Panera Bread
46402 Middle Ridge Rd, Amherst, OH 44001, United States
Review №1

Breakfast was great! The lady at the front counter cashier did not have a rude attitude and was very helpful. My food was very warm and the cheese was actually melted on over the top.

Review №2

Cafe food, mmm, super yummy. Got there about three, it wasn't crowded. I'll return friends next time. This place has a nice design. I can see why they have so many good reviews.

Review №3

Would like to know why Panera changed what goes on the Asian chicken salad. It was way better the old way I still love it. But now there is less stuff on it.

Review №4

While the food was okay, the cleanliness of this Panera Bread was seriously lacking. Every single table was absolutely filthy. Even the tables that were marked as "off limits" for COVID social distancing.

Review №5

For a rest stop it wasn't bad. Very busy when I was here, but the line moved rather fast. It was clean and the staff was friendly.

Review №6

The workers did not seem to care the food was okay this was the worst Panera I've been to all the other ones have been great they didn't give us utensils to eat with and it seemed like they put our sandwiches together quickly they were messy I will not stop there again

Review №7

I love the convenience of this location. It's a perfect place to go when everybody wants something different. The service at this location is great and the kids love the variety and the way it looks.

Review №8

Open till 9! Thank you from all the truckers out here!

Review №9

Best place in the world. A home away from home. Every one who works there is the best. Very friendly and always greeted with a smile.

Review №10

I can honestly say that the gas station food (Sheetz) we had early in our trip was a better experience.1. We received the wrong salad.2. For some reason they were packaging everything to go even if you were dining in.3. Over eleven dollars for a pick two, little cup of soup and salad.

Review №11

More like fast food. Not like a free standing Panera Bread. The cashier is more focused on running you through the line than serving the customer. It was fast and sloppy. Be prepared to ask for a beeper and know what you want as choices ahead of time because you are not going to be given a choice when you get to the counter. Other than that the food was still good and better for your health compared to any other fast food slop joint.

Review №12

It is absolutely disgusting the prices you charge, gouging!

Review №13

Just stopped to get some soup. Lady behind counter said , you cant have soup now. Called Corporate and was informed soup should be served at 10:30. Poor customer service!! Please train your staff better at rest stops in Ohio.

Review №14

Clean and good service

Review №15

The tall cook was fast with my breakfast order and sent me away with a warm “have a great day”

Review №16

I was trying get breakfast and when was my turn they tell me is already 10:31 am and they stop serving breakfast at 10:30. This is ridiculous!!!

Review №17

This manager guy i think named josh was very very rude to me, i came in around 8:57ish and the manager said he could not ring me out he already pulled the drawer, i was very disappointed in the lack of customer service at this panera bread. WILL NOT EVER COME AGAIN

Review №18

They forgot my baguette :(

Review №19

RUDE RUDE RUDE! The lady behind the counter never said hi. Would not looked ya in the face Never asked for our Panera card or what sides we wanted. I asked for butternut squash soup and she said. “We don't have that. We have Autumn Squash” umm ok. Put our coins on the counter and walked away. I continued to watch her and she treated everyone the same. I witnessed another cashier treat an elderly man the same way. This broke my heart. There is NO customer service at this Panera. This is coming from someone who has worked in food and beverage my whole adult life. Shame on people like this.

Review №20

These are busy people (those who work there), but not too busy to make sure your order is to your liking. Check out the almost exotic ice tea flavors. On the flip side, I think the sandwiches have gotten a little smaller. Regardless, good fresh food served fast.

Review №21

They need to be trained how to make sandwiches... The point is to get a little bit of everything in every bite.... not play a game of "what's the next bite gonna taste like?"

Review №22

I love Panera Bread! But this was not good. Out of mac n cheese, baguettes, and bread bowls. We were offered no substitute for the bread(like choosing any other type of bread they serve). I could only choose from about 6 different desserts. The coffee had no label of when it was brewed, and did not taste right. I always get the coffee at Panera because the hazelnut is my favorite. They were, of course out of creamer when I went to use it(again, no label or when it was poured or put out). And to top it all off they were out of SUGAR. When I asked about it they said they didn't have any sugar. A bakery with no sugar or bread. What?

Review №23

Good service and good food. One of the better choices along the Ohio Turnpike for a sandwich!

Review №24

The counter lady at the bakery side was anything but welcoming. I walked out without buying anything.

Review №25

I love the cinnamon crunch bagels

Review №26

I dont get a welcoming I wait in line for a short time just to find that I'm not being attended because the workers are laughing in the back. I walk to the self order I then get my food very disorganized. My sandwich was falling apart the bread was cut in half very sloppy just thrown in the bag. My half sandwich was wrapped in a bag squished. Not sure what's up with these guys but they were disrespectful nothing felt right.

Review №27

The service was terrible. It took 30 minutes for 4 items and there was no one else getting something. The service was awful and the cashier was touching the baguette with her bare hands after handling money. I might never go to a Panera again.

Review №28

Long lines yet again, Stupid people. AFTER waiting in line the elderly gentleman behind me says ," I don't understand how this place is still open They make you wait so Long every time. I ordered a Coffee. Only to find out no cream I Ask for a new canister, I get it after 2 minutes because of the only 2 girls handling 15 Customer's in 1 Line yet there were 3 additional workers plus one big Short puffy manager in the back. I saw & observed, all the Manager did was look at the people in line. I got my cream then No coffee in the pot. "I said You need more coffee. I was told in a few minutes" I said no I need it Now, then the puggie manager came out & took the pot & said it will be a few minutes. It was 22 minutes, Do you think they would have enough sense to say here sir let me have your cup and I'll give it to you before the whole pot is done in 20 minutes nope they didn't say that waited 25 minutes for a cup of coffee plus 15 minutes in line stupid, stupid.

Review №29

Stood at the counter for 5 min, the staff was just chatting in the corner somewhere, went to BK instead

Review №30

My daughter love that place

Review №31

It's a good place to go but service is alright

Review №32

Order ham and cheese grilled sandwich and got a grilled cheese they can't even make a simple sandwich also order a coffe and they don't give me a cup when I finally get a cup theirs no coffe this place is fillthy and the manager has a b!tchy attitude we need new management someone with lots of experience in customer service

Review №33

Manager was snotty. We all got sick from the food. They serve everything to go even if you eat there. Total waste of paper products etc. Won't stop at that location on the Ohio turnpike again. Wouldn't recommend that anybody else does either

Review №34

Excellent strawberry salad and bacon mac and cheese!

Review №35

Very rude and baddest Panera worker Michelle (old lady with bad face, specially for those who not look white)Never come back to this Panera bread!Zero smile

Review №36

The wait time was good and the food was excellent

Review №37

Clean. Great food

Review №38

Not good. Service was slow. Sandwich had raw meat on it. Only good part was the smoothie.

Review №39

Love the bread bowl broccoli and cheddar soup

Review №40

I stop here for a good and convenient breakfast whenever I have an early trip.

Review №41

Was nice place and food to eat.

Review №42

Marissa was a wonderful cashier! She helped me order something that I could eat, I have many allergies, all with a sweet smile! Thank you Marissa!

Review №43

Great food and wow the bread was delicious

Review №44

Cookies were great as always. Went early to get a dozen Raspberry Thumbprints.

Review №45

Sunday does not open at 6:30 AM

Review №46

I was disappointed because after walking in cold rain for over an hour, I wanted hot soup in a bread bowl. They "ran out" of bread bowls. You are Panera BREAD. How do you run out of a staple item?

Review №47

The blonde chubby female with blue eyes behind the counter taking my order is aggravating. I was taking my order and asking a couple of questions that that includes "what's in the sandwich" she rolls her eyes (tries not to make it noticable when i look away but quickly caught her) then i asked her to remove pickled onioms and mayo. She does so.. then i ask her to add (i stop talkingi because i seen her sigh) i was going to ask for a drink as im looking at the menu. . I look up then back down seeing her looking at another employee with a grin on her face like im annoying her... I just said you know what just give me what i ordered with no drink and thats it.. ... She's acting childish and immature. .. it's her job to assist a customer but she's acting self entitled and rude. It's your job to serve a customer. .. . Senseless kids honestly

Review №48

Omg great food

Review №49

Mixed up my order and they weren't that busy

Review №50

Food was great, but an employee, behind the counter preparing food, was openly talking and she clearly was chewing some food in her mouth, WHILE TALKING OVER THE PREP. Not impressed!

Review №51

GreAt food! Excellent customer service as well!

Review №52

Good food but a bit pricey.

Review №53

Good soups & bread

Review №54

Always great fresh food.

Review №55

Fast service and clean as well.

Review №56

Very good service and great food

Review №57

Great for quick meal at a travel stop.

Review №58

Nice tasting sandwich and fast service!

Review №59

Clean enough, but hot and stuffy. Staff need a fan blowing on them.

Review №60

Don't understand the popularity of Panera? Haven't had anything worth spreading the word about?

Review №61

Great New soup 10 vegetable

Review №62

I ordered a bacon egg and cheese on Brioche and on the menu it said with the eggs cooked over easy. Ok, I like the yellow runny and the white done so I requested that it be over medium and was told in no uncertain terms that this would not happen, when I inquired as to why, she stated " I don't know why but we're not allowed". So again , I inquired if this was the case even if it meant losing a customer over 30 seconds more on the grill, And she said yes!!!I asked for a corporate number and was again told that it wasn't allowed per the G.M. of this location. That it would print on my receipt. Well at this point, and from this point moving forward, I will not purchase anything from Panera again. Never have I been treated so rudely. I frequent Panera a lot, and I have heard quite a bit of negative things but have been ok with them until now. I will not be returning to any Panera location again.They say that word of mouth gains the most customers...not in this case.

Review №63

Chocolate chip cookies are excellent

Review №64

Food was not up to Panera's standard. They couldn't get our gift card to run and never offered to get a manager to help.

Review №65

Website says it opens at 6:30am, but here it is 6:50am & the gates are still closed.

Review №66

I am long-haul truck driver. I stopped here at the Travel Plaza after a long and tiring 570 mile drive from Connecticut. My wife suggested that I treat myself to a good meal especially since it was my birthday. I was pleased to see a Panera's in the plaza. I approached the lady behind the cash registered and asked her "what time do you close?" She replied In the most cold and unwelcoming manner "we close at 9 o'clock and you have 5 minutes." I was so taken back by her rude manner that I just walked away laughing. I guess I was wrong in thinking that this was a service plaza and the objective was to serve customers and not run them off. I just went back to my truck and heated up a can of Campbell's Bean and Ham Soup. The soup was simply delicious. Campbell's soup has never disappointed me. I want be spending my money at Panera's again.

Review №67

This Panera was on the Toll roadIt was very highly priced

Review №68

Nice to have them on the turnpike!!

Review №69

Found my younger brother who we left behind here 20 years ago on a family trip. He is now the manager at Panera. He did not change my order when I realized that the soup salad combo was overpriced. This is why we left him here in the first place. He is lazy and a dork.

Review №70

Alexander. The location you were looking for is actually an Ohio Turnpike service plaza. The google pin while slightly off was close to the access road which I will admit is not very well marked, and the south plaza access road to totally unmarked.My guess is the sigh was directing to the location off RT. 2 and Oak Point Road

Review №71

Decent food.

Review №72

Check your order before you go! They are not able to read if you add smth or took smth out from your order!

Review №73

Good food and a clean restaurant/ facilities but the turn-pike prices do hurt. But I was more upset with the free Wi-Fi they advertise everywhere, it turned out to be too slow for me to even check my email and or Facebook :-(

Review №74

I eat at Panera breads all over the country and this one is the worst. The salads they make are half the size of any other Panera i have been to, this is my second visit and i am very disappointed.

Review №75

Small portions, large price

Review №76

Great staff.

Review №77

Good tast but o fell some durti in my tongh sensore

Review №78

Small sandwiches and overpriced

Review №79

No noodles in chicken noodle soup ,only dirty water, last time here!!!!!!!!!!

Review №80

Good and clean!

Review №81

Awesome dining

Review №82

Chicken was undercooked! When that was brought to the attention of the workers they laughed and talked about me amongst themselves!!!!! They did not want to resolve the situation.

Review №83

Good place to eat

Review №84

Great food at this one... just harder for us locals to get there

Review №85

It's a Panera... You order, they make it, you eat it. No different at any other one.

Review №86

Great staff

Review №87

Free coffee refills

Review №88

Really bad customer service, took forever to change the order from oatmeal to a sandwich, on top a rep Maggie had a really bad attitude. Overall a really bad experience. Save yourself the hassle and don't go here, I will not be!

Review №89

Good food

Review №90

Rude staff.

Review №91

Overpriced. Low value.

Review №92

Out of some things

Review №93

Good food

Review №94

Prices are high for the amount u get

Review №95

It's ok

Review №96

Very rude service

Review №97

Highway food at its worse.

Review №98

Staff is pleasant, hence the 3 stars, not 2 or 1. Food was normal, but the black tea was very old. Any tea person knows that old taste.. and that very old taste. I know after a week in my fridge it's not that far gone.

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