1405 Capitol Avenue, N.E, Battle Creek, MI 49017, United States
Review №1

I have ordered twice within the last week from this KFC and both times there has been error to my order. The first time I had fries missing and this time I got fries when I specifically asked for mashed potatoes. I didn't even get honey for my biscuits like come on!! I love the food but the staff need to pay closer attention to people orders.

Review №2

Good Charcoal

Review №3

Very good. Just opened after having to rebuild after a fire. Staff was still in the learning process but was getting people through pretty quickly and getting orders correct.

Review №4

Glad KFC back in pennfield. Long line out to road ( good for business) Everyone patient including the employees who seemed a little overwhelmed. Happy but really missed not having any baked beans. Hopefully they will be back on menu soon.

Review №5

If i could give it a no star rating i would pulled me to side and made me wait 35 mins for 2 3 pc meals

Review №6

Soo.. had a craven for a famous bowl, we ordered one famous bowl, 2 orders of biscuits, one small side of Mac n chz, small mash without gravy and a side of gravy through door dash. Opened our order and there was NO Mac n chz, small mash had gravy on it AND shorted us a biscuit!.. tried to call, and go figure.. phone numbers disconnected!!!... hell of a way to waste almost $30... never again KFC, should never have rebuilt that hole in the wall!!!!

Review №7

Awesome workers, freshest food from any KFC on Battle Creek! Keep up the good work!

Review №8

Friendly staff learning the ropes after the fire.

Review №9

Speaker dont work and crew not smart enough to put signs up. Bunch of cars in line and staff just opens back door ,to look at everyone in line

Review №10

New building is nice and staff is awesome

Review №11

Absolutely awful paid 65.00 got home and everything was wrong

Review №12

Love the chicken Popeyes

Review №13

When I went through the drive through one of the employees told another employee “make sure they didn't steal that card from their parents” that was highly rude and disrespectful and should never be said.

Review №14

Waited 30 minutes.... for Mac and cheese and fried chicken. That's crazy. I've never waited NEAR this long for fast food. Good came out it was average, but nowhere worth the money and the wait.

Review №15

The place was filthy, there was no fountain pop, we were given cans of pop, the trash bins were full to the top. I've seen better

Review №16

I went there the other night to get dinner for my family, I waited at the speaker for 5 minutes before I was acknowledged, then the guy taking the order wasn't even paying attention to me. I gave them the benefit of the doubt since it's busy. Fast forward to today. The store opens at 11 and it wasn't open, the speaker went through its prop, I tried to order and no one answered. This store needs some serious reevaluation.

Review №17

Bought a bucket of chicken to take home. People were friendly and service was good but the chicken was soggy and kind of greasy. It stayed in the refrigerator for a few days and we threw it away.

Review №18

Reasonable price but bang for buck food quality. More than decent food and service

Review №19

Good food

Review №20

Fun story about this place. We go in for the 20 dollar fill up. Comes with 8 pieces of chicken 2 mashed potatoes with gravy and 4 biscuits. So an ok value of food... until you ask for it and they say they are out of biscuits...Ok, so we ask to switch out the missing biscuits for literally ANY different side since they are out of biscuits like reasonable customers you would think right, but nope the other sides are just too expensive according to them so if we order it we will just have to go without biscuits... we think "that's not right?" And ask for a manager and find out no that's exactly right. They won't replace the biscuits with literally any other side or offer a discount on a meal that comes with 2 of its 3 sides and costs 20 bucks. I mean really...Absolutely crummy management would not recommend.

Review №21

Very poor customer service pulled up to the speaker and was told go ahead not greeted with friendly customer service, didn't ask us what we wanted as our sides and just chose them for us himself overall poor customer service and bad attitude towards their customers had us pull up and wait more than 15 minutes for our food while 2 cars behind us ordered got their food and left! We will not be coming here again!!

Review №22

Ordered big box substitute wedges for coleslaw didn't get wedges. Also ordered 1 mac cheese bowl and 1 famous bowl got 2 mac chesse bowls.Had to ask for third drink cashier only handed us 2 cups .Will not use this k f c again.

Review №23

The food was hot and fresh. And they were very. Friendly.

Review №24

I always loved the original flavor of KFC.

Review №25

Loved it! Having lunch there hits the spot every time.

Review №26

Nashville Hot tenders were amazing!

Review №27

Food is great .the staff is not. They can be rude or the place never seem to have enough chicken cooked

Review №28

It was fine. Food was decent but the wait was as long as a sit-down restaurant. Not a huge deal since the food was hot and fresh but tough for my impatient children. I think they were struggling re: staff. Dunno if they were short just for the night or always. The man that helped us was nice but it seemed to be just him.

Review №29

Chicken was soggy only got half of our sides ,ordered some honey barbecue wings and only had like one and a half out of the ten wings with sauce on them. So not recommending this KFC to anyone

Review №30

Gone there twice in the last 3 weeks for a potpie. Each time it was about 4:30 pm. Was told both times that they were out of potpies. In the big scheme of things, not a big deal as you can go somewhere else. Just wondering if the management is paying attention to walk outs because of lack of product.

Review №31

Waited 35 mins. to get 2 $5 fill ups. Got burnt potato wedges and no ketchup in the store. Service was so bad and the staff weren't even apologetic about the long wait and no condiments. Finger lickin good just got the middle finger from me.

Review №32

Went through the drive thru on a Tuesday around 6pm and ordered a meal. Asked to make sure honey got put in the bag for the biscuit because very often it does not. And once again it did not. Also had to turn around after taking a drink of my Pepsi because it was out. How can you not tell that it's coming out clear and Pepsi is supposed to be a dark color. But instead of fixing it they gave it to me that way so I had to go back in and they gave me a new cup I started to fill it and same thing so I had to wait even longer for them to go change it.

Review №33

Long wait time. Inside was filthy and not from just being busy, but dirt build up. Waited about 25 minutes for a 5$fill up box to get nasty old chicken.

Review №34

Chicken was good but last 2 times had to go through drive in , lobby was closed not enough help.

Review №35

Not happy that you have to pay $2.59 for Cole slaw when it used to be a dollar. Chicken breast and mashed potatoes seemed to be smaller. I'll have to think twice about eating there again. The service was fast and had courteous employees.

Review №36

Just wish the service was better. Had a girl tell me "my bad." Not too professional

Review №37

Gone down hill.... Chicken dry, asked for mixed got only original. Had to repeat order because cashier wasnt paying attention. Not impressed with chicken at all. Please Improve!

Review №38

How exactly does a kfc run out of chicken? This place is a dump with obvious poor management. Dont bother stopping here, there are many better options in this area.

Review №39

Your traditional KFC. Food was good. Both of my sides were piping hot. No real complaints here. The tenders $5 meal deal were kind of small, however, they made it right (without having to ask) by tossing in another tender.

Review №40

Dined in. Took FOREVER to get food. Had two very small pieces of chicken. When we left, noticed a pile of food on the ground under the drive thru window. Assumed they got the same type of service.

Review №41

Food was dried out from being under the heat lamps. I'd avoid this place.

Review №42

Stale bread, chicken tastes nasty. Last time I was there the chickens breading was so greasy it all was falling off .... Will never eat here again .

Review №43

The staff is normally very nice and productive. I went there last night and only two of them were smokers they washed their hands before returning to work though. The food is normally good and can come out fast but sometimes if you order more than a $5 fill-up box you can be there around ten minutes. The place is normally empty but sometimes has a lot of people in it but its a clean place that gets food out fast so some mistakes might be made.

Review №44

Long wait for 8 PC chik. Out of regular chicken. Had to settle for extra crispy. Cluck!

Review №45

We are writing this review to tell you about a very honest employee who works at this KFC...not about the food but about a person who chose to make a decision that shows his integrity. We ordered 2 meals through the drive thru and then we went to pay for our meals...Joe counted the money we gave him and then turned to my husband and said " gave me $5.00 too much." We would have not known that we gave him too much money because we were tired from moving but his action speaks volumes of his character. Honesty a lost art to so many in today's world is something he can say that he owns....thanks again Joe!

Review №46

Very clean, nice employees has the $5.00 box the chicken little it was just enough to eat. The music from the radio was just right contemporary a great place to set with friends and conversate.

Review №47

This is great for a fast dinner,

Review №48

The employees were very nice. Food was good.

Review №49

Good prices not my favorite

Review №50

It depends on the day, sometimes it's a good crew everyone has food gloves on and are friendly, but once in awhile the crew isn't the same and not wearing food prep gloves. On the good days I will give it a 4.5 and on the other days 2.75. Stars

Review №51

The macaroni and cheese was old. Not good

Review №52

Used to be KFC was THE place to go when you wanted a fried chicken dinner....nowadays it's WAY overpriced for what you're paying for. Chicken is usually dry and overcooked and way too much salt or MSG is used in breading. Mac and cheese is extremely starchy. Potato Salad and Cole Slaw sure isn't being made fresh there at the restaurant. I visited about 2:00 in afternoon. No other customers were there at the time inside or in the drive-thru. Areas around trash bins were covered in filth, floors needed sweeping and tables and chairs needed to be wiped down, but everyone seemed to be standing around with their arms crossed and talking among themselves. Mgr. was on I-Phone entire time. Do your self a favor--go to Popeyes if you want fried chicken...may take longer to get your order, especially at lunch time, but has a overall better taste of food. BTW, this KFC was the one on Capital. N.E. in Pennfield.

Review №53

Amazing food, quick and friendly staff! Couldnt ask for more expect maybe not charging for extra sauces.

Review №54

Great staff and fast service. KFC will always be a comfort food favorite.

Review №55

Great staff but thechicken is usually greasy.

Review №56

This was in feb. Came back from grand rapids in the ice storm didnt want to cook went to kfc everyone was so nice food was good and hot gave us something on the house while we waited it was around 9:30pm

Review №57

Did not get order right. Service not good

Review №58

I was in on 11/14/16 out on a lunch run for two coworkers and myself. They both were ordering the famous bowl, I had never tried one so I decided to try. Was it delicious! The service was fast and friendly also. I'll be back for another.

Review №59

I mainly go there for the popcorn chicken, from the drive thru. Their coleslaw is pretty good as well. The inside is pretty run down. It might mostly be simply because it's outdated. All in all, it's good for a quick bite.

Review №60

I love the famous bowl!!!

Review №61

Horrible experience with the Pennfield location, first of all they are extremely slow, drive thru is a joke, always a long wait even when there are no cars in line, they are rude and cut you off in the middle of your order not letting you speak what you want to order.I ordered a 4 pc meal original with all legs with a side of mac n cheese and mashed potatoes gravy, the lady at the drive thru someone could not conceptualize or comprehend and I had to repeat my order 3 times.I finally get to the window and there is some conversation going on and 2 minutes later the lady opens the window and asks if I ordered a 20 pc bucket or something, I told her no that I ordered the 4 pc meal original mac cheese mash potatoes gravy all legs, she finally gives me my order.I get home a bit into the chicken and it was dry and stale, I opened up the container of mashed potatoes, they were also dry and had no gravy, and the biscuit was hard as a rock, not worth the 13.84 that they charge. Seems like a bunch of kids who work there that do not take pride in their job. Bad service, slow, bad attitudes, stale food, getting orders wrong and high prices do not cut for this place.I don't plan on going back, most of my experiences with this location is bad. I hope someone from management sees this post so they can see what kind of employees that really have working there, and how slow, rude, with food being stale. I would rate this location a (-5)negative five if I could.

Review №62

Just left the Pennfield KFC and am not impressed at all. I went through the drive-thru and could hear the conversation between the worker and both the cars ahead of me. The worker cut the people off while ordering and stated that they did not have enough chicken for them to order extra crispy. The first car said ok I'll take the original then. The second car was a lady who was trying to order an 8-piece and the guy again cut her off and said sorry but we've been having trouble with keeping up on the chicken, we got slammed and it will be an 11 minute wait. No cars were in the parking lot at this time (6:55 p.m). The lady ordering then said I think we are just going to go somewhere else because of our limited time to wait, so sorry. Then the guy in the speaker said, okay sorry about that. So before I got up to the ordering window I knew that I already was going to have trouble getting chicken from this Kentucky Fried Chicken store. After waiting in front of the speaker for quite some time as did both the cars ahead of me the guy spoke and said sorry about the wait. I wanted to get the $20 fill up so I proceeded to order and the guy said hey I'm going to have to cut you off right there, it will be a full 17 minute wait for the chicken because we're thawing it right now. What happened to management? Shouldn't the chicken be thawed before the people come to order? Or when you realize you are getting low on thawed chicken?Although I had Kentucky Fried Chicken on my mind as it sounded like the perfect easy thing for my son and I to eat for dinner tonight, I simply said that's okay I'll try back tomorrow. So looks like I'll be cooking tonight and we'll give them a shot tomorrow night to see if this ridiculousness continues on a daily basis. I'm not normally a complainer or someone who writes many reviews but I think the owner of this franchise needs to know what's going on in their place of business and that a manager needs to straighten this out before they lose even more customers. Hopefully my review tomorrow will not be anything like this one! I'm giving this location one more try before I NEVER go there again.

Review №63

The food and service was good. A little wait but it was super bowl Sunday.

Review №64

What you would expect from KFC. Good here though.

Review №65

The chicken is 2 greasy, the sides r good. Glad I had a coupon

Review №66

Good food. Good service

Review №67

Was bad food..... Just don't like listen to rap music in a restaurant

Review №68

Bathroom stinks unclean foods cold slow

Review №69

Food was good. Visit this place often. Bathroom needs child changing station. Difficult for grandparents to change child on the floor. Toilet paper dispenser needs to be installed above hand rails. Way too low.

Review №70

Food good services slow

Review №71

Good lunch deal. $5 includes drink and a cookie! Chicken was hot, juicy and tender. Biscuit was fresh and the fries were crispy.

Review №72

They close an hour early everyday got rushed cause they wanted to close at 9 instead of 10!

Review №73

Better than Chicken Coop. Any day.

Review №74

Excellent food. Great prices. Polite and courteous wait staff

Review №75

Chicken is never cook good enough it always gooy

Review №76

The service is not great. They have a fast turnover of employees. The prices are high for the quality and quantity of food you get. The place seems disorganized and gets my orders wrong alot of times. Would not recommend this to you.

Review №77

Speedy friendly service.

Review №78

Good eats

Review №79

Visited KFC on afternoon of 10/17/14 Store was not very busy. Clerk seemed very hurried. Mixed up my order, and forgot to give me a cup for a drink on one of my orders. Was really more interested in how her cap fit than waiting on customers. The food that we received on our take-out order was delicious!! Customer service just needs to be worked on.

Review №80

Their new chicken wings are bad. They barely have any meat on them. I even question if they are actually wings.

Review №81

I love chicken and I love their five dollar fill ups, lots of different boxes to choose from. The staff is kind and very clean..

Review №82

Foods always fresh and fast and if a item isnt available will upgrade you

Review №83

I don't like chicken with bones, I just spent 49$ the other night ordered food for 8, every meal was right except mine

Review №84

This is an update to my previous rating. Won't spend another penny at this location, place is trashed, food was like it was stale and the service matched. Sad thing was, they weren't even busy. I highly recommend not going to this location!!

Review №85

The restaurant isn't anything near like it used to be. Kind of dirty inside and bathroom smelled like urine last time we were there. Staff are sometimes unpleasant. The food is as it should be, although overpriced.

Review №86

Great foos

Review №87

Conveniently located, a quick option to get a "home cooked meal", reasonably priced, a GUARANTEED great meal and you didnt Have to cook tonight...FABULOUS!

Review №88

Good to know they close 10 min prior to there closing time.

Review №89

They were supposed to be open until 9:00, went in to get a bucket of original at 7:15 and the fry machine was already shut down. Employees said they were closing at 8:00. I wonder if the owner knows they close and turn away customers so early.

Review №90

Had the extra crispy chicken tenders.They weren't even crispy,like they comeout of a box. Not crispy like Popeyes.Their the best, Popeyes.

Review №91

The services is quick and the food is always hot

Review №92

Small peices for the price

Review №93

Their tenders always have water in them? Yuck, other than that it's KFC so it's aight

Review №94

Wasnt impress with the chicken this time smaller pieces for more the cost

Review №95

Good Place To Eat! Good Selections! Nice Employees!

Review №96

Good food but needs some updates and better mgmt

Review №97

Good food. Need better staff.

Review №98

Didn't put butter and honey in my bag even thought I asked twice.

Review №99

It. wasn't the greatest. I've ate better.

Review №100

Absolutely disappointed with my visit. Was charged for more than I ordered and the sizes of my meals were proportionately incorrect. Staff were rude and short in answers. Not a good experience.

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  • Address:1405 Capitol Avenue, N.E, Battle Creek, MI 49017, United States
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  • Phone:+1 269-962-9017
  • Chicken restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:10:30AM–9PM
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  • Thursday:10:30AM–9PM
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  • Sunday:10:30AM–9PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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