Little Caesars Pizza
4684 Socastee Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588, United States
Review №1

Took 15 minutes to get a hot and ready pizza. Asked to talk with the Manager, he came out without a mask on and proceeded to say that because he had to talk to me more people would have late pizza. Doug is absolutely the rudest Manager I have ever met.

Review №2

Quick dinner . Always lucky and the pizza is always super fresh!!!! Thanks guys for the friendly service as well!!!

Review №3

If I could have put a 0 star I would have! Their customer service was completely terrible, they was rude and had no sense of manners! I went in there and after an hour of waiting I asked for my money back and all of the sudden my pizza was done and they can't give me my money back. I got one pizza which definitely should not had taken an hour to make! My crazy bread is cold and my pizza is half raw!!! I absolutely will never be back to this location, their staff is ridiculous !!

Review №4

I'd usually rate this place 4 stars, pizza isn't bad for the price, service is hit or miss depending on the day. Today I got the greasiest pizza I've had in my life, the grease was literally dripping off the bottom of the crust, I had to take it out of the box and dry the crust on paper towels before I could eat it.

Review №5

Great Cheap Quick Pizza! Italian cheese bread is from of the best around!

Review №6

Order not on time. Customers waiting left and right for orders. Order was 30 minutes late getting out. Manager complained the whole time about in back. You want quick service better find somewhere else!!!

Review №7

I drove to this little Cesar which is roughly 20 minutes away from me and my pepperoni pizza had a large hole in it? Hasn't happened to me before at other locations so I didn't even bother to check but I was wrong to do that now I see. Shouldn't have to pay full price for a pizza when there's a gaping hole in it.

Review №8

Waited 10 minutes for fresh cheese and pepperoni pizzas. Both were excellent!

Review №9

Delicious and not costly ️️️ My husband and I crave the stuffed crust, only a couple dollars more and totally worth it

Review №10

Never hot and ready. Can order a pizza and get it delivered in the same amount of time you'll spend driving and waiting for your pizza. Much better luck at the beaver run location

Review №11

Can't go wrong with a budget friendly

Review №12

Great prices. Fast and courteous service. Food is delicious.

Review №13

Pizza was excellent. Quick in and out, fast service!

Review №14

Absolutely insane!!! If you're going to offer hot and ready they need to be ready! Do not let your customers pay for it and them tell them to pull off to the side of the building for 30 minutes to wait for it. We would have ordered delivery! This is absolutely insane and completely unacceptable. Taco Bell next door would have had us out faster.

Review №15

We are camped at MBSP, and we have grandkids coming, we zipped up to LC got 3 pizzas and some crazy bread in no time flat. Need one closer to the campground.

Review №16

Great pizza forgot part of order though

Review №17

They realy are Hot and ready! Ordered 4 pizzas and didnt have to waut at all

Review №18

Great service&price good food

Review №19

Always something to and Fast!

Review №20

The cook was cursing the whole time was there . Waited over 40 minutes for pizza. The cook was throwing and slamming stuff the whole time. Didn't get greeted until I was in the lobby for 15 minutes. It was a lack of leadership and respect in every aspect at this place of “business”

Review №21

Wanted a thin pepperoni pizza and two crazy breads. Had to wait over 45 minutes. Went in and complained waited inside. Masks were not being properly worn by anyone. Finally got home with pizza to discover one piece was missing.

Review №22

It was really good yummy too

Review №23

Drive thru a plus! Decent pizza, good price

Review №24

“Hot and Ready” they say? Had to wait 10 mins for my regular cheese pizza I ordered at the drive thru and had me pull around and bring it out to me. And even then, I had to go in and get it.

Review №25

We placed an order for in store pick up. My wife went through the drive thru to pick up the order at the correct time and was told “we have no order under that name or that confirmation number”. The girl at the window asked my wife if she was at the correct store, so she called me to confirm. I checked our order confirmation email and read it back to them. The window server said “nope nothing under that”. Turns out this same girl canceled our order because they were out of stuffed crust pizza. When we got the confirmation email that it was canceled she said, “oh that was your order? Yeah I was the one who canceled it”.I 100% understand these things can happen but how your staff is trained to handle these situations speaks volumes about a company. The icing on the cake was when after all of this she then tried to play it off and said they even tried to call to let us know. 0 missed calls I promise you.

Review №26

Probably the quickest and most friendly Little Caesars around the Myrtle Beach area. I'll drive past 2 to get to this one for the same food, same prices, but much better service and friendlier staff.

Review №27

We stopped in on our vacation as it's the closest one we could find to our hotel room. They had a few items hot and ready, but when they decided to make us fresh pizza because the ones in the heater we're getting close to the expiration time.The food was delicious. Toppings we're thoroughly covering our pies. The staff was friendly and even brought our food to the table. Will definitely be back before the trip ends

Review №28

This is a very slow Little Caesar's. The food is normally horribly cooked. Never have pizza ready. They don't know how to talk to people either.

Review №29

They never answer the phone to place a order and some people cant pay online right away. And then you go and have to wait 30 mins to get the order. Thumps down but very good breadsticks with pepperoni

Review №30

Great quality of food and service. Shout out to Dee and Patty for making it happen.

Review №31

Quick and friendly service and good value

Review №32

U can't go wrong with the $5 lunch special

Review №33

Pretty easy. Cant go wrong. Its fast pizza that when your busy hits the spot

Review №34

Waited 30mins after ordering online before I arrived

Review №35

The 1st one I was brought to is no longer there it really needs to b updated

Review №36

I've been in many Little Caesar's stores and this one is probably the best. We were greeted warmly when we came in, the staff chatted with us while we were there and everyone was smiling. The pizzas came to us very quickly and were delicious. We opted to eat in and the tables were all very clean. As we left we wereconce again acknowledged with smiles. Great store!!!!

Review №37

Ordered ahead of time an hour ago. I've been sitting in the drive through line for 10 minutes. And the only way it's moved is by people leaving who were also in line and were sick of waiting to be helped. The car at the front of the line should be asked to move around to the parking lot or something. This is ridiculous.

Review №38

All of a sudden they charge extra to leave a topping off...

Review №39

I went through the drive thru and they were out of pepperoni pizza so I was asked to pull around. After about 20 minutes, I went inside and got my pizza. They were serving people after me through the drive thru. If I go back to this location, I will go inside.

Review №40

Almost 15 minute wait for a hot and not-ready pizza!

Review №41

Waited for over 40 minutes just for a single pepperoni pizza and got it cold

Review №42

Expect 1 hour waits! Been waiting almost an hour on a Sunday for 4 cheese breads! This is rediculous! This location closes early all the time and now decided to just leave us setting here. Going in to complain and contacting corporate!

Review №43

Terrible and never ready and will give your food to someone else so quickly.

Review №44

Probably the worst customer service I have ever received. I went to the drive through and the employee opened the window and didn't say a single word and acted with the expression on her face that it was a problem I was there. So I kindly said " Hello may I place an order please. Had to pull around the building and park while being the only customer at the location. Waited 15 minutes, when I was told 6 minutes before I had to walk inside to receive my food. Would have rated 0 stars if it was possible.

Review №45

Best pizza around

Review №46

Whoever made my pizza yesterday needs to go to all the other lil ceasars and teach them how to make pizza. I Have never tasted one that good since Papa John's back in he late 90's. Start in Marion Dillon Florence and Lumberton first. When was the last time anyone seen a real pizza that looks like this

Review №47

Very good people and pizza!!

Review №48

Quick and easy drive thru

Review №49

Got here 5 minutes before closing time. They still were super friendly and gave us some cookies and half off crazy bread!! Thank you guys!!

Review №50

Some of the best pizza out here.

Review №51

Arrived at the Little Caesars location around 20 minutes before closing. Employees were eager and ready to start making hot, fresh pizzas. Soon after, we made the 18 minute drive back to our hotel where to my amazement, the pizzas still tasted as if they had just come out of the oven. The taste of crispy pepperoni, along with the cheese and grateful amount of sauce was overwhelming. For a family of 9, we still had almost a full pizza left, after getting 4. Excellent pizza. Thank you.

Review №52

Love the crazy bread. Very nice staff at the Socastee store. Pretzel pizza was so salty we had 1 piece each and threw it away. We ate our slices from the center out towards the crust because we wanted to try the cheese sauce but all we could taste was salt. Too bad cause we love pretzels but this was just gross.

Review №53

It's actually not a bad deal for the thin crust pepperoni $6.49... Just make sure that you don't get the one's they have ready... Get a fresh one...

Review №54

Staff was rude pizza wasn't right had to wait 15 min extra never go to soccer State boulevard Little Caesars

Review №55

Long wait order 10 pepperoni n got haft cheese

Review №56

God awful! The management is a joke and needs to be looked into by corporate. Store itself is dingy, gross, and looks unsanitary. Not to mention the lack of gloves being used by staff handling food...

Review №57

Food is always hot and ready

Review №58

#BestPizzaEVER!! #Great manager, #Melissa, Friendly employees!, quick! #MAKINGITBETTERTHANEVER

Review №59

In and out in like 20 seconds. It was great.

Review №60

Went and order one pepperoni pizza and cheesy bread (2 things) The drive through girl told me to pull over so of course I did. Did not mind one bit, But when I sit there for almost 30 mins and I see people walking in and out and going through drive Through in a matter of 3 mins. And I'm still sitting there wondering why nothing has been brought to me. So I decided to walk inside and the cashier asked what would I like and I tell her that it's been almost 30 mins for the only two things I ordered and she turns around and grabs it from the cold line they didn't even put it in the hot oven nothing, hands it to me. No apologies very unprofessional by the way... just ask me if I want it marinara when I've ordered extra. Poor customer service and to make matters worst the pizza and bread were cold. Like it's been sitting on that kitchen line for a while. If that was the case I could've just ordered from Ginos would've took about the same time but definitely fresher and HOT.Thanks for the awful service.

Review №61

My first visit and the young man who waited on myself and daughter was really nice and suggested some food options.

Review №62

I love the taste of their thin crust pepperoni pizza and the price great too

Review №63

Like the advertising says, it is hot and ready. We often stop by here and grab a few pizzas when we have an event at our church. The kids love the pizza! We usually stick with cheese and pepperoni for events. For home, we get some of the extra most and sometimes get a special made. The bread sticks are also well received.

Review №64

Ordered the Quattro and it was delicious with a ton of toppings. Can't really beat little Caesars prices when it comes to pizza

Review №65

We ordered the new deep dish & it was great. The young lady said it would be a sort wait & we were ok with that! Best pizza I have had!!

Review №66

Taste like cardboard microwave puzza

Review №67

Friendly staff always hot and delicious pizza. There is still room for improvement.

Review №68

Best pizza at the best price

Review №69

Still rather new location. Friendly staff from what I've experienced. I've only used the drive through and have never been inside but the line does go fast.

Review №70

The crazy bread is always undercooked so it is very doughy. Other than that, no complaints at all.

Review №71

Quick, friendly and delicious!

Review №72

My Home Location and They're Quick If You Just Walk In and You Can Order Online and They'll Have It Ready and Waiting In A "Heat Locker" and You Walk In and Put In The Code You Get When You Place Your Order and Grab Your Pizza W/O Waiting In Line

Review №73

Okay food, they dropped our pizza, gave us another for free. Plus tbe one they dropped (on the cut table)

Review №74

Order online pick up at window it's always fresh

Review №75

The pies are normally ver good but this time it was short on the cheese.

Review №76

Thin crust is one of the best!!!Love the pretzel crust pizza also.They need to have this on the menu all the time!!!

Review №77

Love the thin and crispy

Review №78

New pretzel pizza was nice twist on old fave. None ready so little disappointed had to wait

Review №79

What's the best pizza for the best price I go there a lot as well but we love pizza and I love the breadsticks most of all

Review №80

Good pizza for a great price.

Review №81

Good price. Friendly staff. The food is good, especially if you're looking for a quick dinner.

Review №82

Very busy but fast service easy to find on 707

Review №83

Always good any were in us

Review №84

I love go to get my pizza at little Caesars, affordable price and good flavor

Review №85

Quick and easy. Love the grab and go warmers!!

Review №86

This little ceasers in Socastee is waaay BETTER than surfside... surfside pizza crust is disgusting they use corn meal in their pizza crust

Review №87

Slow service, order was wrong and then they will not answer the phone to correct the mistake.

Review №88

Never again. Bit down on glass that was in the marinara.

Review №89

Food ok. Service is pathetic. Probably not much to do about it I guess. Been like that forever.

Review №90

Best tasting for 5 meat pizza on the beach and only 10.00 bucks with extra sauce

Review №91

Prices are very incorrect. So be aware of this when ordering since board says one price and some black and white menu, that is just a sheet of paper, says a completely different price. Then when asking about issue the gentleman behind counter, not sure if manager or not, was very rude in explain why there was a difference. I will not be back to this location to be treated this why. You can not charge different price due to what the customer looks at!!!!!

Review №92

My order came in wrong when using the app. I was very upset, but Crystal made it right, she got my order done, plus gave me the option to return to get my order again. Their team is great and the pizza was fantastic!

Review №93

They didn't have any hot and ready pizzas but that wasn't a bad thing. My pizza came straight out of the oven it was delicious

Review №94

The lady working the window was super nice and even brought my order to my car when I had to wait

Review №95

Very nice folks. Love that thin crust pizza. They actually got my order wrong but i brought it back and thay more than made up for it. #yumyumpizzapizza

Review №96

This is little Caesars aroundBest staff fast friendly service

Review №97

For a quick 8 minute snack great!

Review №98

It's good for the price. Toppings are good n fresh but dough taste more like white bread than pizza dough ?

Review №99

Very good. Nice and hot

Review №100

Typical Littlr Caesars. Clean. Friendly. Fast drive thru and pickup after call in order. One of three at Myrtle Beach. Good drive out to it but great service. Hard to pull out of parking lot into a very busy highway.

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