Taco Bell
1029 S N Rangeline Rd, Joplin, MO 64801, United States
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There was a night crew 2 weekend ago that really turned me into a Karen! We placed our order and was asked what sauces we wanted. We told her. Moved forward got our order. We drove off. Got home in under 5 min. The food i got was made with shells that were cold and hard. My husband's food had the meat on one side barely there. They didn't give us one of the sauces we asked for. So, I called. Got met on the phone with rudeness and said she was only fixing one order. Got to the store in under 5 min. So, a total of 15 min approximately spent away from the drive through. Once we got there the rudeness continues by the scroungy looking guy at the window. I ask for my receipt I forgot earlier. He ignored me. I asked for his name and he told me he don't need to tell me anything and I needed to go on since I had my food. I waited. The manager came up to the window and threatened to call the cops on me because I was testosterone and needed to leave. I repeated 8 times to the both i just wanted my verification of purchase. I was told there is absolutely no way she could get it. And grabbed the phone after a 5 min dispute of wanting my proof, then her name. We drove around to the front to wait on the police and sat for an hour. This store really needs to get a better crew that appreciated their customers. Fixing an order and looking up a reciept isn't a hard task. This was our home store to go to. We literally live 8 blocks from here.

Review №2

Unacceptable!!! Order 3 Chulupa 5$ boxes. All thru in in sack, no boxes. Wife call an ask if they have boxes for them, they say yes but was getting short, all Taco's broken,smashed and cinnamon twist all over bag. Girl who answered phone said if we came back our Taco's would be replaced. Do it right the first time, and don't make me drive all the way back from Webb City, cause that ain't happening

Review №3

The last 3 times in a row I've ordered drive thru they've messed up my order and I haven't received what I paid for. I always get soft taco supreme which is 1$ more per taco and they don't even add supreme to it I find out when I get home. I should NOT have to individually open each item I get just to make sure it's correct before I leave. So dissatisfied I don't think I'll be returning anymore.. absolutely ridiculous.

Review №4

Good and hot, drive thru line was pretty long but they always keep it moving.

Review №5

This is a really good taco bell. Friendly service and great food. Out of all the taco bell's we love this one the most. My husband has to have taco bell at leat twice a month. Lol

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Review №7

The facilities were clean and the food was consistent. And this was a very good taco Bell.

Review №8

Customer service was awful. And they made 6 of my family's tacos soft insted of crunchy. And they didn't even great me at the window. And gave me the wrong drink. If I didnt say anything she wouldnt have said anything to me and payed for extra cheese and DIDNT GET IT

Review №9

The lady at the front desk was super rude and I felt like she didn't have to be that way towards me and my friend when you work at a job that has to deal with a lot of people you are supposed to decent and nice not rude I will never go back to this Taco Bell!

Review №10

Fast and friendly. Can't wait to come ba k inside.

Review №11

Food was good made in hurry so 5 layers were falling apart tocos looked like everything was dropped on the shell n rolled into place...but all was good food

Review №12

Every time I order guacamole I get charged but dont get it on or a side in my bag or on my food. Grrrrrrrr

Review №13

Got lunch here today. Had special request for some of my order to be removed an every one of my nacho boxes was incorrect. By the time I got home to feed my children it was to difficult to drag all my food an kids back out to correct my order.

Review №14

The food was fast and affective. But...The drive thru is right.

Review №15

Really great place, food is well prepared and proportionate. Really friendly staff!!

Review №16

Good food poor service

Review №17

I went through the drive-through today two times, both times that I went the second window person was rude and had an attitude. I literally just asked if everything was in the bag and if they knew how much sauce was in the bag because we had a lot of food. I asked that both times and the answer was “I don't know,” with a dirty look. I had two separate orders one time and when i asked if i could do two separate orders i got a whole attitude from the person taking my order. I was also being talked about just because i asked for sauce. I'm sorry but when you order ten things and get six sauce packets that's crazy to me, like what?? Just know if you don't like dealing with people who have an attitude for no reason don't go there!!! ️

Review №18

Food is not good! Prices are cheap though!

Review №19

Not my favorite place to go but...

Review №20

The agent that took my order I had to repeat several times what I wanted. I was told they did not have nachos supreme and gave us chips and dip.The service lacked professionalism

Review №21

Go to late night fast food munchies!!

Review №22

Service was fairly quick here.

Review №23

Decent speed getting my order out. Order was right could work on customer service though because the lady that too my order was rude and unpleasant.

Review №24

I just want to say thank you the staff at the rangeline location n Joplin mo the evening shift I guess is what it be.The ladies and gentlemen at this location made me feel like a person not a dollar sign , and they had some troubles them selves today , and they still treated me like they have known me all my life .Thank you again Dawn Mark

Review №25

Low price and great food

Review №26

Prompt and respectful service. Got me my food and were very pleasant as well.

Review №27

Just always good food

Review №28

Glad I was able to get my grilled cheese burrito during this pandemic.

Review №29

The staff were nice. But the spicy potato soft taco was not good. Potatos were hard

Review №30

Most filling delicious food and its super cheap

Review №31

Love the nacho taco!

Review №32

Last two times I've ordered here my food has been wrong. How hard is it to make plain tacos and burritos??

Review №33

Quick and easy as always...the new double stack tacos are pretty good, especially the reaper ranch.

Review №34

Dollar menu the best specially the Frieto burritos!!! In neosho mo they make all their food items best than any other I've been to...update: they no longer have a dollar menu, prices went up! Very disappointed in that and the dollar menus title needs to be changed cause they no longer are a dollar! I don't stop as often as I used to because of this.....

Review №35

So easy to order through the app and they're super quick to have your meal ready. Didn't even take more than 5 min!

Review №36

Sad that when I make an order even easier by making it plain it still gets everything on it. It wasn't even busy so no reason for confusing it with another taco. Can't believe grown people can't even figure out their simple job.

Review №37

Some weeks I eat lunch 3 to 4 times here food is always good and the drive thru can be back up and they are pretty speedy

Review №38

The employees of this Taco Bell make the difference! The food is cheap, tastes alright, and is available fairly quickly, but the workers here are always extremely friendly and serve really well. Almost every time I come in here, they strike a conversation with me and care about getting to know the customer. The store could be kept a little cleaner and be more organized, but it's Taco Bell and expectations aren't super high going in anyway. The people here are what keep me coming back.

Review №39

When attempting to order at 11:59 through the drivethru, the manager yelled at me that they were not opened and would be open when her employees got there. The sign said they open at 10am. When questioned she was rude and said it was Easter and they always open at noon on easter. Again the sign said 10am and nothing about noon.

Review №40

I went in tonight around 11:00 pm. To order food and the cashier immediately said whatever you order is going to have to be to go because we close in 4 minutes. Not a hello or nothing. He was rude the whole time I ordered then when my order was up the lady threw my bag on the counter so I asked are you all having a bad day? He said we are just busy for a sunday. I said yeah that happends when you work food. I told them how rude they were then they said ok bye!! I just couldn't believe this. Wont be back.

Review №41

Drive thru experience was poor but girl at counter was helpful and friendly

Review №42

Good fast food

Review №43

Good at time. Belly ach later

Review №44

Awesome $5 can finally get full on nachos.

Review №45

You either like Taco Bell or you don't

Review №46

Very tasty

Review №47

I seem to eat Taco Bell all time when did a pretty good window

Review №48

I can always count on Taco Bell for tasty, inexpensive food for which I am grateful because my budget is really tight right now.

Review №49

I used to go to Taco Bell when they had the $5 box but they quit a lot of their specials so I don't know anymore but I did it for something different at the time

Review №50

Got a taco and literally only half of it had meat and cheese, what the heck?

Review №51

For a taco Bell, not bad. They could prepare their burritos better.

Review №52

Love it!Smaller amount :(Clean

Review №53

Good cheap tex mex

Review №54

Best midnight after work snack.

Review №55

Friendly staff and all but it's now been 2 times in row I've asked for no sour cream and I open my burrito only to find sour cream. Not a big deal but I feel like it's a simple request. Other than that great service and done in a timely manner.

Review №56

They were great! I love that new long distance phone service!

Review №57

Friendliest staff, never had a bad experience with this locationv

Review №58

Food is good but why does the drive thru take so long?

Review №59

They sell food here

Review №60

It's generic Mexican food

Review №61

It's okay fast not-so-cheap anymore but fast something quick what can I say

Review №62

U get what you pay for.

Review №63

You get what you pay for, Service is good

Review №64

Got to love me some tacos.

Review №65

Fast and friendly service, great prices for feeding an army of people as well.

Review №66

Nice and clean. Very friendly workers and our food was good.

Review №67

Employees getting high by the dumpster should know they can be seen from the drive-thru... didn't even offer to share smh.

Review №68

It is exactly what you would expect from Mexican fast food. Not bad at all, just definitely not restaurant level flavor and authenticity. But always quick to put food together, never a problem with my order, and always friendly service. The $5 boxes are usually awesome, too.

Review №69

Its taco bell, what can I say? They made my chicken nachos with beef. When I asked them about it, they just put chicken on top of the beef and gave it back. It wasn't the best

Review №70

That cheddar chalupa thang is hearty I liked it

Review №71

Wait time was 43 minutes tonight. Thought the lobby would be faster but it was nit. Food was hit and fresh and service was good.

Review №72

The dollar menu is rad. The new self order screens give great detail on the menu items and allow plenty of customization.

Review №73

Crunchwrap supreme is my all time favorite. Baja blast is delicious as always. One of the few fast food places i frequent.

Review №74

Good food but they dident get my order right

Review №75

Stopped inside to grab food to go on a very busy evening, with a packed drive-thru. Even with the busy-ness and the lady in front of us altering every item she ordered, Dustin was pleasant, talkative and very good at answering questions. By far the most pleasant counter worker I have ordered from.

Review №76

Drive thru is a little slow at night but the food is good and they don't use too much sour cream like other Taco Bells do.

Review №77

Same ol Taco Bell.

Review №78

This place has good food but can never get your oder right. But remember they want 15 bucks an hour.

Review №79

Great service fast drive food buts still greasy food

Review №80

Food is okay for the price. I love the newly added vegetarian menu, but please add more options.

Review №81

I'm loving it!!! It's one of the best places to go to have it your way.

Review №82

Adetued bad manners just rude

Review №83

Easy in and out good food

Review №84


Review №85

Ok. I always have to check bags cuz if I don't it seems lately lots wrong orders.

Review №86

Went out and they messed up my order but they were super polite About it. And they seemed really nice and the food was great as always

Review №87

Mucho bueno! But what is up with that music in there? I can't eat a tasty to Talor Ariana Swift!

Review №88

Not bad at all. The main thing is the occasional grumpy worker but still good food.

Review №89

7th Street taco Bell is the best

Review №90

Great food and service.

Review №91


Review №92

The employees are amazing. They are always kind and go above and beyond to make your experience fast and easy!

Review №93

Not as good as some other franchises of taco bell... skimps on serving sizes and even if you pay extra...they dont make it right. Poor customer service

Review №94

Kids enjoyed their $5 Box

Review №95

Love the prices...poor people can eat a lot of food for great price!!

Review №96

Taco Bell is pretty good in my area. Although, it seems they have been putting less and less inside of the items each time I go. That's kind of upsetting. I've loved everything on their menu that I have tried so far. The price is great too. I just wish I wouldn't get jipped on the toppings/fillings.

Review №97

I sent my husband to get me some guacamole and chips because I'm 8 months pregnant and have been craving it. Taco Bell is the only place open after 10pm. So I saw online that you guys sold some. He comes home with a small container with a spoonful of guacamole, I was literally done with it in two bites. And you failed to give me chips! It's not the first time you have messed up an order and shorted me on food.

Review №98

Fast good food, great service!

Review №99

Went to get my order replaced because the last few times i have gone my food has been wrong. So i went and called up there tonight and the lady was very rude. Asked me my name like 4 times then asked someone to look for my name and asked me to hold on a minute and must have forgotten to hit the mute button because i heard her complaining about helping the person on the phone. Then got back on the phone and asked me my name again.. Then yelled at me said she wouldn't replace my order an hung up on me.. So i called bk and she yelled more and then i said i would go through drive and she said she would refuse my service.... I will be calling corporate about this manager....

Review №100

Was very good good service

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