Shogun Palace
5498 California Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93309, United States
Review №1

Very good food, hibachi show was cool, service was outstanding

Review №2

Our sever provided excellent service, the food was fresh and hot during these Covid19 2....Having lunch with one of my daughters, Summer also made it a fun experience, with leftovers to send home to our men.

Review №3

Our family had dinner at Shogun there it was a great experience for our whole family we really enjoyed everything what they cooked for us very well seasoned great flavors all of their soups had impeccable taste and Flavor we will be going back there many times

Review №4

Very good California roles. Shrimp tempura excellent.

Review №5

Everything was food except the chicken teriyaki. Very chewy and under cooked.

Review №6

Pleasantly surprised! Perhaps not the most expensive Asian non-buffet restaurant in town. Quite noisy though, very vibrant. Lots of rock n roll. Not a quite place for dinner. Good place to have a good time though.

Review №7

Didn't look busy, still couldn't get in. Usually it's been great.

Review №8

If I could give it no stars at all I would.The service is horrible! We made a reservation at 7:30 and got here around 7:10. We were waiting on two more people, so they said we could wait for them meanwhile. Well they came five after and the waiter decides to make us wait because our reservation passed by. They could have easily sat us down with two spots open. Not coming here again!! (:

Review №9

Excellent service, delicious food and great entertainment. Our party was joined by 4 others and they were a perfect match. The chef was entertaining and engaging.

Review №10

Amazing chef, had a great show, delicious food, fun atmosphere, was a great meal, definitely recommend trying this place out

Review №11

Went there for my birthday tonight and our chef was Brandon! He was amazing and deserves a raise. First time here and we will always request him.Made my birthday special! Thank you Brandon aka Chicho!

Review №12

Reasonable prices, made my off menu item without blinking an eye, great customer service. Decor could be upgraded.

Review №13

Negative- The matradee seemed to care less about my party of 5 than other tasks. Kinda ticked me off to wait to be seated when the restaurant was almost empty (we got there at opening) while she tended other things when we had a reservation. Next, the floor was slippery...why was it slippery you ask? It was covered in oil! Later I noticed that the windows were covered in oil as well. The cooking are was super dirty too. And the chairs.The canopy fan and light the broken. The smoke went directly into my face.The tea was bag not macha and was not hot...The tempura was bland and undercooked. I could taste the batter still. And it was not warm.The rice was hard, like it was cooked yesterday.The vegetables were bland. I never saw my wife put salt on anything ever. She salted the vegetables because they were so bland.Positive- good portions, kids meals were same quantity. The show was okNote - ambiance is that of a bar. Not Japanese decor nor a family feel.

Review №14

Had a great time!! We went to celebrate our 24th anniversary so having dinner and a show was awesome. Servers were great and our cook was fun. Including everyone when possible. Hopefully we can bring our kids so everyone can have a great experience. And the sake...delish!!

Review №15

Terrible service. Made reservations at noon for 8 on valentines evening for 9pm, Our group completely showed up waiting to be seated. Our wait turned to a long long long while. Seeing groups showing up after us being seated was disheartening! Not only trying to speak to the lady working the front (was I believe to be intoxicated) rudely said we could leave if we do t want to continue to wait.All this sucks, due to the fact we really liked to go here and enjoy our time there.Sad to say I won't be back.

Review №16

I meet friends in this restaurant from time to time! This is my favorite restaurant to eat. I visit this spot regularly. The food is of high quality, the workers are polite and the price is fair. I enjoy meeting in this spot over a rich supper.

Review №17

It was my first time going to Shogun's was actually pretty excited, the show was amazing the food was a bit mediocre to be honest not something that's worth paying for those high prices. So I pretty much paid to be entertained than the food.

Review №18

Great food and the chefs are lots of fun.

Review №19

I only ordered sushi. Between gas station and grocery store flavor. Too many sauces that have no taste. All the yellowtail fell out of my hand roll as soon as picked it up. The rolls looked pretty but thats it. The service was great

Review №20

The Owner and staff run an efficient and fun experience. The food is always good and makes great left overs.

Review №21

Japanese food, quality stuff. Food with real quality ingredients. The staff was helpful and kind. The place has an awesome feel to it.

Review №22

Great prices, good food

Review №23

Luv the fact that I can get the teriyaki chicken, rice and salad for $6. The best place to eat. Always clean and friendly servers whether you have tepenyaki, eat at a regular table or take to go always fresh and hot.

Review №24

Japanese food, mmm, yummy. Very appetizing. I've had nothing but enjoyable experiences here and plan to keep visiting. This place has a cool design.

Review №25

Loved the rice, sushi, the lunch combination and price was nice. Most important clean restrooms!

Review №26

Made reservations 15 to 20, they said they only had enough for 13, and needed everyone there at a certain time, and if we didnt have everyone there they had a party of 20 waiting after??? I took my party of 20 and left to Rancho Grande and they showed it s more hospitality that Shoguns!

Review №27

Good Staff - Good Food - Staff and attitudes made it for us tonight. Well done Facility is only reason not 5 Stars .

Review №28

Loved out waiter, and our cook. And the food was great, thank you for and awesome experience.

Review №29

The teppanyaki chef wasn't very show like and didnt make the experience fun. However the food is an A+

Review №30

TOO MANY RULES JUST TO HAVE DINNER!! Plus when we walked in we didnt feel welcomed and when we were finally seated we felt rushed to order cuz we had to be out of there by a certain time. After we ordered our drinks we left and went somewhere else.

Review №31

Eloy was the BEST chef we've had there. My sides hurt from laughing so hard!

Review №32

First time with the family for lunch and we had a great time. Food was excellent great bar and service. Shout out to our chef Chingon Lee

Review №33

I realy liked the shrimp tempura roll.

Review №34

Excellent customer experience, wonderful dish creations and the ice cream served at the end was a delightful bonus :)

Review №35

Great food prepared at your table. Very entertaining as well

Review №36

A fav location for quality Japanese food. visited on fri i believe. definitely worth a return trip. this place has an awesome atmosphere.

Review №37


Review №38

The food was amazing the white guy cook was a fantastic cook

Review №39

Very good food and wonderful people and place to eat

Review №40

Amazing staff and experience!! Well worth it

Review №41

I liked the food...but the actual dinner took too long. I was tired and full before I even got my main course. I was just ready to go home. Staff was super friendly.

Review №42

Good service

Review №43

Love the experience. The Chefs are very interactive and fun.

Review №44

Awesome food great experience the chef was awesome great show

Review №45

The show is fantastic, took my 14 year old for her birthday! She had a blast! The food is descent, the music is very loud, my only complaint was the service, took awhile for drinks and apps, and our waitress didn't return to our table after she brought out our side dishes, but it is a fun interactive experience for all ages.

Review №46

Good but plain needs more flavor I had the hibachi shrimp and hibachi chicken...

Review №47

The food was amazing, as was most of the service. Unfortunately my husband didn't receive his appetizer until roughly 15 minutes before we left. Also took an hour for us to be seated (group of 13 with a reservation set for 6:00, weren't seated till about 7:15). Despite those issues it was an awesome experience. Entertaining and friendly. I just wouldn't visit with the expectation of it being a quick meal.***Their sushi is amazing and served much more quickly than entree's***

Review №48

Awesome! Good food and fun with friends. Hibachi chef was so fun

Review №49

Always great food! Eloy is there best Teppanyaki chef.

Review №50

Great service our cook master was great the food fresh and delicious.

Review №51

A nice and trendy establishment. Customer service at the point of greeting was less than average. It was a Sunday evening and not terribly busy. The front person must have a smile or everything can be thrown off. Meal service was good. I ordered the filet mignon; not very tender. I expected a little better. I would pay more money for a higher quality meat. A bit disappointing but I will return in Hope's the restaurant can redeem itself.

Review №52

I love the atmosphere!The food is so good!

Review №53

Such an amazing opportunity for me. If you haven't been I strongly advise you to!

Review №54

My first time going to Shogun and it was a great experience. I have celiac disease and I was worried about about if I could eat anything. They were so kind and patient with me. I brought three gluten free soy sauce packets and the waitress asked if the cook could add it to my food. They cooked my food in the back so it wouldn't be contaminated. The food was great! I didn't feel left out or like a bother to them. I'm putting them on my list of restaurants to go to. If you have celiac or know someone that does check out Shogun. Make sure you bring gluten free soy sauce. Lol!!!

Review №55

Plenty of food, very entertaining, enjoyable.

Review №56

It's a great atmosphere and very friendly people there. All the food is cooked in front of you and it's a very interactive when the food is cooked. I highly recommend it for everyone. The only complaint that I have about it is that it gets very warm in there. Lol

Review №57

Awesome fun time number one!

Review №58

Good food, good drinks.

Review №59

Special treat great place to go with friends

Review №60

Wonderful people and food

Review №61

Shogun used to be my favorite place to go. It seems like the quality and service has gone down hill the last year or so.

Review №62

They have really great food here. The chefs are super fun and welcoming! Support your local businesses and leave a review for your favorite restaurants!

Review №63

Good but way over priced

Review №64

Good but pricey

Review №65

They use way too much garlic butter and onions the hostess was rude the floors were slippery their exhaust fans were not working correctlyAkiras is way better

Review №66

Great food and great service

Review №67

Great food. Soup and salad are amazing. Good cooks. Good place to go for family fun. Been coming here for years and will keep coming back.

Review №68

Awsome time good food good show

Review №69

We had a great time and the food was amazing. Very entertaining and delicious

Review №70

Love going there but this last time wasn't very fun for our group. The cook wasn't very entertaining for the kids and I think he was new because he messed up a lot

Review №71

A dinner and a show - lots of tasty food but it's not cheap. We had a very enjoyable evening and went home quite full.

Review №72

Definitely not the place to go on a Sunday took almost an hour to get served the entrees just the bland soup and over dressed salad and they didn't have enough cooks that day ended up leaving they dropped the ball especially for the price not the place to go if you want good service

Review №73

Awesome place!!!They actual stay open after hours to accommodate our last mintue birthday party of 8. Good food!! Good times!!! One of the only places I have been in town that understands the meaning of great customer service.

Review №74

Banzai!!! Excellent food. Great TeppanYaki chefs. We always meet new, fun and interesting people when we go to Shogun.

Review №75

One of my favorite places to eat in Bakersfield

Review №76

Food is expensive, but for good reason. Great service, talented chefs and staff.Sake Sake Bomb Bomb!

Review №77

Amazing food

Review №78

Great food and amazing service

Review №79

Went for my son's 19th birthday, entertaining and delicious. Definitely recommend trying this place out.

Review №80

Wow. Where to start? If you have never had Teppanyaki, this is not the place to determine whether you like it. This was not Teppan. There was nothing authentically Japanese about this place at all. Food was edible, but the whole experience was just, well, more like a circus. Dare I say Shogun is to Japanese as Chuck E. Cheese is to Italian. (But the staff was very nice and everyone seemed to be having a great time. )

Review №81

Love this place!!! We especially appreciated Irene, who was super sweet and attentive. What a wonderful experience!!!

Review №82

Only because the hostess was absolutely rude as she sat our party of 18. Usually you receive a friendly greeting at the door and this was completely opposite. Not only did she rudely tell us where each and every one of us were sitting, she was extremely unprofessional. She was at the front door, dark hair pulled up in a bun. Needless to say, we will not be returning and keeping our business at Kan Pai.

Review №83

Really cool tricks that the chefs do. First he set fire to the whole grill, much more intense than I thought. He threw some rice from the grill so i could catch it in my mouth, haven't been anywhere like it. It was a great experience.

Review №84

The food was excellent and so was the service. It's dinner and the chef is also your entertainment. He does little tricks and flips the utinsils and makes a volcso. You pretty standard Japanese style restruant that Cooks in front of you. It's a good place to take a group.

Review №85

Great good and fun! My kids who are 6 and 10 loved it!

Review №86

Very Good Food

Review №87

Amazing food, music on Saturday plus nice staff

Review №88

Literally had me waiting at the table with 6 people for almost two hours!!!! Horrible service!!! U better make sure that you have connections with the people that work here if you want anything at all... no concern for paying customers. Better off going somewhere else.

Review №89

Ask for chef Alex, the best show in town!

Review №90

The food was soggy, fell apart when I tried to pick it up and all I could taste was crab meat.

Review №91

Waited over 1 1/2 hrs with a reservation. Food was good nothing out of the extraordinary

Review №92

Great food and a great show.

Review №93

Love it here. The people who work here are cery nice and the food is amazing. Never a long wait.

Review №94

This place never disappoints. Food was great as was our chef. Serious problems with bathroom. Not sure why they are ignoring the sewer smell.

Review №95

Love the food show and the food was delicious.

Review №96

For the sushi: I usually like the rolls here. The spider roll is bomb but with my group, the dragon and volcano rolls were just not great. They were unbalanced. The calamari in the calamari roll was good but I felt like everything was an over-the-top California rollI still need to try the teppanyaki here but the whole restaurant was packed for it!

Review №97

Great Atmosphere Good Food Fun Family Time

Review №98

Awesome service delicious food

Review №99

First time here and we loved it! The staff was super friendly and attentive. Food was delicious and fresh. Definitely coming back!

Review №100

Bartender and chef was good but cooked food just lacks taste. Sushi was good

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  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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