Taco Bell
10 E Anthony Dr, Champaign, IL 61820, United States
Review №1

Friendly.... helpful.. patient...organized... Order with perfect in food was delicious good job

Review №2

It was clean and employees were nice. Just I wanted sour cream on my taco. I got a small drop.

Review №3

The lady at the window was nice and polite. But the food wasn't right we had tacos with no lettuce, shredded chicken burritos that were to have Xtra sauce only one had it. Everything was stacked on top of the Mexican pizza. 2 tacos were supposed to be Supreme but they were just chesse and meat.

Review №4

Love this location. Fresh food. Great prices. Drive thru is fast and food is fresh and hot during rush hour

Review №5

Mold on the celling vent

Review №6

Best Taco Bell in town it never disappoints best service best tasting food!

Review №7

Great service the drive through line was quick. But there was no Nacho Fries today so it broke my heart and my tummy was mad.

Review №8

This was a drive-thru visit in the middle of the night but the meat and toppings were fresh. I would stop there again for a late night meal.

Review №9

Great nochos and love their tocos

Review №10

I'm not gonna lie fam this TB has been putting out that Fuego I'm talking consistently .. expeditiously .. at least at the night time when we come thru there. the guy or girl workin the window are great too shout-out to them. This location might be #1 in town even over prospect if they keep grinding like they is. TB is the worst when it's put together sloppy but it's gas when they be hookin it up no cap slide through there one time

Review №11

Girl in the drive thru was not friendly at all. Had to repeat the order twice because there was so much noise I could hear over the speaker. The order was still wrong. Asked for 2 drinks also and one of those was wrong. Currently driving cross country and I should be able to trust my food is right when I get back on the road.

Review №12

There whole menu changed and everything chicken was gone or sold out.

Review №13

My family of 6 and I went through the drive-thru with a very extensive, difficult (we're all beyond picky) order. The woman that took our order, Trinity, was very patient with us, and everything was correct (extremely rare for us anywhere we go). I could not be happier with our experience!

Review №14

Did the online or app order and ordered 5 things got 4 all of them wrong. I live to far to turn around to come back. Won't be going back ever, if corporate sees this I recommend new management at this place

Review №15

Got a couple of quesaritos...oh so good!!! The lady in the drive thru very professional and respectful...thankyou!!

Review №16

Wish their drive thru lanes were wider... our dually truck doesn't fit Not everyone drives a compact car LBVSBut through all that difficulty and running up over curbs in your tiny drive thru lanes... I have found that theSteak chalupais my new favorite

Review №17

Do not like the new Mexican pizza at all.

Review №18

Very fast thourough fruendly staff

Review №19

Great food friendly service

Review №20

Took 52 minutes to get our food, 2 Catina Bowls. They didn't even offer gift card or refund money.Took orders quickly but no one knew how to prepare food. Food was good but they didn't even offer a gift card. Terrible!

Review №21

There was an issue with one of the customers cars failing so the employees went out and took care of it for him! Super nice people and made the food fast and fresh

Review №22

Worst one in town service-wise. They have a tendency to completely ignore the drive thru, very often will incorrectly prep orders, and forget items.The last time I managed to get an order in, I wound up with food poisoning so bad I almost wound up in the hospital.

Review №23

Always super fast, nice

Review №24

Are you guys ever open in the morning? Google says you are at 7am every day, yet I've tried ordering breakfast on multiple occasions between 7:30 and 8:30 and no one is ever there. If not, please adjust your hours online.

Review №25

Gary the cashier was being very friendly to everyone even though it was lunch rush. Food came out fast too. Definitely an above average taco bell

Review №26

The order was wrong, but the food was good. Off day as far as the order goes, I'm willing to go back again.

Review №27

My food was fresh and delicious

Review №28

Extremely hard working polite and kind staff. I WILL SAY THIS OUT OF ALL FAST FOOD PLACES....taco bell is far the best with service and the way they treat customers

Review №29

Drive thru was really quick and the food was hot!

Review №30

The tacos are really good, especially the hard shell. I wish they would bring back the naked chicken chalupa because that was simply fantastic. I love the great selection the sauces.

Review №31

Taco Bell is great and I love it all, but this location is terrible. Three times (three!!) I have come in the morning to get their breakfast menu. The website says they are open, the stickers on the building says they are open, there is a car outside, and lights are on. But no one will take your order at the drive thru. And the doors are locked to the lobby. I don't care if they've changed their times, they just need to tell people.

Review №32

Good food

Review №33

Food and service was good

Review №34

Had to leave, line wasn't moving after 5 minutes

Review №35

Took 25 minutes to receive our simple order..and when we got on the road 5 minutes later found out the food was cold..they did give two coupons for free tacos and an apology for the wait but come on guy's

Review №36

I specifically asked for no lettuce on my tacos and when I got my order, every single taco had lettuce on it. I went up to tell them they had messed up my order and the worker seemed annoyed at my request, even though they had messed up my order. The food tasted fine which helps make up for the sub-par customer service, giving them two stars instead of one.

Review №37

As Taco bells go. This is a good one.

Review №38

Good food and staff

Review №39

Best taco bell in CU. 5 star is obvi9sly based on tje taco bell scale.

Review №40

We ordered a family pack. Half hard half soft supremes. They make all hard. So we go back. I'm thinking that it's their mistake and they'll just fix it and the mistakes will go to my dog. Instead they get mad and slam them into the trash.

Review №41

It's Taco Bell. You know what you are getting into. Service was great at this location and the manager was really great.

Review №42

Service was slow but at least the food was warm.

Review №43

Workers were great friendly and quick. Food great. Yum

Review №44

The food was pretty good and was served fast.

Review №45

Love their 5.00 boxes. The mango tea is the best

Review №46

Dude running the drive through was a rock star. Food was delicious and the drink were cold. You just can't beat a tasty taco!

Review №47

They were very pleasant

Review №48

This Taco bell was very quick and polite in doing orders it was lunch rush and they still got my order to me quickly and correctly I would have to say this Taco Bell is the best one I've ever been in Thanks

Review №49

Excellent and fast service at Taco Bell

Review №50

Better than the other Taco Bell on Springfield but still get my order wrong often. Today they forgot to add napkins and sauce after asking me 2 times.

Review №51

Super food and service. My one and only complaint is, their choice of music and the volume level..

Review №52

The kid at the front counter is SOOOO good at his job

Review №53

Just not happy with the scarcity of meat and the overload of lettuce. Not to mention 5 or 6 little pieces of stringy cheese. This place used to be the best place for a bargain. What happened to your fair, fun stores

Review №54

Better run than the local wendys and most other taco bell I have been yo recently. A welcome suprise.

Review №55

Long wait time, food was fresh

Review №56

It's Taco Bell. This one has GREAT service a d good food. The Cherry Pepsi is set strong too!!

Review №57

Taco Bell is a great place to get Mexican style food at an affordable price. It is also considered to be in the fast food category so it's also an ideal place to eat if you're on the go or just looking to get a quick bite.

Review №58

Very fast and friendly service.

Review №59

Went through the the drive-thru, the girl that took my order was so nice and cheerful. Food was picture perfect and tasty for Taco Bell.

Review №60

Favorite people and favorite taco shells

Review №61

This place is more than AMAZING!!! I never have to wait to long in line .... Also my food is always fresh and hot.. No complaints here p.s. I always get the Gordita box with two hard shell tacos, plenty of mild sauce and a mountain due Baja YUMMY!!!....

Review №62

Good service, great food for a good price. Bathroom smelt bad but looked clean.

Review №63

Good food and pretty fast service, however the last few times I've been here, the woman working the drive thru talks so fast that doesn't come off as friendly anymore. I think she's just good at doing her job quickly, but slowing down a bit when talking to customers would help customers feel more welcome and less like they're interrupting something more important she's working on in there

Review №64

Just ok.

Review №65

They gave me the wrong order make sure cashiers are properly trained on what buttons to hit the food was good just not what i ordered didnt have time to return as i was on my lunch break just make sure staff is trained at their position or dont let them do the job by them selves

Review №66

The food is always hot and our order is always correct. They are kind and friendly.

Review №67

Cleanest, beat service I've ever had at this restaurant. Fresh food with ample portions, it was like eating somewhere else entirely. Not your typical chain store and better for it.

Review №68

Good tacos. Soft shells were great.

Review №69

I was upset because I was not seen at the drive thru and gave the nice lady at the window my attude, after she explain to me the misunderstanding I felt a lot better. I come to this Taco Bell all the time and never had a problem. I would like to apologize again to both nice respectable black queens at the window.

Review №70

The $1 burritos make for a ridiculously cheap lunch. Staff is good. Seating area is clean.

Review №71

Always good food. If they mess up an order, it gets fixed quick. 5 star, would eat here every-day if I could.

Review №72

Staff was polite but store could have been cleaner.

Review №73

You can't order a Beef Burrito without ordering a Bean Burrito with no Beans, then pay extra to add beef. You can no longer just order a Beef Burrito without being charged more!

Review №74

Love the 5 dollar boxes, worth the purchase. Wish they offered more types of boxes.

Review №75

This be the most crackalackin taco joint in town, stay for a minute, stay an hour, heck stay the whole day, taco bell be providing the party whenever you need. Thank you Taco Bizzle!

Review №76

We've only been through the drive through, but the service is great, and the food is always made when you order

Review №77

A lot of people talk down about Taco Bell but it's good Mexican food at a great price and fast.

Review №78

Manager was extremely rude when I called the store because my order was wrong. They basically told me to deal with it and that there was a new person working so that's why my order was messed up.

Review №79

Taco Bell is the bomb always on fire I love me some Taco Bell one of my favorite restaurants later

Review №80

Love this location. The workers there a always friendly.

Review №81

Slow service

Review №82

My granddaughter requested Taco Bell, and I like their food well enough. Service was a little slow, though.

Review №83

This Taco Bell has been updated recently and is really clean. They were cleaning tables within minutes of people getting up to leave. The service was great and the tacos and chalupas had a lot of meat and cheese and looked as good as they do in the pictures..

Review №84


Review №85

Good experience. Sometimes you just crave this place!! Food was great. Will be back.

Review №86

Service was great and store was clean

Review №87

Good service, though they seem to prioritize the drive through customers over lobby customers. Order was right and food was good. What more could you want from a Taco Bell.

Review №88

Very nice staff, loved brittany

Review №89

Fast food friendly service and accurate order this for me was a good visit

Review №90

Friendly staff. Good food.

Review №91

Maybe it was an off day, seeing as they have mostly good reviews... We were driving through for a quick bite while we continued our trip. The lady who took our order was obviously serving multiple people at once, and we had to repeat our order a few times to get it through. The lady working the window seemed unfocused as well (same person?) taking a strangely long time to process our gift card, asking multiple times of we wanted sauce, and forgetting to hand us our drinks. The food was delicious, but otherwise, not a great experience. We'll choose a different location next time.

Review №92

Pretty good taco bell I go at least 2 times a week and never have a problem with my order

Review №93

Quality service and good.

Review №94

Fast friendly service, this crew was humming!

Review №95

Chalupa was alright. Everything else was horrible. They wrapped my burritos twice to make them bigger. I had more shell than anything else. Don't eat at Taco Hell

Review №96

Longest wait for ordered food I have ever experienced at any Taco Bell nationwide. They were not busy ( half of dining area was chained off ). They appeared either fully staffed or maybe even over staffed. It was almost a half hour from order time til on tray . Also , they were out of things , but I know forget what they were. ( Choices were narrowed )

Review №97

Good food and friendly service.

Review №98

The inside could be a little cleaner didn't smell so great. The service was good the employees were very nice

Review №99

We ate and we survived! 4 stars

Review №100

They're usually pretty quick and get the order correct

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  • Phone:+1 217-398-2159
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  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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