The Loop Restaurant
4413 Town Center Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32246, United States
Review №1

We typically love The Loop at the town center, but tonight the food preparation was off. They were very accommodating for the quality of food they served.

Review №2

Services great, The restaurant itself was a bit dirty with plates and things left on the tables. That was mostly due to the high volume of customers though staff was doing their best to keep it clean. Overall I would go back

Review №3

I had the cajun salmon burger with homemade chips. I didn't care for the homemade chips but my burger was delicious. I went during lunch time on a summer Friday. It was busy but they were fast. I'd eat here again.

Review №4

The Asian chicken salad was pretty good. The unsweetened tea was weak.

Review №5

Love the loop but this location is just horrible. They forgot my salmon and wouldn't even refund me for it. The manager just said im sorry? Lol like are you kidding me. We will never eat here again

Review №6

Good food nice staff not an extreme veritary of options but what they do they do well

Review №7

The best pizza in Jacksonville hands great dining experience just wish they had

Review №8

Went in to the loop today and ordered. Somehow they messed up the order because of a mistake with the computer. The manager can over and made sure it was fixed right away and went above and beyond to take care of us and got it fixed. I was very impressed with how professional he was and it was a great experience.Everyone makes mistakes but it's how you handle those mistakes that separates the good from the great.We will be back. I would recommend this location. The food was good and so was the service.

Review №9

The loop has surprisingly delicious food. The only reason I even say suprising is because I've ordered different menu items and they all were delicious. Food takes a little longer but it's always fresh and delicious when its served so I did not mind. Would definitely recommend.

Review №10

Great Jax staple!

Review №11

Some fries were a little floppy, overall food was good though

Review №12

Always good! Thank you for the personal attention and service. Salads are amazing and my son loves the grilled cheese and French fries!

Review №13

Visited right after they opened back up. Everything was clean and staff was friendly.

Review №14

To go order. THE WORST PIZZA I HAVE EVER EATEN! But...the best mushroom swiss burger!

Review №15

I ordered my burger done medium and got home to find it was raw in he middle. Disgusting.Edit: Happy to say I went back and tried it again and the food was great. No raw meat and the shakes were great.

Review №16

One of my worst dining experiences of my life! The young lady at the counter I think Hannah was completely rude and provided terrible service. Food was mid at best and it was overall just a poor experience highlighted by the rudest service from a front counter.

Review №17

Wonderful service and food was fast to come out

Review №18

Great little restaurant with different seating that offers options from cozy to large gathering, and some outdoor seating as well. Pizza was very good, and several of the options that I saw rolling out certainly looked delicious. Relatively inexpensive, my kid and I shared a small pizza and drink for about $10.00.

Review №19

Fresh food, always tastes great

Review №20

I enjoyed this place, service was excellent and the food was good!

Review №21

Great food.

Review №22

Food is pretty good! Comes out warm and in a timely manner.

Review №23

They inadvertently burnt our food, but very quickly replaced it. While waiting, the cashier (Karen) started making sarcastic remarks. When asked to add to my order, she huffed and puffed, and then became outright rude and started rolling her eyes when I pointed out she overcharged me. As the manager fixed Karen's mistake, Karen became more and more confrontational! To the point the manager asked her to leave..but she REFUSED to move. She was asked which Karen took two small steps and just stood there. She refused to leave until the manager (Peyton) said Please. Yes. When Peyton left to fix the order, Karen said she didn't care and none of it mattered to her.I thanked Peyton for being gracious, and told her it was unfortunate that Karen disrepected her and conducted herself this way in front of customers.

Review №24

The environment is perfect and the food is spot on. Try the Loop burger its tasty and pretty big.

Review №25

Outstanding loop and cheddar. Wife had an asian chicken salad which she said was very good. Loop knows how to make a burger!

Review №26

Love their fresh burgers and pizzas. About 10-15 min wait for a fresh burger and fries which is pretty good. They have decent prices for the good food you're getting. It does get noisy many times when people bring their kids. The women's bathroom stalls offer no privacy as the gaps between the stalls are huge, making me uncomfortable using them.

Review №27

Always the best burgers for the money.Great food for the price

Review №28

My salmon was overcooked and very dry!

Review №29

The Loop has consistently good food at a fair price. I especially like their blue cheese chips. It's a nice outing if you want casual dining.

Review №30

Great pizza. Great burgers. Great salads. Great milk shakes. I miss it now that I've moved from Jacksonville

Review №31

Loved the blue cheese chips, hamburger cooked to order. Clean. Great price

Review №32

Excellent as always.

Review №33

Great as always!

Review №34

Pizza is pretty good here

Review №35

We love coming here for the burgers. Best burgers in town in my opinion. Service is always fast and friendly. Restaurant is clean.

Review №36

Food was made to order and fresh. The ingredients provided great flavor. Child friendly. Reasonable prices. Small beer selection but they were good.

Review №37

Always a fantastic burger!

Review №38

First time at Loop at the Town Center. The burgers were perfect and done the way we wanted them to be. Place was surprisingly spacious. Few customers. Clean and inviting. We will definitely be back.

Review №39

Great menu. Must try there homemade blue cheese chips! Yum!!

Review №40

I love this place it's affordable and fills me up every time

Review №41

Great food and decent prices

Review №42

Great food. And very personable staff. They have the best bbq bacon burgers.

Review №43

It's an ok place to get a burger. Not sure about other things on menu. It does take time and is priced per item so costs a little more than most burger places. But it's to order, so hot and burgers are good.

Review №44

The Loop has the best burgers in the world! My favorite is the Mushroom Swiss. It's absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!

Review №45

And try the barbecue chicken pizza so amazing

Review №46

I have to say this is the best place to get a hamburger. YUM!!

Review №47

We had to repeat our order to the cashier three times and she still got the order wrong. The burgers were too salty and the fries were medium cold. On a good note the tomato bisque is delicious as usual

Review №48

Great food and unique atmosphere. Definitely a great burger in city. To me this is a great lunch spot good food, fast service and friendly staff. Also if you just want a causal dinner it is a great pick as well. It definitely does get busy during lunch time so get there before the rush.

Review №49

Really poor quality if you are ordering take out. I recommend going to a different location. The place was dead when I came in, the cashier was sitting on a chair and refused to get up. I should have taken that as a sign of what was to come.

Review №50

Thier food is fresh and hot. The pizza crust is very good. The only issue I had with my experience was the dining area gets quite loud with only half capacity. It does get difficult holding a conversation in the crowd.

Review №51

How many burger joints have you visited where they ask you, "how would like it cooked??" and actual home fries that taste and look like home fries are supposed to look and taste, food is fabulous and in-expensive

Review №52

The service at this Loop is not good. The table we wanted to sit at was a little dirty so i asked the counter girl for something to clean it with thinking that she would recognize the need and come wipe it down. Nope, she just handed me a dirty rag. The silverware container had trash in it and was dirty and wet at the bottom. Lastly, I never saw a staff person come out from behind the counter and do anything. We cleared our own dishes so we could talk.

Review №53

We ordered two chicken Caesar salads. The food was ready really quick but there was a bug in one of the salads. We informed someone at the counter and showed her the bug she got the salad remade for us and gave us a free dessert. We packed up an took our salads Togo but when we we're eating and found another bug in the other salad! 20$ later and were still hungry :(

Review №54

I come here for their wonderful pizza. It's sooo crunchy and delicious. Have been coming here for years. The whole pizza tastes great and most of their specialties are awesome.

Review №55

Good pizza and super helpful staff constantly was around askin if we and others needed anything good place definetly gonna keep coming back

Review №56

Simply excellent. Best pizza in the town center, awesome burgers, and additional menu options that are all well above par.

Review №57

Comfort food at a comfortable price. The best plate is the Loop burger with blue cheese or the mushroom swiss burger. It's just the right amount of food for a good price. There is no table service here, but that makes for guilt-free trips to the beverage area.

Review №58

The Loop is always a good choice when people can't decide what to eat because it has an option for everyone. Whether it's their classic Loop burger, tasty fresh salads, portabella burger, with soup or the day or tasty steak fries as a side. Town center location is always clean, with plenty of seating options.

Review №59

I like this place.. I love pizza here. Food really tasty. Good seating arrangements.

Review №60

Good food. Decent price. Really good shakes. Tables weren't getting bused in a timely manner.

Review №61

Food is always pretty good, very slow and mediocre service almost every time I go in though.

Review №62

Food was good. Cooked fresh to order. The restaurant is located in the Town Center. The food is priced a little above average. Restaurant was clean. Bathrooms were clean. We have several of these restaurants in the Jacksonville area this is one of my favorite.

Review №63

Great burgers and the best tomato bisque soup ever

Review №64

Always Wonderful food and service.

Review №65

Food was fast, fresh and tasty! Burgers are exceptional compared to traditional burger places. Solves that carnivorous craving for fresh beef burger. Try the malts very delicious.

Review №66

American food and the atmosphere here is very good. Came here on a Friday I think. Prices are appropriate for the quality.

Review №67

Good burger and onion rings. Great place for a quick burger. The pizza looked good although I didnt get it. Pizza here is on my hit list.

Review №68

Quality has gone to $h!t

Review №69

You've got to continously ask to have tables bused, utensils stocked, non-carbonated drink containers are never monitored for freshness and quantity (empty). Drink station is always unkempt. Seriously, 30 bucks for a pizza & 2 beverages, and you have to get your own food and then clean the table, and constantly inform the staff of defencies; really tighten up, or close up.

Review №70

Chicken sandwich was tough and had some gristle

Review №71

Pretty good food! went there for lunch and had the Salmon...... a little weird you can order the salmon and if you don't ask for sides they will give it to you by itself, but it was good none the less.

Review №72


Review №73

Tried the Town Center location for the first time. Their namesake Loop Burger was made to order perfectly. The seasoned chips in the side was a nice compliment. The strawberry shake was so thick I had to give up the straw and use a spoon. The staff was very friendly. I will definitely be back to try more from their menu.

Review №74

Great burgers and friendly service.

Review №75

This location is usually very good. We have experienced an off night before. The food is always excellent.

Review №76

It's not terrible just meh. The food was good but I'm not a fan of ordering at the counter and picking it up for the same price as a restaurant where they serve you. I wasn't really impressed

Review №77

When you walk in you can either grab a menu or just look at the one on the wall and go to the cashier to place your order when you're ready. They give you a buzzer that will light up when your food is ready to be picked up at the same counter. In the meantime you can get you table, drinks, utensils, etc. There staff walks around and grabs the plates when they see you are finished. It is a great place for lunch. In addition to the pizzas, they also have very good salads. It is a nice ambience, family friendly, with indoor and outdoor seating.

Review №78

Wont be back to this look. My coworkers and I have eaten here now two days in a row (we love the tomato soup) and they never get the order right. It is simple orders too. We have all asked for extra croutons and made it clear that charging for them was fine and look at what we get both is annoying because when they hand you the bags and you start naming things that you asked for to make sure and they give you this face like "I am not an idiot" well after two days in a row and seeing what is in my bag I beg to differ.........such a shame because we do love the soup but $80 (40 each day for us) is not worth it when they cant get a simple request right!Please see photo of our "Extra extra" croutons lol.

Review №79

Love this place .. i order here way too often cause its so good

Review №80

I had a salad, it was really fresh and had tons of chicken in it. Quite noisy inside though.

Review №81

Great food great price

Review №82

Love coming to eat here. Super friendly staff and the food is ready quickly and it is delicious. Fairly priced.

Review №83

Town Center Loop rocks.Chicken sandwich was awesome.Service at counter was very good.Awesome burger also..Great job crew!!!Highly recommended!

Review №84

The cashier was no friendly. The pizza was not good. It had burn pieces cooked into the pizza; I just threw it away. The sodas were flat; no carbonation. The restroom nor the dining room was not tidy. I will not go to this location again.

Review №85

Fresh amazing food and fast friendly service

Review №86

Had the cajun burger with broccoli as the side. Food was very delicious.

Review №87

Good food but slow to get to the table.

Review №88

The best pizza I ever had. The service was fast and friendly even though they were super busy. I will be back again and again

Review №89

This was the best burger I've had in a while, made to perfection. I also loved the fountain drinks!!!

Review №90

Always a solid choice especially if you get a side of blue cheese chips!

Review №91

Good small chain. Plenty of similarly between locations. A regular issue at all locations is a strange flavor in the fountain beverages.

Review №92

My favorite place to go for burgers!

Review №93

Had the Loop in Town Center cater lunch for one of our work teams today for Labor Day...60 people. We did burgers, chicken sandwiches, pizzas, and salad trays. The team absolutely loved it. The burgers and chicken were cooked perfectly, the pizza was delicious, and Mike (one of the Managers) re-arranged their schedule to be able to deliver to us at the time we requested. We will definitely be ordering from them again!

Review №94

Two cheeseburgers (one a mushroom Swiss) with fries and a 3 piece chicken tenders meal with broccoli for the 3 year old and we only spent 26.00. The loop does American favorites right and has an open brightly lit dining room that accommodates kids nicely. Healthy options like soup salad wraps and wheat buns make this menu flexible for almost anyone.

Review №95

Great pizza

Review №96

One of my favorite places to eat

Review №97

Great food at reasonable prices. The Town Center location is the best one. The other locations have "creative" chefs.

Review №98

The staff at this location were awesome and very helpful. I've eaten at a few of the locations and the food is always just OK. It's not bad, it's just never as good as some of the restaurants that surround it. The good thing is the food comes out quickly and is consistently OK. However, If you have the time you'll find better food within walking distance.

Review №99

I've got a love hate relationship with The Loop. They do a lot of things right. They also have lots of options for diet minded people...but there are simple dishes every fast-casual food spot must do right that the loop struggles with (ie: fries, tenders, etc.)

Review №100

Great place to taste American traditional food

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  • Address:4413 Town Center Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32246, United States
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  • Phone:+1 904-527-8900
  • American restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
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  • Monday:11AM–9PM
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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