Kiedrowskis Simply Delicious Bakery
2267 Cooper Foster Park Rd, Amherst, OH 44001, United States
Review №1

OMGosh!!!! So glad we found this amazing bakery!!! The Snoogles are heavenly. I found my very favorite pastry of all time! Huge apple fritters and sweet rolls.

Review №2

So I actually love their pastries but the owners did not do the right thing. My husband and I stopped in about a month ago and spent $56 but were missing 5 items. I called and spoke to the owner and she could not refund my card as the transaction was closed out. She offered to send a check for $10. Two weeks went buy with no check so I called and spoke to the husband and he said it would be sent out. Still no check so I called for the 3rd time and they just blew me off. $10 is no big deal but now it is about the principle and when I pay for items I didn't get and they lied to me, that's not good business!! We keep you open!

Review №3

They always do marvelous job !!! plus the taste of their cake and frosting it's delicious. Thank you so much Kiedrowski's

Review №4

The world famous Snoogle is something that everyone should try. The building is very small inside but they have a great selection.

Review №5

Delicious doughnuts. These aren't your modern covered in cereal doughnuts, but they are amazing classic ones. Known for the snoogle which I definitely recommend, along with a cro-nut.

Review №6

You must try a snoogle. Buy several as one will not be enough.

Review №7

Snoogles are on my favorite treats all because of Kiedrowski's! I try to expose others to the magic as often as possible! They are friendly and a local business I love to support!

Review №8

This place is wonderful, Cream cheese danish. And the garlic loaf cloves of garlic baked in the bread get it sliced makes such a great sandwich.

Review №9

The variety of baked goods is amazing.You have to try the SNOOGLE!!!!!!!!ID LOVE THIS PLACE EVEN IF I DIDNT HAVE THE SAME LAST NAME.

Review №10

The flavor is great and the filling is full and I think they do a great job overall!

Review №11

Amazing donuts! The Bavarian cream is the best.

Review №12

Beautiful Bakery!! I LOVED everything!! Must buy the Snoogles & Apricot CookiesSo Delicious

Review №13

Fantastic bakery, arrived an hour before close and then still has great pastries!! Friendly staff

Review №14

Discovered this place omw to Dunkin lol stopped in to try it, great prices friendly staff and very good food definitely recommend to anyone wanting fair prices on donuts

Review №15

I love their baked goods. Donuts are the best and they have my favorite glazed croissants.

Review №16

They are always on point with baked goods. Awesome.

Review №17

I stopped in to get a birthday cake for my daughter. I ordered 12 doughnuts and a small cake. The doughnuts were $1 a piece. The small cakes appeared to cost 12. I was asked what I wanted as far as icing, etc. I was driven a choice of a Cassata cake which I agreed to. Over $38 was my final bill. I figured the extra was because Cassata cakes are more costly. The cake given was pretty but is was a plain chocolate cake. It was dry and tho icing was lime eating Crisco. I was ripped off. Wal-Mart is less than a mile away. A lot cheaper and the cakes at least have flavor.

Review №18

Love this pl as ce always fresh donuts

Review №19

This place is AMAZING. Buy yourself some Snoogles - you won't regret it!

Review №20

Snoogles were $3 ,now $4 and barely could taste the filler inside.I bought 2 of them and didn't get a tablespoon of filler from either of them! Shame they have gotten so stingy on the filling. Guess I learn to make my own.

Review №21

Great staff and awesome baked goods.

Review №22

Delicious baked goods! Once you try their pastries, you won't go anywhere else!! The pierogis are also amazing!

Review №23

Got a snoogle. You need to get one.

Review №24

Awsome 5 star's great service

Review №25

Great bakery items... Beautiful cakes...

Review №26

No cheese in snogg .no filling in be lady lock.they put 1/4 inch in each side of lady lock.nothing in the center

Review №27

Best of the best for baked goods.

Review №28

The best bakery in Lorain County. I've been going there since I was a little kid. Visiting from the Florida Keys. Snoogles are the best. Just saying.

Review №29

Friendly, always stocked bakery!! Great around Lent for polish goods. Best bakery my Mom shopped at and is still going strong.

Review №30

We traveled there after placing a phine order. WIted in line x30 minutes. Got inside and they had sold out despite our placed/accepted order.

Review №31

Amazing place! They are also at jaimies flea mkt. ( weds and sat) snoogles! Gotta try them. And all manner of pastries and maple and bacon cream sticks!

Review №32

Stopped in and got some of those oh so good snoggles and some donuts. They have a lot of good baked goods here you should stop and give them a try.

Review №33

My first time here, and my first snoogle! The place is small, the staff is friendly, and the baked goods are delicious. I'm for sure stopping here again before heading back to California! They also have cookies, fritters, muffins, nut roll, and poppy seed rolls. Everything looked just like grandma made it. Location is in strip mall across street from Sherwin Williams paints

Review №34

Very disappointed. Stopped by this morning since I was in the area. Bought 3 doughnuts and a couple of their cheese pastries. It was almost $10. Two of the doughnuts had next to no filling in them (See picture), we haven't eaten the third one yet. Won't be buying doughnuts here again. I'll stick with Fragapane's for doughnuts, theirs are always very full.

Review №35

I would highly recommend Snoogles in any shelter in place pandemics. I drove 50 minutes one way to pick up four of those sweet cream cheese filled wonders.

Review №36

They are the BEST, so delicious!!Staff is always very nice and helpful!

Review №37

Very enjoyable experience. The staff are VERY friendly and eager to serve. Lots of delicious items from which to choose. I purchased a nut roll and pierogies. Both very good and comparable to homemade.

Review №38

The pastry is the best especially the snuggles.

Review №39

Our 6yr old granddaughter had her first snoogle today and of course she had to have cookies. She fell in love with the entire bakery. Truly one of a kind!!

Review №40

One of kind deliciousness... Homemade and friendly as can be... Like walking into your grandmother's kitchen

Review №41

I was there on the March 12th got a couple cream sticks and a couple paczki. I'm really not understanding the hype because both cream sticks were dried out, like they were from the previous day (I've worked bakery, they shouldn't be that texture at noon if they were made even early morning) and the edelweiss paczki, while the flavor was good, the texture of the filling was extremely unappetizing. On the plus side, you're donuts are very reasonably priced but if they taste stale on a regular basis, it's not worth it.

Review №42

This place is world famous for a reason. Come for a snoogle, leave with so much more!

Review №43

Very friendly employees and delicious bakery!

Review №44

Has really good perogies.thats mainly what I go for. Just tried the sugar cookies with the smiley faces and they were horrible. No flavor and not even a little sweet.

Review №45

Everything is great. Try a snoogle if you like cream cheese filling.

Review №46

Official Bakery of Lorain Family Dental...we love it!!

Review №47

Get in my belly! Best bakery in town! The cassata cake is heaven!

Review №48

Love, love, love this place. Best bakery ever. Staff great too!

Review №49

Theses guys are amazing!They made the best cake and cupcakes for my daughters birthday.The design was exactly what I wa ted and the cake tasted amazing. Very much worth the 40 minute drive !

Review №50

Karen is the best! I gave her a rough idea of what I wanted and she nailed it!!

Review №51

Incredible bakery and extremely friendly staff. Was passing through on a road trip from New York to Chicago and I would definitely recommend stopping here for locals and travelers. 5/5

Review №52

Great bakery and pastries the best in Amherst

Review №53

Every time I stop to get the apple fritters they are sold out, they say to call and reserve some,but I never know when I will be back.

Review №54

Fantastic.... SNOOGLES and cherry butter bars are my favorite sweets to indulge.

Review №55

Always great!!! We love them time and time again!!!

Review №56

They have the best pastries and and snuggles and also the glazed croissant is off the chain

Review №57

We ordered a strawberry cassada cake for our daughter's birthday, and it was amazing!

Review №58

They are the best! We drove 35 miles to get their Snoogles!

Review №59

This is a place you should not miss.

Review №60


Review №61

Amazing treats, and some gluten free options too including perogies!

Review №62

I love this place. They have the best bread and pastries. If you stop here for any kind of baked good- get a Snoogle!! It truly is “Simply Delicious”.

Review №63

My girlfriend 's KIM& Silvia. Got me a cakeAnd it was Definitely the Best.Thank you.

Review №64

Great donuts & strudel. Prices are good. Timing could be better- need to be at work early, they say open at 6 .... Waiting outside till 6:05 till door opened then waiting a few more minutes till people are moved around & settled. Almost was late to work- but everyone liked the donuts.

Review №65

Absolutely favorite place!!

Review №66

Snoogles, Snoogles, and Snoogles are the Bomb even if it went up in price.

Review №67

My favorite bakery everything is amazing, has the best Cassada Cake hands down!♡

Review №68

Every time we bring pastries from here for work, they're a huge hit. Everything is very fresh and exceptionally tasty. Their Snoogles are unique and satisfying. Their doughnuts are just the right texture and sweetness. Their icing is sweet, but it's got an amazing flavor, too. The filled sticks have the very sweet filling you'd expect, but it's balanced by the pastry. If you have the opportunity to do so, do yourself a favor and try this place.

Review №69

I drive 80 miles for thier Snoogles and Paczki!!! Well worth the trip! Such excellence can't be found just anywhere!!!

Review №70

I ordered a cake for daughters first birthday and taped box down too tight and smashed my cake. It was not taped up high like the smash cake. Did not show my husband the cake when he picked up. They did not offer any discount for my troubles. And there was no time to bring it back to be fixed. Talked to owener was not helpful nor friendly. Cake was good but smashed.

Review №71

Voted best Bakery in America several years ago, but still is and always will be "The Best" to anyone who partakes of their goods!!

Review №72

We always enjoy everything we try here. From their Snoogles, to their seasonal paczki, everything is excellent. They're almost always busy, but get you in and out pretty quick, all things considered. I've ordered things for pickup and they were fresh and ready. My wife really enjoys their pistachio muffin (it is really good) and when I've taken their donuts to work, everyone comments on how good and fresh they are. Definitely recommend!

Review №73

This is a place you don't want to miss. Delicious.

Review №74

Simply delicious.... I LOVE the Snoogles! They also make very good Cakes!

Review №75

Dissatisfied with my day old cheese danish yet again. I've gotten a few other day old danishes in the past few months but on a Sunday morning it's unacceptable. There was a whole tray of their Famous Cheese Danishes in a different bakery case and guess what? They're famously a day old. The love affair with this place is starting to wear thin, it's takes a constant focus to be the best and apparently saving a few bucks is worth more than maintaining your stellar reputation.

Review №76

Yummy in my tummy. The best plus very cool tee shirt. Nice folks. Great treats.

Review №77

Long line but went fast. Great food!! Snoogles are the best!

Review №78

Very friendly staff. The snoodles are WONDERFUL! Thank you for taking the time to tell us your history. We had a great experience

Review №79

Great family owned bakery--famous for the paczaki (spelling? I know it's not pronounced how it looks.) around Fat Tuesday, but they have many other confections they offer there too as well as pierogis.

Review №80

Always delicious.

Review №81

The best bakery ever

Review №82

A good place to go to n get great food like you ordered in a friendly atmosphere

Review №83

Kiedrowski's has really good baked goods and pastries. What else can you say. They are fairly reasonably priced on their goods.

Review №84

Delicious high quality baked goods. Reasonable prices. Family owned. Lots of specialty.

Review №85

OMG. PLEASE come to this bakery, your eyes will go crazy,Your taste buds will want to try , one of each of the goodies, your eyes stare at.This pastry is all home made.Not store bought. But I have 1 warning., YOU WILL RETURN!!! so buy what your eyes tell you. Take it home,Get your coffee or tea ready.Then open the box enjoy to your hearts content. What a way to end a stressful day.MMMMMMMMMM

Review №86

Drove 35 minutes just to satisfy my sweet tooth. I wouldn't pick any other place. The ladies are always very sweet and their treats are beyond delicious!

Review №87

They have the best donuts ever, I get sourdough Donuts, cinnamon donuts and I get enough to share because I know if someone see me eating them they're going to want one and I always get my daughter a bear claw, she just loves those. Make sure you check them out they are the best bakery ever.

Review №88

Absolutely fantastic and even with a line service was quick.

Review №89

Love this bakery! We live in Michigan but if we are ever near Amherst or passing by on the Turnpike we stop here for a snoogle! They are amazing!

Review №90

Fast and yummy!

Review №91

Donuts 4 the office. Yummy

Review №92

Great cassada cakes!

Review №93

Left one star because I couldn't leave zero, owners seem to be alright, but people at the counter will destroy your business. They tell customers one thing, then tell the owners the complete opposite. All I wanted was my order corrected. Got a return call from Tim, he asked why I didn't come in and pick up the Apple fritters that was a replacement for the bad ones I received. Counter girl said she didn't have the authority to replace them, and both owners were out of town for the weekend. I called at 6:45 AM to hold them. You lost a good customer over this, I hope you read your reviews and correct the problems before they happen to some one else.

Review №94

I've never stopped at all. But this was the first time in years. I just wanna say thank you for the paski the where wonderful. I got 31/2 dozens for my residents. They enjoyed as much as I did.

Review №95

Everything delicious

Review №96

Love this place

Review №97

Quick and simply delicious

Review №98

Great selection of pastries & wonderful customer service!

Review №99

This place has every kind of donut pastry or anything else you would want it is great delicious I found all the chocolates were really rich and really tasteful everyone would love this place

Review №100

Always love a quick trip to my favorite bakery when I'm in town!

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