Texas Roadhouse
13 Doctors Park Drive, Cape Girardeau, MO 63703, United States
Review №1

Dirtiest restaurant I have been too. It started off with my family walking in and almost getting stuck to the floor because it was so sticky. We were walked to our table by the hostess we went around 2pm so the place was empty with just a few tables full. The hostess decided to sit us at the only dirty table around. There was food on the seats and table. She could of sat us at any of the ones around it but after realizing it was ditty decided this one will do. It didn't stop there we ordered our drinks and received one that was not clean at all and had dried up stuff on it. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse I reached in for a roll. I pulled it out and realized it was already cut open and had butter on it. Are they reusing rolls? The only good part about this place was the waitress she was friendly and fast.

Review №2

Bought birthday dinner for 22 year old, daughter. Yes - she ate the largest steak in the place. Service was prompt, seating good, prices fair (for this type of place). She had the large steak, plus sides, and 3 margarita; wife had a small rib-eye and potato, a cob salad for me.ALL the food was tasty. The service prompt. Plenty of parking (even though it was crowded).These guys easily handled the large crowd, and most patrons seemed pleased. Given that Cape Girardeau is filled with many places to eat out - it says something that this place was so well attended.Most Texas Roadhouses are well managed and give you your money;s worth. This place ranks with the others we have seen.Perhaps I should have given them a 5 stars (when compared to others of their ilk... } it's just that I prefer the more traditional and more upscale steakhouse (Linen napkins, crystal glassware, and waiters in a tux, etc).In fact - on reconsideration - I started with 4 stars, but - as you see....

Review №3

VERY GOOD, like to go there when we can.Had a GREAT server (very attentive) and he helped us with a problem we had with a gift card. The sirloin I had was a little tough but the wifes was fine and so was everything else. ALWAYS enjoy going there.

Review №4

I'm a huge fan of Texas Roadhouse and have always loved the food there but once you get the inevitable bad service, the experience is ruined. Please don't assume your customer ordered something when they didn't then bring it out with the rest of the plates, then say "well I thought you ordered such and such" then offer to have the original order done right and hold up others eating while you put the correct order in...the customer keeps your mistake then you offer nothing to make the situation better...this should be a 0/5 STARS

Review №5

2 guys from Iowa spent a long day of traveling and decided to eat. We sat at the bar, ordered... the food and service was amazing. I didn't catch our server's name, but was the best!

Review №6

Wow! what an experience for real...first time we ate here and its everything that you would expect it to be..they do have dividers made of plexi glass...altho it may not stop the spread of covid-19,it may help...sooo just come on and go to the texas roadhouse and enjoy.. remember useing just a little bit of common sense goes along ways...

Review №7

Love it love it love it;) great food.... And also rolls and honey butter to top it all.

Review №8

Food was amazing. I had sirloin steak and it had lots of flavor and nice n juicy. Prices are very reasonable. We had an amazing server and he constantly made sure everything was alright or if we needed anything. Manager there is just as amazing. I'll definitely be going there again.

Review №9

Our server,Haley, was really great tonight and our meals were awesome. My husband and I had a steak and it was medium and had the best taste. No need to season it. Thank you Haley for serving us and Brian for making two awesome steaks.

Review №10

Waitress said to try the green beans hmm.. They are as good as the steaks. Thanks for a great 1st stop. We'll be back.

Review №11

Typically have good service and food is always good. Only gave it 4 stars because I ordered a steak but wasn't told until afterwards that they were completely out of A1 . Ended up having to take my steak home with me. Guess I will know to ask next time.

Review №12

I love their steaks and rolls with butter!! The service was great. Steak is my favorite food and the steak here taste excellent

Review №13

It was pretty good. The salmon is great. The steak is usually cooked just a little to long

Review №14

First time awesome food great staff will be back I rate you and all 5 stars

Review №15

Just ordered fried pickles to pick up and take home. Roadhouse said it would b ready in 15 minutes. We drove up on time and called them to say we were there to pick up our order of fried pickles. 25 minutes later my husband went in to pIck up. Called to tell manager what had happened and she said "Sorry."

Review №16

Very good service (They were training server)Food was presented in a relatively timely manner, good temp, and presentation. COVID precautions were in place. Area was clean, and Staff was Friendly!!!

Review №17

My wife and I got Texas Roadhouse to go and the food was very good as usual! We both got steaks and were happy with how they were prepared, along with the side dishes we had with our steaks. No complaints about the customer service either.

Review №18

Food was really great. The service not bad. Clean restaurant and they did social distancing.

Review №19

Probably the worst experience we have had at TR. My steak didn't arrive with the rest of the meal. My daughter's was way over cooked and took an extended time to get the new one back. Service was okay but couldn't make up for the bad cooking.

Review №20

It was a short wait. We had a great waitress. Food was fantastic! We had a great time! It had been a long 2 months without going to a sit down restaurant. We really enjoyed it! We will be back soon! Thank you!

Review №21

We came to this establishment late in the evening trying to miss the dinner crowd. Boy were we wrong! I could tell most servers had been cut from the floor and y'all were down to your closing crew. Since I've worked in the restaurant industry for over 26 years I am not one to stay after close. Since we were staying in the hotel two doors down we decided to get our food Togo and enjoy our drinks. Our server, Julie, was a breath of fresh air to start our mini vacation. She was so personable and a joy to talk with. She didn't let the “Karen” customer next to us ruffle her feathers so to speak. Some one is always trying to get something for free aren't they!?! To say the least she deserved every cent of the tip I gave her!! Thanks again Julie!!! Hope the beach was a blast!

Review №22

Great food and service.....the bone in Ribeye was excellent!

Review №23

We were at this location sun sept 20 for a birthday meal we both ordered the 8 oz New York strip, I ask for med, my fiancé med wellWhen they were brought out they did not have one of the things in the meat to say which was which. They had the med on the plate with his potato which was also different. At most other TRH they ask you to cut it to see it's ok. She just set them down then walked away. Well as he ate his he had mine. And it was pretty raw in the middle. We didn't send it back because I've heard horror stories about that. But you should know. Also with covid seeing someone wiping sown everything with same rag then just go to the next table doesn't make me feel safe. I thought sanitizer and paper towels were to be used. Won't be back covid or not. Very disappointed would not recommend. D Adams

Review №24

Just ordered 4 meals from here, when we got all the way home, we realized they were not right, Two of us did not receive our salads, & one person got a sweet potato, which was not even ordered. I realize that it was a to go ??order, but seriously!? You would think if your putting ranch dressing in the bag you would make sure there were salads. No napkins, silverware, or anything for the loaded baked potato. This was a $79.00 order. We wanted to support our local restaurant during this time. Well that will never happen again.

Review №25

Steak was psrfect. Waitress was very polite and asked was e everything ok was there anything we needed several Times during the meal.

Review №26

Place was clean, open late and no one was sad to have to stay the little late that they did. The waitress was a bit awkward but made up for it with a bubbly additude and a drive to work. Food was great. 10/10 gonna go back tomorrow.

Review №27

Had the most respectful employees, I regret not getting the name of the Older Gentleman, was a Waiter, had a pritty noticeable limp, but, seemed as he may have had a hip injury, none the less that's the only way I can describe him without knowing his name, moving forward, he was the hardest worker there, had.the biggest smile, friendly , moved as fast as all the other youngster's and really deserves a raise, a higher position, a birthday party, a pat on the back , lifted up and put on the back of others like the winning touchdown pass was completed by him, .... Makes it a place you can call home.

Review №28

Staff friendly. Food always exceptional and always clean

Review №29

It As Always Was Great.Steaks Were , Perfect . Everything Was Great.

Review №30

It was ok my dad's steak was really red. There was no mashed potato's and no peanut's.

Review №31

Our server was wonderful and the food was awesome as usual

Review №32

Food is always great but today the service was horrible. The waitress never came to check on us except for once and then gave us our check when wasn't finished eating.

Review №33

Everything horrible from the minute we walked through the doors. The manager did come out and apologize. She comped our meal completely.

Review №34

I have never had a bad experience at this location but I was extra impressed tonight. Friday night, busy as hell, and our food was perfect, drinks were excellent, and the service superb! Don't know if they're corporate office ever reads these but they should def be recognized for the exceptional service-especially our server Mitchel! Thank you guys for being awesome!

Review №35

Service was good but this is two times in a row we've had an issue. A couple months ago we went and my steak never came ... Never. They apologized and if I waited longer I could have gotten a steak but the rest of the people at the table were done eating. They did give us a $30 certificate, so they tried to make it right.This time my steak was rare when ordered medium. They took it and cooked it some more ... It was better but still not medium. I ate it anyway, it was good, just not how I ordered it. I wasn't offered and didn't ask for a discount. Waitress was Great!

Review №36

What a great time today at Texas Roadhouse. I asked the waitress to surprise me with anything but steak. Usually this results in me getting the servers favorite meal, and a meal I. My surprise meal was baked salmon with rice and fries. It's was delicious. The waitress was very fun and professional as well. Outstanding service

Review №37

Good food good service good prices

Review №38

Food is always on point!! And the employees do a amazing job you guys rock

Review №39

Staff is very friendly, love the COVID precautions, they are handling it well with text message check ins so your not waiting in a crowd, you wait in your car!

Review №40

Worst service ever at a restaurant. Meals came still no rolls kept asking whoever would come by.. very disappointed with this location

Review №41

Loved the Steak Kabob! Must try

Review №42

Good service and good food. We had a great visit with my friend in Cape

Review №43

I have few words to describe the excellence I've seen here. My wife ordered a medium rare steak and it arrived Medium Rare! This is the only place in the area we have been able to get a steak cooked correctly. Service was prompt, polite, and in all other manners exemplary. Lastly, I recommend trying the chicken critters with honey mustard. The breading and sauce work well together.

Review №44

Had a wonderful Valentine's dinner here with the wife. Service was fast and friendly. The food was delicious and the seating was neat and clean. Came a bit later in the night to avoid the wait and were seated and served right away. A wonderful dinner.

Review №45

Food was very good. Had fried pickles. Filet mignon n shrimp with loaded baked potato. Sweet tea was how i like it. Service was good, very friendly waitress.

Review №46

Excellent food nice staff had a great dinner

Review №47

Was one of the best meals we have had in a long time. Awesome job!!!! This virus hasn't stopped your business from cooking great food.

Review №48

I love Texas Roadhouse. Food is amazing no matter the location in the US, which is important as I travel for a living. I am always happy with my steak here. Always cooked perfect.

Review №49

What can I say great as always

Review №50

We called ahead for wait time and requested a table over booth due to a member in our party being disabled, we received the text to enter and we're escorted to a booth when I again informed them we requested a table and why they advised we would have to go back out of the restaurant and have to be put back into the que all over again because there was another party waiting. When I showed them the text that showed that we had already done this and did not want to wait an additional 30 mins they only said sorry. We would have had a 50 min wait time all together had we chose to stay. We just left after waiting for 30 mins for a table and went somewhere else. Just sad that they weren't able to accommodate the disabled member in our party and then expected us to start the wait time all over again because of an error on their part. Smh truly disappointed.

Review №51

Absolutely the worst service I've ever encountered. We waited for at the very least 30 minutes after being seated to be seen about drinks, afterwards we ordered and waited another hour and a half for the food to show, only to have it over salted and burnt by a lot. After this we had to go find someone to refill our drinks and then waited what seemed like forever for the check. First time and only time we will ever go to this location. Definitely do not recommend for any reason. The only reason for the one star is because that's the minimum needed

Review №52

Second time we have had Mitch as our server and both times service and food were fantastic

Review №53

Great place to get a good meal. The bread is awesome.

Review №54

GOOD service and TASTY food made for a great meal with a great friend!

Review №55

Not sure If it has to do with the meat shortage, But the 10 oz.ribeye was not a 10 oz or it looked more like a 6 iz. ribeye it was thin and overcooked when I asked the waitress if it was a 10 oz she said they have all been small lately a longer cut of meat it was BS answer they should have charged less for the smaller steak but they did not offer any discount and they were out of A1 steak sauce what a shame. They are operating at about half of their capacity and the service was not near as good as it was when it was a packed house.

Review №56

Food was okay. Got on wait list before leaving to go there at 6:00 website said we would be seated by 6:44. Didn't get seated until 7:20. Definitely not worth that wait.

Review №57

So good! Best steak I've had in awhile aside from making it myself!

Review №58

Great food, good service

Review №59

Was a great time went for a familt member's birthday. They made the night great. Food was wounderful.

Review №60

You do not want me to give you another description of my last visit to your was not pleasant and my husband was very disturbed about the entire mess. Pray that you people learn how to train your wait staff.....especially the spoiled brats that society has produced....and now they are who and why all of your rights and freedoms have been eliminated. Spare the rod and spoil the child......hmmmm

Review №61

Not as good as usual service was extremely slow took forever to get food and my steak was super fatty probably just an off day and I didn't receive all my food normally our favorite place I love the house drink

Review №62

I liked picking my steak first, waitress very nice! Steak done perfect! Liked Indian pictures on wall! Waitress a little slow on refills?

Review №63

Used to work here so know cleanliness of restaurant

Review №64

The food is always delicious, and the customer service is always on point. never disappointed

Review №65

Wonderful food. Great service even with the social distancing restrictions.

Review №66

Awesome service! It was my husband's 36th BIRTHDAY!

Review №67

Good food and good drinks. Reasonably priced. Was a little disappointed with the call ahead seating. We had a large party and had called ahead. We got there on time. Well it was about an hour later when we got seated. Now I realize it probably took time to get a table put together & it was busy but an hour seemed a bit too long, esp when other parties of 4 or 5 or so were getting seated before us and had come in after us with no call ahead. Other than that, great place!

Review №68

Love it good food takes forever to get in always crowded

Review №69

Always nice service and food excellent

Review №70

Great place and awesome food.

Review №71

It was good but not as good as normal.

Review №72

Below average my chop steak with dry and crumbly baked potato is ice cold. I will be coming back this afternoon for a long time. And the waitress took forever to get my refill on ice water and took forever to bring me my steak.

Review №73

Good food, good service, reasonable prices. Unfortunately they are NOT open for lunch ( I don't think any of them are...) but it's a good spot for dinner

Review №74

Very nice people great food

Review №75

I ordered the FT Worth Ribeye medium rare and with all the sauteed mushroom and onionsAfter waiting for about 20mins our main meal came. My ribeye was cooked medium. Just a hint of red from the edge and the middle was totally cookedAsked the server to take it back to the kitchen and I told them try doing it rare it might turn out medium rareAs expected, this time asking for rare it came out medium rare.Otherwise the service was okay but the good tasted good

Review №76

I think it was the best burger I have eaten in quite some time, it can take some time to get your order but it's worth it. Also try the rattlesnake bites. Worth it

Review №77

The food was as good as any other Texas Roadhouse. The service was just okay...overall a decent experience while in Cape for a few days.

Review №78

Fast lunch service. Good server. I ordered the ribs appetiser. Decent amount of ribs. Good flavor but a little salty, as all of the meat items at Texas Roadhouse are. Good handicapped access, but no automatic door, so I had to open the door and maneuver a wheelchair in.

Review №79

Legendary food. Legendary service

Review №80

I always have enjoyed eating here, food is consistently great and i love the service. I enjoy eating in the bar as opposed to the dinning room.

Review №81

Could have been a decent meal if our server hadn't stood and stared at us nearly the entire time.

Review №82

Came in for lunch. Sat at bar with Alexis. She was wonderful! So sweet, kind and quickly fulfilled our numerous requests. Great food! My husband had the steak off the early special and it was cooked to perfection. Very well done for our first experience.

Review №83

Food tastes great,staff is super friendly. Service was a little slow,it was understandable they was extremely busy. Overall a great place to eat.

Review №84

Steak was good if not a little overcooked

Review №85

Steaks are great. The service is great. The problem with this place is lack of table space for families. Crowd you into small booths

Review №86

Great value for a delicious steak dinner. Tasty, tender and done right. Bread, side and salad complete the meal. I recommend this place and would not hesitate taking my family there.

Review №87

Food was excellent. Service was excellent. Moderate pricing but all around worth it

Review №88

Great place, food was good steak cooked to perfection with good side portione. Good atmosphere as well.

Review №89

My food 12 iz rib eye was perfect, wifes could have been better but still good

Review №90

Good food, good service but very noisy

Review №91

Went in tonight with my 2 year old, a friend and his mom, we sat in Denise's section. Not only was the food great but the service was worth going back for!!!! She was absolutely amazing! She kept drinks full, everything came out in a timely manner, and she checked back in with us frequently. We got to talk with her a bit and got to have a couple laughs too. Ill definitely be back just to sit in her section!! GREAT JOB TONIGHT AND THANK YOU!!!!

Review №92

Great experience over all. Steak was not cooked well enough for my personal preference.

Review №93

Steaks have gotten thinner

Review №94

Bone in rib eye was just a little to fatty normally it's very good

Review №95

We love this restaurant every time we go. They have a lot of local favorites as well as some of the best ribs in the area. My personal pick is almost always one of the steaks because they are perfect!! All of our family loves the fresh rls with cinnamon butter! We also greatly appreciate the ability to check in before we arrive. That is such a neat feature. Other restaurants that stay busy during the dinner rush could benefit from adopting such a policy.

Review №96

Even though the wait was long but understandable because of how many people were there, the food was amazing and the staff were awesome

Review №97

Usually have good service and food here. Not tonight. Slow service, other tables that seated after us were served first. No rolls, didn't get any rolls until we were about to leave, then got one each. I know that should be enough some of you will say, but come on rolls.....they're good and part of why we go here. Steak was burnt. Ordered Medium Well came out literally burnt. Would have sent it back but the server disappeared after our food was served. No refill on drinks. Overall very disappointed. We really like Texas Roadhouse and we will go back, hopefully it's a better experience next trip.

Review №98

The food was Great!! and hot too!!Service was professional, Everything was awesome, Everyone was working! From the Cooks to the Waiter!! I give an "Atta Boy & Atta Girl" to All!!

Review №99

The experience is based on preference. If you like the classic steakhouse experience with country music, peanuts and typical vibe, you can enjoy yourself here.My wife ordered the 10 Oz ribeye with shrimp. She said it was good but had a good amount of fat on it. She will order something like the tbone next time.I wanted the chicken fried steak but they were out. On a Monday night. Odd. Instead, I had the chicken fried chicken. Came with cream gravy but I got a side of brown gravy. The brown was delicious.

Review №100

Good foot long wait for food not really busy

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  • Address:13 Doctors Park Drive, Cape Girardeau, MO 63703, United States
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  • Phone:+1 573-334-2006
  • American restaurant
  • Steak house
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Working hours
  • Monday:3–9PM
  • Tuesday:3–9PM
  • Wednesday:3–9PM
  • Thursday:3–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–10:30PM
  • Saturday:11AM–10:30PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9:30PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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