Wayback Burgers
75 Middlesex Turnpike #2107, Burlington, MA 01803, United States

Review №1

Worst burger I ever had.. I ordered one Buffalo chicken, one bouble bacon and tender chicken... let me tell you about all of them.. tender chicken was not tender at all,oil was spilling out of it.double bacon was burnt completely and then buffalo chicken has more buffalo sauce than the chicken..oil was spilling out of both the burgers like juice... also the tender chicken had no juice in it..feels as if it was stale...I would recommend them to please upgrade their standard

Review №2

Got a chicken burger here and found it to be on same level as MacDonalds if not worse. The fries were good though. Staff were pleasant and it was ready quick

Review №3

Very clean and welcoming place. They provide big meals and for affordable rates. I loved the meals very much and the staff members were super friendly and explanatory. Highly recommended.

Review №4

Veggie burger I ordered was wicked gross and slimy. Place looked disgustingly dirty, and person at the counter was rude. I legit watched them break frozen patties apart that were on a shelf almost on the floor next to spilled French fries and dirt. Really gross.

Review №5

First-rate vibes and very amiable service. The meals were fresh and yummy. Will absolutely recommend this place to others. Affordable prices and generous portions. Great job.

Review №6

Ordered delivery through GrubhubI got the triple burger, chicken ceaser salad and fries.I was very happy for the fast delivery and satisfied with what I ordered.Wasn't impressed but not disappointed; they just forgot the tomatoes and honey mustard for the burger. And I find it funny I got 4 forks and 2 knives with my order... that was a bit excessive (remember to recycle!)

Review №7

My wife and I both got classic double burgers with onion rings and fries as sides, very good greasy food court burgers,I'd give it 5 stars but I'm giving it 4 do to it being a tad pricey

Review №8

As the only burger spot in the food court they have a captive audience. Don't waste your time. Food is very average, burger tasted cheap and undercooked. I have no idea what type of chilli was on the chilli cheese fries but there was zero meat in it. Very poor. On top of all that service was terrible. Avoid

Review №9

Burgers made from ground beef, not frozen patties. Made to order. Fries crisp on the outside and tastes like actual potato inside. Romaine in the Caesar salad was fresh and crunchy. Will eat here again!

Review №10

It's a great place to stop in between shopping runs.

Review №11

Poor service. Kid looked right at me without saying a word then decided he'd rather clean the grill. I walked away.

Review №12

It's very similar to Johnny Rockets, just quicker service and a little cheaper. Be careful with what you order, keep it basic.

Review №13

Crazy overpriced charge Waymore than any other location don't offer the same promos horrible service quality is horrible

Review №14

The food was fine but the employees serving me were a hot mess. They gave me someone else's order, (someone who ordered after me, by the way) and then when I asked for mine when I brought it back, they didn't even know what I had ordered. The guy in charge (I don't know if he was a manager or what) offered to make it up to me by putting whatever I want on the burger, but I literally just wanted my order so I told him the same thing again. The other guy seemed to remember my order that point but, while waiting for about 10 minutes as the only person there, I also got to listen to the guy in charge scolding the other employee about stuff that didn't even seem to be his fault and complaining about how dirty the grill top is right in front of me. Lovely. Somehow, I didn't get food poisoning and the burger was actually pretty good but I can't recommend this place based on my experience. Judging from the other reviews, I'm not the only one who had a rough time with the employees.

Review №15

Ordered a horseradish butter burger with no tomato. Simple right? It came with tomato on it which is just aggravating and shows they really don't care about service. There was but a mere speck of horseradish on the burger and the cheese wasn't melted.... Won't go back because of poor service but my rodeo burger was good. I see all these ‘responses from the owner' but if your score on google is 2.1 and nearly everyone is giving you a bad review then you really have to get your act together.

Review №16

Disgrace of a burger place. Ordered delivery, with a fries and onion ring mix. It came with 3 onion rings. Wrong toping on hotdog. No sauces. Chilli cheese fries came with not much chili and no cheese

Review №17

Okay so the gentleman infront of me waited at least 20 minuets for onion rings and a shake. For some reason they served everyone else first before him. I ordered a burger and a grilled cheese for my friend and I and they still were served after me!! I hadn't even ordered yet, and they were waiting even before that. How hard is it to make onion rings and a shake? The employees were quick rude and were lazy. I explicitly asked for onions, they didn't even put it on. I'm not too impressed. The food is good but I'd say it's not worth the trouble. Don't waste your time. Thai kitchen is so much better. And I've only tried their samples. Peace

Review №18

I loved the food and the service very good left, the wallet in my car and I was missing 35 cents the cashier offered the 35 cents very humble...Never seen such thing Love it

Review №19

The original clerk charged my card for two orders of fries after asking for a #3 combo with the fries in a separate basket. I asked for them to correct it and I had to explain it several times to three different people. You're better off going to Johnny Rockets downstairs.

Review №20

Had a burger how i like it, fries, and a milkshake. It all tasted good.Not much more to ask for to be honest

Review №21

First off, we waited 15 minutes patiently and even after the food was ready they didnt call our name, we had to ask if the food in front of us was ours, second the staff was rude when we pointed it out. Dont order the full bacon and chesse fries, you'll get almost no bacon. Double bacon burger was ok.

Review №22

Delicious soo recommend it

Review №23

Burger was what I expected it to be at a mall food court, but I ordered a side of fries/onion rings for $4 that should have cost $2. 4 onion rings and a sad amount of cold fries. They wouldn't correct my concerns at the register, and if they had I wouldn't have written this review.

Review №24

I work at the one in Salem, NH and the one in rockinham mall and I love it. I came to the one in Burlington Ma and they were so rude I ordered cheese frys and there was onions all over them. I'll stick to my way back

Review №25

The guy just threw in ketchup sachets on my kid's hot dog and did not even bother toasting the bread. Just served it cold.Please don't bother going here. It's the worst place in the mall with disgusting employees. I highly question their hygiene after watching them deal with how they handle their food.

Review №26

Never ever ever go here. This place is the worst. Go to McDonald's or something even though their food is not great they are not going to make you sick by not even bothering to cook food! They should be shut down.

Review №27

Gave wrong size of cups, asked to-go and they threw my burgers in the bag like nothing and one of them was split in half! I will report this place

Review №28

The chicken meat was raw...

Review №29

Got very bad experience. The services are not good. Swipe my card twice and take 10$ extra.

Review №30

This experience took me "wayback" to the toilet. Food was ok. I'll give the burger a 7.5 but about 4 minutes after I finished got the worst stomach pains ever. One tough ride home. Worst dump ever.

Review №31

This place has good food but horrible service the guys were d****

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  • Address:75 Middlesex Turnpike #2107, Burlington, MA 01803, United States
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  • Phone:+1 781-272-0307
  • Hamburger restaurant
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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