Genos Pizza By The Slice
8801 Jenny Lind Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72908, United States
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Unfortunately, I couldn't give less than one star. The images I have provided with this post includes the hair I found in the pizza I got for my family and I this evening. Immediately called the store upon noticing this after getting home, not even an apology or sorry for the inconvenience. During the call with both an employee and then afterwards the manager, I included that I had to drive nearly half an hour to get there and back home and was told that if I didn't make the drive back to SHOW THEM and then let them decided what to do then there was nothing they could do about it the following day even with the picture evidence. Unprofessional, inconsiderate, and unacceptable. I hope no else has this experience and that management is more considerate onward if situations like this reoccur.Advice: check your pizza before leaving the establishment or you may receive strands of hair (free of charge).

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I love their low carb pizza! They seem to have trouble hanging up their phone for call ins. Several different times I can't get thru on 646-6372 last time I told the girl and she checked the phone and said it was not hung up?? I don't know if it's on purpose or accidental but it has happen too much to be an accident.

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Love Gino's my grandson can't live without it

Review №4

Pizza is always correct and the perfect amount of sauce.

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Big slices and fast service. They have a drive in, but hardly ever use it. the pizza is good dough and good toppings. I have had topping amounts vary, but the sauce quality has been consistent. I can share the 2 slice combo with my wife for a quick lunch. The 1 slice combo does not seem worth it as the side salad is only OK. Decent selection of dressings with it, and the vegetables have been fairly fresh.Service has always been very fast as they turn over the pizza very quickly and constantly seem to have fresh supply.

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Great food. Its Genos!y checkout lady kinda rude but the younger girl very friendly. What used to be $2 slices back in the day now $3.25 a slice.

Review №7

Good pizza but Way overpriced combos make it not worth it to me.

Review №8

I love Geno's pizza and there ranch dressing

Review №9

My 8 yr old grandson wanted to go because he likes Geno's & has been here before but as an adult, I've had much better pizza. The crust was much softer & thicker than I like. I've had frozen pizza with crisper, thinner & better tasting crust. By the slice cost $3.24 each whether you order supreme or cheese. They severed each slice on styrofoam plates. I fact, they had a wall of stacked styrofoam plates behind the register. Not environmentally friendly and just plain looks bad. The salad bar looked ok. There wasn't any decor in the place. I'd rather go to Papa's or Cavanaugh pizza, they are different pizza's but both have much better pizza & crust. Wish I would have taken a pic of the styrofoam plate wall that will end up in the landfill.

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UPDATE FEB 2020: 3 times in the last couple of weeks they were out of either pepperoni or cheese and wouldn't make more for the combo options. Maybe it would be a little more understandable if it were within 30 minutes of closing, but twice it was an hour and a half before close. Trying to keep waste down is understandable as well, but along with rude employees and what seems like poor management, I won't be going back here.I eat here frequently since it is close to where I live. The majority of the time the pizza is fresh, but maybe 1 out of 8 times it is old. The salads are more frequently wilted (causing me to stop getting the combo). But the most egregious issue here is that about half the time the staff are unfriendly. I've had the drive-thru window shut in my face multiple times after they handed my food to me, but I had to wait and/or knock on the window to get my drink or card back. Also, expect to wait for anything other than a slice of pizza (or combo).Once, I was dealing with a technical issue at home, but was also starving. I was on my phone dealing with the issue, but all the girl saw was that I was on my phone. She was incredibly rude. The building facelift does make it look more appealing, but that doesn't fix the apparent bad management issues.

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Cauliflower crust pizza was a big hit for our family!!!

Review №12

Pizza was hot and fresh. It is always delicious with their ranch! The best ranch!

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Always loved Geno's. Pizza by the slice and sandwiches too. They have a salad bar now. My only disappointment was that the DVD rental side closed 2 years ago.

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Always good! I snag a slice whenever I'm near a Geno's.

Review №15

My order has been wrong multiple times. Including tonight. Staff is rude and does not pay attention.

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It's always been good but they're getting too high on their prices

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Great pizza at a great price. The best feature is being able to buy by the slice. The customer service is superior to most pizza places in the area. They offer discounts also. There use to be a movie store attached but they removed it so they lost a story in my review because it was my favorite one stop shop for dinner and a movie. Overall this is a great place for a good slice of pizza.

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Good pizza. Great salad bar

Review №19

They were very polite and had my food ready quickly

Review №20

Really good authentic pizza and quaint atmosphere

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Since they have changed hands awhile back, pizza has not been as good. Crust is tough and pizza is too oily. Also most of the time I have to wait for my 2 slices of pizza. But I shall probably continue to stop because it is convenient and I love pizza!

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Love Genos, fast food and the staff is always friendly

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Very upset with them. About 3 weeks ago I went through the drive through and ordered my usual. Plus coffee for the 1st time. And received it.This week I did the same. When paying they said they do not have any. I said that I would wait. They said they don't have any coffee. The girl said they haven't had it at for a year when she started working there. I told her I recently got some. And that it is on the menu outside. And highly recently them to remove it since they do not serve coffee. I love their spaghetti and salad. I will not go back ever again.I'm sure others have run into the same problem.Why not have coffee? I did not get a answer.This is on the Marketplace.

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I absolutely love Geno's Pizza by the slice...all food very good...employees very courteous and prompt...many employees have been there for many years...and many know customers names...I am one of the loyal customers...and there are many...Geno's Pizza By The Slice not only have great food...they treat you like family...hope Geno's is around for many years...the great employees make this business work...

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They have new menu items including vegan crusts & de lady said their location is de only 1 with ice cream.

Review №26

Been going here for years, pizza always the same and great

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The cauliflower supreme pizza was surprisingly good. When wanting a slice you find you need to order a 10" to get this options but it was well worth the short wait. I'll be interested in trying the broccoli crust but of you are looking for less calories and carbs cauliflower is the best pption. It tasted like a good thin crust and wasn't weird at all. I would include a photo but it didnt last long enough for a photo op.

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Tasty toasted sub And I love hearing how great my kid is from perfect strangers. Friendly staff! #killinit

Review №30

Food is really good coming back daily

Review №31

Always the best customer service! I love Genos people!

Review №32

I have eaten at Geno's since the 90's when they were only in the mall... The quality is still the same, some days it seems like the pizzas are made slightly different, but it still tastes the same as it does 20+ years ago. This particular Geno's has a very small arcade that doesn't appear to get much use. Kids these days take their video game consoles for granted. I wish there would be more of a crowd at the arcade... But all in all I highly recommend this Geno's because the food is great and the employees are very nice and friendly.

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Great pizza, and the ranch they serve is my favorite!

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Got the single salad bar and a slice of pepperoni. Salad bar was really good. All items seem fresh. Pizza was great as always.

Review №35

So damn dry

Review №36

Been eating here since I was a kid, and it's still just as tasty. This is simple goodness. Low sauce, chewy crust isn't too thick. Slices ready to eat and it's clean. Love Geno's!

Review №37

Best pizza by slice or by the pie great deals

Review №38

Pizza is average. Salad bar was awesome.

Review №39

Awesome pizza! $10 for 3 slices tho... Small arcade was fun but they are over half racing games, a couple claw machines, and a couple gumball machines... They need more diversity in their arcade and me and my two small boys would definitely visit more often...

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The worst Pizza I have ever eaten. Even the cheese sticks were horrible. My daughter would not even eat them. I asked for light sauce, there was ZERO sauce. I asked for pepperoni and beef got only pepperoni. Was like tasteless cardboard. Had to drown it in salt just to get a flavor. NEVER AGAIN.

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Waited 10 minutes to order. Then the lady that was supposed to take my orders completelys ignore me and gets the guy that was right behind me.

Review №42

My favorite pizza and salad

Review №43

This is my kid's fave place for pizza. They are always very consistent with how the pizza is cooked. It's the same every time. Thin crust cheese pizza is what we always get.

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Pizza was just okay but the employee were very friendly and efficient.

Review №45

Great pizza and the best salad bar!!!

Review №46

Literally like a cafeteria in a middle school. Quality is astoundingly low. I've never seen a slice spot with such a terrible product. I'd recommend they invest in a recipe for actual pizza.

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Good pie, fast service

Review №48

Taste pretty good. Cheese pizza

Review №49

Cheap pizza specials

Review №50

Good Pizza Good soda's great value

Review №51

The food was good little expensive just a tad bit salty but the experience was all in all a good one people are really courteous

Review №52

Go by there at least 1-2times a month. Like the pizza. Always quick drive thru

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I love this place! My favorite is the garlic cheese bread, my daughter loves the spaghetti

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Good, quick pizza by the slice or box.

Review №55

I love their salad bar and the new skillet pizza.

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Can't go wrong with Geno's!! Been eating pizza here since the 90's and plan to forever

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I've been coming here for years with no complaints but the new crew is ride and does not know how to be running a store I'll never come back to this Geno's dude to rude employees who cannot even hand out the right pizza once they have finally noticed you the window

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8:15 call in of a slice of sausage. 8:46 still waiting on it. Girls need to get off their phones and keep the pizza made. Ridiculous. No apologies. Nothing.

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Great prices good pizza

Review №60

Love there pizza

Review №61

Always great pizza. Wish the pricing would get back to being a little cheaper.

Review №62

Sorry Geno's second best pizza in town, but 1st in price for quality

Review №63

Pretty good for a Quick bite

Review №64

People were helpful, food sucked. Sorry

Review №65

Good Mall type pizza served by the slice and via a drive through. Love that they have both Coke and Pepsi.

Review №66

Love their pizza and staff!

Review №67

My kids favorite pizza. Always the same.

Review №68

I love geno's ranch and pizza is yummy

Review №69

Well. Last few times I've been, have been SUPER DISAPPOINTED!! The one on Towson, the kids were listening to music with some racy language and rude... The one on Jenny Lind, just got an old slice of pizza and a salad with no dressing or utincles. Eat somewhere else, it'll be worth it. Don't waste your money here!

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After frequenting Geno's on Jenny Lind in Fort Smith for many years, I am now finding less than desirable service and quality of pizza.Today I was overcharged, brought to their attention, returned to the store, refunded the overcharge, then found that the pizza was not prepared as ordered. Had to take it back for correction. The toppings, which include vegetables, was extremely skimpy as was the other toppings.Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed to see the quality go down.Cannot understand the reason or purpose since this sabotages the business.

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Pizza was good. Employees were rude and made me wait at least 10 minutes when I was at the drive and could hear them socializing the whole time over the speaker about personal things.

Review №72

Good food

Review №73

Kid eats here everyday

Review №74

Love me some Genos I sure wish we had one in Rogers Arkansas

Review №75

Gerat place to go very nice clean and respectful people

Review №76

To me there my favorite pizza place

Review №77

#2 combo 2 slices of pizza and a salad with a 20oz drink yummy

Review №78

Great pizza. Great price

Review №79

Good pizza and you can only get a slice

Review №80

Best pizza

Review №81

Mediocre pizza at an above average price. Nice service though.

Review №82

The pizza is very good.

Review №83

Great pizza and great customers service

Review №84

I've always loved the pizza, but the place could really use an update. It's really more like a 4.5 overall.

Review №85

Good pizza for decent price.

Review №86

Great adding the salad bar a real plus...

Review №87

The last time didn't like crust and there pizza always been the best

Review №88

Sausage pizza and a Coke. Who could ask for more

Review №89

And they have a great brownie!

Review №90

Mediocre pizza and service

Review №91

Very good

Review №92

Terrible expecially considering the price.

Review №93

Good, fast and very quaint

Review №94

Amazing pizza

Review №95


Review №96

Love their salad bar

Review №97

Just like I remembered.

Review №98

The best

Review №99

Great value

Review №100

Good stuff.

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  • Address:8801 Jenny Lind Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72908, United States
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  • Phone:+1 479-646-6372
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Pizza restaurant
  • Italian restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–9PM
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Service options
  • Delivery:No
  • Takeout:No
  • Dine-in:No
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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