Zos Kitchen
1011 International Dr, Wilmington, NC 28405, United States
Review №1

The food is SO GOOD. So many healthy (and low carb friendly) options. My first try was the cauliflower rice bowl with chicken and onion plus some spicy hummus. Oh. My. Tummy. Is. Happy!

Review №2

Catering service is amazing. Don't let the picture fool, that bowl is 16" across and 6" deep. For two vegans eating a raw seven day challenge, this bowl hits the spot. Bread is fresh and yummy, pesto side and veggies we're crisp and delicious. Thanks again.

Review №3

The Food is FANTASTIC. I cry a bit Everytime I bite into the spicy chicken sandwich. I sub the chicken for Salmon and it is TO. DIE. FOR. I tried the regular chicken one today....oh my godddddddd. AMAZING

Review №4

Ate here s couple times. The staff is nice and it's clean inside. Foods just not very flavorful it reminds me of a Chili's salad.

Review №5

I love this place! Food is always good. Staff is always nice and personable. Usually busy and loud but the outdoor seating is nice.

Review №6

The beef kebabs, skhug sauce was excellent and the greek salad was awesome. Will do again

Review №7

I just received my door dash order and I got a turkey stack with ONE slice of turkey. ONE. Come on man. I've been out doing yard work all day and that was so sad. I love this place but this makes me scared to order until they open back up. At least then I can do something about it. I still gave five stars based on previous experiences.

Review №8

I love the pitas here. Always good :)

Review №9

Had an AMAZING lunch catered to our office from Zoes kitchen today. Everything was perfectly delicious and delivered on time. Ohhhh and the cookies are out of this world! Get you some Zoes!

Review №10

The food is always fresh and delicious. One of the best spots for take out in Wilmington.

Review №11

Not realizing that they closed at 8 instead of 9:30 like it said on their website, we made the mistake of ordering at 7:50. No one said they were about to close so at 8:15 when we still hadn't received 2 orders, couldn't get back in to even fill up our drink, the 2 of us were sitting outside, i banged on the door Til someone came and stood and waited for the orders to be filled in to go boxes. A little communication or apology would have gone a long way but instead we were a giant inconvenience at the end of their day.

Review №12

Best chicken salad in town.

Review №13

I stopped by last week at this location for my first visit to a Zoes Kitchen. I was unable to go into the restaurant with everything that is going on but a staff member came out and talked to me. She was really helpful and suggested the avocado lentil salad when I said I wanted something green and healthy. Said they could add chicken and I was sold. It was surprisingly quick and really, really clean tasting and I will be back. Thank you to Kaitlyn for having a great suggestion at the ready. Stay safe and thank you!

Review №14

5 stars for their creative menu and their service. Fir the food: I ordered Steak Kabob with is the famous dish here. It was a little burned, but tasty. The falafel was not great maybe because they were baked ( if you are a middle eastern, you will definitely notice that they are dry). Moroccan harissa was a great sauce( not spicey as I was expecting). 5 stars for their Hummus! Its consistency is perfect ( creamy and smooth).

Review №15

I LOVE Zoës Kitchen!! The staff is phenomenal. So patient, knowledgeable and very kind. The food is incredible everytime! I always feel like I'm making a healthy choice by eating here. I'm very impressed. Don't even get me started about their cookies!!! 100% A++ 10 out of 10 would recommend!

Review №16

It used to be great, but something changed. The protein was burnt and served literally black. It was served slightly cool, some of of the vegetables were slimey and well past their expiration. Until they fix it, I would recommend elsewhere.

Review №17

The people there are very friendly and patient. The food is great. I can't wait to go again

Review №18

I had a salmon bowl.. wasnt enough so had a wrap after

Review №19

Hummus trio to start & definitely shareable, lentil soup is perfect. Power Grain Bowl (no sauce) for vegan option was full flavore. From the kitchen, salt is lacking but allows for personal seasoning. Don't forget to sign up for reward points prior to arrival.

Review №20

I ordered on the website and did not realize after logging in that it did not keep the last store I ordered from. Unfortunately, I ordered in a completely different state! The manager came up and asked if I was waiting on an online order. When he realized the error that I made, he just took care of the order without making me pay twice. Now that's service!!

Review №21

Zoe's kitchen is one of my favorite fast-food type restaurants. It has healthy and nutritious offerings. I always am well satisfied with the taste of the food and how healthy I feel leaving the restaurant.

Review №22

This would have been a 4 rating. My meals was good. So was the limeade. My husband, however, was not as lucky. He ordered the Greek salad with chicken, which was tasty. Unfortunately, there were small bones in it that he almost choked on. Concerned, he told the staff, who informed the manager. Here's where the 1 comes in. Instead of the manager coming out and apologizing, he/she sent one of the counter people over with the lame excuse that when dealing with chicken breast there are bound to be bones. When I said that was not an acceptable answer, the counter person said well, what do you want? Compensation? We declined and left. Attitude is just as important as food. We will not be returning.

Review №23

The food is usually very good with lots of variety. The prices are a little too high. This last time I went I got one of the bowls with grilled chicken. Unfortunately, it was so heavily salted it ruined it for me. I could hardly notice anything else about it. I was thirsty the rest of the evening. Cooks need to stop adding so much salt, it's just not necessary. I was kind of bummed I couldn't really enjoy it. I gave 4 stars because, as I said, it's usually very good food. Be careful if transporting a to-go order. The lids on the bowls do not stay on well and half of mine spilled out. I ended up not caring too much, since I didn't want all that salty food anyway.

Review №24

Food and service where good. Portions are large but charged for it. Nice change in food to other walk up restaurants. Very different...

Review №25

Fine scene for tasty Mediterranean food. service is always excellent even when they have a full house. service is typically above par. it has a cool atmosphere. food is like a place in baltimore i liked.

Review №26

Food was light, filling and fresh. Clean and awesome atmosphere

Review №27

Outstanding place for quality Mediterranean food. i love going here. the staff was sociable and attentive. i can see why they have a lot of positive reviews.

Review №28

1st time here and I was very, pleasantly surprised, it was delicious beef kabobs. You have to try the limeade, usually not my thing, But it was amazingly great!!!

Review №29

First visit to this restaurant. Amazing Lentil Soup. If you love lentils this is your place. I will definitely visit again.

Review №30

Food was delicious and they could accommodate with my food sensitivities I have. (Soy, dairy, gluten) Super friendly too!!

Review №31

I love eating here but unfortunately today was not a great experience. It was very crowded and apparently understaffed. I never received my full order and multiple large tables were dirty the entire 40 minutes I was in the store. A staff person went by to go to the bathroom and walked right by the messy tables, seeing them, and returned to the kitchen. No one ever came to clean up the tables in the entire time I was there and multiple patrons were cleaning off their own tables in order to be able to sit down to eat. I never give badd reviews so I'm hoping that today was just an off day as I love the food here and like to eat here on a regular basis.

Review №32

Beautiful food nicely presented. A little bit pricey. Ok for a lunch treat.

Review №33

If you're going to use the app....check your order before you leave. they've gotten my orders wrong multiple times. I love Zoes' food, but their employees need to pay more attention.

Review №34

Not at all what we were expecting as first time guests. It's an interesting combination of fast food and full service restaurant. The food was good, but not quite 5-stars. It's Americanized Mediterranean food. The location is excellent and parking was good as well.

Review №35

I actually love the food here for the most part, but the prices are outrageous for the type of restaurant it is. I ordered a ravioli dish the last time I went that was about 12 dollars and when I asked about adding chicken the meal would have cost me 19 dollars! Everytime we go we enjoy our food, but for the 2 of us it can easily cost us 30+ dollars

Review №36

Great food, service is very good

Review №37

Really good food! Kinda on the high price side but food is fresh and healthy! A relaxed atmosphere

Review №38

Worst and most expensive food in Wilmington. My wife got a grilled chicken pita that had no flavor at all and I got a lamb pita and the lamb was raw. I also got hummus the large serving and they only have me 5 pita chips with it. When I went to ask for more pita chips to finish the hummus they wanted to charge me another $1.99 for a small bag of maybe 3 or 4 chips after I had already paid $27 for two terrible pita sandwiches. Stay away it's a waste if money and terrible customer service.

Review №39

Delicious HEALTHY whole food choices! Fresh! Satisfying and lots of choices for any picky eater. Prices are reasonable. You can eat and be satisfied for around $10 bucks.

Review №40

Great Wilmington, N.C. restaurant. Terrific menu and service, highly recommend for entire family and all occasions.

Review №41

Consistently tasty food at a reasonable price. Call ahead service recommended to avoid waiting.

Review №42

Everything was perfect except the cashier. We placed our order online, so there was no payment necessary in the store. I think the cashier thought that meant she could ignore me. Wait staff gestured to my order bagged up on the counter, but that was the only acknowledgement I even entered the building. Food was accurate and delicious. The mint in the tzatziki is amazing! Best I've had!

Review №43

One of my favorite places to eat. Love the location, the staff is so nice, and it's always clean and quick! And the food is delicious.

Review №44

Delicious Mediterranean Food

Review №45

Very unique Mediterranean cuisine at an affordable price eat in or carry out. Great Rosemary beans and hummus and Pita is the best. Greek salads are great too!

Review №46

Confusing atmosphere but pretty okay food

Review №47

Grabbed a "to-go" last evening for a quick picnic. Although we're longtime patrons, we'd taken a break and had not tried the new menu. It did not disappoint! The food was fresh, delicious, healthy and budget-friendly. Even better, the staff was friendly and welcoming. Looking forward to trying more!

Review №48

We eat at Zoe's in several States once or twice a week and the food is always excellent, the service is great and the prices are very good!

Review №49

Healthy food served quickly. Nice staff.

Review №50

Can't wait to go again. Look forward to trying different items. Loved the white beans.

Review №51

The food is great for a chain Mediterranean style restaurant and the staff here are super nice. They recently changed the menu, and some of my long standing favorites went away, but they have some great new items to try. Their family dinners are a great deal for feeding a few people on the fly!

Review №52

Delicious food! I got the Power Bowl with chicken. They always serve the perfect amount. I left satisfied, but not stuffed. Love all the healthy options and outdoor seating. The staff is not the friendliest. Wish they were more helpful when selecting food options. Also, gluten free dessert options would be a great addition.

Review №53

Great food. Awesome service.

Review №54

Excellent Mediterranean type food primarily. As an appetizer try the French backed feta, top rate

Review №55

I love it here, but my steak kabobs were burnt.

Review №56

Unique menu and options as far Mediterranean food goes. Fair prices and quick service. The food is very good and seems to be made with very fresh ingredients. Has a modern vibe and parking is usually pretty easy to find.

Review №57

Nice people sometimes a little slow but the people make up for it.

Review №58

Great food!! Good service, reasonable price. And not crazy busy...

Review №59

Great, healthy options for a reasonable price

Review №60

I am giving 3 stars because I do like the food, for the most part, but I am deducting 2 stars because the food is a little overpriced and because they have the worst rewards program ever. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that their reward 'stripes' expire after 6 months. I am a part of SO many different rewards programs at tons of different food establishments, and NONE of them to my knowledge have points that expire EVER, no less only SIX months. I eat here all the time, but have never been able to use any of my rewards points because they always expire before I accumulate enough. WORST rewards program EVER.

Review №61

Treated me and my cousin rudeSteak was undercooked we asked for done it was given to us bloody!Rice was also very very hardWe will never recommend anyone hereThey are good for their salads

Review №62

Great service and delicious food. Always a good place to eat when eating healthy!

Review №63

Love this place, every time I'm in the mayfair area, we have to stop here. Food is always fresh, good quality. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable of the menu. I love the steak kabob and the brownies are delicious. Everything I have eat from zoes have been good.

Review №64

Excellent Mediterranean food and service!

Review №65

I used to love zoeys until, I ate at the one in Wilmington. Food was cold, terrible service, and the waite was long. The restaurant was dirty. I WOULD NEVER GO BACK.

Review №66

Nice selection of fairly healthy mediterranean fare at a decent price.

Review №67

Great organic health food!

Review №68

Food was good... needs better menu combinations

Review №69

The Rosemary mozzarella piadina is the tastiest item on the menu.

Review №70

Great unique food options

Review №71

I went to the one in Wilmington, NC. The young lady that took our order was very knowledgeable about their menu. Very professional and friendly. Food was awesome especially their potato salad. Would recommend this resturant.

Review №72

They are very very very RACIST!We always are very polite and even have left a tip a time or 2.Dec 20th while leaving Zoe's in the rain a lady walked me out the door and asked me not to come back,prior to that 2 of the Mexicans and I had a conflict that was handle moving forward!I asked the lady as she was tilling me not to come back as to why she couldn't give me any reason s to why!After being racist to me and tilling me not to come back

Review №73

One of my favorite quick food spots. Always have something for my dietary needs! Whole family loves it too, and they arent restricted!

Review №74

No ice! Charged for drinks but was never told machines were down including lemonade. Manager said they need someone to go to Harris teeter to purchase ice!! Crazy ! No one was in restaurant at 1pm which should have been my first sign not to eat there. My order was horrible, dry and over cooked

Review №75

It was okay, nothing remarkable for the price.

Review №76

Terrific food and great service

Review №77

The kabobs here are definitely my favorite and if you get a salad as one of the sides it's a huge portion! And even when they're super busy the food never takes too long to come out.

Review №78

Best ‘clean eats' place in Wilmington!! Always super fresh salads and I'm addicted to their grilled chicken and onions to top my Greek Salad...yum! Great attentive staff, fairly priced, delicious food....all around my fav place to eat in city️ Now, we just need one closer to our house on other side of city

Review №79

Excellent! My new favorite place! Food was fresh and very tasty and reasonably priced.

Review №80

Fast service and decent food. If your looking for a healthier option this is a great choice.

Review №81

I placed an online order ..system easy to use and order was ready when promised.

Review №82

My daughter took me here and it was incredible! The salmon was DELICIOUS! I will make the drive from Jacksonville to eat here again.

Review №83

I'm always excited when I get to eat at Zoe's because the food is not just good, but it's good for you!

Review №84

This is a top notch dining location with great clean food options served by friendly staff that actually learn and remember your first name when you return! Highly recommended. -Jim

Review №85

Zoes Kitchen has the best food!! Everything is fresh, the service is wonderful, the bathrooms are clean..... it's really a nice place to have lunch and oh so healthy for you!

Review №86

First time at Zoe's kitchen and I loved it... The food was fresh and I will be back!!!

Review №87

Was my first time eating here, I picked up lunch for a work meeting. All the food was on point everything was well put together

Review №88

Good meditaranean food

Review №89

Food is wonderful, but the service is quite poor. Majority of the available tables were dirty around lunch time on a Saturday - made seating very inconvenient.

Review №90

Yummy food. Try it out.

Review №91

Im on vacation. I stopped here for lunch. Awesome Food! Great location. The staff was kind and prompt! Even the manager walked around and made sure everyone was good to go, he also helped serve the customers.

Review №92

Really good Mediterranean food, and very accommodating for our dietary needs.

Review №93

Employees were very kind and working hard. Food is tasty. Only complaint is the filthy stinking trash receptacle outside. Garage on the ground and really, really smelled horrible and reflected our appetites.

Review №94

My favorite lunch spot in Mayfair! The staff is always so friendly, they know me by name. The food is always good and fresh.

Review №95

While the ingredients that they use are fresh, and the basil hummus is delicious, this place is just not worth the price. I've been here a few times and the food is often disappointing and the portions are small. Their “potato salad” is just red potatoes with oil and seasoning and it's just not good. The Gyros are small in comparison to pretty much every other Mediterranean restaurant I've tried in Wilmington and the proteins are just ok. To top it off the staff is often rude. For an all around much better experience go to Peño off of college instead.

Review №96

The restaurant is nastyThe staff are very utterly rude and racist!They have these Mexicans ladies who cooks in their kitchen who are always making fun of customers as they walk in by saying nasty things about the customers in Spanish

Review №97

Food lacked all seasoning, not even basic salt and pepper. Service was mostly a joke, the food runners didn't have a clue where they should have been taking stuff. I'm not sure if the wait was long because it took so long to make the food or because they could not take it the correct tables.

Review №98

Food and service is always great. I love this location!! I recommend the steak kibabs or chicken kibabs. The hummus and pita is also delicious!

Review №99

My wife and I decided to try out this little quisine. Loved it! Healthy and Great

Review №100

I didn't like it there because I felt like I was at a fast food restaurant.

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  • Address:1011 International Dr, Wilmington, NC 28405, United States
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  • Phone:+1 910-509-2773
  • Caterer
  • Mediterranean restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–8PM
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  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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