Red Lobster
9801 Independence Pointe Pkwy, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
Review №1

I haven't been to a Red Lobster in a few years because I was frequently disappointed in the ones I went to. This was the first time I have been to this specific location and I was very pleasantly surprised. Both the food and service were exemplary. Sandy (who is Nine months pregnant) was perfect. I never had to ask for anything. She had it there before I noticed I needed anything. The food was also very good. I had the limitless shrimp and I fully enjoyed myself. Thank you for turning things around and for having Sandy serve me my lunch today. I will be back and will recommend this specific location.

Review №2

I have such a wonderful waitress.she explained they was under staffed. I told her no problem and she gave us such good service I just wish I could of gave her more than what I gave her. Gid bless her she was so kind. Thank u. I hope u see this. I wish I would of gotten your name.To the light skin young lady with the 2 pony tails.Thank u for being so kind. Keep up the good work.

Review №3

Waitress was quite good and friendly. Silverware needs to be double checked before it's sent to the table, mine was horrible. Prices have gone up recently, but the food was good. They gave my wife a skewer of 4 sea scallops at no charge, much appreciated. Distancing was observed and tables seemed very clean. Paper, throw away menus, done nicely. In total, a much better dining experience than some others we've had recently. I'd recommend The Red Lobster. Well done at accommodating the mandates without it being too obvious.

Review №4

We ordered a fried fish family meal tonight. Made sure we were there on time to pick it up. Young man that delivered the food to the car was very friendly and polite. We only live about 5 minutes away from this red lobster. When we got home and unpacked the food the green beans and the baked potatoes and of course the biscuits were fabulous. The fish which should have been the star of the meal was horrible. It was completely overcooked and dried out. My daughter looked at me and said we would have got better fish at showmars down the road. She was completely right. The only reason I'm giving it to Stars was because the green beans were really good it's hard to mess up a baked potato and it's always the biscuits were really good. I won't be making that mistake again. If I'm going to get a quick family meal I'll do it someplace else.

Review №5

Our 17th Anniversary. Thank you Red Lobster. Since our first year we continue to celebrate with you guys.

Review №6

Our server was awesome! Wish I could remember his name. He pre-bussed, kept us refilled, and was so kind and friendly!!

Review №7

The food was delicious. Anna, the first person to take our order, was amazing. Unfortunately, she didn't have our table as one of her tables. She told us someone else would be taking care of us, but to ask her if we needed anything, even though we weren't her table. Then we had one of the worst waitresses I've ever dealt with. She took our order. 15-30 minutes go by without being checked on. She brought my drink, but not my husband's. She didn't write anything down and was short with us and didn't write anything down. Our food finally came out about 30 minutes or more with no interaction to let us know the status of our meal. During this time, we never got our biscuits. She seemed to not really care. We waited approximately 45 minutes for the check. She kept taking orders and interacting with everyone else around us, but not us. She never asked if we wanted a refill on biscuits. I had to ask her to get my husband the sprite he ordered, and she acted like we were inconveniencing her and had no clue he had ordered a sprite. She never checked to see if we needed refills on our drinks. Needless to say, I left no tip. We waited about 30 minutes. It would have been longer had I not asked her for boxes and the check. We waited another 20 minutes for the boxes.

Review №8

Very impressed by the quality of the food and service. Loved the stuffed mushrooms and the steak was amazing. Every dish was great!

Review №9

The food was DELICIOUS. My service was OUTSTANDING. I will definitely return to this location again.

Review №10

I'm at Red Lobster now. Not sure what has happened but it seems someone up the ladder is pushing cheap food. It's lunch and I can't even get a freaking salad with bleu cheese. Caesar salad is all that is offered. Last time wasting money here. What was once a “go to” place now has turned into the Kmart of restaurants.

Review №11

Food wasn't as good as I remembered. Server was polite but the speed of the kitchen was way to slow. For the price I expected much better quality of food.

Review №12

The time we arrived was pretty late so the place was not very busy, even for a Saturday night. The service was excellent. The staff ware very attentive and friendly The food was delicious and the wait time was not long. By the time you eat some cheddar biscuits and appetizers, you'll be too full to enjoy your entreé. The cheddar biscuits just keep on coming until you request them to stop. Even though the price is a bit high, it's not bad considering that you'll have leftovers, enough for an entire meal, maybe for two.

Review №13

I ordered the Pick 3: Shrimp Scampi, Popcorn Shrimp, and Walt's Favorite Shrimp; my sides were Green Beans and a Baked Potato w/ sour cream and butter All of my food was hot, fresh & delicious! Zero complaints

Review №14

Food was fresh and amazing had to wait for a table due to covid they text me when table was available, worth the wait! Very professional with dinning in due to covid. I was very comfortable we were all spaced far apart. The waiter was great, very professional, intelligent young man. Me and my family had a great dinner.

Review №15

Went with my wife and oldest grandson for my wife's birthday ...we had just one issue..our appetizer was forgotten !!! there was a mix up and we didn't get it until we were almost done eating !! our waiter took it off the bill of course....that being said, the food was great !!! we got the unlimited shrimp and the garlic shrimp scampi is the BOMB!! Our waiter was excellent, bringing drink refills and fresh biscuits as needed...we all enjoyed our meal and left full with to go boxes as well...

Review №16

My lobster tail was kind of burnt, they didn't HV any bacon bits for my bake potatoe, nor they they HV any ranch dressing for my salad. My salmon was kind of dry also.

Review №17

I really appreciate the staff and thair caring sprits... They showed me much love and the food was great with everything going on here in Charlotte there are still loving and caring people

Review №18

This was the third time I ordered online ordered from the matthew location. I use to order from the pineville location but they kept messing up the order. It would appear matthews is trying to follow in there footsteps. I ordered three dinners one extra lobster tail and an extra Caesar Salad. One of the dinners was completely missing even though they checked it of on the receipt and one of the sides. Had to wait for them to make another ultimate feast which took another 10 minutes which wasn't too bad except we had already waited 15 minutes by the pickup tent for someone to come out in the first place. We were arrived there at 6:44pm but didn't leave there lot until 7:14pm. There was only 1 car in front of us when we arrived and they didn't come out with his meal until 15 minutes. After all of this the icing on the cake was they forgot to put my side of rice in. All this aggravation for $109.18. I want to try and support our restaurants during this time of covid but service like this really makes it hard. If this was a one time thing I wouldn't have let a review but this is the third time they have messed up not even including the pineville location. Red Lobster please do better.

Review №19

Update 9/7/19: Food good service extremely slow. Had endless shrimp and it took 15 minutes to get salad, another 15 for our order, then we were there another hour and only got two reorders! They need to work on the service from the kitchen and our server was at our table twice apologizing and didn't notice we were out of water. At his third apology I asked for more water. He also forgot to turn one of my reorders in so I asked if he could just bring me two and he said they couldn't do that...what? Also, my rice was NOT cooked, I couldn't even bite into it.Server in the bar area filled in for the bartender a short time and had his fingers all over the mouth part of the glasses (and the environmentalists want to take straws away from me!), was constantly wiping his face and forehead while taking orders, and then TOUCHED HIS HAIR!! Do they have no training in sanitation procedures?????? I don't know how they have a 98.5 sanitation grade.First visit--all good: Had endless shrimp. I got the grilled shrimp and my husband had the scampi. Brittany, our server was excellent! She gave me some sweet chili sauce to try with my shrimp and it was wonderful! It should be served with the grilled shrimp. After my husband tried the sauce, he began ordering the grilled shrimp just for that sauce! You have the initial sweet flavor and then you get the kick of the chili that makes your taste buds pop!Of course I have to mention those fluffy, scrumptious, mouth watering, hot biscuits that Red Lobster is known for...they melt in your mouth and ours were no different!Brittany was the best server! She had a great personality and didn't miss a beat with our jokes and had some of her own. We loved her! Great dinner with great service!

Review №20

I am glad I moved away from this Red Lobster. I gave this location a second chance because I have learned to never judge a restaurant on the first visit. Our second visit was just as bad as our first. The food was not good, the waitress we had was nowhere to be found unless it food was coming out. We waited on her to come to our table for 15 minutes after we sat down. When we ordered our drinks I actually had to flag another waiter down to get them because another 10 minutes went by. The waitress told us she got busy with another table. That is sub-par service. If you cannot handle more than one table there is a problem. I have moved out of state now but would not recommend this location to anyone.

Review №21

Food was great the service could have been way better ate the whole and no drink even after asking for drinks when we got our food

Review №22

Horrible Service! Ordered one thing and they bring another. Sides are miniature, literally ordered rise and they brought 2 forks worth . Just a rip off . Plus very long wait times .

Review №23

Everything was great. They even brought my father-in-law a ice cream treat for his birthday without charging extra. Love this place. Fish and Chips is one of my favorites.

Review №24

Hailey was our server. Because she thought she didn't need to write our order down, she Failed.... BIG time. She forgot the type of dressing we asked for our salads, didn't add the chicken or rice. We had to wait another 20 minutes for the grilled chicken. My son was Not happy at all. Dry personality too. She needs more training immediately.

Review №25

Jasmin, was our waitress, she is # 1 Server, food was Wonderful, I ordered something I never had before Jasmin guided me.... Thank you Jasmin, we never seen a Manager, but honestly, we Had Jasmin. Did not not Manger... Mathews Red Lobster Great Service.... 5 ****** Basically, we didn't need manger, Jasmin nailed it!!!! Love Always Jim and Edie we will be back... Best service yet since going last 8 year's...

Review №26

It was quiet, and clean. The server Chasity was very attentive and pleasant, and the food was very good and plentiful.

Review №27

Devastated. Called tonight to take advantage of the Free Delivery this week offered online. Ordered at 4:30 for a 6:00 delivery for a Celebratory Meal for my wife celebrating a significant event in our business. At 6:45 we realized were not going to be fed by Red Lobster! Manager made every excuse in the book. Offered to refund our money in 7-14 days on our credit card! This is the poorest example of service I have seen in a long, long time. Will never again go to Red Lobster! Don't waste your time or money! Go to Captain Steve's - They Treat you Right!

Review №28

I just pulled into the parking lot, and an employee was bringing a bag to a car. She sees me and came right to my window asking how she can help me. Not to mention it has been raining like crazy. All I wanted were some of those delicious biscuits! She said the just came out and brought me some in less than two minutes. Now THAT is great service. Thank you, Haley!!!

Review №29

This is great I have always LOVED their seafood and this one is better because it is next to Myrtle beach. I recommend it it's just the price is a little bit high.

Review №30

Great food if you love lobster and crab. Alsoove the Red Lobster Biscuits they give you with the meal. Yummy! Quick and courteous service. Reasonly priced. Give it a try, I'll bet you will love the food especially the lobster and Crab!

Review №31

This Red Lobster is in Monroe, food wasn't that hot and seating was a little to close for me. But it's Red Lobster what can I say!

Review №32

The service is on point for take out or dinning in. The place is always clean and peaceful.

Review №33

This is my #1 place to get the best Walt shrimps

Review №34

The service was very good. The food was very good. It was my Daughter birthday and they sang happy birthday to her.

Review №35

The lobster was severely overcooked the service was mediocre at best we were constantly kept waiting, I ordered a Canadian cluband Sprite and was given a Jim beam and Sprite that was so strong I had to order a glass of Sprite and still couldn't water it down enough to Drink. Big difference between rye and whiskey I would think a bartender would know that.

Review №36

There is a reason this place is still around. Have been numerous times. Casual dining at reasonable prices. The service is always spot on. Restaurant is kept spotless and the biscuits alone are worth the visit. Keep pounding Red!

Review №37

Always a great service when I go, love this place!

Review №38

Excellent place, very delicious food

Review №39

I haven't been to a red lobster in years. I remember when their portions were decent, then they got so small. Now, they give double than what they use to.Some of the food isn't as tasty as it use to be, but the coconut die for!!!My friend and I are already planning a trip back to try some other tasty options.Plus when we went, the service was impeccable!

Review №40

It was absolutely wonderful. The service the food was spot on.

Review №41

One of the worst dining experiences i can remember. Incompetent and apathetic management didn't exactly help. $150+ down the drain and a ruined birthday celebration. Just save yourself and make the extra drive to Pineville

Review №42

AWFUL... My kids are in UPWARD BOUND, and they having their weekly dinner to go. So at 7 i ordered something for the kids at home,, picked up my order curbside.. ( we were there at 630). So much order was ready at 730, while my kids were still waiting on thier food.. at 830, I just happen to check my bag and then discover i was missing sides to my order. My order was not complete. I ordered the family meal, and a crab legs meal (curbside pickup) but did not get the sides for the family meal. Goes back into the restaurant and waits for a manager... after five minutes, I ask could I just get my sides at the togo counter, the host says sure. After 20 minutes, I brought out a small side of mash potatoes and rice. I've already showed my receipt, I had to show it again. The waiter goes back, and 20 minutes later, out comes a 4 baked potatoes, and a larger size rice. I was given a free desert for the inconvenience. We left at 936, after my son finally got his order placed around 630 through Upwardbound, AND THERE WAS STILL KIDS WAITING TO GET THERE FOOD WHEN WE LEFT ALMOST 3 HOURS LAT!. Food was awful, had to try and reheat crab legs smh. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE and a waste of $75. Only good thing was the cheesecake

Review №43

SIX were in our party last night at Red lobster in Mathews NC for an un forgettable evening. When we arrived we were told it would be a 45 min wait, that was fine, they are usually pretty busy. I walked to the restroom and noticed there was 15 or so tables empty, so I really didn't understand the wait. I let it go and went to the bar and ordered a drink, a salty dog. The bartender sat a glass of wine in front of me and I asked what is that. He told me and I told him I ordered a salty dog. He said he didn't hear salty dog and went to get my drink. After about 5 min he returned and said they were out of grapefruit juice, so I told him to just forget it and I returned to the rest of my party to wait for our table. When our table was ready we were seated and told someone would be with us to take our ordered. About 10 min or so later the waitress showed up and took our drink order. After about 15 min the drinks finally came. The waitress took our food order and said she would be back with some biscuits after we had to ask for them. Well, another 10 min or so passed and we finally got some biscuits with our salads. The meal finally arrives and the quality of the food didn't measure up at all to what we are accustomed to at Red Lobster. Also, through all of this the people sitting in the next booth allowed their children to scream constantly, not crying but screaming and no one would call them down. Needless to say this made for a very memorable evening. I gave the restaurant 1 star because the scale didn't go any lower and we will not be going back to this location of Red Lobster.

Review №44

Food was good drinks were ok but overall good service.

Review №45

Mothers' Day and it takes an hour and a half to receive the order... I'm disgusted and I hate myself, a little bit, for not raising my voice and being entirely too polite while I waited for a Curbside Order for Over One Hour!!!I stopped eating here because of the service and I placed this order for my Mother because she likes their food. Thanks a billion Red Lobster!If I could take the One star back I would...

Review №46

Our food was delicious and the waiter was very pleasant.

Review №47

Great atmosphere and wonderful customer service

Review №48

Great service and delicious food.

Review №49

The food is always good! No complaints! Great customer service too!

Review №50

Excellent restaurant. very good food. It really is very good. I give it 5 stars. And attention is very good. I would definitely return

Review №51

Food was great and our server Q was phenomenal

Review №52

Love the food but service wasn't good.

Review №53

Great food and great service.

Review №54

It was great jumbo coconut shrimp and salmon! Such Great flavors! Good service and my hubby really enjoyed his varieties of endless shrimp! Yum!!

Review №55

I ordered take out on Wednesday from the Matthews location, a lb of crab legs and an additional cluster. I received not even a full pound and my crab was missing multiple legs. My baked potato wasn't cooked correctly and my entire meal was cold. It was delivered by postmates which I will never use again and when I tried to count RedLobster I was told I had to be sent to the manager who three times never answered the phone and I was repeatedly hung up on. Red Loster has lost my business as has Postmates and I will make sure I let all my contacts know the horrible experience and customer service I received as well.

Review №56

A great experience. We met here for my daughter's early graduation luncheon. The girls are great and they let me pet Steve the lobster. He lived to tell. I had the catfish.

Review №57

Went there for a birthday celebration. Food was great and the service as good. I recommend making a reservation, as we did, during peak times to help prevent an extremely long wait.

Review №58

This has to be the worst take out service that I have ever had in my life. 3 people behind the bar but only one was allowed to help take out! There were 6 people waiting I was there for an hour and 10 minutes 2 people were ahead of me and 2 people had left didnt want to wait anymore. I finally was able to check my order, I was missing the extra sauce it took 25 minutes to get my extra sauce. By the time I left there were at least 10 people waiting and my food was already cold.. won't be back to this location again,, horrible experience!

Review №59

Wait person was awesome. Wasn't overbearing. Checked on us, refilled our drinks as needed. Great food. Would recommend

Review №60

I haven't been to red lobster in a while. Unfortunately, red lobster needs help. The food was barely mediocre. The lobster was tuff and the fried "supposedly" golden food was not that. The lobster mac and cheese - thumbs down. The only thing good on either plate was the potato. Needless to say, red lobster will not be a place I choose for food in the future. I ended up going to Zaxby for food. On Valentine's Day - let that sink in....

Review №61

Food's good but I mean I'm not trying to wait 3 straight hours for it

Review №62

Service was good and friendly. The wife enjoyed her crab legs. I am not a fan of seafood so I had the pasta dish. The chicken was on the rubbery side and my dish had a lot of liquid on the bottom. It was alright but not worth $17.49. The manager was very welcoming and genuine.

Review №63

He was a nice place and you would reasonable the place clean and Wells Turtles people the waiter waitress or riffic I like a post check with you Chris Madrid's very clean and handicapped for restaurants handicap parking easy to get into and out of parking lot I will be going back soon

Review №64

I think it could have been better it should have been better. I have ate at better red lobsters. The food wasn't very good and the biscuits didn't have a bottom to them.

Review №65

Service and most of food was really good. My meal - lobster, salmon and grilled shrimps. My salmon was crispy and dry on top. Otherwise a good meal.

Review №66

So excited that endless shrimp is back!!! So yummy for $17.99

Review №67

The food was seasoned just right. The cheddar bay biscuit were so soft and fresh out of the oven. Delicious. I order the same meal on every visit, the seaside shrimp meal. I got it to go instead of dine in. The waitress and the waiter at the bar worked together on my order. Thanks, Red Lobster.

Review №68

So I caught a lot of flak for eating at a red lobster.Friends told me are you kidding me? This is like fast food seafood.But I have to tell you that I would go back to this red lobster in a heartbeat! Folks are usually don't eat seafood unless I'm at Victoria's in Ocean Isle and I get my fresh crab legs. No I did not get my seafood crab legs here. But I got my salmon here!The service was impeccable here. My waitress was so upbeat and positive, she was so on point it was wonderful.The food was incredible. Very fresh, really enjoyed it.Here I thought I would go to other places to have fresh salmon but it was amazing here.A friend of mine got a couple of different types of shrimp and I tasted them - they were fantastic.I'm on a keto diet and I'm not supposed to eat any biscuits but I have to tell you I cheated! Oh my God the red lobster biscuits are phenomenal! That didn't change :)Friends and family - look, like I said I caught a lot of flak for fast food seafood. But I have to tell you that's not what this tasted like to me.Definitely not fast food but definitely quality and freshness really really enjoyed it and I can tell you right now we will be back for lunch and for dinner.I will come back to this location for my seafood fix. I hope folks get over the stigma of red lobster and give this location a try.We will be back.Peace Folks xo

Review №69

My daughter and I order stuffed mushrooms. They were very good. We also ordered Lobster Bisque. The soup was cold in cold bowls. We sent it back twice and every time it came back it was cold. The last time it came back there was an eyelash hair in my daughters.

Review №70

Delicious food. Great waitress

Review №71

Love lobster and their special shrimps

Review №72

No one to greet us and empty except for one couple

Review №73

The service was great and the food was great. Daren was the best waiter I've ever had by far.

Review №74

Bad experience with delivery. This facility delivered a raw salmon. Spoke with two different managers who informed me I would receive an refund. This happened may 3rd. Almost a month later no refund yet. I would like for corporate to contact me.

Review №75

Every thing was great.

Review №76

Independence location. Was the best. Great service and wait time. Manager really was involved for smooth experience

Review №77

Started poorly. We visited on a Saturday night. There were a significant amount of open tables yet they were on a 20 minute wait. The manager was performing host duties and looked very confused. There were tables that were bussed but still had the tray with all the dirty dishes left on it.Once seated, it took almost 10 minutes to be acknowledged. Keep in mind they were purposefully not that busy (tables left open). I know it's a busy time for them with endless shrimp, but there has to be a reason they are so short staffed on a Saturday night at 7.7:50 and still waiting for our food and a refill of our drinks.Finally got our food. Wasn't bad. But I ordered endless shrimp and we still haven't received a refill of shrimp or drinks. Paying now. Won't be coming back. Please explore ANY other options

Review №78

Durn good place to eat. One of the best Red Lobsters I've ever been to.

Review №79

The atmosphere it's excellent. Very nice clean. Food is terrific

Review №80

I've been to this location several times within the past few years... when we happen to have Shaq as our waiter... we are always taken care of. He provides great customer service and is very attentive. Even when the food isn't up to par, the care and customer service we received from Shaq always makes up for it.Tonight's food could of been better. I would rate it 2-3 stars.Customer Service was great. 5 stars if we are talking about customer service

Review №81

I'm so sorry that I waste my time and time of my friends to come to the Red Lobster in Matthews! We sit at table by the bar, bartender was nice and want to serve us. Than some other “ very intelligent “ woman come to bar and told the bartender that she can not serve us. To bad I hear what she say!!! After 20 min sitting with kids at the table NO ONE offered even water not to take a order...... well done. Never ever again!

Review №82

Decided to cut corners including shifting to Pepsi

Review №83

I loved eating here even the bread and salad is always good I have try some more things that's on the menu I always eat the same things when I

Review №84

Wouldn't recommend this restaurant to anyone unless you like to wait for so long and pay at lot of money for a simple dish like this for $15.99 at other places they offer you a side to go with the main dish for this price or sometimes even less.

Review №85

I dont normally give bad reviews..i just stop going . In this case i felt obligated to review. The service was horrible even though there was nobody in the place. We had many servers and each one got worse than one before. We sat and waited for 20 minutes to have our drink order taken..we were never given biscuits even though one of our servers kept saying they would bring them out...never happened. We ordered food..they seemed to be out of everything. The last server seemed to think she could remember our order but kept coming back to ask what we ordered. They were out of many things...after taking/ completing our order..we waited for about an biscuits water refills...we never got any food and finally got up and left and went to bonefish grill next door. Very professional. I am not sure how red lobster stays in business.

Review №86

Red wine sangria is amazing

Review №87

I don't get to often, but really love the food and atmosphere.

Review №88

Went on September 8th, and was served by a great waitress. My husband and I got Endless Shrimp and had a blast. She almost sang Happy Birthday to me as my day was on the 7th. I typically get good service every time we go to this location and last night was no exception.

Review №89

A beautiful lady in my life loves the biscuits.

Review №90


Review №91

Service was a little slow this time. But not always like this. Food was good

Review №92

My boyfriend and I went here for my bday dinner Saturday night. We came around 845 pm. There was a 25 minute wait, but yet the restaurant was not nearly full. After the wait we got our seats and it took a while for server to greet us. She actually came by and ask if anyone had come by yet, we said "no". She was very pleasant but there were several other issues with our dinner here. My boyfriend ordered a bowl of lobster bisque to start. It came out stone cold. While we were waiting at the bar for our table we overheard another woman complain about the same thing; and overheard that they were making a" fresh" batch. Yet, his was cold upon arrival to the table. There was also not one piece of lobster in the bisque at all. We ordered our entrees and waited...and waited...about 45 to 50 mins later our food came to the table. Nothing was said about the prolonged wait at that time. Again, by now it was after 10:20 pm. Sure there were other guests there but nothing to warrant a 50 to 55 min wait for our food. Upon arrival the food was warm but not hot at all. The food was also extremely salty (especially the scampi sauce and poached lobster garlic butter sauce). Finally, after finishing the meal our serve came by and said basically, that she knew it took quite a while for our food to come out so she took off the soup and Ice Tea. She also said that asking managers for anything more to be discounted would do no!Disappointing birthday dinner.After tip this meal was around $100..Definitely not worth the money . Not sure if we will return to this location again.

Review №93

Food was fresh and very tasty.

Review №94

We got a table extremely quick, food was bomb, and our waiter was very personable

Review №95

Great customer service. Take out lunch was terrible. Very small ,cold chicken tenders and Calamari . Would probably eat again but not lunch.

Review №96

Worst experience I've ever experienced at any red lobster. Multiple open clean tables but they have made multiple patrons wait. No hostess at the stand... wasn't greeted for ten minutes after arrival. Haven't even been sat yet and I'm already disappointed.

Review №97

If I could score a 0 I would. This is the 2nd time we've had an issue at this Red Lobster. I ordered the scallops & salmon with brussel sprouts/sweet potatoe medley. After waiting 30 mins (in a restaurant that wasn't even busy)my food came out DRY, BURNT & inedible!!!!! My fiance's clam chowder took 30 min because "they were making a new batch". It came out the same time as his food which wasn't good either. Nobody seemed to care. Tables were a disaster & never cleaned. Servers & bartenders were complaining how long it was taking for food to come out. I could keep telling you about our horrible experience BUT it doesn't matter at this point because we will NEVER return!!! I left hungry & very DISAPPOINTED! BAD food, management & service!

Review №98

Good was great but the service sucked. I had to request them to clean the table they say me at. Since my children loved the food I returned. Each and Everytime dice great service.

Review №99

The chef did a great job food was hot and fresh yes one time for Deion the Chef.

Review №100

Great food, don't have an long wait time like Concord Mills and Carolina Place.

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  • Sunday:11:30AM–8:30PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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