Little Ethiopia restaurant
1048 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019, United States

Review №1

Our go to Ethiopian spot! Delicious, we always get a platter for two to share for 3 people. Large portions! We like to end with a tea.Their customer service is delightful. This picture is from a dinning during covid-19 experience.

Review №2

I loved my experience at Sheba and can't wait to go back.The food was delicious, music enjoyable, and the environment quite nice.

Review №3

We had a wonderful family dinner here. My parents and sibling love the taste of their food. The food and drinks came out quickly. The place was so spacious and has a beautiful setup. We had a great time in this restaurant.

Review №4

I ordered the little Ethiopian special and the food was fabulous! Service was good. Cute little spot. I would go back.

Review №5

Short and maybe not so sweet - food was good, we both got their lamb dishes, one spicy and one mild, the yellow one pictured is the mild one and was tender, the spicy one was not tender at all. Was recommended to try their sparkling water Ambo later found out that it was $5 per bottle! Italian ones were cheaper... Bill came out to $40 for 3 items, cutthroat prices if you ask me for the amount of food (real stingy on salad), place was completely dead - that should have been a good indicator

Review №6

Real Ethiopian food ! Nice owner .. if you want to try Ethiopian food for the first time this is the best place. Price seems high but it's worth it!!

Review №7

I had better, but Ethiopian food is always good. We came in late so service was kinda slow even though we were the only ones here. Prices are at normal range for this type of food.I played it safe and ordered the Alicha Wot which was delicious. Portions combining with a the Injera are more than decent.

Review №8

Excellent food, okay service. Only bad thing it was very difficult to find parking.

Review №9

Spectacular! This place is delicious, and our sever was so nice :) Will definitely come back!

Review №10

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS RESTAURANT.Nice staff, like super nice, you get welcomed with a polite smile and greeting. Food worth 10 star, literally. Food portions are OK. The venue and decoration is very simple, cosy, and homie. Service is quick and food is delicious. You will need to use your all 10 fingers for having the Ethiopian food, so don't expect it to be a fit for fork and knife. Prices are affordable and the menu is simple. They have a great Ethiopian white wine. Totally recommend.

Review №11

Loved the quality of food here. Excellent flavors! Their injera has to be hands down the best I've tried anywhere. Loved it so much returned to the Ethiopian market next door to purchase a pack of injera though it wasn't the same as here. The one purchased at the market was extremely sour, the injera here is balanced and easily edible with everything! Probably had more flour in it vs Teff (main ingredient). The flavors of their dishes are amazing, obsessed with the curry veggie dish and beef bits in red sauce. I believe it's called Sega Wot, amazing stuff! Service is very friendly, will keep returning for more tasty Ethiopian food here!

Review №12

The nicest people with the most questionable business practices. I went here using Groupons 1 day before they expired. I made the mistake of saying I had a Groupon when we ordered. As a party of 4 we ordered 2 separate dishes to feed us all (left photo) I came back the next day to use my other Groupon and didn't mention it until the bill came (right photo). The size of the platter was identical but the difference in portions between 2 to 4 people is appalling. I also bought a $7 beer that was nothing special. The food was good-ish but all the other stuff far outweighed the entire experience. Probably won't go back...#Disappointed

Review №13

One of the best restaurants I've been to. The food is so delicious and the customer service is amazing.

Review №14

We Love Ethiopian food. One eats with scraps of spongy sourdough crepe. It's a flavor and texture kolidoscope of savory pleasures. This place has great food. You should eat here and then explore both sides of Fairfax from Olympic south to the 7-11. You will find several Ethiopian restaurants none of which are bad. Ethiopians have had an advanced culture since before Rome was thought of.. they truly know how to feed sensationally.

Review №15

My girlfriend and I came in today for a casual dinner. Everything is fancy. We were dressed to impress.

Review №16

I love this place! The food is great, service outstanding. I'll be back soon

Review №17

We had spent the day at the Peterson Museum, and decided to check out the local restaurants. Based on the online review highlights. We chose Little Eithiopia ("traditional food in casusl digs.").The food was good, largely vegetarian. We shared the vegetarian combo, the lamb stew (Alicha Wat), and the beef & potatoes, collard greens mix (Little Ethiopia Special). We had rice instead the injera bread, as we are gluten free (tell them when ordering!).The music and decor seemed authentic. The only things I didn't like was a lack of forks (I think the bread is typically the 'utensil,' like Mexican food uses a tortilla), and burning insense as our dinner progressed. I'm not a fan of burning smells.

Review №18

Good Ethiopian food and warm atmosphere. Generous portions and amazing injera.

Review №19

Wher you can get traditional ethiopian food

Review №20

It's amazing... my interest to be first there to test "ye hagare injera"

Review №21

Good food but they sometimes delay in serving. But great food comes with great patience!

Review №22

Foods good, service good, atmosphere simple.

Review №23

We like this restaurant, the food is really good and it has a completely different Styles.

Review №24

Terrible, just terrible.

Review №25

Great food and the price wasn't bad

Review №26

Wow... super sad to say this was the blandest Ethiopian I've ever had. :(( and dry. How can it be dry?... :(((

Review №27

So delicious!!! Also a crazy good deal. We can here on a Saturday around 3pm for a groupon deal. The waitress was very friendly, attentive and helpful when we asked questions. We ordered and split the vegetarian plate combo special (dont remember exact name) for $25. It was so much food!! At least 10 different vegetarian dishes served on a large sheet of the super yummy sponge bread. We devoured most of the serving since everything was insanely yummy. We took the rest home because I couldn't waste it in good conscience. Also ordered the honey wine which is a perfect pairing for the spices. Loved it! Will be back soon.

Review №28

Gr8 food, low prices, friendly service and the honey wine is excellent

Review №29

I'm visiting from Texas--my daughter saw this place on an episode of "Insecure". The service was fine; but I was expecting better food. I wondered why the food was so cheap and soon found out why. We had the vegetarian combo with a spread of assorted vegetables that were fresh out of a can. We added beef tips which tasted like they were boiled. But it is what it is and overall I recommend as long as you don't expect a fine dining experience. Unfortunately an uninvited critter joined our table--RAID!!

Review №30

Good food. This is my favorite among all the Ethiopian Restaurants at Fairfax Ave.

Review №31

This is my favorite spot to go to. They have very attentive waiters and the food is really good for the cheap price. I always go here because they used to have the $7 vegetarian lunch special and I believe a $9 dinner special. But when I went here a couple days ago, they had a new menu. The vegetarian dinner for two is now $15. The meat items are just okay like every other place in fairfax. If you're a meat eater like me, I recommend "Zula Eritrean restaurant" in Inglewood. Wow the meat flavors are on point! I reviewed that place and gave it a 5 star.

Review №32

Really tasty Ethiopian food at reasonable prices. The vegetarian platters are great. The people are really friendly and kind and I'm really happy we went there!

Review №33

Great Ethiopian restaurant for private parties. I rented the space for a reasonable rate for my bf bday celebration.

Review №34

Best Ethipian restaurant ever!My first time trying Ethiopian food and i think that I am hooked !!Staff was very friendly. The price was very reasonable !! I recommend this place highly !!

Review №35

The food is delicious. We came for lunch, and our meal was super high quality. We will definitely return!

Review №36

Never had Ethiopian food, and I really didn't care too much for what I ordered, but I went back a second time, and it wasn't so bad. My friends loved their meals, overall we had a good time. The staff were great.

Review №37

Friendly service. very home style. everything comes on one plate on top of their flat bread.

Review №38

Amazing. Always the best. Can't say good enough things about this place.

Review №39

Spicy but good food.

Review №40

Didn't feel very welcome. Food was amazing.

Review №41

I went to Messob Ethiopian Restaurant with a friend, we loved the set up and ambiance of the restaurant. We loved the culture and history of Ethiopia and representation. We ordered Kitfo and Lamb wet. It was absolutely perfect and well done, and it came out faster than most Ethiopian restaurants I have been to. Also, we ordered Ethiopian coffee and tej “honey wine”. My friend who isn't Ethiopian absolutely loved it and he was extremely satisfied. I am happy to take my best friend to a place that know how to make Ethiopian food very well. Love! Love!

Review №42

Dinner was awesome!!! I've never really cared to rate a place but this place really deserves a big thumbs up. I mean our waitress (Lydia) was incredibly nice and patient as it was our first time having Etheopean and we didn't know what to get. The restroom was clean and so was the restaurant. The food was delicious. We had Doro Wot(chicken) and Awaze Tibs(beef). We had fresh strawberry juice that was truly fresh and homemade.We will be back!!! Thank you Lydia for your awesome service and smile :)

Review №43

Nice culture decor good service. Good food.

Review №44

Great service and food. I will definitely be back.

Review №45

The food was very good but the parking was very difficult to find.

Review №46

Cozy little restaurant with good authentic Ethiopian food and background music. It's not a Michelin star but certainly gives you the real Ethiopian flavour

Review №47

Great Food and Great Service!

Review №48

First and foremost i will never go there again, first time and last time, service was terrible rude employees, they took for ever to take my order and waited even longer to get my order....i was just too disgusted by the customer service and as well the wait time. Restrooms were beyond dirty. People i advise you not go there.

Review №49

Update: sorry for my previous review it was for another ethiopian resturant located near here. They're all nearby and it's confusing but the name of that resturant wasn't little ethiopia. This resturant was actually the best! After horrible experience at the other restaurant we tried this one and we were happy with the food.

Review №50

Great vegetarian and carnivore options. Walkable to lacma. Friendly. Great Friday lunch.

Review №51

Great food, thanks for taking care of my friend Paul!

Review №52

Literally the best food I have ever eaten.

Review №53

Ethiopian has always been somewhat of a question mark for me! After my first visit I have to say I am all in all satisfied! It's not going to be my last visit for sure! The service was great!

Review №54

Service leaves much to be desired... I don't blame the waitress she does the best she can, its the business owners fault that the restaurant is understaffed.Finally, my pet peeve is when a table gets their food before you and you ordered first. They are also out of half the things on the menu so I'm sure we probably ordered the same thing...FAIL...This could also be because they were overwhelmed by the Groupon / Daily Deal Effect...

Review №55

I wasnt really sure what Ethiopians eat until I went out this restaurant. It is like a mixture of meats and vegetables and you get like flour bread with it. It tasted amazing; and the Azifa is amazing! Their staff is nice and very attentive and I would love eating here almost as much for the food as for the experience of eating at an Ethiopian restaurant. I would describe it as a little bit similar to Indian food but with a lot more adventure involved, but the spices are sort of similar.

Review №56

First time eat, experience was fantastic. Definitely returning.

Review №57

Great food, service and prices! Best Ethiopian food in LA.

Review №58

This is a very African type restaurant where you eat with your hands. The food and service is very good.

Review №59

Best Ethiopian food I've had. Waitress is super sweet

Review №60

Testy food, clean place and good service. Keep it up!

Review №61

I have never had Ethiopian before, it was pretty good but maybe it just isn't for me. I think the "bread' or whatever you eat with tastes like nothing. At least with indian Naan, the naan tastes good.

Review №62

The best customer service. .I love it...

Review №63

I love Ethiopian food and I was on this street to see whitch one was the best and that gives best service.So yesterday I tryed one was not that good today I tryed Little Ethiopian Resturant and it was excellent in every thing the others failed all 6.I played in the NFL and I'm married to a Ethiopian and live in Sacramento were I eat at the best Ethiopian Resturant their and I would have to say this one was close to ours in Sacramento.Thank you for your great service and great food it means a lot to me.

Review №64

I eat here regularly....I love the lentils and veggie combo....owners offer great customer service

Review №65

Good, clean, welcoming

Review №66

Good food and Ethiopian products

Review №67

Excellent food. So satisfying. Coming Back soon.

Review №68

I've never had such good food before,I definitely recommend this for anyone fortunate enough to end up here. Cx

Review №69

Awsome block.

Review №70

Great service family atmosphere

Review №71

Great food

Review №72

Very good food!

Review №73

Very good service

Review №74

Food too spicy

Review №75

Not so good

Review №76

Delicious and affordable!

Review №77

Authentic Ethiopian food.

Review №78

Great food!

Review №79

The food was not authentic, tasted like high school cafeteria food.

Review №80

I enjoyed it

Review №81

Had a great meal~

Review №82

I've been to Ethiopian places all over and was disappointed, definitely suggest trying one of the other many Ethiopian places on that same street, especially if you are a vegetarian.

Review №83

Gucci .. good food

Review №84

Very good food

Review №85

Very authentic

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
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  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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