OCharleys Restaurant & Bar
5075 Crookshank Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45238, United States
Review №1

Our server was double sat when we got there but she still was great! didn't have to wait for refills on drinks or rolls. the food was also good. so good that my dog ate my left overs off my counter bummer

Review №2

Literally the worst experience and all of our food was wrong and cold and the steak was foul it was still raw but the blood was like a weird brown color they should get in trouble just for serving the steaks we got oh and we didn't get our appetizer until we were about to leave and she only brought out one thing from the top shelf combo appetizer!! (The steak is in a box cause I just took it home to my dog since we still had to pay for it)

Review №3

We have our H-7 networkingG group there every week. Shelby is great.Knows my order upon walking in the door and brings me tea at the same time I am getting ready to sit down. She is awesome.

Review №4

Very disappointedI'm only giving one star because the food was hot and brought out quickly.I must say I was very disappointed at this O'Charley's location when I walked in , the carpet was full of left over trash from previous guest. I was seated quickly but not greeted by my server for some time when she did arrive I asked her if someone could clean off our table seats and floor because of the leftover food droppings and trash from the previous guest. I did noticed she looked very tired and distracted and asked her if they just got swamped and she said yes. I understand that but service was still downhill from there she brought out the bread and butter but did not bring us bread plates when I did ask for them at the end of the meal they had never arrived. I only got one glass of water upon request but my glass was never refilled the entire meal until she finally came back to check at the end. I had to ask for a refill. Our server only asked if our appetizers were okay which was the spinach artichoke dip and yes it was made perfectly but she never checked on our meals( the catfish and the cedar plank salmon by the way was delicious asparagus was thin and stringy but like I said the food was hot and it was brought out promptly .) when we were done she asked us if we would like some pie and that was our only option given. I'm only writing this review because I had just frequent an O' Charlie's in Sharonville and the service and the food was excellent I love the cedar plank salmon so much that I was I was passing this particular restaurant we pulled over to get it again but the experience was horrible and felt like it was a waste of our time and money. It was disappointing because it was only 8:30 p.m. on a Tuesday night there was roughly five other tables so there was no reason to have that many servers and that few of customers and service be so poor.

Review №5

Oakley location is wonderful, western hills (crookshank location) is lacking in regards to its front desk personnel. The waiters and waitresses are exceptional, but indifferent when they've had a bad day- which I suppose is warranted. Overall not a bad experience, and my waitress was awesome.

Review №6

This place use to be a gem now its a rock. I ordered a catering sized order that included rolls. The rolls were hard and burnt the tenders soggy. Every time I have picked up an order it looked like someone just threw it in the box. Any time I have dined in the experience is much better. However it is not cheaper to carry out so I should be getting the same quality of food whether I dine in or order it to go.

Review №7

O'Charley's always does an awesome job. Food is always hot and delicious. I am there every Monday with a group. Our server is always Shelby. She does an amazing job. She always remembers what we drink, eat - everything. Very grateful for Shelby and her service.

Review №8

I had a very good night the food was good sense it was my Birthday. I am so happy and bless today

Review №9

Ordered for DoorDash delivery. Chicken tenders and Mac n cheese. Tenders overdone and no honey mustard, Mac n cheese is burnt noodles are brown and hard and it has absolutely no flavor, 2 very hard dinner rolls thrown in a large brown bag and no butter included. Horrible Horrible has gone sooo downhill. Used to be the best chicken tenders around!!

Review №10

I had the spinach & artichoke dip for my appetizer...soooooooo good. Then for main course steak n bourbon grilled salmon with broccoli and a baked potato in butter and sour cream of course their rolls.

Review №11

I usually have a no problems ordering to go but today my cajun pasta only had sauce on the top and not mixed together and barely any Cajun on it. Ice cream did not come with the pie. I guess today wasn't my day.

Review №12

They are strictly adhering to the CDC regulations. I felt very comfortable here! The grilled salmon was amazing!

Review №13

I ordered the soup and sandwich. The soup was good. But the sandwich took a half hour to get, and when I got it the sandwich was on a hoagie bun!! Cold!Nasty! It used to be served warm with melted cheese on regular toasted white bread. I will not go back there.

Review №14

Shelby was fantastic. She helps our group every week and she is always fast, prompt, courteous and just a very good person

Review №15

Door dashed this tonight. I didn't realize they were closing, it didn't say that on door dash. We got out food, I had Cajun pasta, the pasta was just Alfredo with no peppers or Cajun seasoning, the chicken was the skin of a chicken husband has catfish, that is really good, his Mac and cheese taste like water. We got two cups of potatoe soup and it tastes burnt. I'm very disappointed in the quality of the food for the price we paid.

Review №16

Come here every Monday! Shelby does an amazing job taking care of our large group! Knows everyone's orders by heart!

Review №17

They dropped their lunch menu and I paid $40 for 3 people & it was far from top notch on the quality at that price.

Review №18

Spent a half hour on the phone listening to recorded message, no one ever picked up. Drove to the restaurant, which was virtually empty. When we explained that we wanted to place a carry out order we were told that we had to drive to the other side of the building and someone would come out to take our order. When we mentioned that we tried to call it in, that we sat on hold for a half hour without EVER talking to a human being, we were told, "well, we're kinda busy". Yet we could have been seated immediately. To top it off, they are not offering prime rib at this time due to Covid. Went to Arby's.

Review №19

Food was horrible. Fried pickles tasted like catfish n shitken

Review №20

Order Date: 5/13/20Order#: 600722966Order: 1x Chicken tenders & fries w/ extra honey mustard1x Bacon Cheddar Burger & Fries1x Hand battered fish & chips w/ extra tartar sauce2x 8 RollsMy estimated pick up time was set for 8:23pm, I didn't receive my meal until 8:55pm. My first meal was barely put together, there were bits and pieces of chicken fingers in that meal, and no honey mustard whatsoever. Only received 4 rolls in total & should've received 16 rolls. As you can imagine the food had to be cold after 30min.

Review №21

Great lunch. My steak was perfect. Out waitress Jen was so nice and helpful.

Review №22

The appearance of the establishment looks nice,food was what i wanted and delicious will return again.Satified customer

Review №23

Food usually good have been a couple times when it has not been but they always try to make it right.

Review №24

Neel is very rude! I came to pick up my boyfriends order and I saw there was a line so I stood with the rest of the people. Out of frustration Neel came out yelling at all of the customers who were waiting. Like me everyone thought it was a line for pick up. Me and my boyfriend waited for about 2 hours for his food to be ready. We waited so long we ended up cancelling our order! Neel also then had a very rude tone when speaking to me and other customers. This is beyond unacceptable and very unorganized! I expect a full reimburse and accommodations to be made!

Review №25

They're filet and a real filet are not the same. Changed my order to a to go Salman dinner. Waited 1 1/2. Hours. Service was terrible. Did not ask for separate checks. Server got a 15dollar tip and I never got a meal!!!!! Terrible!

Review №26

I've always loved this place. But my order was so terrible it seemed as if a joke was being played on me. The dinner rolls went from a reason to go there to something I wouldn't feed my dog. My chicken was so fatty and gamey I couldn't chew it. Salad was like leftover ingredients and not a large portion of what they did throw together . I would not be shocked if this place isn't going out of business, that's how bad it was

Review №27

Waiting outside, but not too long.Inside service was slow, but glad to be out at last.Food was good and plentiful.Strangers we talked to outside bought our dinner!!!!!! Nice folks!

Review №28

Place seems different. Not in a good way though.

Review №29

They were awesome service and the food was to die for go and eat there if you want some great food and great atmosphere ......

Review №30

This place is horrible both times I've been here my order was messed up. First time was cold food. Second time was cold food and Hair. Was told by the manager I could get a free meal because of it. When I tried to get my meal they would not honor my meal because they “didn't remember me “ The manager I spoke to she was very rude. Do NOT COME HERE

Review №31

Food is 1 star. I had the steak and salmon dinner. Steak dry. Salmon dry. Coleslaw warm. The only reason my wife and I will come back is due to the good service from Jessica the bartender tonight and Tyla our waitress. Thank you to them.

Review №32

I give them a zero starThey burn the food. I ordered a simple broccoli and cheese and they burnt it plus it was in a very tiny bowl.

Review №33

Good food but portioning could be better for the price. They pull a red lobster and they to fill you up on bread rolls before the actual food gets out so you are less likely to notice. That said I love the bread rolls. Staff was friendly and the resteraunt was very clean and has a decent atmosphere. All in all 3.5 stars out of 5 but since I cant half star its 4/5

Review №34

Waited 35 minutes to be seated. When we finally got our table we looked around and they had a bunch of sections not being used. Took about 10 minutes to even been seen. Ordered drinks. another long wait to get them. Put in food order . Took long for that my daughter in law salad was brown a n.v d the chicken was not real chicken. Look pressed. My steak was all dried and the presentation was sad my son us not well today. has food poisoning we think

Review №35

My favorite place to take my family. Always fresh rolls and great service. We went today for free pie Wednesday and for every entree purchase we received a free slice of pie! What a deal! Such a nice experience.

Review №36

One of the better family restaurants in the western hills area. Great service, very clean and usually not to bad of a wait. Kids eat free and the menu has nice variety. Prices are just right for the portion size you get. Some dishes, like the chopped steak can be hit or miss. First time I tried it, it was just right but the second time, it was mushy and drowned in gravy. However, the waitress was vigilant and corrected the issue happily and relatively quickly. Highly recommended for families and small groups that want a good meal that won't hurt the wallet.

Review №37

They don't always get the to-go orders right, but the relatively small errors are not enough to keep us away. Great variety of good, well prepared comfort food at very reasonable prices. Can't get enough of those dinner rolls. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Review №38

Awful order a black and blue ceaser salad and rib and sirloin combo both steaks tasted funcky called to talk to a manager was left on hold for 30 min

Review №39

Al are server was great and food too

Review №40

Arrived to pick up our order and it wasn't ready. We'd placed it over the phone and it turns out, they didn't have the order in file. The manager, Emily, made sure to get the order in right away and have it expedited. About 25 mins later, it was ready. Things are crazy with all the new rules surrounding COVID, so I can understand the confusion. It was frustrating to have to wait, but we appreciate them making it right.

Review №41

I typically get the salmon here and it's always good. The staff is friendly and attentive. My last visit the server seemed to be ill but was considerate enough to wash her hands.

Review №42

I had dinner with a friend and the waiter and the food was superb. We felt safe dining in the restaurant.

Review №43

The greeter took forever to seat us! We nearly left. So I ordered the strawberries and cream cheese French toast and they actually served it to me burnt! They tried to hide it under a bunch of whipped cream. But it was clearly burnt. I ordered a drink. It barely had any flavor to it. It was watered down. Our server was ok. But he clearly was slow in getting checking on our food. My friend order the salmon which was actually cooked perfectly. But her food was kinda cold. Service was very slow. It took forever for us to get our food and when we did it was cold. The tables wasn't really cleaned when we were seated. I mean I haven't been to this restaurant for nearly a year because the last time I went the service was terrible. So I tried to give the benefit of the doubt. But I will not be back here.

Review №44

Food was undercooked. Service was awful. Appetizer was like store bought frozen. Potato Soup was good. Drinks took 15 minutes to get. After asking 4 times. Watered down and not good.

Review №45

Great service provided during this pandemic. 5 stars. thanks for your service

Review №46

Food is ok, service is a little slow, but usually worth the wait

Review №47

Slow service good food

Review №48

My wife's 103 year old aunt wanted to go here. It was free pie night so it was crowded and we had a short wait. Our food, a burger, fish and chips and chicken tenders was just ok. Nothing to rave about but nothing that was bad. As we left I was happy to hear her aunt say she didn't want to come back.

Review №49

Nice family restaurant. Good portion size and nice specials. Drinks are pretty good. Kids eat free (cha-Ching!)! If you want a night out with the family & have a budget, you will earn more bang for your buck, here. Staff is friendly. Curbside option and they are on several food delivery apps (in case you cannot get out).

Review №50

We were seated quickly, because it was kind of early. Table had crumbs all over it and so did our seats. At one point I noticed a waitress put a tray in a spot where ketchup, A1 sauce & menus were placed. The tray had lots of water on it, so it dripped down the wall & onto the floor. I noticed she looked down twice at the water, but ignored. Then I noticed other tables pointing at the water. Someone could have slipped & been hurt. Then a waiter put a plate full of Nachos & cheese on the Bar and was eating them & then waiting on customers???? He did this continuously while we were eating....They don't get breaks? I always liked this place, but I won't be back.....Our waitress Jessica was Great & food was was just the dirtiness & lack of professionalism that bothered me

Review №51

Good food ,reasonable priced , kitchen was slow

Review №52

The food is constantly fresh and delicious, workers provides great service. I love the cleanliness and character. I highly recommend this spot.

Review №53

Staff is horrible they have you on hold for almost a hr just to place a to go order. They are rude not to mention extremely unorganized..They advertise grilled when it's not a grill on the promises it's like air baked even the steaks!!! Go to outback if you want better service!

Review №54

Would of been 5 if I didn't have to go back for drinks

Review №55

They have horrible call in service the staff is rude andtand leave you on hold for long periods of time if you are on the go don't depend on ocharleys western hills!!

Review №56

Got here at 8:55pm and an employee walked outside to tell us they were already closed. She was standing right next to a sign that said 11pm. When I questioned the signs hours she said Dewine is making all business's close by 9pm. I know for a fact that is no longer the case I work for 2 that stay open past that time in Ohio!

Review №57

The food is always good here.

Review №58

I waited to be greeted too long! I actually started to walk out because they were not crowded and employees were just walking by not even acknowledging that I was there..... I was there for a business meeting so time was important, the food was good and that saved them from a really bad review.... kudos to you Craig, who was our waiter!!!! But if y'all ever want to try a awesome fried chicken sandwich (keep in mind I love popeyes) they have one that has the Nashville hot sauce on it but I never get it with the nash sauce

Review №59

Good service but prime rib was on tuff side. Management was happy to discount; this will make me come back.

Review №60

Service was good and Friendly. The steamed broccoli was hard and luke warm, the Prime Rib was tough and not very flavorful. This now makes the last 3x's we have been here I have not been happy with the food. I'm just thinking it's time to stop wasting my money.

Review №61

Great service through tough times. Awesome bartenders

Review №62

Going down hill. Used to have the best steak on the westside but they got rid of their fire grill. Now it's the least recommended place to get a steak. Pros: has cheap door dash delivery. Would not recommend unless they get their fire grill back.

Review №63

I've ordered from there twice the firsttime I ordered steak it showed up rare when I ordered it well then I ordered another time burgers same thing ask for well and they showed up rare very dissatisfied

Review №64

Lopsided service and the food was served cold. We came in at 12:50 on Sunday afternoon. We sat at one of the bart tables. Our order was taken by the bartender immediately and then we were forgotten. We had to seek out a server for refills on our beverages. I inquired about our order 20 minutes later, and the waitress/bartender told me it was coming and that she didn't "cook" the food. We patiently waited some more . Finally, I pressed again, and low and behold our food came out (much later than when we first ordered). It was ice cold. The burger tasted like it had been sitting for an eternity and the onion straws were cold and clammy. Not a good experience to say the least. We walked out.

Review №65

We usually love this place but tonight it was bad. I work in restaurant and I understand a lot of things others don't this was just different. We usually come on Saturday evenings that I have off and we sit in bar area and our server is the same and always amazing. Tonight we got sat in the back, ok that's fine we weren't greeted for 15 mins or so, the server gave us bread and said let me cash out another table before getting drunk orders. He also had a party I believe of ten, us a 3 top and then they immediately sat him 6 or 7 top. The 6 or 7 top waited even longer than we did for drinks. He brought out our waters but my partner ordered a beer and I ordered soup, so his 10 tops food comes out and I see a manager and ask could she get the beer and the soup, she did. But that's the last time we seen her. It wasn't busy but he was definitely overwhelmed and should have gotten some assistance from her and coworkers. I had to go to the bar for refills and he came out apologizing because the 10 top all ordered pies and he said he had to make them himself. Why would u offer free pie and make the server responsible for them. When our food came all fries were cold and sides on rib plate. We just ate them because we were starving. We finally got our check and left. Also there was a server back there just sitting around I guess because he was cut, but team work would have been great, if u notice a table needs refills and such help out, but don't just sit in a booth and do nothing. The manger really needs to be held accountable. And yes we still tipped 20% because I wouldn't tip any less.

Review №66

Food was amazing. Service was fast.

Review №67

Ok food, good service. If service was not good I would leave fewer stars as food is mediocre.

Review №68

Meals are big. Prices are good.

Review №69

Food was good.Drinks were good

Review №70

Haven't been in years glad I went excellent meal I hope they keep up the good work.

Review №71

Caramel pie

Review №72

Potato soup was not good

Review №73

Good food nice staff

Review №74

Well last night wasn't the best. My buddies filet was sent back 3 times. He wanted it medium well it came out rare. By the time they were finished after 30 minutes it was burnt on the outside but medium well on the inside. But they did give it to him no charge. There was 2 other people around us that had issues also. I've been going there a long time though and this was only the 2nd time for issues.

Review №75

Great food and friendly service

Review №76

Our server, Emma was friendly and attentive. Salmon was good and fresh, bathroom a little smelly. Overall, a good experience.

Review №77

We were skipped over to place order. Appetizer was cold and had to be sent back. Steaks were mediocre. Waitress barely came back and tried to give the bill shortly after starting our entrees. When we were ready to pay we waited a good 15 minutes so I had to go to the front to get someone to find our waitress. We will never be back.

Review №78

Great service, great food. Been her several times with no problems.

Review №79

The taste and quality of the baby back ribs was very good. But I was expecting it to be an actual full rack. It looked like a half rack to me.

Review №80

The wedge salad was humongous and the chicken tenders were fresh and hot. I absolutely can not complain. Service was great!

Review №81

Extra long wait to sit, order and receive food. Found a hair in my sweet potato fries last week. Didn't say anything because our server was nice. Could use a better menu and better deals. Also they don't have wings on the menu at all.. big no no for a bar..

Review №82

My son came into town and we went to OCharleys for my birthday I got the prime rib it was great. Not the best I ever had but good relatively cheap and nearby.

Review №83

I got the potato soup with cheese very good the best I got chicken tenders with ranch that was delicious I would go back there again the people are very friendly there

Review №84

I was disappointed that they didn't have the all you can eat chicken tenders that was advertised in an email I received.

Review №85

Our server was great. I think her name was Christina! Gave us excellent suggestions!

Review №86

I like the service and the food was also good. I only tried their California Salad, which was delicious. I honestly did not like O'Charley's fries. Definitely the servers are well-equipped with the knowledge of table service. I also really appreciate that they have a tradition of offering a pie on the house to every customer.

Review №87

Food and portions were great and tasty. Rebecca was attentive and had a great disposition. Definitely 5 stars.

Review №88

I don't think I've ever had a bad meal here.

Review №89


Review №90

Rice was hard the catfish was too soft and mushy I have a care in the past and it was good yesterday bad experience

Review №91

I didn't catch the hostess' name but she was awesome! She interacted so well with our niece and nephew and asked him to fly like Superman to our table. Our server, Misty was amazing. We have had her before and she is always great. She is quick, very attentive and super easy to have a conversation with. We go to this OCharley's pretty often, and this visit was a standout when it came to customer service!

Review №92

Food was ok. Salad could have used a few more veggies in it. (Mostly lettuce) server was polite. So myself and some friends were there today 9/5 and I must say this was the worst service I have ever had there. I asked what kind of cheese was in the mac and cheese and was told it was like Velveeta. Well to my surprise it came out with cheddar cheese on it so I asked our server if they could replace it since I am allergic to cheddar. He said sure no problem. 20 minutes later still no mac and cheese. I had already finished my meal so I ask to speak to the manager. She came out I told her what was going on and she informed me that the mac and cheese is made with cheddar. I informed the server I could not eat cheddar. Horrible service and the servers should be educated before they answer questions.

Review №93

I sat on hold for more than 10 minutes without a response. It only takes 2 minutes t write the order. You did not try to help me.

Review №94

Brought my four kids to O'Charlies today. We we're seated very quickly, and I respect that they sat a family with small children away from the single adult diners. They offer one free kids meal with each adult meal purchase (drinks not included). Our food arrived within ten minutes of ordering fresh and flavorful! The burger may have been the best midrange priced burger I've ever tried and the red pepper flakes in my chicken parm added a wonderful light kick! My son had the 'smashed potatoes' (mashed sweet potatoes) as his side and all my kids loved the taste. Great experience had by all, friendly attentive staff, clean bathrooms and tasty food.

Review №95

Best place for little kids they eat free

Review №96

Every one was nic i enjoy my Valentine day at old charleys will be back love ur SEAFOOD combo & ur SALAD is so good also rolls good also.

Review №97

Oh my...what happened...used to be a great place to dine. It was so dirty with food and trash on the floor, I turned right around and left. So sad!

Review №98

Great food atmosphere and service

Review №99

It was horrible my steaks were not cooked like they were supposed to i had to send 1 plate back an 30mins later ot still was not beought back to meam the waiter was horrible

Review №100

Great service as always. Food is really good, most of the time. Free pie on Wednesday along with a bunch of old people. Drinks are usually pretty strong and tasty. Excellent glory hole in bathroom.

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3.4 Rating
  • Address:5075 Crookshank Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45238, United States
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  • Phone:+1 513-347-3200
  • American restaurant
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  • Wednesday:11AM–9PM
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  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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