Taco Casa
1202 E McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45206, United States

Review №1

Didn't have product to fix what I ordered after I waited 30 for food. Then gave me soft tacos instead of crunchy. Couldn't have gotten much worse. By the way my 30 minute wait was with only two cars in front of me when I got there. This would be a great place for a taco stand if they would burn this one down and start from scratch. Disaster experience

Review №2

Love their Taco Salads! But staff could be a little friendlier.....

Review №3

Mexican food and the atmosphere here is above par. It was so fresh. I can see why they have a lot of good reviews.

Review №4

Well worth the drive for lunch for me and some co-workers in Anderson. Now I've got them hooked so I'm sure we will be back again real soon. BEST salad in town!!

Review №5

The food is great, and the wait time is not long at all!

Review №6

Food was disgusting. First off they forgot half my order (from carry out). The only decent part of the burrito was the tortilla. After eating I had to force myself to throw up the food because it made me so sick to my stomach.

Review №7

The food is excellent. Some items can be a little pricey, but you definitely get your monies worth. Their taco salad is a must have, as well as their enchiladas. YUM!!!

Review №8

I really used to LOVE Taco Casa. They had the business from me and my workout partner once a week. For the last two visits the food has not been so good and the customer service is horrible. I will give them one more try and then I'm going to corporate.

Review №9

Apparently the drive thru has issues with listening. I asked for 4 tacos and for 3. When I come back for my credit, it was assumed I had a taco salad and not a taco...he was very aggressive when talking to me as well. When I got my credit, it was thrown at me and sauce was given with an attitude by CJ the manager.I traveled too far to get attitude and inconsoderation from black folk who dont wanna make tacos.

Review №10

I love the food, but the cleanliness of the restaurant is lacking greatly. I have been going more to the Norwood location and the Montgomery Rd. location for this reason.

Review №11

Taco salad is loaded with great stuff, including their "ranch" dressing instead of sour cream... much better!

Review №12

We love hanging out. Yesterday we went to this excellent restaurant which friends recommended to us. We spent a delightful evening there with first-rate cooking and an efficient stuff and a talented chief cook. We put this venue in our phone list and we shall definitely visit again very soon. We highly recommend.

Review №13

This visit to Taco Casa was horrid. As much as I like to go there I dont live close to one any more so I rarely go. Bad decision on my part. The employees were slow and acted bored, they had a sign on door that masks had to be worn yet when we went in we were ushered out and told drive thru only. Icing on the cake, the last bite of my burrito had a piece of a plastic bag in it. Needless to say I spit out that bite and was sick to my stomach. I won't be going back and I won't regret that decision.

Review №14

As a customer, especially a non-black one in this case, I don't feel comfortable when political opionions are posted on any business window. With all of the recent food tampering in the news, sadly, it makes customers uneasy especially when the entire crew is Black. Then, when you aren't engaged with any form of response to your saying "hello" and "thank you", that adds to the tension. I did get a uncomfortable staring at....ackward to say the least. Sad....have to find a new place to support.

Review №15

Great Taco Salad , Delicious Tuna Boat ,Etc....

Review №16

Dinner with my mom! It was she loved them.

Review №17

Very big quantity plus taste more homemade

Review №18

I recommend taco Bell the meat is terrible no seasoning to it

Review №19

Last week was our first time we came to that fine restaurant. But It is obviously not the last time. We had a good time with the excellent service, with the fine meal and fine drinks and with the modest charge. We will no doubt visit there soon.

Review №20

The restaurant is amazing and roomy, the menu was yummy and the rates were very affordable. rapidly, productive service and very amiable waiters. I highly recommend this place.

Review №21

It's clean and it's edible if you like canned beans lots of sour cream and bagged salad.

Review №22

Tried the place for the first time and the food tastes ok but it made me sick to my stomach

Review №23

Not authentic Mexican food but good. A little overpriced.

Review №24

I visit this spot a lot since I work close by. I like how the customer service is always good and they keep the spot neat at all times. Prices are convenient and they serve generous portions.

Review №25

Customer service could be better

Review №26

Been eating at various Taco Casa locations since 1990. Worst Taco Salad and the refried beans had me sick for two days.

Review №27

Why do yal even have this still on the map, just wasted my time to go to vacant spot for food. No stars.

Review №28

Love this place.. Best taco salad in The Queen City..

Review №29

I'm not sure what hell this taco salad crawled out of. Their dressing is more mayo then dressing. I took one bite and threw it out. Save your money. Do it yourself.

Review №30

A place I have been eating from since 1991 in high school. Now every time I am ba I in Ohio I go to Taco Casa .

Review №31

Microwaved Alpo dog foodThe chicken a chorizo burrito was dripping with grease. First and last bite, all grease. The refried beans had some cheese tossed on top and microwaved. I took the burrito back and was offered a beef instead. Taco meat, refried beans and cheese. Terrible.I do not recommend and will not go back.

Review №32

Just left there ordered two large taco salads what we got was a large container with a kid salad in them but paid for large salads not happy it like being cheated they also gave me two small cups of sauce we have been going there for years how can you spend your money at a place that's short people's

Review №33

On a recommendation, we visited Taco Casa for the first time. I see that the reviews are all over the place. We went through the drive thru and the food was plentiful and tasty. The actual restaurant was not well lighted, had no one inside, and appears not to be open. We saw a worker inside and went to the drive thru where the order board was not eliminated, making it hard to order. Besides all that, the flacos (sp) and small taco salads were great.

Review №34

I ordered off door dash.... I got the combo #2... No refried beans add jalapeno on my taco salad.... And I got a small tuna boat. My taco salad nor my tuna boat have any jalapenos at all ️️️ VERY VERY UNHAPPY ️️️ I don't even wanna eat it without the spice

Review №35

Great taco salads!

Review №36

Something different but great tastes

Review №37

Their taco salad with chips is the best

Review №38

I'm giving 5 stars because my husband loves Taco Casa. He bought me here even b4 we got married 7 years ago. He still loves it.

Review №39

Unfortunately the Hyde Park branch has closed. I drove to Norwood to get my fix. Number 2 combo,Light dressing light cheese and heavy onion.Norwood has decided as how I have to pay for quote unquote extra onion even though they're taking off half the cheese and half the dressing. Absolute BS. , I won't be back to Norwood. Absolutely ridiculous logic and piss poor customer service. having a customer walk over a tablespoon or so of chopped onions. Give me a f---ing break

Review №40

Good Mexican food! Try the Tuna Boat, fish taco and the Burrito Boat wonderful!

Review №41

Nastiest tasting "mexican" food i've ever had. Paid $11 for a taco salad only to find all the ingredients come from cans. Even canned tomatoes. Taco bell doesn't even use canned tomatoes. Just gross. My wife and i both ordered the taco salad combos and neither of us ate our food. $24 wasted

Review №42

Not the Taco Casa from my youth. Nothing could beat the Hyde Park location back in the day. Now, everything is microwaved to the point of rubber. Especially bad is the chips & cheese; microwaved in a styrofoam container with no liner so that the cheese is melted into the styrofoam. They really just need to invest in a couple of ovens

Review №43

Taco Salad is delicious but the facility need some cleaning.

Review №44

Best Tacos in the city

Review №45

The taco was well filled, the sauce was good the mild was perfect. The tacos were good, different.

Review №46

They keep jacking me prices up but going the amount of food that you get I ate their back in 1998 the most coveted and in 2020 they giving you less food on your tacos and taco salad but charging you twice the price

Review №47

I drove all the way from Fields Ertle to patron this particular location. I ordered a Large Taco Salad no beans with an extra side of ranch, onions on the side, as well as extra cheese. When I got home my entire order was incorrect. I had extra ranch (that I didnt ask for) on my salad and a side of ranch. The extra ranch on the salad was to hide the fact that I only received 2 table spoons at most of meat on the salad. I did however get the bag of cheese on the side, but absolutely none on the salad. So basically I paid $14 for a Salad that consisted of Ranch Dressing and shredded lettuce. This is so unacceptable when the lady at the drive threw confirmed the order with me twice even before I reached the window, AND 2 more times at the window and they still butchered my order. When I get home and realized my order was incorrect I called the store back to complain and was placed on hold for 10minutes. So I eventually hung up & called back. The same young lady answered and I explained my story, and asked how do they plan to remedy the situation. She said, "The owner is here making the orders today and where you may have come before and we've added extra meat to the order without charge he wont do that." She then continued to say, "The owner isn't here now he went to the store so I'll see what he wants to do and you call us back in 15min." I was previously placed on hold for 10 minutes and I had been on the phone with her for another 10 minutes now you want me to wait another 15 minutes?! By this time the fast acting diabetic insulin I've taken prior to my meal is causing my sugar to plumid because I hadn't eaten my lunch for being on the phone complaining. And now I'm short on meat & cheese in my salad which is the bulk of proteins I needed to sustain a healthy sugar level. As I RECOUP from my sugar dropping to 43 I swear on my only child I WILL NEVER AGAIN IN LIFE patron this location, and/or any other location baring the Taco Casa name!

Review №48

Fresh food, everytime!!

Review №49

Best taco salads on earth, but I dont need to tell you that...

Review №50

Service was good, workers seemed new and learning, but friendly.The food was very good, I did not care for the tomatoes because they seemed like they were canned which I do not care for except in chili. For tacos, I want fresh tomatoes.The lettuce was nice and crisp. The meat has good flavor.I got a taco burger and large Sanco.. couldn't finish the bowl, but nice and cheesy.All around great experience and food. The price is far better than some chains of tacos places with greatly better food.

Review №51

Cheap American Mexican food. This is as much Midwestern as it gets, but damn, is it good. Go here instead of another drive through because yes, it tastes better.

Review №52

Food was cold as soon as I got it got there a a hr and half before they closed but since they were already cleaning up it was an issue for me to take a second to look at menu also. Food rated very dry and felt as if they just microwaved my meal. Didn't enjoy at all if I ever go back to taco casa it will be the one in Hyde Park I'll never be back to this one

Review №53

Food isn't as fresh or good as it used to be. The service has gotten a lot better, but food quality could use some work.

Review №54

Average fast food spot. Tuna boats are delicious though. Actually just about everything Ive tried has been good.

Review №55

Love their taco salads. Been coming to Taco Casa since I was little

Review №56

Food was excellent and the staff was extremely nice and helpful. I would definitely eat here again!

Review №57

Fast service. Best taco salad in town.

Review №58

They have very tasty food....

Review №59

Best taco salads in the city and I love their quesadillas

Review №60

Dining room still closed

Review №61

Great food

Review №62

Awesome place for a quick lunch. I had the small taco salad with turkey meat instead of beef, and it was delicious.

Review №63

Great place, great taco salad

Review №64

Best known for their taco salad, however the Tuna Boat Supreme is a good choice for something different. I'd give 4 stars if they had brewed tea instead of instant.

Review №65

Taco casa is our favorite restaurant. We love the Taco Salad. I believe it was voted Best in Cincinnati. There is one in Clifton close to Eden Park

Review №66

Got to try the taco salad its great

Review №67

I was expecting it to be like the Taco Casa's in Texas. It was not.

Review №68

The one thing to order is the taco salad. Unique and a great value. Small is best for one person. Hot sauce is really mild. Not really good for a meal the next day. Best fresh.

Review №69

For real the best tacos i done et

Review №70

Went through drive through, all my food was there. But food was cold

Review №71

Kinda pricey. Food just ok.

Review №72

Fair ambiance for a fast food joint- the food flavor & more importantly, the value makes up for a huge portion of this rating

Review №73

Fast and very friendly service.

Review №74

An old Skyline Chili restaurant. Seems like they are trying to get it up and running.I had soft tacos and they were good.

Review №75


Review №76

Great black bean burrito.

Review №77

Great place to eat excellent service

Review №78

Food is good, service sucks! I Called in my order in and waited 25 minutes to get my order. I noticed walk-ins, that were standing in line behind me received their before me. Smh!

Review №79

Very Slow!!

Review №80

Great burrito boats & the best soft tacos!

Review №81

First time here. Great tacos. Definitely coming back.

Review №82

Always hits the spot but prices have gone way up

Review №83

I am a vegetarian, I always order the refried bean taco salad. Today I ordered 3 mini taco salads, they all had beef on them. My family doesn't eat meat at all. I called to let the manager know. Which was the manager JT. He told me oh well it was on ticket and it was nothing he could do. I offered to bring the food back to get it remade, he still refused. I then asked could I be refunded he refused again. I just cant believe that someone could be so rude as a manager.

Review №84

Great food at a great value!

Review №85

Been eating at taco casa for over 10 years, never had a bad experience.

Review №86

Wonderful food and staff?

Review №87

Dirty dining area and the food at this particular location doesn't taste as good in my opinion.

Review №88

Food was tasty. But just one more Mexican restaurant

Review №89

Solid lunch spot. Each location is different special wise. Here's this locations.

Review №90

Very disappointing, it has been my favorite restaurant in the past and they would get my order wrong like once a year the past 3 years I had to take back the receipt and they replace it. However the manager Blake basically said that they will not do this again for me if THEY get my order wrong . so he all but called me a liar he would not address the fact that perhaps they messed up my order like they have two times in the past. SAD because I always spoke well of there food and encouraged people to go there, NO MORE!

Review №91

The food and service is always great!

Review №92

Great tuna boat

Review №93

Good food, friendly service!

Review №94


Review №95

Made to order. Good customer service

Review №96

Love the taco salad... so filling

Review №97

Great taco salads and soft tacos, a must visit restaurant

Review №98

I used to work right down the street and I forgot how delicious, filling and fast this food was. HIGHLY recommend the taco salad added onions

Review №99

Very tasty.

Review №100

Delicious good service

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