Cincinnati Dinner Train
2172 E Seymour Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45237, United States

Review №1

Nice location for quality American food. Do not leave if it's busy, it is worth it. I will be back with my friends. Prices were good for how much you get.

Review №2

Really interesting. The railway cars were very well preserved so guests get to experience a little bit of history. The food was good and the service was excellent. Especially loved the Cincinnati Sisters singing group. Highly recommend.

Review №3

A night back to 1949, all the passengers in a cabin carefully dressed themselves as 1949. The food also great, I enjoy the steak and strawberry cheesecake. Thank you for the performance of Queen City sisters. I enjoy the history stories. A wonderful experience!

Review №4

My boyfriend and I rode the dinner train for his birthday. It was beautiful! A really nice date night idea or could also be fun as a group outing. If you go in a group multiples of four is the best option. If two people go you sit with another couple, theres an option to sit at a table for two but the window is a little smaller. Seats book fast and they're usually booked three months out. You can board the train between 5 and 545 and the train leaves promptly at 6. We returned some time around 9pm. Dinner is served during the course of the ride. When you first sit at your table there are plates with crackers, cheese, salami, fruit, and dip. Theres a bar and the bartenders make great drinks. The Conductor provides historical information as the ride progresses and theres even a singing group. It's really amazing! I would definitely recommend it! Ages 12 and up only.

Review №5

Very nice time. The history and facts included keep things interesting, food was great, bar prices very reasonable. One of the owners was there on train, talking to us in the Milwaukee car. He was personable, knowledgeable and you could tell he genuinely cared that we all had a nice time. Excellent service and hospitality by all staff. Highly recommend!

Review №6

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our evening on the Cincinnati Dinner Train! We both are admittedly nerds and really appreciated the historical insights from our car's Conductor and the overall experience of riding the train. The owners have worked so hard to have the train cars restored and highlighted wonderful little things like a denture sink in the restroom- who knew! Staff was great and the entertainment was prefect. The food was what we expected (think nice wedding banquet). We were so excited about the entire experience and plan on making reservations again soon!

Review №7

My family and I had a great time! The experience we had was even more special by having the owner in our dinning car who showed his passion in what he was doing by providing the history regarding the rail in Cincinnati as well as some first and oldest things associated with Cincinnati. The owner was extremely entertaining as well as funny. We really enjoyed being able tour others cars on the train. All eight of us enjoyed our meals. The flash back to 1947 was felt by the dressing of singers who song well. Everyone associated with the dinner train were extremely hospitable in providing service. The conductors were knowledgeable regarding train functions as well as entertained your questions. Highly recommend this experience.

Review №8

Very fun and memorable experience! The food was good but nothing to go back for. The 1949 throwback experience is really the crown jewel of the evening

Review №9

Fantastic experience, especially with a small group. Very organized with fun history lesson. Entertainment was enjoyable and dinner servers really professional and efficient. Will make the trip an annual experience.

Review №10

Absolutely amazing experience. Will do again this year. Yummy food from appetizer to dessert. Wonderful entertainment. Loved the experience of meeting new people

Review №11

We have never had a bad experience here, highly recommend!

Review №12

Delightful time! My dad is a train fanatic and we enjoyed watching him act like a big kid getting to blow the whistle. Dinner was delicious and the stories were awesome! Gathered some pieces of history for the memory. One of the owners was onboard for our trip, made it more special to hear his adventures and how he put the dinner train together.

Review №13

The neatest experience around. Food was amazing, the staff was terrific. 5 star experience.

Review №14

Last Saturday was 1949 theme. Two cars were dedicated to 1940s attire only. We had an amazing time. The service and food was wonderful. The live music was incredible. And we are definitely going to make this a recurring event.

Review №15

Greeted with gingerbread cookies and apple cider and sugar cookies in the room! Thank you so much and for another wonderful property and expertise.

Review №16

We had the most lovely evening on the Cincinnati dinner train!!! It started off with a commemative photograph before bording. Once on the train there was a small appetizer waiting for us. Once we got moving promptly at 6:00pm we were treated to a salad with rolls, entree with green beans and baked potatoe, followed by dessert and coffee all while taking in the sights of Cincy! During the trip the conductors gave us talks about history and other interesting and unique information. The Queen City Sisters sang 3 songs in each car before taking the stage in a back car. Afterwards we were free to tour the train cars and take in the views. All the staff were exceptional and ensured that we had a really lovely trip! Dress up in your best 1940s attire to add to the fun!

Review №17

Great time, staff and something worth experiencing. This was our second time on the train and we have enjoyed it each time.

Review №18

Awesome experience. Great food and service. The entertainment was really good. We had a wonderful time.

Review №19

This was awesome, food was A+, Wonderful host and the girl trio was the best. I would do it again.

Review №20

Trip was dashing and food was wonderful to the taste with seasoning and not too mention the sights while in the passing. Thank you for your time..... Much appreciated staff!This is great for a business, date, or even a memorable experience for the family's! Oh. . Booking does go fast!

Review №21

Can't get enough of this place! French onion soup is the best all-around and it is very affordable to everyone especially the student like me.

Review №22

The experience was outstanding from start to finish. Our trip was loaded with historical and modern sites that were delivered by our Conductor Paul. It included a meal composed of an appetizer, salad, main course, and dessert. The cheesecake and chocolate pecan were awesome. Three songstress provided music for our journey. Bryan is a great host. We had a memorable time

Review №23

Made a reservation 4 months in advance and it was canceled due to a windstorm, but that's not why I'm giving it a poor review. The truly pathetic thing about it is after informing me a day before my reservation, the only thing they offered me was to reschedule for a whopping 10% off. I understand that the weather is the weather and anything could happen, HOWEVER offering 10% off a reschedule is more like a slap in the face.

Review №24

What a great night! I was part of a party of twelve from my office. We had to book our seats nearly three months in advance. As it turned out, the dining car we were on had its air conditioner go on the blink. The staff was so helpful and actually made it an exciting adventure. They moved us to another car where we were entertained buy the Queen City Sisters and served our desserts there. The food was excellent and the dining cars were delightful. Everyone went out of their way to insure all twelve of us had a good time. To top it all off, the owners offered everyone in our car a buy one get one free deal which all of us plan to take advantage of. I highly recommend the Cincinnati Dinner Train. The best $90.00 I have spent in a long time.

Review №25

The food and service was absolutely phenomenal. It's a great set up for a date night, minus the drawbacks of constant interruptions with stories. To me it took away from the relaxing and comfortable pace of railroading, particularly dinner trains. Won't be likely to go back.

Review №26

The food was great and the train was nice and clean. There is not much to look at out the windows.... just a bunch of graffiti on the walls and over grown trees. But we were seated with a great couple and had great conversation. Also our server Ms. Lukki was AWESOME. We plan to go back and we hope we get her again.

Review №27

Very enjoyable the food was tasty and service was very delightful

Review №28

The food was great and the service was awesome! Not much scenery to view, fall colors weren't out for our trip.

Review №29

Fun experience and really good food, would recommend to others. It was fun seeing people dressed for the 1940s. This is our second time on the train (after having a date night there, we decided my grandmother would love it, and opened up the invitation to extended family members for her big birthday bash). We went in early June and late August. Any later in the year, and I wonder if it would be too dark to see some of the sights... But maybe the foliage wouldn't be so thick at that point- there is a lot of greenery.

Review №30

A fun adventure again on the dinner train! Mother nature tried to impact or fun however we had a great meal, made some new friends at our table and some fun entertainment from the Queen City Sisters! We will be back - December (if any tickets left) or March!!!!

Review №31

I can't believe that this has been around for 10 years, by far the best kept secret in Cincinnati. The great service started when I first called to book the reservations, they were very helpful with the booking and answering questions.The trains are beautifully restored and a great place to eat a meal. The staff was very attentive and friendly.The food was terrific! All the dinner choices (Chicken, Prime Rib and Salmon) were chosen and not one complaint.I recommend you go and have a good time!

Review №32

Great food, great service

Review №33

Great experience. Food only good if you're starving. Mediocer at best. Pricing steep. Ambiance cool and somewhat romantic. Setup leaves much to be desired. Worse part is sitting with people that you don't know (unless you pay extra to have a private table), but even worse, have nothing in common with people at the table being dined at. Would be nice if they offered more than just one genre (time period is 40's era). Overall the "experience" was a plus and worth it, but especially if you dress up.

Review №34

The Cincinnati Train Ride was amazing. We were celebrating our 32 anniversary and it was a wonderful time . The food was amazing and the service. While on the train ride we meet a couple at our table and that was a neat experience. We will not forget this experience . We plan on doing the train ride again in the future.

Review №35

Food was Great I order Prime Rib best I ever ate The evening was great Will definitely go again

Review №36

Had a good time. Staff we're great. A little pricey.

Review №37

AC did not work in our car. Food was OK (vegan options are not good. The vegetable medley was just cucumbers and eggplant tossed in oil and layered on a bed of red sauce) Servers were good and took care of us but the management did not even consider giving any refund for the uncomfortable experience we had with the AC on a very hot evening. They did offer a buy one get one offer but that was just business strategy to get people on board again instead of being considerate and offering some refund. Do not go unless you are fine in spending over 100$ per person for average food.

Review №38

This 3 hour historical train ride is amazing!. The staff/servers are so friendly. The food is awesome. If you're looking for something different to do. Cincinnati Dinner Train is a lifetime memory you'll never forget.

Review №39

This train ride and dinner was a gift from my wife for my birthday. It was a million-dollar day for us. She paid extra so I could ride up in the engine with the engineer and conductor. They were very friendly and explained everything about the ride that I wanted to know. Food was delicious service was incredible the train ride itself Randal on the Ohio river past lunken Airport period a breathtaking View. Everybody should take this train ride we are going to make it at least an annual event.

Review №40

Had a great time. A nice dinner and loved the history lesson

Review №41

We were a party of 15 ranging in age from 12 to 69 celebrating a 50th Wedding anniversary. The staff treated us like royalty! The ride was smooth and pleasant, the food and drinks were good and the Cincinnati Sisters singing group was delightful. All-around a very memorable experience!

Review №42

Great way to spend an evening!

Review №43

My husband surprised me for our anniversary with the dinner train dinner . He invited 10 of our closest friends. It was awesome.

Review №44

I went to the Cincinnati dinner train with a bunch of friends couple of days back. Our car had an air conditioner failure issue on a 90 deg hot humid evening. We were all dressed and eager to spend the evening on the train which has so many amazing reviews. Unfortunately the experience was utterly uncomfortable as the AC was not working in the dining car for almost 90% of the journey. We had to move to a different car and "look for space" to sit. We could not even have our dinner peacefully and kept reaching out to keep ourselves hydrated as we were literally suffocated because of the heat. The ticket price is 90$ excluding tip. Since the servers did a great job, we even tipped more than 20%!!! Although the servers tried their best to make our experience better even in the suffocating environment, I don't think we got our money's worth considering the base price is so high (and it is definitely for the "train experience" which was ruined for us in the first place). Everything was still OK until I sent them an email asking for a refund if possible and they offered a buy one get one offer instead for the next trip but I don't think I will be coming back so there is no question of buying any more tickets. I know there are great reviews about the Cincinnati dinner train that is why we thought of going in the first place but unfortunately our experience was not good and it really disappoints me to see that a customer's inconvenience is also being treated as marketing opportunity by offering a buy one get one instead of a refund!! I would have recommended the dinner train to my friends but now I won't.

Review №45

All around great evening

Review №46

I enjoyed the complete evening. Meal was just enough and very tasty. Drinks if we wanted would have been a bite expense. And the coach was kinda cramped. But wasn't enough to complain about. Overall wonderful evening, and would do it again.

Review №47

Wow wow wow, love it love it, this is probably the neatest dinner you can have .... PeriodCan't wait to go early

Review №48

What a fun experience, the food was delicious, the servers worked very hard. The queen city singers were adorable. Highly recommend to everyone!

Review №49

Good food and fun trip. Learned more about Cincinnati.

Review №50

We had an amazing time. Upon arriving to the train seeing the costumes and hearing the singers (1940s style singing some Christmas carols) was great. The food was good (we had the chicken) the ride was fun and informative. Nice to learn things about Cinci that you never knew. I will do this again.

Review №51

Food was great and the ambiance was fantastic! Great night out!

Review №52

Problem has been resolved. They took care of any problem we had Thank you !

Review №53

Very good evening loved the staff

Review №54

Wonderful ride with lots of history.

Review №55

So much fun!

Review №56

Well Its a must this is an amazing part of Cincinnati . The staff was so pleasant and helpful in helping me to propose to my now fiancé. Thank u for all your help. everyone should try this. The food was amazing and the history lesson was a nice bones. Thanks again

Review №57

It is so nice. The second trip was even better than the first. Everyone is very professional & friendly. I would definitely encourage anyone interested to try it out.

Review №58

For advertising a 5-star meal and experience, this couldn't have been more mediocre. For 120 bucks per ticket, you are given a meal that O'Charleys could have done better and cheaper (the salad was literally iceberg lettuce, carrots, and ranch) , a 'show' which is 3 girls singing for 6 minutes of a 3 hour long trip, and unless you bring 3 people with you, you're sitting with 2 people who are probably feeling just as awkward about wasting their time and money as you are.Do not waste your money. It's painfully boring - the route goes through a ton of run-down industrial parks that they sell as 'historical areas of Cincinnati'. It's not scenic and it's about as serene as driving through rush hour traffic.

Review №59

Great experience, you got to go there

Review №60

Wonderful experience!!! Loved every part of the evening! Dinner was amazing! The staff was great! And I asked my girlfriend to be my wife, and she said yes!!!

Review №61

Such a fun night. Owner was fantastic, learned a lot about it the history of Cincinnati. Such a unique experience so glad we went!

Review №62

We went on the dinner train Sept 8th, the food was great the servers were wonderful but we had engine failure, ended up sitting for more then 2 hours of the train ride, didnt even make it within 10 minutes before the engine went out. They had to get a new engine, then we went for about another 10 minutes an they had to switch the engine to the other side which took another hour, an at the point they decided to head back an end the trip, we didnt even make it to the river front which is suppose to be the best view due to rising water. But overall was a fun time, will go again.

Review №63

I was thinking of taking a Friend for a Ride this March for her Birthday but, after reviewing the Reviews I not going to waste my time to be disappointed. It is nice that people can share their experience with others so others don't have to suffer the disappointment. It is too bad that the Company does not try and fix these response. Shows lack of caring.

Review №64

Great for a weekend getaway dinner

Review №65

Had an Air conditioning issue that led to us being stuck in a sweaty car for 2.5 hrs and the experience was terrible for the price. It was an unforseen situation but full points to the staff for the way they empathised and tried to serve us!!But the owners seem to be blindsided by their 10 year reputation/pride that they are not even considering a refund and instead pitching for a buy one get one offer as compensation. They fail to understand that their guests don't just include well settled old timers but students who are interested in the service and who paid a lot of money(for their capacity) to experience this train ride.I received a rather sarcastic response from one of the owners for bringing this up.My one star rating is primarily for the response I received from the owners.For those who are planning on getting tickets, it's a one time fancy train dinner. You should definitely give it a try if you don't mind spending $90.

Review №66

Best ever.

Review №67

Excellent food, great stories and wonderful music. All around a magical experience.

Review №68

Wonderful food...wonderful train experience. The only downfall was the conductor that was the narrator didn't seem engaged nor spoke loud enough for us to hear.

Review №69

Great time. Great history. Good food. Good music.

Review №70

We enjoyed the trip very much, food was good, service was great. I loved the Queen City Sisters Trio!

Review №71

Great food, service, and hospitality.

Review №72

Great food. Great experience. A whole lotta fun

Review №73

Can't say enough about our evening. Definitely a night to remember.

Review №74

Good food, strong drinks, good time

Review №75

The Great Train Ride

Review №76

Enjoyable Train Ride, we didn't do the dinner but was able to see Cincinnati from a different view.

Review №77

Train broke down after leaving the station . Got it fixed and was stopped again. Didn't get full ride because we still needed to get back at right time. Out of 3 hours we maybe rode 20 to 30 minutes. Terrible

Review №78

Loved it!! My boyfriend and I had an AWESOME time!!

Review №79

Great food

Review №80

Wonderful and very historical i would go back

Review №81

This is definitely a one of a kind dining experience in Cincinnati.The only thing I'm really not a fan of is it can be expensive, it does get a little long towards the end, and they will stick you with random people if you're a couple to fill tables. The last point could be great or not so depending on the other couple you're with.But on its perks. You get a 4 course meal for anywhere from $60-$100 a person. The food is phenomenal though! It would be nice if they included one drink with it though. You are seated at a 4 person table. Like I said, if you have 4 people great if not you will be assigned a random couple. Fortunately, we were seated with another younger couple who we had great conversation with for the 3 hours you're on the train. People who live along the route come out and wave as you go by too which is kind of neat. Some of the scenery is very unique and a part of the city you can only see this way. Other parts are boring and full of other trains at a station and lots of trees and one part full of dirty run down houses and yards. But the most part is full of nice neighborhoods and landmarks that the staff point out to you.There is a bar car located at the back of the train. If its nice out the staff will slide open the side loading doors and you can watch the world go by behind the safety railing. They are very knowledgeable and love telling stories about the history of landmarks and the railway itself. The drinks are reasonably priced and included beer, simple mixed drinks and a pretty extensive wine list.It starts in Madisonville and goes over 71 where you can wave to traffic. It then heads south through Oakley, goes by Lunken Airport and stops at Sawyer Point to change the engine over and back the same tracks to where it began. The courses come out with perfect timing to take up the trip down without feeling like you're gorging yourself. And the food is so good! When you book your trip, you will get your choice of 3 dishes, so you know what you're getting into before hand.Its a great unique date/special occasion date idea, for sure. I'm looking forward to doing it again sometime

Review №82

The best.

Review №83

Cincinnati Dinner Train is a must! I highly recommend it!

Review №84

We enjoyed it and the food was good.

Review №85

Must do dinner train

Review №86

Fun night

Review №87

A really class act

Review №88

Awesome time, would do it again

Review №89

Very nice ride

Review №90


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  • Wine:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Historic:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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