Taco Bell
4422 S 17th St, Wilmington, NC 28412, United States

Review №1

This is seriously the worst Taco Bell I have ever been to. I walked in on a 75degree day and the air was not on inside and it was so hot! I waited for 5 minutes and no one came to the counter to help me! The manger was on the phone arguing with someone. The trash cans were full and the tables were not clean and it is during Covid times! I simply just walked out bc no one came to help me and it was hot and gross inside!

Review №2

5 stars today because they got my order 100% correct!

Review №3

I like the burrito supreme and the taco with extra sour cream but you can get anything you want go and enjoy

Review №4

Visiting this establishment during the day and in the evening is like night and day. I have never had a problem here at all during the day but in the evening the service is beyond HORRIBLE. Made me feel like I was such an inconvenience for stopping here to order food. Pulled up to the speaker with absolutely no one in line and no response from attendant for a few minutes and then gentleman says "what can I get you?" So I start ordering my food after every single item I order he says "is that all?". When I finally get my order placed pull up to window and give the guy my card and I say hello- no response from him. He hands me my card back and my drink and shuts window. Finally comes back to window and hands me my food and I say thank you and again- no response. Very solemn look on his face. I check my order and my cinnamon twists were missing so I look back towards the window and he is standing there with back turned and I patiently wait and he starts fixing drinks for next order and I patiently wait. He finally comes to window and I kindly tell him what was missing and without uttering a single word he shuts window, goes and gets them, hands them to me, I say thank you so much and he doesn't respond at all. I felt like such a inconvenience for stopping and bothering this employee. I sincerely hope a manager sees this review and addresses this matter because as of right now I would absolutely NOT recommend this taco Bell in the evening to anyone, not even my worst enemy. Daytime TOTALLY different matter- top notch service. Evenings I would TOTALLY recommend the Taco Bell across from the college, way better. I hope the gentleman that waited on me at the drive thru this evening finds some happiness in his life and things get better for him and whatever he is going through

Review №5

The food is always good when I go there.

Review №6

Very clean and friendly staff. Neighborhood atmosphere among patrons.

Review №7

Taco Bell is Taco Bell.. sometimes better than other locations...although, they forgot my drink...although, I should had been paying more attention.

Review №8

Not a bad place. I've been coming here for almost four years from time to time and every bite from their food feels like the first day.

Review №9

Good wish indoors was now waiting on Governor Cooper to reopen

Review №10

Why is it one shift will give me iced coffee in the evening and one shift will not? Sometimes I get it with a smile other times they act offended cause I ordered coffee in the evening. Get it together taco bell!

Review №11

Ordered through grubhub twice now. Both time I have paid for extra meat or Supreme on multiple things and they leave it out. Don't order it through 3rd party because you will probably need to fix something.

Review №12

Ordered 3 orders online for pick up when my bf got home with the food, 1 of my orders that was on the receipt was missing. Called up there to straighten my order and they were very nice about fixing my order the right way. My bf went back, bought the order back and the order was STILL wrong and my combo did not have a drink with it. 2 stars because they were nice about fixing the order.

Review №13

Don't bother ordering from this Taco Bell. I spent around 25 dollars and had to throw it in the trash. All of the hard shelled tacos were basically mush, as were the soft shelled tacos. The potato tacos seemed like they were cooked the year before, the potato was completely hard. The seven layer burrito was ice cold. The black bean crunch wrap supreme tasted like the ingredients were burned. I have left two messages with corporate and have yet to hear back. The TB on Carolina Beach Road beats this store hands down.

Review №14

I just use drive thru as a stop on my way home for family, they love the food there. So must be good! convenient location for me!

Review №15

Our orders have not been right lately

Review №16

Usually disappointed, but the last visit was great. Taco salads were full, with fresh contents. Service pretty slow, so missed the 5th star

Review №17

Love taco bell

Review №18

Horrible place to go, they told us and multiple other customers that they don't give out receipts anymore because their machine is broke. When we asked to speak to a manager they said there wasn't one there. We literally placed our order ourselves and they still messed it up completely. When we went to the counter to pay no one came to help until like 5 minutes later and all other workers just stared at us. Workers were absolutely disgusting and rude. We honestly didn't feel safe eating the food but couldn't get a refund so we paid and threw it away. Don't waste your time.

Review №19

Taco bell is like actually the only fast food taco place. So its pretty good at what it does

Review №20

Food was fast, hot and good. Service was great.

Review №21

We go there at least once a week and the staff is always very kind and helpful. I know this is kind of a weird thing to notice, but their lettuce is always fresh and crisp, much more so than the other TBs in the area.

Review №22

It's Taco Bell. It's fast & cheap. Keep expectations low & you'll be alright.

Review №23

I have been to many Taco Bells throughout the state's... This taco Bell is by far the best!!!Generally, my Mexican pizza, is stuck to the top of the box and cold. never enough sauce , unless I go inside... even if you ask for a few extra.... Ice tea , way to much sugar!! . People at counters don't greet you politely....This was the first time I had a wonderful visit!!!!Thank you so much....Made my day!!!

Review №24

When you go into a franchise, you normally enjoy uniformity in your food. Not so at many Wendy's I have been to. A lot of the time when you get home with the food, you end up with one problem or another. If you go back, they fix it and make it much better the second time. I don't know about you; but, I get pretty upset having to drive back to get it right... The other problem is the preparing person never makes the same portion twice and most of the time it barely qualifies as a taco . It's like the spilled the contents out before they wrapped it. Sorry for going on; but, wow!

Review №25

Excellent inviorment, Friendly work krew !!!

Review №26

Ok. So everyone knows you don't go to taco Bell for authentic Mexican food. You go for a soft taco and their really good chicken rolls or their new Mexican fries.But lemme tell you about this place.This place? Best taco Bell ever. Food is always good and fresh. They NEVER forget the napkins. And when you ask for a lot of sauce boy oh boy do they DELIVER.You can order a soft taco one day and it'll be the best dang taco you've ever had. The next day go big and get an XXL burrito. Quality is great EVERY. TIME.Whoever is in charge of training the stores please take a look at this store because they know WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!Spread the love folks#YallRockinIt

Review №27

One of the best taco bells in town. Easy it get in and out of and with a lots of good shopping options around it. Food is always good and service is fast.

Review №28

Good food, good service

Review №29

Good place for a quick meal. Rude staff. Another customer came in complaining that he'd been told to pull forward from the drive through to wait for his order. 15 minutes later, no food. The cooks just snickered. The employee moping the dining room floor said "You won't get anything with that attitude ". I was appalled. I didn't complain to the manager because he was too busy talking up the rest of the staff's slack.They finally got sugar free Mountain Dew Baja Blast. I decided to try it. They must've mixed the lines up because I got regular Mountain Dew Baja Blast. I'm diabetic. I asked the manager to check it, he said he would and never did. Was too busy. He's forgiven. I know what it's like to have employees that are slack.My daughter, who has social anxiety and is a tomboy was waiting at a table patiently for our order, we were going to dine in, when the employee moping the floor mistook her for a boy and seemed offended when she got scared and came to stand next to me.When our order came they put it in a bag, not on a tray. The other customer was still waiting for his order. I said that I ordered for dine in and was asked if I'd like a tray. I said "No we're leaving". The employee moping the floor, at this time was behind the counter, sarcastically said "Then we'll see you later". I said "See ya never". We walked out, got home 5 minutes later and our food was cold. Not even a hint of warmth. We won't be visiting that taco bell again.

Review №30

If fast food is what you want, this is not the place. Took close to 15 minutes to receive my order.

Review №31

To be fair it was around midnight when I visited but I didnt appreciate the dirty looks I got from two employees sitting outside smoking. My friend and I had just gotten off work and she, being very pregnant, needed to eat and was craving taco bell. The girl at the window was nice which was the bright side to the experience. The food was lukewarm and not as fresh as I expected it to be. Overall I was unimpressed.

Review №32

Standard Taco Bell. Quick bite and good drink selection. Mountain dew Baja blast is the absolute best.

Review №33

Finally we found a Taco Bell worth eating again the workers were so friendly the food was perfect we deff will be coming back to this one. Well done

Review №34

Great food at a great price

Review №35

I come to this location all the time because it is close to my house but they disappoint me consistently. I ask for the vegetarian option of beans instead of beef in anything that I order and they put meat in my food 90% of the time. Certainly a day ruined when you pick up food to take back to work and it is not only not what you ordered but something you can not eat.

Review №36

Guilty pleasure.

Review №37

Again who doesn't love taco bell every once in a while. Delicious and great service

Review №38

Only at 17th and college. The employees are super nice and always on a good mood. I will never go to the one on Carolina beach rd again. You never get what you order and the employees are really rude.

Review №39

This Taco Bell is without a doubt the worst one I've ever been to. I go here because it's right by my house but yet everytime it's horrible customer service. The employees stand around talking and laughing while you're waiting to be helped or just roll their eyes when you walk in

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Review №41

I swear everytime I order food from here it's wrong and it's getting to the point where I have to restrain myself from throwing my order back through the hard is it to read a ticket and fill the order on it?!?!!

Review №42

Love taco bell. However the workers at this location tend to short everyone on their fillings in anything. Has happened the last 3 times i went there. Nothing but tortilla!

Review №43

Was ok. Food was ok. Staff was decent and pleasant.

Review №44

Out of beef. Really?

Review №45

I dont like taco bell.. but they do have some new good things on their menu that might change your mind like the steak nachos.. may have to substitute

Review №46

Girl who works here always sounds really sad

Review №47

Great tacos, amazing service, if your willing to wait during rushes

Review №48

Great food! Wonderful order taker TyQuay!!

Review №49

Probably the worst customer service that I've ever experienced.

Review №50

The people seem pleasant but something will *always* be wrong with your order. Every time. We like to make it into a game where we all guess what will be missing or added. The Taco Bell south of this is more reliable. This one is fine, just check your order.

Review №51

Normally pretty good. But the last several times orders have been completely wrong. This time... 3 out of 8 tacos were right. How hard is it to make a taco?

Review №52

Love their cinnamon twist and Mexican pizza

Review №53

The food always tastes weird... And the customer service is not consistent

Review №54

Great service and caring staff. Good food, clean and safe.

Review №55

Not clean enough. The counter need to be cleaner as do the tables. The bathroom wreck of urine.

Review №56

Great food. Quick service. Very clean Restaurant

Review №57

Good food, I like the 5 dollar cravings box

Review №58

Decent prices for a quick bite

Review №59

My son loves the place. What more can I say?

Review №60

Check your receipt carefully. They deliberately add extra charges to your order. It didn't just happen to me.

Review №61

Best taco Bell in Wilmington even though they ran out of nacho cheese

Review №62

Great place to eat. Very nice staff

Review №63

Decent for fast food but its not fast food. took 15 min just to get 4 tacos.

Review №64

Just came here. Walked in, an employee looked at us from what she was doing (preparing food? Idk there was no other customer waiting for food) then went back whatever she was doing. We stood there completely ignored, waiting 5 min to order without a single word or even another look from the employee. I have never seen an employee so rude to a customer that didn't deserve it.

Review №65

Skimpy on chesse in the cheese quesadilla, got 2 for almost 8$ and had less cheese than youd have if you had two slices of cheese. Today i ordered one with extra cheese and got as much cheese as I'm used to seeing on any other taco Bell anywhere in the entire country!

Review №66

Always friendly and great service here. The food is always freshly made. The staff is helpful with suggestions or anything else you may need.

Review №67

It was pretty good not to long of a wait like usual.

Review №68

Fast service got order right

Review №69

It's taco bell of course its good

Review №70

Good food some items are overpriced

Review №71

As far as fast food goes, this place is great. Always fast friendly service. Also they get your order right.

Review №72

Great stuff

Review №73

Cannot get an order right to save their life. Will not answer close to close and gets an attitude when it's pointed out. Absolutely the worst taco bell within a 30 mile radius.

Review №74

What a joke!!! A bunch of kids that could care less jeesh !!!!

Review №75

Good service, good food. Fairly fast.

Review №76

Pulled up late at 12:30. Two cars in the drive in paying for their food, and I was told the store was actually closed when I got to the menu. Google says you close at 1, but I guess google is wrong.

Review №77

Fast lines, friendly service, hot food cooked well. 10/10, would taco again.

Review №78

Fast service yet the food is poorly put together so the lettuce and meat falls out.

Review №79

Grade A, clean, better fast food than some other places, fast, kids like it.

Review №80

Just came inside and waited five to ten minutes the drive thru guy saw me come in but no one ever came over to take our order. Won't be back to this location.

Review №81

20+ mins waiting on food when there is barely anyone in the store is a little ridiculous

Review №82

Excellent service and best breakfast

Review №83

Ordered a simple quesadilla and hard taco. My whole order was wrong after a 20 minute wait

Review №84

Cheap Mexican food. Meh. They are nice.

Review №85

This place is slow and than didnt receive all our order

Review №86

Slow, but courteous

Review №87

The service is complete disaster and the food was served cold.

Review №88

Second time going at 1150 when they close at 12 and they have closed early. So inconsistent and such a terrible sign to show customers.

Review №89

Brand new store! I love all of the new equipment!

Review №90

Service was very slow have the soda machine was down the tables were not clean

Review №91

It was good today and quick...

Review №92

They try their best even when their short staffed

Review №93

Good food and service

Review №94

Not one employ to be seen so I left after waiting for several minutes.

Review №95

Good food

Review №96


Review №97


Review №98

Most of the food was good, but my chicken burrito had spongy overcooked rice.

Review №99

Been waiting over 25 minutes for a $5 cravings meal.Took 20 minutes to get 18 naked chicken

Review №100

Good staff and food

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