616 E Green St, Champaign, IL 61820, United States
Review №1

It's McDonald's so no need to discuss the menu but my experience here was highly satisfactory. During the time of COVID-19 when many late night food options have been taken away it is nice to have a place to go grab a quick bite. Not all of the menu items are available late though.

Review №2

So I'm editing my review. Service quality is at most okay, you're not gonna walk away happy. Have seen better McDonald's, try the one at Neil Street. Place is inundated by students and staff don't even try to improve on their service since it's a constant traffic. I mean where else can you get cheap food packed as fast food, perfect for college students.

Review №3

It takes forever to process any simplest orders. Some of staffs are sabotaging and never responses until you complain.

Review №4

Best deals in fast food! One of the best McDonald's in town!

Review №5

Best place for a quick cheap meal, especially for the several homeless on Green Street.

Review №6

I ordered correctly and order was messed up. Employee and manager said that I didn't order what I did. I said ok ring it up and I'd pay for it and they refused. The manager and employee were extremely rude which aggravated me. The customer service is nonexistent at this place.

Review №7

Fast service and friendly employees who were following safety protocols

Review №8

Used to eat here back in the day. Good food and quick service

Review №9

It was really NASTY. And the female with the blue shirt handled my drink with no gloves on. I don't want her to lose her job. But she had the pop dripping all over her hands on to my cup top. It was gross. She just needs to be reminded. Don't taker her job. PLEASE,?

Review №10

Wasn't really that clean but the food tasted alright

Review №11

Mcchickz with cheez!!woah

Review №12

You got to get them on some good hours. Lately they haven't been all that good. Last time I went there, they just got done spilling pop all over themselves and then made me a milkshake without washing their hands and touching the actual whipped cream. Not to mention they just took out the garbage before hand so, needless to say, I threw it away. But if you go earlier than midnight, you can get a good milkshake that's fire so choose your timing wisely.

Review №13

Always slow, nasty and never wearing their masks properly.

Review №14

They only accept cash. I recommend the manager research the following: American Express (est. 1850), VISA (est. 1958), MasterCard (est. 1966). These are revolutionary payment methods that will change the way this McDonald's accepts payment.

Review №15

It was so busy today when I went in at around lunch time. I ordered and they took care of all their customers quick and with a smile. The place was clean and they take very good care of their customers.

Review №16

Define the simple things in life burger fry soda

Review №17

Employees were nice but stood around doing really nothing until they absolutely had to. Very dirty floors and tables. Order came quickish. Panhandler came in and they did nothing about him.

Review №18

They kept getting or order wrong and over charging us I will never go back there again

Review №19

Best service I ever received. Plain and simple

Review №20

Their chicken no longer tastes like chicken. It's almost all breading and there is a lot of grease. Fries are still great. Staff is decent. Sometimes it's hard getting out of the parking lot when there are a lot of people in the drive through.

Review №21

Spicy McChicken is good

Review №22

It's like every other McDonalds: quick, tasty and easy

Review №23

Whoever was working cashier at 6am on Dec 17th deserves a raise: she was covering many positions while being especially nice to customers.

Review №24

Good place if you want to find sth to eat in the midnight.

Review №25

You may have heard of it.

Review №26

I already tried it out multiple times. Compared to the McDonald's in Germany, this one here is quite unsatisfactory. Service is good and the store is modern, however, the food tastes by far not as tasty as I am used to.

Review №27

Same as you have to wait longer for the food, and it's cold when you get it. Quarter pounders aren't hot fresh and juicy anymore like they were when they first came out.

Review №28

Cashier was inexperienced, but other than that fine. Gets a thumbs up.

Review №29

Ordered a late night delivery and starved myself

Review №30

I love mcdonalds, it was a little slow but great

Review №31

The food was hot, didn't take too long for me to get my food after I ordered it. Prices are reasonable.

Review №32

Always easy to get the family a quick bite to eat.

Review №33

Cleanest McDonald's around. New interior. Good AC. Quick service.

Review №34

Comparing an egg muffin with the other one I got from McDonald's, this is the most delicious one I had.

Review №35

Located I'm the very center of the city.Clean,climateted, with much space available.The prices are correct,the staff is friendly.Recommendable

Review №36

The people are nice... especially considering the things I have witnessed: how some drunk customers talk to & treat them and how CRAZY busy it is when students are in town. There is any EXTREMELY long wait from around 1am - 330am on any weekend day.

Review №37

Service if good and friendly, place is often a little dirty.

Review №38

Not much to say about this Mcdonald's as it's pretty standard. Use the app, you can get pretty good deals. Staff is a bit on the rude side and not very friendly/patient. Place is usually dirty but what can you expect from a college population?

Review №39

I like the McDonald's sprite

Review №40

Quality of food is unstable, bad sometimes , average sometimes

Review №41

They charge 11 cents for a water cup at night. They wouldn't even give me a reason, they just asked for it. Is it too hard to get water without being charged? We also had an order, but they still want 11 cents for the cup of water, I am confused.

Review №42

I've got nothing to say. Just. Yeah.

Review №43

Rly quick service

Review №44

Worst macdonalds i ever seen specially in the night time there service is more worst.waited for some food in the long line and finally when i reached there they said only cash and when i asked for a milkshake the lady said they dont have it .no food long lines and products are out so disgusting will never go there again

Review №45

Always pretty good. The only thing I don't like is that there tables aren't always clean, and they take your receipt. But what I do like is when I'm in a rush they get my order out pretty quickly, unlike some McDonald's.

Review №46

Easily the worst McDonald's I have ever been to, and that's saying something. While I was there, the people in front of me waited 25 minutes for there food. Someone else ordered pancakes and when they got them, they were told that they ran out of syrup. My food oder was wrong, even when I asked the person that was taking my order if they got my order correct and he said yes. Not only was the order wrong, the food was cold and hard. And I can't forget that they were out of napkins as well as I could tell get any ice without something floating in it.

Review №47

Good for being cheap fast food; but there is usually a crowd, so you'll be waiting for a while. I wouldn't recommend coming here any later than maybe noon if you're uncomfortable with college students being college students.

Review №48

I love MacDonald (the party/

Review №49

Food was good, but we got a shark toy instead of avengers

Review №50

Fast service and overall a very fun environment

Review №51

Very bad service, didn't give me my order and yelled at me for questioning it! Would never go to that place again

Review №52

Thay have the worlds best fries

Review №53

Eh it was good food and fast service soo....

Review №54

They left my burgers just sitting behind the counter while they served other customers

Review №55

Worst young employee, I've told him come to pick up, even already told him 3 times that the number is my order and still asked me 4 times if that is my order or not, if you don't love your job just quit it

Review №56

Last time I walk in, employees are literally yelling at each other about how shift manager are not doing their job and i was surprised that there are like 10 workers at the back but no food is sending out

Review №57

Can get busy but really good with mobile orders

Review №58

The wifi doesn't work (still) and niether did the bathroom on my last visit. Overall not the worst McDonald's, but both of those things are kind of deal breakers. Will give two stars if they fix the bathroom or the wifi. It's a McDonald's

Review №59

Classic dons

Review №60

3am best time to go

Review №61

Nothing to complain about the food here. And the staff are quite friendly. but This place is so understaffed during peak hours...and mobile ordering only makes things worse...

Review №62

This place sucks, you feel like you're doing them a favor by eating here. McDonald's has a corporate standard in terms of time it takes to deliver your order and this place underperforms terribly.Knowing you're a campus restaurant, staff is not properly trained to understand stress when it comes to traffic as well as consolidate and orders properly. It's embarrassing.Close down and open a taco Bell.

Review №63

Been to so many in my lifetime that eating at one is indicative of eating at any McDonald's. I'll give it an extra star for the bargain of two sandwiches and a drink of any size for $4.38.

Review №64

As an EMT, I was incensed to see staff one night being extremely rude to a paramedic and his partner while they stopped for food without reason. Kudos for putting up with the heavy student traffic, but there's no reason to be disrespectful to public service when they did nothing to warrant it. Service is understandably slower than most McDonalds.

Review №65

Super slow even not during rushes hair was in my food and the manger didn't even say sorry or speak and meat tasted mad weird

Review №66

Good food as always! Service was satisfactory! Most importantly washroom was clean!

Review №67

Really nice staff and the food was prepared much better than at other McDonalds.

Review №68

Pros: Great location. Mostly students who are visiting here.Cons: The service is pretty rude though (below McDonald's average). The lady in the picture below was pissed off and swearing at me, simply because I used a 10 cents McDonalds app coupon for an ice cream cone, which "brings her a lot of trouble".

Review №69

The staff was really rude to me when I accidentally passed her a 5 dollar bill when I thought I passed her a 10. I mean, a simple reminder would've been enough. But all those eye rolling? Ugh.

Review №70

Tasty fast food. Nothing more, nothing less

Review №71

Their food is trash and staff don't care about you. My friend ordered something but got totally something else. We were in a hurry so we didn't go back, but my friend was disappointed. There's a Taco Bell and a Dunkin Donuts nearby, just go there.

Review №72

Staff are kinda ok but management is really bad . they have people with long hair and not using the net. I'm surprised that none have complaint about hair in their food . why im givin a star is becouse the assistant mamager after he touches every body money (with gloves ) he used the same gloves to get my food with out changing them and used the same hand to sweep some stuff off the food counter . when i mentioned ( the dude was nasty about it . not goin back .

Review №73

Always go and get a bacon, egg, and cheese mcgriddle The food is great and fresh ...

Review №74

Love this place on the Green Street

Review №75

Great place to go when studying, cool staff, not outrageous pricing even though it's on a college campus, also cool dude with boom box and a great ability to draw often there

Review №76

I mean it's a McDonald's so that's all you need to know about the food. They are generally pretty fast here, but there is often a large crowd, especially at night. They also run out of popular items really frequently and charge money for a cup of water. Overall, very average with some strong points and some weak ones.

Review №77

Pretty bad experience. Getting food (20 nuggets, 2 mcdoubles, med fries) took about 20 minutes. Was asked what sauce I wanted for nuggets and fries. I replied ketchup and bbq. Got 3 bbq and 1 ketchup. Could barely taste the added mac sauce on my mcdoubles. They also apparently charge for a cup of water.Steer clear.

Review №78

Horrible service, won't give extra sauce or free water with order

Review №79

Great employees... Great service

Review №80

I understand that employees might get very annoyed and irritated by the amount of drunk students ordering food at 1 am, but as a sober student that stopped by to get coffee and food I think I was treated like trash. I got yelled at because cashier messed up my order. Then got yelled st again for asking to fix my order. I clearly didn't look drunk or acted rude to them. veru rude staff!!!!

Review №81

I'm lovin it

Review №82

It's Mcdonalds, what do you expect? Usually busy but timely service. Good for students

Review №83

This McDonald's is NOT corporate. To those of you who have never worked at McDonald's, that means it is ran by a single franchisee and they can literally charge for water, sauces, etc. I personally have worked at the McDonald's near my home for 2 summers. I will never go to this store again. Rude workers, slow service, everyone seems lost, and they make you pay $0.25 for ONE sauce. At my store, we give out sauces (pretty much as many as you want) for free. I'm so glad I didn't transfer to this store for the school year! I guess a plus to this store is that it's always busy, so your food is fresh. That's about it. I was watching the screens and they had a 600 second time for a M fry and 2 McChickens... it should be about 90-145 seconds for something so simple.

Review №84

Because they food goox

Review №85

Kinda crowed but great food

Review №86

Mobile order is working well. I sufficiently understand mistakes but do not allow anything related to attitudes. So, these are suggestions for your store.1. Please train how to deal with feedback/complaints (For manager levels)2. Please train coping skills when your staff members too much stress out or meet unusual customers.3. Please think about how to minimize mistakes after getting feedback/complaints from customers.

Review №87

So, I just went to McDonald's. I was waiting in line, and when it was finally my turn to order, instead of being greeted with a "Hello", I was greeted with "Are you Mexican?". See, I've had enough of people's ignorance. It makes me feel like my country, and the other 18 Spanish-speaking Latin American countries don't exist. It's just not cool! Just ask me where I'm from, but I guess that's asking for too much, huh? I'm not one to stay quiet though, and I told him what he said was not right. Unfortunately, he was adamant he did nothing wrong. And that...was the worst part of it all.

Review №88

Amazing cultural experience, center of UIUC nightlife, a must see for all travellers. Only 4 stars tho because apparently a cup of water costs 10¢???

Review №89

Being on green street means that drunk people like to congregate here on the weekends. Occasionally a fight even breaks out. Not bad 99% of the time; just like any other McDonalds, but best to avoid it on the weekends especially later in the evening.

Review №90

Terrible service.supposed to be a Fast food, they take forever to serve you. won't go again!!!!

Review №91

Chicken nuggets were bomb

Review №92

Very busy place, takes a while to get your order. On the bright side, the food is cheap and of decent quality

Review №93

Only McDonald's in town. Take it or leave it, I suppose. People coming in and asking for money is a regular occurence. Gets very busy after 8PM from the bar crowd.

Review №94

A pretty decent McDonald's. Open 24 hours. But often, it doesn't fail to remind me where I am.

Review №95

Best McD Cheeseburger I ever had last time.

Review №96

50min for 2 mcchickens, trash

Review №97

Place is always disorganized, service is slow. Tables often have trash on them. Beverage area not clean. Men's room usually smells. Bad management. Hang out for vagrants, some mean, most intoxicated.

Review №98

It was fine I guess. Not super friendly but not mean. Just business.

Review №99

Just mcdonald

Review №100

Okay overall experience, but it was really crowded when I went in the early morning. This, it was really loud and it took a long time to get food. However, by the time we left, it was basically empty.

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  • Address:616 E Green St, Champaign, IL 61820, United States
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  • Phone:+1 217-384-4834
  • Fast food restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
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  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
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  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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