14144 Westheimer Rd #120, Houston, TX 77077, United States

Review №1

My friend and I came to order banga soup to go. We ordered a few. The picture below is the soup they provided. The bowl initially looked full because of the fish but when I took it out I was legitimately weak. There was only about 2 tablespoons of soup. However, the flavor was amazing compared to what other people are cooking in Houston. It did taste a bit like ofe nsala mixed with banga instead of straight bangs but it was good. Unfortunately I could only use 1/4 of the pounded yam.Also, the pounded yam was RAW!! It was smooth with no lumps but tasted completely raw. I actually threw up because it tasted like play-doh. I had to heat it on my stove and turn it myself. If you have to recook the food then it's a waste of money.

Review №2

I went over here like Uber driver, twice! The last one the person who order live 40 minutes far away from restaurant, she order with Uber (they don't pay well for long distance) but the Restaurant seems nice and clean, different from the other places, you see in Houston, I do not try the food yet, but I want it so badly, I just want to give 5 stars because is a good place for eat, I have intuition.

Review №3

My go to African restaurant. The jollof rice and stewed fish is on point and consistent.

Review №4

The decor and vibe was amazing. That was the only good thing about it for me today... my waitress was not nice and was rude. The jollof could be better. Goat meat was soft which was good.. the designer stew was alright. I came because I keep hearing about it. Never going back.. Good luck to everyone else.

Review №5

I'll chalk the slow wait times, long time for the food to arrive, and cold food up to the busy opening day rush ?? I would only come back if these areas improve. The interior decor is nice, and the establishment is clean. The checkout cashiers are friendly. There is free parking in the attached parking lot.

Review №6

The food is amazing and the environment was very relaxing.. The owner is a very down to earth woman... I enjoyed my evening very much so!!! Will be back!!! Please do not let the bad reviews dwindle your interest.. Everything was perfect to a T. I never ate Nigerian food and been in such amazing atmosphere. To the owner again, thank you so much for your service and hospitality!! Such a beautiful spirit she has. You can't please everyone but me and my family were beyond appreciative of such food and ambiance.

Review №7

The food is simply amazing. Real taste of Africa. The staff is very professional. You cannot go wrong with that place. If you have a chance to meet the owner, she will make you feel so comfortable that you will think she is your aunty hahahha.I love the place and don't mind driving almost an hour just to pick up my food. Yes an hour...that's how good it is!

Review №8

This was our first time trying African food and they did not disappoint. The food was full of flavor and spice. Prices was reasonable. Service was great. We will be back.

Review №9

I found Komchop as I was looking for a restaurant of international cuisines.The food and service is high quality and taste. The atmosphere is very relaxing and comfortable. I highly recommend Komchop. See you there.

Review №10

Just had lunch here and tried the pepper soup with goat. Very traditional African and very tasty. The soup was dark, rich and earthy with chunks of goat w/bones. I ordered the spicy which had my nose running and I eat very spicy food. Not a huge fan of the goat with little bones but thats pretty traditional and adds to the flavor when cooking. I will certainly go back and will try the same but with fish. The place was clean and the service was good especially from the owner who came and out and talked to me. Really nice lady.

Review №11

Best Nigerian food in the city if houston.. try their okro with white rice

Review №12

Sooo since this pandemic happened, DoorDash has become my BFF.. I could never find a decent African restaurant that deliveredbut GOD!! HE answered my prayers per usual..Komchop was above and beyond what I expected!! I've had the Fresh Fish Pepper Soup(ALWAYS helps when my allergies are going haywire!!), Vegetable Soup and Egusi, all were delicious and the assorted meats were cooked to tender perfection!! Thanks Komchop, u have a new friend in me

Review №13

OMG the Jollof Spaghetti is SO GOOD! African foods are one of my favorite cuisines. I ordered to go from Komchop for the 1st time & I was really impressed by the food. I definitely would love to dine-in next time & explore other menu options. & FYI, I read a few reviews about the size portions. My size portions was a lot! One order felt like it was for 2 people. It was a lot of food. The price was also decent, you have to understand that with African cuisines there's a lot of ingredients & work into it. It doesn't come cheap. It's not fast food, it's a cuisine.

Review №14

Clean. Like the ambiance of the restaurant

Review №15

Been there before and the place is really nice and clean. Good African food too.

Review №16

My first time trying this place, it was really good everyone was super friendly and helpful..definitely going back soon

Review №17

We wanted to try something different, came here and no one was available to take our orders , we left after about 20minutes of no service . Wont be coming back

Review №18

This place has a true authentic Nigerian flavor and you can tell they use quality ingredients. One of the best jollof and fried rice. My Husband is a Nigerian who cooks exceptionally well and is picky and this place is his favorite in the West Houston area !

Review №19

Currently one of the cleanest Nigerian restaurants (restroom included) in Houston. Owner has promised to keep it that way.Food, service and ambiance are currently great.Let's hope it won't follow the disappointing trend of some other Nigerian restaurants that started well only to go downhill from there......with noticeable disregard.Keep it up, we can continue to come chop.

Review №20

The decor was beautiful and the service was great but the food was terrible. No seasoning nothing straight bland.

Review №21

Kumchop was my first experience with Nigerian food and I really enjoyed the food, I had a delicious fish baked in the most amazing sauce. The atmosphere was pleasant and comfortable, I look forward to returning soon

Review №22

Horrible service. It's like they don't have patience.

Review №23

Nice customer service. Clean establishment. Tasty food.

Review №24

Upon entrance to this place on Sunday July 7th around 3 p.m. we were greeted by a tall nicely dressed well-spoken gentleman, who escorted us to our table and seated us. first impression from the entrance of the restaurant to being seated was highly favorable and we were quite pleased. The table was set quite nicely and the menus on the table were very high-end and suited for the environment. Shortly, into our being seated at a table, the same waiter kindly asked to please allow ourselves to be escorted to a different table as there was a large party being expected where we were seated currently; we obliged. The food prices were comparable to the area, but were more reasonably priced than Abuja Cafe, located a mile or so down on the same street, Westheimer. As we studied the well put together menu, our waiter suggested that we try the coconut rice which we were very pleased to hear but since my husband had it the day before elsewhere he decided to try something on the menu presented today as this was our first visit to KomChop . We were served bottled water, which is customary at most Nigerian restaurants, but we both agreed that we would have preferred to have a nice glass pitcher of iced water or tea offered to pour into our glasses by the waiter OR the pitcher to be left on the table to use as we needed. The bottled water was a mismatch for the type of vibe this restaurant gave us. After ordering our food and about a 5 to 7 minute wait, we were pleasantly approached with a nicely arranged small platter of warm bread and pats of butter. Yum and unexpected! The expected party of guests slowly started making their way in and from that point on our service went down from a solid "9" to about a "2". The kind gentleman who had seated us and reseated us AND who had taken our order....was NO MORE! Within a matter of minutes of the larger parties guests being seated we started to see food, bread, water and full dishes of food being served at their table even though we had already been there over 15 minutes AFTER our order was placed. We waited for a total of 25 minutes for our food to be brought out and only MY dish came out because my husbands banga soup , pounded yam was not quite ready. So I was with plate in front of me for a full 10 minutes or better, as my husband had to watch me eat my beautifully presented, Jollif rice, Chicken, Spinach and plantains. Of course we ate off of the same plate so as to not have mine sitting getting cold. The food was nicely portioned on my elongated porcelain platter. .but it seriously lacked any taste!! Let me be clear, the flavor was wonderful; however there was no seasoning at all and it was almost unbearable to eat. Bland!!! My husband's food finally came out and he said that it was flavored very nicely but it needed salt as his too was very bland. We waited over 5 minutes from the time we requested salt until the time we received it. We watched three staff ( the main one was our waiter) attend to this one party of guests of 10, as we were only ever approached ONE other time buy a staff to check on us after my husband finally received his meal from that same waiter, we never again encountered HIM, the waiter, who originally took our order and seated us.... even upon leaving the establishment! On the way out I asked for the name of who our waiter was, and was NOT told his name but was told he is the Owner. Wow.

Review №25

Very fine interior..they provide u purchasing bag to pack your food

Review №26

The best place to hangoutThe best food in town

Review №27

Food was great. Really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Review №28

I am very disappointed, I love Nigerian food, but this place NO!First off, when I arrived I asked the hostess (Stella) if they do take out? She tells me yes and in the same breath tells me to go online and see what I want, (so you telling me that I have to go on my phone and look up your restaurant and pull up the menu), I then tell her never mind because I was leaving, she then tells me she has a menu, why act like that when you have menus on every table. So I guess to distract me she tells me, “oh, by the way I like your hair “, I say thank you and proceed with my order, I get the jollof rice, plantains and goat meat. Just let me tell you the “food was horrible!!!” I only received three pieces of goat meat that were so TOUGH that I couldn't even eat it, my whole experience was horrible from start to finish, their internet wasn't working and she had to restart the system so I could pay. I definitely won't go back, I should of followed my first mind and go to the Wazobia Market. I will never come back to this place!!!!

Review №29

Very nice and cozy environment with great food. Exceptional customer service.

Review №30

No one including cooks are wearing a mask.

Review №31

Great Food. Nice ambience. Amazing Service.Will definitely return.

Review №32

The first time coming to the restaurant was an amazing experience. The service is phenomenal and the food is top notch and might i add very affordable. You won't regret coming hear for that true Nigerian flavor. The best in houston!

Review №33

Best foods and quality

Review №34

Nice restaurant, food and service is great.

Review №35

The food was good but the service was slow.

Review №36

Beautiful place great customer service but the food is tasteless. My friend told me it wasn't good but decided to try it myself and I confirmed the cook needs to be changed.

Review №37

It has a welcoming ambiance. A nice restaurant to enjoy a good meal.

Review №38

Beautiful African (Nigeria) Restaurant with a pure touch of 100 percent Hospitality

Review №39

This is totally home away from home! Wonderful staff and delicious meal! What else can I ask for? Definitely coming back!!!

Review №40

Very nice place to eat,I really enjoy the yummy

Review №41

Great customer service!

Review №42

Delicious food!!! Awesome service, great atmosphere, clean environment, and food I mention the food! Yeah definitely coming back!

Review №43

Great food and exceptional service. The environment is very clean and the food was affordable. A class above other African Restaurants

Review №44

Lovely experience

Review №45

Nice food

Review №46

Worst Restaurant in Houston!!! The interior made me patronize them, I asked for pounded yam and egusi soup.. they taught I wasn't Nigerian.. they served me a sour egusi soup which gave me diarrhea and the pounding wasn't 100% pounded.. was missed with garri or so..( because they taught I'm not Nigerian and won't know the difference) I complained about this and asked me are you Nigerian? Can you imagine that.. pls don't eat there. They only have a well designed interior but the food is wack and will make you have diarrhea for 2 days at least! DON'T GO THERE IF YOU LOVE CLEAN AND GOOD FOOD

Review №47

The food was wonderful The young lady that took my order was very Very very nice a beautiful place and I will be coming back again

Review №48

Came for Afro Comedy Night and it was enjoyable on all fronts

Review №49

Good atmosphere, good food, good service. Took my clients for lunch and we will add Komchop to our list of restaurants we have on rotation.Am going back for sure

Review №50

Food was good & friendly service

Review №51

The best African Restaurant

Review №52

KOMCHOP Best Nigerian Jollof rice ever ! I went in here and was extremely pleased at the atmosphere of this place very neatly done and the food is to die for .. I only stopped by to eat in but ended ordering more to go .. I am surely coming back for more with family and friends .. it's such a decent restaurant.. Best in Houston TX ️

Review №53

Nice variety of African meal with nice environment

Review №54

Very nice interior..they give u shopping bag to pack your food

Review №55

Komchop restaurant is definitely home away from home. Right from the warm welcome at the entrance by the waiters, through the process of ordering food, right down to the consumption of the sumptuous meal.

Review №56

Ambience is lovely,Food tasted so good talk about portion sizes Just know you have back up dinner or lunch for another day.

Review №57

Very nice atmosphere, clean and food was really good.

Review №58

Very delicious, clean and extremely nice and polite staff

Review №59

I enjoyed my food, and I love the environment. Komchop is an excellent restaurant with exceptional service.

Review №60

Great food, spicy and nice atmosphere

Review №61

Very cozy environment, tasty food and wonderful service. Looking for a Nigerian restaurant in Houston, komchop is the place...

Review №62

Excellent food and service

Review №63

The food here is amazingly good..The texture of the meat is just right..I ordered fried rice with chicken and moimoi and their portions are great.I would highly recommend Komchop to everyone..The lady at the door greeted me and asure me that my food would be their shortly.... GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE

Review №64

I love to eat at KomChop, the place is beautiful, the food is great, I will definitively recommended anyone to go there

Review №65

Good place to get the lunch break started

Review №66

This place reminds me of the African Palace I ate at a lot back home

Review №67

Best Jollof rice in Houston

Review №68

Very clean and pleasant ambience.

Review №69

Good food, Nice setting

Review №70

Best banga soup hands down

Review №71

Emphasis on a clean and organized restaurant

Review №72

Excellent service.

Review №73

We enjoy it....

Review №74

Had Komchop provide catering for a party and we were more than pleased with the entire platter 10/10 will continue to patronize

Review №75

Is not encouraging

Review №76

Beautiful Place, Delicious Menu

Review №77

Delicious food

Review №78

Amazing place

Review №79

Food a little pricey

Review №80

Best African restaurant in Houston

Review №81

Clean restaurant

Review №82

Terrible experience

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