Chilis Grill & Bar
6720 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States

Review №1

#First time at this Chili's it was great! The service was outstanding the food was fantastic highly recommend.

Review №2

Me and my two brothers went here on Wednesday for dinner, and I have nothing but positive things to say.The service was fantastic, Our server was really nice about everything and very upbeat, Which is always a great thing for any restaurant.Our drinks were always refilled at the perfect time and the wait for the food wasn't too long and once it arrived it was Hot and Delicious!If you're looking for a good Tex Mex place then Chili's is an excellent choice, which you probably already knew. :)By the way if you're reading this Kyle, (sorry if I misspelled it) You are awesome!

Review №3

We really like this Chili's restaurant. My family are regulars there. We always find the food properly prepared and service good. Alyssa is one of the best servers you will find at any establishment.

Review №4

I rolled in late night after checking into hotel behind the restaurant. The staff was super nice. Ordered Cajun pasta with chicken to go (very tasty, would recommend) and had a Dos Equis on draft while I waited. The place was clean and everyone on staff was wearing a mask during Covid-19 pandemic.

Review №5

Pretty good food and excellent service!!!! Very nice and original lanscape!

Review №6

Very consistent food. It's a GREAT atmosphere. Every yoke I've been there the staff was very polite and made my family and I really enjoy our meal . Thank you. a++

Review №7

It's a good spot, large margaritas and good food, pretty pricey. Service was good as well.

Review №8

It was very good.We really enjoyed our lunch

Review №9

Had a really good Oldtimer and cold brew. Service was excellent. Close to my hotel.

Review №10

Great food, wonderful service! The staff were all smiles and hellos. My server was quick to the table. Patient with all my questions and helped me make my selection. The beer was cold and the burger was hot. The only issue I had was the pricing. I had a beer, burger, fries and a water and my total was over $20. Other then that I had a very enjoyable experience at this location.

Review №11

Great service and the food was 5 star today, great waitress.

Review №12

Me & Myra Gourley always enjoy going here. The mushroom burger & crisper are both of our favorite & we share so we both get a piece of both Entrees we also enjoy the potato soup

Review №13

It was the first time I have eaten there, it was great food and good service. Kyle was very helpful and we didn't have to ask him to bring us stuff he kept on top of things. Great place

Review №14

Great service! Perfect waiter! Good food

Review №15

Great food and service every time we come..

Review №16

Best chicken fried steak I have ever tasted

Review №17

Chilies was so good they have quick service and very good food

Review №18

Lots of social distancing. Food was good.

Review №19

Great Great service and good people thank you

Review №20

Good service and pretty good food. A bit spicy, but that's just me.

Review №21

Sooooo good flavor and appetizers

Review №22

Atmosphere: it's loud when crowded (shocking, right?) and pleasant during off-peak hours. The lighting is nice and low, but some table lights can be piercing. I'm happy that their televisions are all on sports (pretty much anything except news is great).Quality of service: essentially a roll of the dice as I've never had the same server twice and come here a few times a year. I was very pleased with Clayton's service during my last visit. We used to have to wait a while to pay and leave, but since they got Ziosks at every table it's been much nicer if you pay by card.Food and drinks: sweet tea is a bit strong for my taste, but it's still delicious. Southwestern egg rolls are worth the trip here. A woman literally just walked past and said, “the egg rolls are my favorite.” Haha! The Oldtimer with cheese tastes like what you'd expect at a backyard bbq and the seasoned pickles on the side are a wonderful treat. The onions rings are crunchy and flavorful and better with ranch than ketchup to me. I like darker beer and their selection on tap leaves me wanting. I can buy bottled beer at the store.

Review №23

I absolutely love it, good food good service.

Review №24

Good food. Just what we needed on a long trip. We both got the 3 corse for $10. So much food.

Review №25

I had a wonderful experience and our waitress McKenna was phenomenal!

Review №26

I have always liked Chili's food. I no longer eat any foods that originated from animal's. I did not give Chili's a five because of very limited choices for vegetarian eaters. The service is always too impeccable. Please update your menus to changes in US dietary needs.

Review №27

Service was great, food was also great. Highly recommend.

Review №28

Went there to pick up some food for Fathers day we got it home and ate it it was DELISH as usually highly recommend Chilies to anyone !Patrick Barber

Review №29

Good food, and speedy service.

Review №30

Service excellent but ribs were over cooked and covered with bone fragments.

Review №31

My sister and I went to this Chili's because the one closest to us was closed. I kind of we didn't go. When we got there we were greeted nicely by the hostess, but after that it went down hill. We were given a choice to sit in the lounge or dining hall and we chose the lounge since we were only getting one thing and then leaving. Maybe if we chose the main dining area our experience would have been better, who knows?We sat down and ordered waters. When the waiter brought us them, he also brought silverware that he pretty much threw at us and kept walking. Not asking if we wanted appetizers or were ready to or anything else.When he finally came back 15 or 20 minutes later, we ordered the one thing we wanted, a Molten Chocolate Cake. I guess to make up for how long it took him to take our orders he got the cake to us in less than 5 minutes. I'm impatient, but this cake is one thing I don't mind wait for and I really wish he or the cook and taken more time in making it.To start from the top there was barely and chocolate shell, which is the most fun part of the cake, getting to crack it open. The ice cream was split in half which had made the shell pool in middle and made a chocolate chunk that was hard to eat. Then the main part of the cake, it's namesake: the chocolate center. It was molten, it was goopy and didn't flow when the cake was cut down the middle. Which part of the beauty of this dessert. While it was delicious, the presentation was lacking.This gets 3 stars because maybe the hostess was nice and the cake was delicious. Probably won't go again though. Just going to start making it myself at home. Because it'll actually be how I like it.

Review №32

I ordered a grilled chicken salad and I got lettuce drowned in sala salad dressing. It isn't worth it to ask for a fresh salad because this took forever to receive. I got their message, DON'T EAT HERE!

Review №33

A faithful and trusted choice for an amazing experience

Review №34

Good food, awesome drinks that don't cost an arm and a leg

Review №35

Great service. Good time with the kids.

Review №36

Can't go wrong eating here. Varied menu, cooked to order. Wait staff is helpful and friendly. A little pricey, but worth it. Kids menu available. Clean, friendly atmosphere.

Review №37

We visit here frequently and they have great food, great specials, awesome staff and just a good overall atmosphere. We will continue to do business with amazing restaurant for years to come.

Review №38

Food was good, service was great!!!

Review №39

My absolute favorite place to go. Food is always great.

Review №40

Love their food! Great Burgers and ribs!

Review №41

Great food and service.

Review №42

Great place and great food.

Review №43

It's a typical Chili's. The service was good, the food was good. It's in a good area.There isn't much else to say. If you've been to any of these you've probably had the same experience that you'll get here.

Review №44

Our server Nikki was absolutely amazing! Food cam out quickly despite being fairly busy.

Review №45

We went to eat here at 7pm on a Thursday evening. There had to be some big event going on in Ft. Smith because every single eating establishment was PACKED. There were people having to wait but we got seated right away. Our service was terrible. It took probably 15-20 mins before a server came by to even take our drink orders so we were definitely ready to order our food. Our server was very cheerful and friendly acting but she loved to repeat, "oh yeah, definitely" each time we requested lemons for our water (it took 4 times of asking her to finally get some). I ordered a steak medium and made sure she knew that meant very pink in the middle. Apparently the cook wasn't aware of it because my steak came out well done and chewy. It took a very long time for us to get our food but the server did ask me to cut into the steak to make sure it was cooked the way I'd ordered it. She agreed it was definitely not medium and said she'd let the manager know. I had zero faith that she'd remember to tell the manager but, to my surprise, he come to our table shortly after. His name was Bob and he was great. I let him know it could tell they were understaffed and knew they probably hadn't expected to be so packed on a Thursday night. He couldn't have been a better manager. He comped both of our meals and only charged us for the soft drinks. He was apologetic and thanked me for being so understanding. I'd have given my experience here zero stars (if possible) iif it hadn't been for the manager, Bob. Thanks to him, I may actually give visit this Chili's again in the future and see if the servers and cook can redeem themselves and replace this experience with a better one. Zero stars for the waitress, Nikki. 5 stars for Bob. Averaged out to 3 overall. We were there for 1 hour and 30 minutes and we did not stick around after we ate. I don't know if this review will help anyone decide to eat here or not but figured I'd share my experience.

Review №46

Very disappointed in chili's ordered the bacon burger I would have gotten more bacon on a bacon cheeseburger from McDonald's

Review №47

Great service and good people

Review №48

Server and food was great!

Review №49

Good...Great service...clean

Review №50

Waiter was attentive and polite. Food was great as usual. A welcome treat from the 2 restaurants at home.

Review №51

Excellent customer service

Review №52

The 3 for $10 deal is an amazing value. A drink, a starter, and an entrée for one killer price. The value makes eating at Chili's so much better than at a fast-food place.

Review №53

My waitress was wonderful it was her first day but my food wasn't any good nothing like the picture had food missing that I was supposed had and got charged extra for something that I was supposed to get with the meal won't be back any time soon

Review №54

Terrible. The food was under cooked, my burger was raw. All the food tasted like cardboard. For 60 bucks I expected better. We won't be back.

Review №55

The ribs are delicious. The waitress was great. It was family friendly. It was clean even though they were busy. It was great.

Review №56

Always good food and wonderful customer service

Review №57

Good food and good service!

Review №58

Usually I don't say anything bad about this place but our visit a week ago was horrible. The waitress took 10mins to take our drink order. Then after we ordered we got our appetizer of queso and chips never asked us if we wanted more chips when we were low still waiting on food. Never asked us if we needed refills on our drinks. Food came out our corn on the cob was still frozen when I stopped a waitress that wasn't ours to let them know, ours never asked us if our food was good or needed anything else, We had to stop other waiters go get what we needed.Added 02/07/2020I tried your response suggestions they aren't working the website is not a working web site the number doesn't let me talk to anyone.

Review №59

Great Service from the bar, food was great. Table Kiosk malfunctioned before paying the tab. Server worked around it

Review №60

I highly recommend the Southern smokehouse burger and the chicken fried steak dinner.

Review №61

Service was exceptional however food was mediocre.

Review №62

Great environment tonight. Not real busy and waitstaff did a great job!

Review №63

Loved the place. Food was amazing and so is the company

Review №64

What can I say it's a chain restaurant but it has great food I recommend the signature chili on a nice cold day.

Review №65

Wonderful..staff goes above and beyond...

Review №66

Well second chance and still 2 starsFood was cold. Flavors bland and meat was like rubber. Recieved free chips and salsa for joining club which they tried to charge us for. At least the staff was friendly!

Review №67

They did the usual Outstanding service! Food was great, and love the fact they have the "Gluten free " menu for my wife. She loved her meal!

Review №68

Friendly attentive waitress nachos very good chips and salsa great

Review №69

Loved the Boss Burger

Review №70

Good food, good service. Don't care for the self-checkout, but server helped us. One of the few places that requires you to use the self-checkout process.

Review №71

Great waitress. Speedy service and great food

Review №72

Good deals on food and friendly wait staff. I'm never disappointed.

Review №73

Food is always good. Good service.

Review №74

The food was good but the service was slow and they seemed not to even notice we had kids. The kids were getting restless and it took 15 minutes before the waiter took our order. I understand it was lunchtime but they didn't seem very busy. The server was friendly though and the food was hot.

Review №75

The service was excellent and the food was terrific.I eat there quite often and this is the reason why.

Review №76

This Chili's is one of the best we've been to, by far! Food is always excellent and warm enough. Our server today, Clay, was very good @ his job ! We'll definitely be back!

Review №77

Great service and great food

Review №78

The service was great the food was awesome the waitress was very nice I will be back there. Thank you Chili's

Review №79

Friendly, fast service. This is a "go to" place when I want to get out of the house.

Review №80

Felt segregated from the rest of the diners. And our server had an attitude. But the food was decent.

Review №81

Very,very good food and the service was excellent!!!

Review №82

Order always wrong for pick up

Review №83

Wait staff were friendly and prompt. We were seated quickly and the food was excellent. The choices on the new menu great.

Review №84

Looking for a salad. Found it. Not the salads from a few years ago. If you're looking for calories, this place has it.

Review №85

Took a long time just to get a quick lunch.

Review №86

Very impressive! Are server Daly was great. Started with the Texas cheese fries and some beery blitzen margaritas. Very good. My wife got the Cajun chicken pasta and I got the Boss burger. Both came out hot, fresh, and timely. The burger was amazing, perfectly cooked, would order again and again lol. The Cajun pasta was seasoned very nicely not too. Had great taste and most tender chicken. Keep it up Chili's ur putting out some solid product. Was so good looking I forgot to take pictures. Thanks for the experience

Review №87

Bad customer service

Review №88

Good food and great service every time. My family's favorite!

Review №89

The waiter I got was very rude and rushed us along. Acted upset the they had to remake my burger that was still bleeding and told me that was how it was supposed to look. When the menu clearly stated medium-well on all burgers. He only came to the table 2 other times. Once for refills and the other for the check. I am very disappointed with my visit and probably will not return to this location.

Review №90

Loved the food and service.

Review №91

Excellent price, food and service.

Review №92

Great Food, Great Service, Great Atmosphere!!!

Review №93

Good service and good food. A bit pricey but the service makes it worth it.

Review №94

Always great

Review №95

Excellant, service and food, love Chili's of Fort Smith, Ark. Best over other Chili's I've ate at. ♡♡♡♡♡

Review №96

Had the cajun pasta, wS very good. Service was very good also. Town was booming

Review №97

Fast & friendly service. Food was good. 1st time eating at Chili's & I plan to go back.

Review №98

Had a good time as always at this place! That drink of the month is so good! Can't wait to go back.

Review №99

Delicious food and comfortable mood place -whether your going out w fam or friends or if you enjoy the ba fr scene t hmm is is the perfect place to be!

Review №100

Their potato cheese soup was fantastic as were the thin chips and salsa. The music selection was also nice. They were busy but we were still seated right away and our service was good.

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  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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