious. Friendly staff... Clean restaurant... Bonus is clean bathrooms, thank goodness

Review №52

Friendly folk and good food. They have a great salad selection!

Review №53

Excellent food for a fair price. Great service and clean!

Review №54

Food was cold starting with the soup, then had to send back main course both mine and the person i was dining with. Coffee was warm. Waitress wasnt to friendly and was sloppy. Our soup was splashed & split all over the outside of the soup bowls and soup spoon that we had to wipe off our spoons in order to use them. Will not be going back to Warren location.

Review №55

It's good but not great. Good place for a lunch.

Review №56

All 5 diners loved their food. We will be back soon. Service was perfect!

Review №57

Most wonderful spinach pie I have every had, and that is one if my favorite dishes to order out!

Review №58

Good food..large selection and good service

Review №59

Basic Mediterranean and breakfast food. Nothing fancy. Our waitress was great. Fine place if you need a quick place to fill up.

Review №60

Good parking good food reasonable prices nice selection of food

Review №61

Corned beef hash is great here.

Review №62

The food was delicious more than I could eat and the Service was great.

Review №63

Friendly waitress great food no wait

Review №64

The best biscuits and gravy. Ow price.

Review №65

Some may enjoy, but this isn't for me

Review №66

I was surprised by the service they were so great and food is awesome. I will be back and prices are very good

Review №67

Great, gigantic menu. Service is exceptional. Prices moderate. Cleanliness is apparent.

Review №68

Very good chicken seizure rap

Review №69

Good Coney-style restaurant

Review №70

Ive been back a few times. The fatoush salad is awesome as it the flaming cheese. Waitress was awesome. My mom had a burger the first time and the michigan salsd she stated both were really good. When i brought my grand kids here they also liked their meals.

Review №71

Food wasnt very hot. We ordered the Spinach Pie/ Gyro combo

Review №72

Food was very good. Service was outstanding!!

Review №73

Their omelette special in the morning is the best! $4.95 for any of their omelettes. The Red Olive is my favorite with avocado, fresh spinach, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes and feta cheese followed closely by the Farmers... Never had a bad meal here

Review №74

Nice place. Really good food. Nice wait staff. Best Lemon Rice Soup!

Review №75

Great food and friendly staff!!!

Review №76

Their breakfast sausage and bacon are amazing

Review №77

Breakfast was just breakfast, seemed busy had too wait on coffee refill. Server was decent. Gonna give lunch there a try.

Review №78

Stop in just passing by our waitress Jenny was excellent! Friendly, very good, and attentive to us. The food was great!! Cooked perfectly!! We will definitely be back for sure, a must to return again!!

Review №79

It was my first time there food was great. Service was fast and very good. Will go back

Review №80

Quick lunch service and good prices. Also a discount for GM employee.

Review №81

First class staff and food

Review №82

Good food good service great value keep up the good work

Review №83

Their salads are wonderful. The goat cheese and avocado is my favorite

Review №84

The food and service was great.

Review №85

Good food, great service, make this a good place to dine!

Review №86

Food is pretty good. Fast service. good place to go for food when time is limited.

Review №87

Ordered a gyro and a spinach pie to go for lunch. The tzatziki was excellent, but the gyro/pita were pretty dry. The spinach pie was worth trying.

Review №88

Good food and great staff

Review №89

Always great food and good service!

Review №90

We like to eat all of the Red Olives. Very good food.

Review №91

Great food. Great service. Clean place.

Review №92

Food was good and service was excellent

Review №93

Consistently clean, friendly service and delicious meals for a decent price. Quickly becoming a local favorite for the family. Love the chicken gyro!

Review №94

I think it definitely could be five stars if they paid a little bit more attention to detail.

Review №95

The best gyros anywhere hands down... and that's what the call them. Order "the Best"

Review №96

I had the fish & chips. Couldn't use tartar sauce as it had a strong lemon taste.

Review №97

I love it here...never disappointed

Review №98

I had the Chicken Salad with strawberries and pecans. The portions are very generous. The salad greens and strawberries were very fresh. I am very happy with the food and am excited to try something different. Would like a dedicated gluten free menu as a choice. Definitely a bonus for the 12/Van Dyke shopping center!

Review №99

I usually go there to buy the lemon rice soup. It's the best food around!!!They have GREAT variety and a GREAT staff of employees...

Review №100

Food and service was very good!!!!

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  • Address:8369 Twelve Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48093, United States
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  • Phone:+1 586-806-6330
  • American restaurant
  • Mediterranean restaurant
  • Family restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–8PM
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  • Sunday:9AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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