4940 S Gilbert Rd, Chandler, AZ 85249, United States
Review №1

The store is solid. Prices are competitive and it's easy to check out. More of an old school sort of grocery store. I find that sometimes they don't carry some ethnic food items but, overall a very good selection. I like shopping here better than Walmart it seems less chaotic.

Review №2

I always liked Bashas because stores are so cleaned and well stocked. prices are pretty good and the seem to have quality items. I like the deli and bakery. meat dept smells clean too. a plus for me. Staff was friendly and helpful too. I recommend this placeAnd it has a Starbucks. which my family likes

Review №3

My favorite grocery store. Close to home and always quiet. Prices are competitive. Very clean and friendly staff.

Review №4

A tad bit under baked...Who doesn't love Bashas' bakery? On this trip, I was disappointed after taking a couple of bites out of my under baked pastry.

Review №5

Large clean, well stocked store.with great sales help.

Review №6

Clean, great bakery, deli and meat counter. Pharmacy services are available also.Only negative is ot smelled fishy in the area near the fish counter and fresh fish shouldn't be smelly.

Review №7

Friendly staff, great produce, the quality of meat products are outstanding and bakery items are so fresh. Store is very clean Keep up the great work.

Review №8

Five stars for a reason the meats are phenomenal Define whatever you need. Porcupine what you need

Review №9

Was very clean and very well stocked. Enjoyed the Fresh Sushi I purchased for our Lunch.

Review №10

There are shaded parking spaces for the heated summer which the shoppers will definitely appreciate.

Review №11

I've shopped at Bashas' for many years. Always the freshest... their produce & meats are THE best!

Review №12

Great grocery store! I love that they have a lot of local salsas!

Review №13

Pleasantly delighted to find a great deal on the very delicious donuts in their bakery section. So good. Larger, fresher, fuller then I have been accustomed to from other places in the area.

Review №14

Fresh produce, positive focused employees, fast service.

Review №15

A great location to visit for your grocery needs. Some staple employees who are always smiling make the place. The covered parking is a life saver in the summertime!

Review №16

Store is ok , however their chicken that was on sale looked freezer burned.

Review №17

Moving from Houston, I found it friendly (customers & employees), mild and quaint-good ol' down home Safeway feel (with the red punch in those plastic gallon containers). Being a native of Las Vegas, it took me back to the former Safeway stores - which I see are current here in AZ. I wondered about them as I've frequently driven by,,, I will return!

Review №18

Shady parking spots, great customer service.

Review №19

I love the chocolate filled donuts they have!!

Review №20

This Basha's has the best bakery! I don't stop here as often as I should, but when I do, I always pick up some of their homemade potato rolls. They're like fluffy clouds and perfect for sandwiches.They also have a nice produce section here too. I like the small town look and feel of this market, it really makes you feel at home.

Review №21

Everything I needed was in stock.also picked up a couple thinks I use all the time that were on sale. Helpful staff.

Review №22

My favorite & most reliable & consistent source for top quality meat!

Review №23

I can't believe this store still in business. Their prices are absolutely outrageous. And when you go to check out and you don't have a Bashas card, they will not help you by giving you a generic one.

Review №24

Well stocked and friendly staff

Review №25

Always friendly, helpful, clean and so glad to have in the neighborhood!

Review №26

The most lovely lady cashier named "Bonnie" she is simply delightful. Lovely beautiful store.

Review №27

Covered parking, friendly helpful assistance, nice cashier and a good selection of products.

Review №28

Good personal service. Employees really make it feel like my neighborhood store

Review №29

Love their bakery and donuts. We get all our birthday cakes there.

Review №30

Love this super market my favorite

Review №31

Bashas on Chandler Heights and Gilbert Rd is the best! Its like walking into Cheers "everyone knows your name!" It has a small town feel with all big city stuff! Everyone is super friendly and helpful!

Review №32

Everything they have is so fresh and their stores are so clean.

Review №33

Great store. A little pricey but convenient

Review №34

Got a little pice of chocolate cake to share! Yum

Review №35

Love our bashas! They have the best bakery and meat department.

Review №36

I love their donuts, but I ordered 4 dozen three days before for 6:30am and they were not ready until 7am. Disappointed.

Review №37

Love this market love the staff always friendly.

Review №38

I love my hometown grocerer.

Review №39

Every time I go staff is helpful and so friendly!

Review №40

Bashas' is great. We won't shop anywhere else. The staff is awesome and the food is fresh as can be. Best meat as well. Also has the best bakery in town.

Review №41

Nice place

Review №42

I love this bashas! Everyone is friendly, deals are great, produce is fresh and meat is top notch! If you have never checked out the taco boxes they sell in the meat Dept, you must! Flavorful meat at a great price every day! Super easy dinner and enough to save half and freeze! Also, if you need anything made in the bakery, Cindy is really talented and helpful! The cashier Bonnie is so friendly and sweet! Feels like home every time I go!

Review №43

Great grocery store. Carry's all the necessities in an ready to navigate footprint. Great prices and service. They are the only place we go to order party subs, or other party food.

Review №44

This is my personal favorite store to shop in. The best part is their bakery. The staff are very friendly, and the store is not oversized like frys. Always a pleasure to shop in this store. Prefer to shop here, even if their prices are not as low as other stores at times. Store is also very clean and well-run (from what I can tell).

Review №45

Helpful and friendly staff. Good selection of items. A tad pricey.

Review №46

Five stars is not enough for this store, they gave me full attention and helped me with last minute ingredients for my Christmas dinner and the store is well stocked and clean and prices are compatible with the other major stores

Review №47

Well organized. Staff understood their job inside and out very smooth experience. Safe parking for the drivers along side of the location.

Review №48

They have a great Mexican food bar. I like the stuffed chicken tacos.

Review №49

Awesome store

Review №50

I love the Bakery, Deli has great food. Hope they ooen a store In Coolidge or Casa Grande.

Review №51

It's a Basha's food store. Nuff said

Review №52

Excellent customer service

Review №53

Nice supermarket, has a Wells Fargo ATM inside.

Review №54

Very happy with your store excellent services excellent deli. Everything soo clean just an example of what a store should be. Just one thing many customers that shop there are not very nice people. Just please put a sign on the doors so people can read be entering the store to please smile no need for ugly faces.

Review №55

You will always see the Basha family shopping at this location. Stop and say hello.

Review №56

Very helpful competent employee helped me on the Deli area today.

Review №57

Was ok

Review №58

Good variety, nice brands, very clean? A little higher priced

Review №59

Great selection friendly customer service

Review №60

Nice supermarket. Great bakery and good butcher.

Review №61

Love this this store! Especially my wife :))

Review №62

Best donuts

Review №63

Love my store. Friendly and helpful people. Great store mgr.

Review №64

Price es at. Bashes. Beer. Is. $ 5.00. More. Than. Frys. Don't. Get your. Beer. At. Bashes.

Review №65

Bashas' is a great local store. Having shaded parking is outstanding and nearly one-of-a-kind. Selection is good but space limitations prevent it from being great. Store employees are better than most in attention and and courtesy. Prices are not high but tend not to compete with large stores nearby. It's availability gives it a big boost in rating.

Review №66

I am not a fan of Basha's but it's a good store.

Review №67

I love this store. It is always clean.

Review №68

The store is great, but holy cow DO NOT USE THE NEW SELF CHECK-OUT KIOSKS. They are absolutely horrible!

Review №69

Good buys nice clean store.

Review №70

This place is a very friendly and nice shopping area! 10/10

Review №71

The prices are rather high but they have some really cute cashiers !!

Review №72

Bio and more good shoping

Review №73

The best bread in town

Review №74

Always super as usual

Review №75

Great place, quality top notch

Review №76

This Basha's has a slightly up scale look and feel over some of the other markets in the area. Always nice and clean. They definitely have all the normal grocery store items.

Review №77

Have great sales and overall it a great place to shop. Employees are always helpful

Review №78

Great grocery store, ample undercovered parking lot. Great meat department. Beautiful pastries.

Review №79

This store has a decent selection of organic and vegan/vegetarian friendly foods. They also have a sushi chef, a brick oven pizza deli, and a nice selection of locally brewed beer. The cashiers are really friendly.

Review №80

Always friendly people. Their produce and their meat are A Cut Above the Rest. There is a lot more competition in the area now, but this is still a very nice store.

Review №81

As I walked around the store I could help but notice the employees watching me and when I actually asked for help I got the same answer both times; "I'm new, I don't know where anything is."Very unprofessional.

Review №82

Bashas employees are friendly. Great kids care for free!! Thank you

Review №83

Good stor! kinda expensive

Review №84

Nice and clean. Great customer service.

Review №85

Bob in the pharmacy is why we always come back! HE ROCK'S !!

Review №86

I used to like Bashas , but they have really gone down hill not very many locations left and I got my son's Birthday cake there and was quite dissapointed... I have been buying cakes there for 30 years will not go back for 31.

Review №87

Always friendly love the cashiers especially Bonnie and Nancy!

Review №88

My favorite store with reasonable priced food and fresh baked breads.

Review №89

I just can't recommend this store to anyone. Burrito bar: gross. Rotisserie chicken: cold, dry. Baked rolls, buns, bread: dry. Chicken strips and fries: cold, dry, stale. Macaroni salad: smells rotten. Everything else: don't know, not going to risk it. Probably bad.

Review №90

Love our local Bashas!! They have an amazing kids area, Cub Club! Their friendly staff takes care of my kiddos while I do some shopping.Fresh local produce and great prices!

Review №91

My go-to store. Big enough to have everything I need, but small enough to find it.

Review №92

Fresh made Donuts and Bagels in house. My go to place every Saturday morning for them. My wife is from New Jersey and loves their bagels. They have a wide variety of donuts and treats. They make a croissant donut which is to almost die for. They also have a chocolate butter cream filled donut which leaves NO chemical aftertaste like the ones at a big chain of shops with Pink and Orange letters.

Review №93

Good. That is about it. Deli counter service not up to par

Review №94

Convenient, friendly staff & covered parking

Review №95

Mg. Jamie is a very kind manager!

Review №96

Bakery employees were rude and acted put out when asked for help. Tried to use self checkout due to only 2 checkers and lines 10+ deep in each line and the machine malfunctioned. Stood around waiting for assistance and no one came. I finally had to go hunt someone down to fix the problem. All in all very poor customer service!

Review №97

All was fine except paid $3.00 for the AZ Republic sunday paper. I can get it for $2.00 at Frys but didnt feel like making an extra trip. Huge RIP off, I won't be back.

Review №98

Not mpressive at all

Review №99

I love Bashas, great place to grocery shop and stop for lunch

Review №100

I don't think that I could ever , ever put into a short story the way I love every part of Bashas'. I have been going to Bashas' since they first opened 16 years ago. The manager, Jamie takes pride in his store, this is true with everyone who works for that Bashas'. Every person in every department , from Cindy who manages the awesome bakery , and everyone who works with her, to all of the people in the deli ,Pattie , &Baliey and a lot of people who work with them. Then you have the freshest meat department where everyone offers you their best cut of any kind of meat that you want . No matter what department you go to ,produce ,dairy , floral , every department & everyone who works those departments take pride in what they do ,and they show you ,the customer how much they care. There isn't any other store in Az. who could come close to trying to compare to Bashas' in Chandler, of of Chandler Hights & Gilbert Rd. See for yourself._____

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:4940 S Gilbert Rd, Chandler, AZ 85249, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 480-883-2240
  • Bakery
  • Supermarket
  • Deli
  • Grocery store
  • Liquor store
  • Pharmacy
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6AM–10PM
  • Friday:6AM–10PM
  • Saturday:6AM–10PM
  • Sunday:6AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Check cashing:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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