Chipotle Mexican Grill
6759 Miller Ln, Dayton, OH 45414, United States
Review №1

Forgot to give chips and salsa when paid for. Smallest burrito I have ever seen in my life, almost like they forgot what they were doing have way through making the burrito. Asked for double chicken which was a waste of money, received less than a normal portion.

Review №2

The restaurant was not that neat! It was all messy not well maintained.The restrooms were in a very bad state very very untidy.The food tastes good but ambiance makes it a bad dining experience.I ordered a takeout!The staff was ok but the overall experience was below average!

Review №3

This spot knows how to treat their clients. Constantly with a very kind demeanor. The food is affordably priced, always delicious and clean.

Review №4

It was the best food that I've had from a restaurant in a very long time

Review №5

Pretty good Chipotle. Ordering through the app is nice so you can skip the line. Pretty nice inside as well. If you're looking for a good Chipotle, give this one a try. 5/5 from me. There's usually a lot of people in here so if you don't like that as much then I'd recommend getting it to go.

Review №6

Their carne asada is out of this world. Give it a go while it's there.

Review №7

It was actually the best food I ever had from Chipotle's

Review №8

I celebrated my PhD last night in this great restaurant. Well we enjoyed a fine evening and the restaurant was certainly the reason for this outstanding celebration. The waiters helped in a sweet style, the meals were tasty and my friends were so cheerful. We shall definitely come back again for more celebrations. thanks very much.

Review №9

Chipotle is a good place with good food. Not stingy on the portions either! Some many varieties to choose and the pick your own extras!AWESOME!

Review №10

Great place to get a bite to eat and sit down and relax, there is some seating eating inside

Review №11

It seems like every time we order from this chipotle our food is cold or lacking flavor :(We normally go to the Troy location, and we come to this one during the week since we work so close.When it is warm and flavorful it is amazing!

Review №12

I Love my job coopers landscape

Review №13

The food is ALWAYS cold. There is no way they are meeting the required temperature on that food line when my food tastes like its been in the refrigerator 10 minutes after its made.

Review №14

Great place to eat, friendly staff, & you could dine in if it's not too busy.

Review №15

I have always had great and friendly service at this location.

Review №16

Won't be back. Got a salad they didn't cut. Basically got an avacado instead of guacamole and they didn't put my salad dressing in the bag!!!!

Review №17

Let's be honest, Chipotle is Chipotle no matter where you eat it. That's why it is such a great place to eat.Where a difference in the various locations comes into play is the people who work at specific Chipotles.This location, everyone is very friendly and fast! That's a good combo. I would have rated this location 5 stars, but the rice wasn't as warm as I would like.

Review №18

Great service. I'm not a fan of Chipotle, everything was great!

Review №19

I got a salad with rice and it was hard. I was so disappointed I thought I was about bash.Now I have to find something else to eat. That's why I don't like going there because sometimes the rice don't be done.But other things were good

Review №20

Chipotle rarely disappoints and this Chipotle is on the spectrum side of even rarer. Among the Chipotle locations in the area I enjoy this one's interior.I don't recall ever having a bad meal here. Also, like I mentioned, I enjoy the interior. It feels properly modern. It's one of the better Chipotles in the area.

Review №21

Authentic Mexican Food!

Review №22

I go to this place quite often! This is my favorite place to pass a nice evening. I visit this place frequently. The meals are excellent, the team is welcoming and the price is reasonable. I like eating in this spot to have a nice meal.

Review №23

Good food. Awsome

Review №24

Definitely the best chipotle I've been too. Very fast and friendly service.

Review №25

Service depends on crew, have had orders prepared haphazardly and there's been mistakes, but they never hesitate to make things right.

Review №26

Chicken was great as always but steak was a little tough in my burrito bowl

Review №27

Great food. Service was ok.

Review №28

This chipotle was very nice. It seemed modern and new. There was high quality food but not a lot of seating here.

Review №29

The food was prepared fresh, but I have to admit, of most Chipotles that I've been to, the service here was a far by one of the worst. I slightly felt like a burden here for ordering. I would not recommend ordering online to this location as I think they potentially provide you with the bare minimum.

Review №30

They always seem to have attitudes at this location. Also corn is always mixed in almost every other side there I never order corn and always seem to eat a few pieces. What if I was allergic? Last but not least they wear the mask under there nose still breathing over your food. I've just had it with this location.

Review №31

Well just like every other business in the area they are out of certain supplies and they have no cash or change to make change for your purchases. Looks like everybody got out of practice during the lockdown and now they're taking advantage of every situation not to have to do any work.

Review №32

Once again Chipotle knocked it out of the ballpark! What a great salad I had where's make fresh in front of me and tasted even better I got it home to eat! He just can't beat the Chipotle's!!!

Review №33

The food is delicious. It was quick and fresh. The people making the food were not really friendly.

Review №34

A young lady, I believe the manager was very pleasant. She was a big help to me. Nu couldn't find my debit card, had to run to the car and back inside. She didn't lose her patience, she just took care of me!!! So nice!!! She made my day!!!!️️

Review №35

Helpful quick service. Made sure my order was correct

Review №36

The food was good. Some of the tables needed cleaning . There were very few patrons in the store. I order a veggie bowl every time. The meat is a bit spicy for my taste. I would definitely revisit.

Review №37

Standard tex mex build your own burrito or bowl.

Review №38

Staff needs cleaned out and started over. Food is ok. Probably just little or no mgt.

Review №39

Just want to point out 3 girls in front of me with spandex on got 3 scoops of chicken 100% for free. And I got 1 asked for another and got charged. I have eyes fyi.

Review №40

You can never go wrong with Chipotle. The staff was super friendly and the food was perfect, glad I decided to swing by here for dinner while traveling.

Review №41

Good but they are greedy with the cheese. I have to ask for extra cheese 5 times and it's still not enough. I even tell them every time I'll pay for it but they still just put a little sprinkle smh and they for sure charges you for it.

Review №42

I had good service and good food at this location. I honestly haven't been there in a while. The location In Huber Heights had terrible service. The location in Beaver Creek has always given us good service and good food. One thing about a chain you know what you are supposed to be getting because it should be the same all the way across from 1 store to another so when you get something that Is supposed to be better you know it. There shouldn't be any surprises or let Downs.This particular location was a good experience. Fresh food, Reasonable prices, And good service. The dining Room definitely needed tending to though. That seems to be a norm at the Chipotle

Review №43

Love the food but it seems like you get less anymore.

Review №44

I Chipotle. But you used to be able to get extra rice in a cup free of charge. Now it's an upcharge for any extra side.

Review №45

Build you own burritos , tacos and bowls. All fresh.

Review №46

Super busy at lunch no clean tables. Food was exactly as expected, hot and yummy.

Review №47

I placed a small order for p/u at 615pm. I walked in at 610pm and didn't walk out until 630pm. My order was placed at 540pm . It took them almost an hour to have my order ready. Very disappointed.. I love the food but the service was horrible! There were people who placed orders well after mine and were picking them up with no delays.

Review №48

A happy and fast crew, that really listened to us as we explained our order. The food was fresh and delicious. We eat a plant based diet and had the sofrita bowl. I added all the salads and lettuce. This is a great place for a quick dinner.

Review №49

Superb service and very friendly, accommodating staff. We are vegetarian, and asked staff on the food line to change their gloves prior to assembling our orders. They did this cheerfully!

Review №50

Great taste. My all time favorite.

Review №51

I love the instant service of wonderful fresh food. No frills except delicious dishes!!

Review №52

Nothing to complain about! The restaurant is very good! It is quick and gets the job done! The food is very fresh tasting and always cooked within an hour of you eating it. I am glad to be able to go to a restaurant and get food that doesnt make you feel guilty for eating it. I really appreciate the fact that it was clean and not dirty. Most fast food places are dirty, which is not at all attractive. So thank you! It was a very good experience, i highly recommend!

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Review №54

I'm from out of town and I have never been to a friendlier Chipotle! Blake was amazing and all of the staff was very upbeat and accommodating!

Review №55

Food is good. Employees not so much. Lost online orders, slow, & rude.

Review №56

Service was Excellent!

Review №57

I like the vegetarian option! The ingredients were fresh and service was fast. This is a quick go-to lunch experience.

Review №58

Great food and service every time!

Review №59

Very friendly, competent staff treat you like a best friend. Always fresh and delicious ingredients with ge erous portions. Great value meal. I've been coming here for years and they have a long term satisfied customer I definitely.

Review №60

UPDATE 09-02-2020 dropped to 1 star!The past two times I have ordered pickup the food wasn't done until 15-20 minutes past my pick up time. Steak was cold and the bowl was poorly constructed. There was so much liquid in the bowl that my food almost fell out of the bag and leaked all over my vehicle and cloths. While I was standing there waiting I watched 3 different people come back in with there pick up orders because they were incorrect. This will be the last time I buy anything from this location. Definitely don't recommend this location! There were 10 people waiting on there pick up orders and more then 10 people waiting in line.Previous review from early 2019 5 starsAlways had great service and delicious food.

Review №61

Great friendly staff and nice clean restaurant

Review №62

Queso tasted burnt and had a gritty texture the chips were stale and full of grease pockets that burst when you bite into them. My burrito was an absolute mess, guacamole all over the outside and just really messy to eat. The quality was just not good

Review №63

First time there food was great

Review №64

The double portions of meat are more like a single serving and the single servings of meat is more like a half serving

Review №65

You gotta try the carne asada its really good!

Review №66

Absolutely Love this location. Always make the fattest burritos ever.

Review №67

Worst experience I have had at a restaurant on Miller lane.... the girl that helped us had a really terrible attitude and just made the whole experience frustrating for us.

Review №68

Great employees never had an bad experience here. Great Food if you ask me.

Review №69

The food was good, but I watched as the guy directly ahead of me ordered the same thing I ordered and they gave him almost triple the beans as they gave me and he did not ask for extra and I did. So their portion sizes for people are all out of wack.

Review №70

Even though this always gives me the "fire butt" it's always good food, it's hit or miss on the quantity of food you'll receive. It's never up in the air for the quality of the food, it's always awesome. As for this location in general, it's gone downhill in the past year, not for the employees, but the customers. The quality of customers has gone downhill so badly they've had to hire a security guard to watch over the store. This is a massive disappointment, in the fact that a choice few customers want to ruin a good thing for everyone, because they down know how to act right?

Review №71

I use the app and its good, done, and hot right on time every time!!!

Review №72

I like this place but I'm not yet convinced they are sanitary. The servers still allow food to expel onto the work counter. Maybe they will work it out. I do like Chipotle a lot.

Review №73

The crew was friendly, smiling, fast and courteous. Very good

Review №74

I prefer hot head but there isnt one close so i chose this place

Review №75

Love it. Quick and easy. Guac tends to be on the salty side.

Review №76

Best Chipotle I've been to yet! DELICIOUS

Review №77

I haven't visited a bad Chipitle yet, and I certainly wouldn't have started with this location. Excellent food, short wait time. Would recommend to anyone!

Review №78


Review №79

Always fresh ingredients, friendly staff and get your belly full and doesn't cost a fortune!

Review №80

The food was good but my bowl wasn't filled to the top.

Review №81

I have never had a bad meal at Chipotle

Review №82

Always Good!

Review №83

The food is good but not as much of it any more!

Review №84

Employees were very rude

Review №85

I ordered my burrito online for was ready when I got there. When I took the first bite, it was beyond perfect. The girl who was working online orders today rocks! Rarely do I ever get a burrito that has the perfect portions of everything inside...and on top of that she was super friendly. By the way it tasted, you can tell she really cares about her job. I hope this gets back around to her! Because she deserves to be praised!

Review №86

Good Food Nice Place and Good Peaple to be around

Review №87

This place used to be a great place to stop and get a bite to eat. The food hasn't changed but the the customers sure have, trash people create trash environments. It's gotten so bad they hired a security guard to stand and protect people from the trash. If butler took more time to hit miller lane and less time inside Wal-Mart maybe this wouldn't be an issue, or maybe if trash people would calm down and just live their trash lives somewhere else, this wouldn't be a problem. I still eat here all the time, but now I have to deal with worrying about getting shot by a rent a cop, because I carry a pistol. Good luck and safe tacos.

Review №88

You need to ask them to give you a little more. It's like they are mentally measuring their serving in small portions.

Review №89

It has great steak

Review №90

Best eating place around

Review №91

We have tried to eat here twice within the last month as we love Chipotle, but this location has the worst food. The last time we had chips that were so over salted we couldn't eat them. We just tried again this evening, yet again the chips were so salty as well as stale. Our burrito bowls were cold by the time we got home from the restaurant, which is only 8 minutes away. We ended up throwing our dinner in the trash. Very disappointed, we wont return to this location.

Review №92

Nice ppl

Review №93

Hot & good, my nephew's wrap was a lil chewie.

Review №94

Stale rice and quickly rolled soft ball shaped burrito.Place smelled like butt and my burrito exploded immediately.

Review №95

It's good.

Review №96

Have ate in and ordered pickup multiple times from this location. My order is always right and the food is always delicious. They are never understaffed and the employees are always friendly.

Review №97

Nice place to eat.

Review №98

Chipotle is always good. This one is hit or miss sometimes but it's always busy so they do a pretty good job considering how crazy it is.

Review №99

The service was quick, the portions were good, service was friendly

Review №100

Portions were very small

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  • Address:6759 Miller Ln, Dayton, OH 45414, United States
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  • Phone:+1 937-890-0473
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  • Mexican restaurant
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  • Monday:10:45AM–10PM
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  • Delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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