Taco Bell
7232 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945, United States

Review №1

I never rate but this Taco Bell has nice employees. Thanks for being polite and making sure I got what I wanted. I'll definitely come here for those nacho party pack and 12 tacos with my 6mild sauce and 6 hot sauce.

Review №2

Been coming here for years at its extremely rare my order comes out correct. Was just there about 30 minutes ago and ordered a Toasted Cheddar Chalupa no lettuce (which is a dollar more) and ended up with a Beef one. I also ordered a Bean Burrito with no onion extra red sauce and it didn't have extra red sauce (which they charge extra for also), usually it ends up with onion on it but at least today they got that part right. And I had a cheesy roll up, and nacho bell grande, at least those were right. It took the cashier forever to get it right on the screen and my order STILL CAME OUT WRONG! Oh and no one EVER answers the phone there to talk to someone to make it right. I live 15mins away and didn't realize until I got home, should have known better.

Review №3

I adore this spot! They give good dishes, their menu is rich, The chef in that spot is very trained, I love a lot tasting all their dishes. The dishes are consistently good, the service towards the guests is good. I frequently visit this place and I not even once was unhappy. I recommend it with no hesitation.

Review №4

This place offers extraordinary service as well as enjoyable food. My favourite spot in the area. The food served quickly and the rates were inexpensive. Will definitely recommend this spot.

Review №5

They screwed up my order they gave me a taco instead of a chalupa and I didn't get the dessert that goes with it. I'm going back to talk to the manager, I don't want any food because of this but I am going to tell him to tell his employees to slow down

Review №6

This is one of the best place for Tacos and nachos and various other snacks and drinks. Very nice ambiance, i love to visit this place with my friends. proper lightening and wonderful atmosphere.

Review №7

Your Toasted Cheese Chalupa was over cooked this time. Byside that we love eating at Taco Bell

Review №8

I ordered stackum box with 2 taco and drink. It was great.

Review №9

This place always messes up my order. They always add stuff we specifically asked not to have and sometimes it's inedible.

Review №10

Wonderful atmosphere! Super friendly and helpful waiters and waitresses:-) Great Food!! Highly Recommend dining at this restaurant:-)

Review №11

Long line by the drive thru but they are fast I got my order quick...keep it up...

Review №12

Their $5 craving box is the best. Service is always good. Lines can be long but its worth it

Review №13

Great service, drive thru only because covid

Review №14

Quick service. Get all substitutions requested down correctly. Friendly crew

Review №15

My order is always right and the staff is super friendly

Review №16

Super shady cinnamon n sugar on the cinnamon twists..

Review №17

Never gets our order right.. Not even when it comes down to hot sauce requests..

Review №18

ONLY THE DRIVE THRU IS OPEN. This is a MAJOR ISSUE for those of us WITHOUT A CAR! I walked all the way up here only to be disappointed. Cant believe the counter is closed here when other fast-food places have figured it out.

Review №19

Before bogus plague hours the store was set to be open till 3; but at 2 me and another car sat at the driver thru (i had a mobile order to pick up and who knows for her) while i could see employees in uniform scripts the parking lot working on their car . hour passed then they concurrently shoot if the lights never attending to the pending order or customers. still have it 2 starts though because of that damn crunchwrap

Review №20

Great location. The remodel left the inside looking good and a welcoming place to eat. The food has been on the high end of quality. As a long term customer of theirs, I've tried many other locations (from san Diego all the way to here) and there has been only one location that was better.The staff is great and the service is fast.

Review №21

Always fast and good.

Review №22

Didn't notice that my order was wrong until I got home. Two items in my order were incorrect. My order should have had two chicken burritos and they gave me 2 chicken tacos and the worst part is the tacos literally had no meat in them at all it was only really the juice from the chicken and a few pieces of lettuce and a whole lot or tortilla. Total waste of money and they should be ashamed for even selling something like that or even letting it go out of that drive thru window. Total rip off!!!!!!!

Review №23

I eat here at least once a week, and plan to have Taco Bell cater at my wedding (fingers crossed). Seriously cannot get enough of their food. Great price, great food.Edit: Quality has dropped significantly lately. Forgotten items, poorly made (barely any meat/filling), almost every visit without fail. Tonight they forgot a crunchwrap and the cheese sauce dip was full enough to just barely cover the bottom. Every item barely had any beef. I still love Taco Bell, but this location needs some work.

Review №24

Great service very fast

Review №25

Taco bell has really good food to go! Love it.

Review №26

Good food, will go back.

Review №27

Decent food for the price

Review №28

Their prices on there signs in the drive thru do not match what they are charging. The number 3 has 7.19 and they charge 7.45. Have brought that to there attention multiple times as I love Taco Bell but they have not changed it. I see a class action lawsuit coming there way real soon as I take pictures everytime and demand the price advertised. Sad because i like there food. Oh and 2 out of the last 3 times it was a manager I spoke with.

Review №29

For a taco bell they are good. My order is usually perfect and the wait times never seem too long.

Review №30

I know it's kind of weird to do a review of a taco bell, but I really liked their service today. It was free Doritos locos taco day again at taco bell and I had come in earlier today to purchase some lunch, along with the free taco. After receiving my order I noticed they missed my chicken chalupa Supreme.Later today, I had come back to ask for my chalupa and the girl at the window replaced my chalupa and apologized for the mistake. She also asked if I wanted a complimentary drink or dessert for the inconvenience too. I really appreciate her kindness and willingness to make it right for me.If you want taco bell, come here!!

Review №31

You know why we go there

Review №32

Fast . Cheap. Like the food. Seniors get a free drink. They dont advertise that. But you can ask for it. YEAH!

Review №33

They messed up the order and when I came back to fix it, they still couldn't get it straight until tbeir supervisor took control.

Review №34

Food was amazing, I only ask if the employees could be a bit more considerate about people's pronouns please:( I understand saying "ma'am" and "sir" is seen as the norm and being polite, however it could be very damaging and hurtful to some customers. It is only a small favor to ask that would mean a whole lot to many people.

Review №35

It's your standard Taco Bell, nothing spectacularly good or bad about it. My food came up in adequate time, the restroom was actually clean, and there's no trash in the lobby.I just wish Vey's Powersports was still in Lemon Grove I really need to stop and check the price on some motorcycle equipment.

Review №36

They messed my order, had to get out of the car and go to the store and show them they messed up, they proceeded to tell me that I ordered something eles, which then I showed my receipt and showed them what I ordered and what wasn't in my bag. Happens a lot at this particular Taco Bell.

Review №37

It's Taco Bell, so set your expectations accordingly. On the plus side, this location now has a screen to order in the lobby, which makes customizing your food super easy. This visit, I ended up waiting at least 10 minutes for my two items. It wasn't especially busy, but the staff were moving in slow motion. So yes, the food is cheap and trashy, but it's not really what I would call fast.

Review №38

Great customer service and they took care of us very well.

Review №39

This is one of the better of the TBells. They always make sure that my special requests are handled properly and they are quick with service. During peak times they do get a little backed up, but still are efficent.

Review №40

Make sure you don't forget to ask for more taco sauce

Review №41

Tacolicous if you like taco bell, you'll like this one too .. Clean, fast food and tasty. The surrounding area is nothing remarkable however i did receive good service and my order was correct.

Review №42

Their happy hour is the pest from 2-5 you can get a regular sized slushie for a dollar

Review №43

Customer service wasn't all that great, they were rude when they took my order from the drive thru just because they couldn't me because of their headset.

Review №44

The food is really good

Review №45

Great a tasty food

Review №46

Was ok for Taco Bell. They missed one drink order but I wasn't charged.

Review №47

Clean dining room. Friendly service albeit a little wait while the cashier came back from a trash run. Food was hot and fresh.

Review №48

This place is notoriously slow in the evenings. I go here often, and the past few months and the wait time has slowly gone up to 15-20 minutes for one combo. Order accuracy has become a problem too I have learned to check my orders before I pull away in the drive through because walking into the store for a replacement means waiting another 15-20 minutes before I get food. I wish I could go here more often since it's close by, but I find it hard to trust the service anymore.

Review №49

Love love love Taco Bell whenever I get a chance I swing by if I'm close to 1 always order my chalupa in my nachos with cheese delicious like always always do the drive-thru.

Review №50

Out of the four (Grossmont, College on El Cajon Blvd, Rancho San Diego, and this one) they are the fastest and most accurate. I once thought it was Rancho San Diego but they're slow and Grossmont has left items out. The college location is just situated poorly for traffic flow if it's busy which can cause tempers to flare.

Review №51

The thing I like most about this Taco Bell is that they give either a 10 percent senior discount or a free senior drink. Everyone is so nice and polite.Some places have an attitude when you ask for a senior discount.The service is also super fast

Review №52

My lunch time trip to taco bell was probably the best I've had . For real , tacos had nice fresh lettuce and I saw tomatoes and CHEESE. Very fresh . I also had chulupas and enjoyed them as well. Soda was a dud no syrup . My trip was around noon on Monday, the line was 5 cars deep a parked and went in fast service

Review №53

Always something good on the menu no matter where you go!

Review №54

I know it's not healthy but soo good. Good chalupa

Review №55

Great deals on food and great customer service

Review №56

I found the crunchy tacos really crunchy, just the way I like them. They were hot too

Review №57

So I was here around 1140-1150a today and I asked for the reaper $1 taco.... I was told they don't have it and it was a promo deal!!! So why are they still advertising it!! Ugh had to get something else when my tastebuds wanted something hot and savery. Taco Bell ummm no people!!! Don't have what you want in lemon grove!!! Uggggggg!

Review №58

Food was colded. Staff need more training.

Review №59

Customer service a little rough on the edges

Review №60

Cheap good eats

Review №61

Still have that dollar menu that's actually a dollar.

Review №62

I love me some Taco Bell, there prices are more then some places but they don't skimp on the meat.

Review №63

It's been awhile since I visited, Tacos was still delish. Thanks for no disappoints!!!

Review №64

Good service got order correct, clean place too.

Review №65

The go to for comfort fast indulge satisfaction..

Review №66

Great food! Cheap and easy. Great solo dining!!

Review №67

Love taco bell always hits the spot!!

Review №68

This Taco Bell is notorious for not having what they advertise. Never have I been here that I ordered a limited-time Freeze and actually got one. During the double chalupa box deal I was told they didn't have double chalupas but was charged the same for a normal chalupa. After pointing out that that wasn't what I paid for a manager offered to sell me another chalupa, which obviously wasn't the point. Inside, the bathrooms are horribly taken care of, and the staff usually seems rather distant. All-in-all, not a great Taco Bell...

Review №69

The service and greeting is good, plus food made fresh. Only the chips need a upgrade, taste stale and not crispy, too hard

Review №70

Courteous and thoughtful staff. I am semi handicapped and instead of calling my name to come up they brought it to me. Nice surprise. The girl said feel free to ask any employee to assist me if I need anything. Appreciated.

Review №71

Nice staff but no ice, come on....

Review №72

Great FOR quick their senior free drink.

Review №73

Place was clean, service fast. Only downside was I asked for extra sour cream and was charged 50¢ but I only had one bite with sour cream and it was the last one that was 90% tortilla.

Review №74

This is so bad. The worker was bad with me. She closed the youths, and I talk to her. She is not polite just now

Review №75

Always good

Review №76

Baja blast

Review №77

I'm sorry but I love taco bell. The only fast food to ever put me on the toilet is McDonald's

Review №78

If there was a 0 stars I would put 0 cause y'all should close down.. I'm allergic to beans and these people still but beans in my food, good thing I didnt eat it

Review №79

I hadn't been to a Taco Bell in a long while, and I was pleasantly surprised as to how good it was. Made me regret all this time I hadn't gone to one. As for this specific location, the food is delicious, fast service and very clean.

Review №80

We love the taco's and bean burritos. Customer service is fantastic. I taco bell better then Jack in the box. Their meat looks like dog food.

Review №81

Today I had the most delightful experiences at the drive through with a young gentleman I order three tacos and a Mountain Dew freeze I just want him to know he is the real MVP! Have your self a wonderful life!!

Review №82

I haven't been to taco Bell in 30 years, and now I know why. I ordered two burritos supremes and 10 tacos. The burrito supremes were just so wet and sloppy in Messi and not as big as it look in the ad. The tacos were mostly lettuce. If it weren't for the taco sauce to put on the tacos they really wouldn't have that much labor because it's all lettuce. Another reason I have not been going to taco Bell their TV ads have become so dark. At one point of their ads were actually leaning towards the Illuminati which makes me wonder about the higher-ups at taco Bell.

Review №83

Tad bit slow in the drive thru

Review №84

Great food and excellent customer service.

Review №85

More yummies 4 my tummy

Review №86

Best taco bell I have ever been to.

Review №87

Food is good but service is bad and slow .

Review №88

I had great service on my visit this evening

Review №89

Great place great food great employees. Never go wrong with some t bell. Just avoid the hot sauce, or you will spend a lot of time with your buddy John.

Review №90

They have a new steak fries dish with cheese. It was too spicy and tore up my stomach

Review №91

I'm big on customer service. I'll admit that if I receive a smile and a nice greeting it makes my dining experience Much Better.This Taco Bell offers both.In my experience visiting this location the food is always fresh and tasty.I love their hard shell tacos and their new mango tea

Review №92

Ordered 4burritos, 2tacos and 3nachos. Our Nachos were forgotten. My daughter drove back and we realized burritos we ordered had onion and sauce... which, yes i ordered without. To frustrated to go back again.

Review №93

Very friendly. Food was not so good, which is about 30% of the time. Still i keep going back. They are just so nice there.

Review №94

This place always has great Custumer service and the food is on point for fast food.

Review №95

I had the new chapala. It was really good

Review №96

We went in the evening hours. The place was quiet and only a few people there so we took our time ordering while joking and laughing it up with the cashier. We decided to eat inside insted of eating on the go as usual because of the friendly environment. Enjoyed outselves.

Review №97

Wasnt aware that the 5.oo nacho box was gone. Tried the nacho bell grande & wasn't happy at all.

Review №98

If you have Tmobile then get your free taco every week by using the Tmobile Tuesday app.

Review №99

Best nachos

Review №100

It's Taco Bell. You're in San Diego, CA. Arguably the capital of Mexican Taco Shops. You couldn't throw a stone in any direction without hitting a taco shop. ANY taco shop you go to would most likely be better than going to Taco Bell. Do yourself the favor of doing that instead.

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