Einstein Bros. Bagels
2925 S Alma School Rd Ste 1, Chandler, AZ 85286, United States
Review №1

Love their bagels! So fresh and yummy. Must try “Twice-Baked Hash Brown”, you'll love it!

Review №2

Love their breakfast sandwiches and our dog loves their doggy bagels.

Review №3

I gave 3 because i usually have little to no issue with this location. However i went in around noon today and it was bad. They had already shut down the coffee station, we had to get a little plastic cup of cream for our coffee. They messed up our initial bagel order and were okay with the remake although they only fixed one of the two wrong bagels, gave me the wrong scmear to fix the bagel they didn't. The lady was nice and all, but yall. You dont break down front of house until you close. The coffee was burnt and lackluster as well. Plus no one had gloves on? Gross.

Review №4

Staff was friendly food was amazing price point is a bit above the rest i assume its connected to the food being better.

Review №5

Good staff and clean place. Really liked the fresh bagels and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Review №6

Very good bagels and a very large selection made for a perfect breakfast stop for our family. The wait was a little long but worth it; our breakfast sandwiches were fresh and delicious. Service was friendly but our orders took quite a while, it wasn't a work day so it wasn't a problem. My friend and I returned during the week and service was much quicker. Big fresh variety of bagels and very good coffee it's a winner.

Review №7

Amazing bagels just amazing but I wish that it was open a little longer like 5 a.m - 2 p.m

Review №8

We got bagels from this location and they were not good. My bagel was cut horribly. the jalapeños all fell off the top, and there was barley an cream cheese. My wife's bagel was supposed to be double toasted but was not, no there was barely any cream cheese on there as well. We know there is global pandemic happening but that shouldn't affect food quality. Severely dissatisfied and will not return.

Review №9

Love all the bagel and cream cheese combinations

Review №10

Zero stars.Not only is this place overpriced for subpar bagels they also completely gave me the wrong order only to find when I got home.I'll make the drive to “bagel man” and “Bongiorno bagels” from now on.

Review №11

Great bagels and they are doing things afterlife for our good.

Review №12

Great customer service and fresh food!!

Review №13

This location has changed a lot in the past two years! Thanks for getting better!

Review №14

Best bagels in the world, bar none. Get early while they're warm.

Review №15

Love the service and the food. its a good place to strike up a conversation and meet new friends.

Review №16

Absolute joke of a bagel shop. They only make a handful of the flavored bagels and when they're out they say “oh well!” And ask if you'd like to make a different selection. Literally 3 separate times in the last month I haven't been able to get a cinnamon sugar bagel if it's past 10am. I'm done settling for a breakfast I don't want. They don't make enough of their product and they don't care about their customers. I will never visit this establishment again. Complete and utter incompetence.

Review №17

I came here on my break at work to get a breakfast sandwich. It was PACKED. I know it was a Saturday morning, but my personal philosophy is that good restaurant is big enough to reasonably hold all of their customers during a rush. There was NOT enough room at this location. They also need to have enough staff to make everyone's food in a reasonable amount of time. I was impressed that it didn't take more than 10 minutes to get my food, so they get an A in that area. Now for the food. I got a bacon and egg bagel. It was almost $6. The bacon had very obviously been cooked in the microwave. This was the biggest problem i had. I'm expecting flimsy microwave bacon when i get a $3 breakfast sandwich at Jack in the Box, not a $6 sandwich at Einstein's. I guess I was wrong. The only reason i would ever come back here is if I'm at work and need something close by. The combination of not having enough room and paying $6 for flimsy microwave bacon is why I'm giving this place 3 stars out of 5.

Review №18

Service at alma and queen creek blows! Food is good service and the way you order and pay in 2 different spots is dumb

Review №19

I know it varies in different states but their jalapeno bagel with cream cheese is one of the best things about this place in Arizona. They also have fruit cups and smart water and I did not find that out till I went there today. Well once again this is in Chandler, Arizona.

Review №20

Never understood "Cold Coffee" until Yesterday when I drank a Med Hot Coffee before my Morning walk to work... I Understand Now.....Lost like 10 Ibs of Sweat walking a 1/4 mile.=^-^=Now its the Next morning and I am totally wired from a Large Cold Press.Feeling like I can End World Kitty Hunger. 10/10

Review №21

The bagels are good. The service was great.

Review №22

Worst customer service I've ever experienced at a restaurant. We were stared at by employees and skipped over in line. Employees were rude and the service was slow.

Review №23

I've been going here for years! In the mornings it's typically very busy, which is expected, yet they have always delivered great service! I had the opportunity to come in around 11:00am when it was slower and they had been even more amazing! Coffee and bagels are always delicious! Thank you!

Review №24

The new Mac and cheese bagel is amazing. I had the farmhouse with the Mac and cheese and it's better than the six cheese I think. I also love the vanilla coffee here. It is my favorite coffee with dunk in donuts being a close runner up. The jalapeno cheddar bagel is also very good along with the green Chile bagel. I love this place for a patio breakfast . When the weather is right it makes for a Zen morning

Review №25

Love the bagels. Staff is freindly, willing to correct any mistakes. Store is clean.

Review №26

Packed but that's a Sunday morning. Still good food and service.

Review №27

I love this place. The bagels are always great. But, they also have a other pastries and sandwiches which gives a better selection of items. Another plus, you can purchase their shmears separately! The staff are friendly too!

Review №28

GREAT fresh bagels and breakfast items. Bagles are as they should be, crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Review №29

Their new hash brown cheese snacks are delicious

Review №30

I like their garlic bagels with veggie cream

Review №31

Just list a friend early this am, guy atakibg my order was precious and so lovibg listening to Nevin my sadness. Young people get such a bad rap..nice nice nice young man.

Review №32

This is my local Einstein's and they are great.

Review №33

Fresh baked bagels, but needs a better job to monitor coffee bins especially dark roast. It's always low or out during busy morning hours. This store seems to have high employee turnover. The people working here is not always friendly especially for a morning place, but it's not a easy job, so can't really blame them.

Review №34

Very tasty bagels. Love the farmhouse breakfast sandwich on cheddar and jalapeno bagel. Be warned the Jalapeno's are spicy.

Review №35

Great bagels, fast service, beautifully diverse customers - could use more seating. Many people have others in their party "claim" a table while the rest continue in the line. It's kind of what you have to do if you want to sit inside. Leads to a lot of 4 place tables with one bagel-less person sitting at them while others stand there with their orders looking for a place to sit. I don't think they can physically add more in their space, though. Time to expand into the space next door? Good problems to have, I suppose.If you go on a Sunday, try to avoid the times just before or just after the "Mega Churches" down the street let out, unless you love waiting in line.Nova Lox is our favorite.

Review №36

Always fresh, always good

Review №37

Laura is a fantastic GM. Always makes the experience pleasant. Highly recommend this place for the Caribou coffee and bagels.

Review №38

My husband loves the beagles here

Review №39

This place has very nice food and a wide selection of bagles and schmers to choose from. The food comes out very quick and delicious. What my family and I love about it is how fresh the food is. If I had any requests it would be to take some chairs out because the restaurant is not the biggest. I would highly recommend this place because it's is very filling and quick to get. If you and your family like quick, delicious, and fresh food this is the place for you to go.

Review №40

The bagels are good and they offer a variety of sandwiches. I like their coffee which is now Cariboo coffee. Good for a fast breakfast or lunch.

Review №41

Awesome customer service. Great food

Review №42

I really love the bagels and blackberry lemonade. I think there is something for everyone here.

Review №43

Things have gone downhill for this particular store ever since the girls that used to work here are gone you order a bagel and have it toasted cause i like my bagel crispy with a slice of cheese and after it's toasted they throw it in the microwave and it turns the bagel into a sponge and the cheese has disappeared....what's wrong with these people i have no clue.

Review №44

Delicious bagels. Wish we had one in Maricopa.

Review №45

Order taker did not confirm my latte was to be whole milk, flat (no foam) even though I repeated it twice. But it was pretty good.

Review №46

Very good alittle skimpy on the cr. cheese and the avacado spread.

Review №47

Mornings, are hectic for most people. I ordered a dozen bagels and they got the order wrong. That's not even the worst part. I had forgotten to add a sandwich to my order. I say, “so sorry I forgot to add a sandwich”. The young lady tells me “ your killing me”. I'm killing you. I own a few retail businesses and NEVER would I tell a customer “your killing me”. And no it wasn't a joking tone. Lost my business.

Review №48

I asked for an everything bagel toasted with cream cheese, tomato, and onion. The lady asks the worker behind her “ do we have any tomatoes and onions?” Not sliced already he replies and then offers to slice them to complete my order. Instead the lady at the register informs me that they are out of tomatoes and onions... then says sorry. That's what I came for so I went to another location... but excuse me?!?!?! You make bagel sandwiches and have the ingredients available to complete the order but will not complete it because they are not sliced? Why aren't they sliced? Why isn't your station prepped to comeplete orders? This location is sad and the floors were dirty.

Review №49

I can't think of a better bagel place.

Review №50

Einstein's has lost it's edge, too much corporate not enough care and quality. Very sad, used to love Einstein's.

Review №51

Always go for there power bar.. Yummy and good for you!

Review №52

Really good. I had a great sandwich that was prepared on point. Super fresh.

Review №53

Ordered a bagel with cream cheese and there was barely enough cream cheese to cover the top of the bagel. Would have been good if there was enough topping very disappointed. Not worth the 4 bucks I paid.

Review №54

Their flour always causes me indigestion, they don't filter their water so the tea tastes wrong but they have a large table my friends like to gather at

Review №55

Nice place

Review №56

Quick and efficient. Chorizo sunrise breakfast sandwich is excellent.

Review №57

Great food at a good price they are fast and friendly

Review №58

The bagel was okay, the cream cheese was good. But what irked me was paying four dollars for cold brew coffee which was FILLED with coffee grounds. Extremely off putting.

Review №59

Good fast food

Review №60

Great selection, great quality, great service!

Review №61

Quick & friendly service. Of course the bagels were delicious too!

Review №62

Love their bagel pizza, a must-try if you stop here.

Review №63

Great location fast service friendly people love this place the coffee and bagels are awesome as always no matter how long the line is their service is always fast

Review №64

Again this location messed up my order after they forgot it to begin with!!

Review №65

Always love their breakfast.

Review №66

Was told they will not make jalapeno bagels anymore

Review №67

Save your money and go somewhere with better food for breakfast. Low quality ingredients, poor customer service... No need to return.

Review №68

Good bagels and smear

Review №69

The bagels are sooo yummy!

Review №70

Love the bagels but had one totally green in the cut area, second time we have gotten bad bagels from this location

Review №71

The sandwich I ordered wasn't very flavorful, and the line was really long. But the atmosphere outside is really nice in cool weather.

Review №72

Absolutely THE WORST experience ever! I've given this place 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances and every time they more than disappoint!!! 5 people working the front and not a soul knows what they're doing. Orders were 15 minutes behind because there were no bagels to fill them and 1 person working the back bringing out 1 bagel at a time. Manager had no idea when they would be able to put more bagels in the oven and the cashier basically told me they had what they had, take it or leave it and go somewhere else. After I chose a bagel I didn't want, they came back and told me to choose something else because they had just given that bagel to someone else. After that, they still got my order completely wrong and to boot, the bagel was cold, hard and untoasted. Not a single time did I get an apology or offer to make it right. The server simply dropped the baskets on the table and walked away. I will NEVER eat at ANY Einstein location, EVER!

Review №73

Great location! No matter how long the line is, don't worry they're extremely fast

Review №74

Ordered 4 breakfast sandwiches and 3 of them weren't correct. Place is filthy. Whole bagels litter their floor.

Review №75

What can you day it's Einstein's

Review №76

Good coffee. Great bagles.

Review №77

If your wanting a light breakfast sandwich this is the place to go!

Review №78

Here is the only good bagels I like ever

Review №79

I don't normally eat oit for breakfast, but dang the chorizo breakfast bagel really hit the spot. The staff was friendly and my order came quickly. Would definitely come back.

Review №80

Excellent begals and frozen drinks, great place to go to.

Review №81

Love their lox on a thin bagel.

Review №82

Hardly any bagels so unenthusiastic employees with no care to rush and help customers. Being mother's day one would think k they were prepared for a rush.

Review №83

Good service, tasty bagels!

Review №84

Decent bagels and cream cheese

Review №85

Always good food

Review №86

Fresh bagels and friendly staff.

Review №87

Love this place

Review №88

The beagles were delicious

Review №89

Fresh and good tasting.

Review №90

Needs a new crew, people who knows customer and speed of service

Review №91

Love their breakfast bagel sandwiches!

Review №92

Good bagels, very busy.

Review №93

Love my neighborhood Einstein's, great people, coffee and food!

Review №94

Seriously understaffed on Father's day. The crew stayed upbeat despite.

Review №95

Good bagel sandwiches

Review №96

Great bagel breakfast sandwiches

Review №97

Staff was super friendly, fast and efficient!!

Review №98

Bagel sandwich is so yummy.

Review №99

Great,l place

Review №100

Amazing bagels!

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  • Address:2925 S Alma School Rd Ste 1, Chandler, AZ 85286, United States
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  • Phone:+1 480-899-4449
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
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  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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