River City Cafe
9550 Shore Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572, United States
Review №1

I had the nachos crunch burger. It was very tasty. I love burgers and sandwiches with chips in them. The burger was a little pink. It was not cooked enough. The grouper fingers has good seasoning but also wasn't cooked enough as well. The fries was not crunchy they was soft. Seem like they been sitting up in heat so they can be eatable. The Tito's sunset taste like juice. We sent back and got water instead! Everything would of been excellent if the food was cooked all the way and drinks taste like alcohol was in it.

Review №2

This is a cool local chain and was a fun place to visit. The restaurant is right on the pool deck and people were eating in their bathing suits, it was very laid back. The food was decent, and priced well. The burger was a little overcooked but still good. I was kinda disappointed with the sweet potato waffle fries, which were pretty small and also a very small serving for the extra $3 or so. I would go back for sure, lots of interesting burgers to try.

Review №3

OMG you have to try one of the many burgers here! So good. Staff was very friendly. Next door they had a band playing so we ordered a pina colada and sat out by the pool to enjoy the music under the stars. We were also surprised with fireworks to boot. Experience this place if you can.

Review №4

Had a good hamburger today. We were told that they had a very limited menu as they were closing for the season in less than a week. We enjoyed what we ordered and the staff was very friendly. I would like to visit again when they are running at full capacity during the busy season.

Review №5

As I sat there at restaurant. I saw there "Awards" for there burgers. I thought, can't wait to eat my shrimp po boy. Well the 12 dollar poboy was a farce. I went downstairs to ask them if it was customary to serve dry bread with withered lettuce. Basically asking where the sauce was. Every Shrimp po boy I have ever had has some romuelade sauce or some other sauce. The oversized guy behind the counter proceeded to tell me "that's how they come" in a annoyed way. I asked really no sauce waiting for him to try to accommodate me since I had just dropped some good money there. He stated " we offer you cocktail sauce" in a now snarky way. He then pretty much ignored me.Well folks stay away from the very dry tiny shrimp sized po boy and the dry fried chicken burger. I gave two stars because the chicken wings were a decent size.If the big guy is the owner that was behind the counter maybe Google Shrimp po boys to learn the way they're done.

Review №6

We come to MB every couple years. We come to River City Cafe every time. Always good food and friendly service. Until this trip! Our host Sam. Apparently didn't like the fact there were 10 of us, gruffly said she couldn't sit us all together. We sat on separate sides of the restaurant.As we were eating our food someone came with out a mask to pick up his order. She immediately started to berate him telling him to put his mask on. He told her he was picking up an order. She replied you still need your mask. Made him go out and in through another door. As she gave him his food she continued to complain about him. The man was much nicer than me because I would have told her were she could have put the food.After he left two more people came through same door as the man originally did. They had on mask and she brought food to them. No making them come through another door! Probably not any of my business but I feel this is a free country and Sam had no right to treat a paying customer that way.I am going to have to rethink going back there again! If anyone from corporate see's this I hope they remember Sam's name and deals with it the way she dealt with a paying customer.I would have wrote them a mail but they don't seem to want emails, so I had to share Sam's name on this.

Review №7

We love the food. However In scoping out Ocean Annies to see if we would like to stay there in the future.....we go in to eat and they tell us we HAVE to have a mask on. Even though as soon as we sit down we are gonna take it off. I tell the hostess we are NOT putting a mask on and they refuse to serve us. So guess you just lost that business. Good luck staying open!

Review №8

Food was good. Probably a better place pre covid.. very limited seating

Review №9

Awesome place! Turkey burgers are incredible! Great friendly staff! They won't disappoint!

Review №10

Amazing food and service! Best meal My family and I have had since we've been in myrtle beach. Would recommend!!

Review №11

Burgers is the name of this place and they do it with flair and original flavor combinations! There are other food choices and the staff is terrific.

Review №12

Great variety of burgers. Inside was a little dirty and run down. Great prices

Review №13

Sorry people especially night management. I walked in to place an order at 9:20. They close at 10:00. The management told the server not taking any more orders. This is 40 minutes before closing. Not one person was in the restaurant. I eat at this restaurant almost every day when I'm at the beach. This is totally unacceptable and wrong. I contacted corporate. I hope they do something about this. If you going to get a carry out you better order early.

Review №14

Great bloomin onion and burgers!! Good service!!

Review №15

NOT fresh cut fries and I called to make sure they were before I ordered. They weren't even good frozen fries, they are mushy and limp. The Philly is just steakums on bread, pre made burgers. manager was nice when we called and offered to refund the money for the items but the food is not worth the money at all. I have pics but I can't seem to load them.

Review №16

Food was waaaaay better than expected. We started with chicken bites w/hot buffalo sauce and fried zucchini (pics below). Burgers were good quality meat w/ a crazy combinations of toppings...all depends on what you're into. Try it. You wont ne disappointed.

Review №17

Great burgers, friendly service. Hard to find the entrance because it's part of a hotel. A little spendy but everything tasted great.

Review №18

Good food, fun atmosphere.

Review №19

Great Food. Just closes a little early for Saturday nights.

Review №20

Dine in sitting!! It's a hundred an five outside! The blackened grouper Rubin is off the charts good!!!! Next is the black and blue burger.!!!

Review №21

Best place to eat at beach we eat there everyday where there on vacation

Review №22

The food was very good, but I came here at the end of the season. That means half of the menu wasn't available. Definitely better to come before October.

Review №23

Having the best service here at River City. Jess, Jenn, Lissa and the whole kitchen crew are very welcoming and attentive. The Mac N Cheese burger is to die for. Give these ladies and energetic cooks a raise. They're awesome! Wahoo! burgers for the boys! We will be here every week!

Review №24

My son-in-law was sick from food poisoning the entire night after eating dinner here two nights ago. We believe it was the Cole slaw because he had a burger & so did we. Also I never complain about the service but our waitress was so preoccupied with other things she ignored us the entire time we were there. Never gave refills of our water & never brought anything we asked for. However their burgers are awesome but kind of scared to eat at this location again.

Review №25

Cool atmosphere. Good for what it is - bar food. Burgers were good and very interesting combinations. Drinks were decent.

Review №26

The reviews are correct. Perfectly divey and inexpensive, and also one of the BEST burgers I've ever had. Lots of options with crazy topping combos - I had one with jalapenos​, guacamole, and Doritos - but even a simple one would be just as good. Waffle fries were great. Everything was pretty much $9 or less. You can take food out to Ocean Annie's bar if you like.

Review №27

Great juicy burgers and fries! We ordered to go and the food was fab. Enjoyed chatting to the 'English' waitress - thank you from the UK!!!

Review №28

We eat here every year but this year was not good at all. Beer was very cold which was a positive but the food was just simplyNot good. The onion rings were way too big and undercooked, lettuce was not washed, and the Sonoma chicken sandwich (which is my favorite) was bland and simply awful this year. I had to spit it in my napkin and could not swallow even the first bite. Maybe the cooks are new? Stick with the burgers and cold beer!!On a positive note, our waitress was very sweet.

Review №29

Nacho crunch turkey burger! Wow wow wow! What a great spot for great food! Casual of course

Review №30

Food is great but staff is extremely rude!

Review №31

We look forward to eating here every year. its so good we eat her 3 times a week when we come down. food is amazing just amazing

Review №32

If I could give a 0 I would don't recommend this place unprofessional and very very rude food was not satisfactory and overly expensive! Don't eat here hair in my food! Grosss!

Review №33

Never even got to eat here.... walked out after 8 minutes of waiting at the host stand behind another group that was there for 7 or 8 minutes before we walked in the door... no one cares at this location.... manager was hiding and didnt even want to come out to talk to anyone...... never will I be back to this location.....

Review №34

Ok food, bad service, average price, better entertainment.The grandma trying to drunkenly light a cigarette in front of a group of teens outside my window was a saving grace to the evening.The trashy Panama City / Daytona Beach atmosphere found no redemption on this visit. How do you mess up wings! Slimy out of the microwave texture with a generic buffalo sauce. No “signature sauce” available here. After my visit it's probably for the best. A total of two visits from the waitress throughout the entirety of the meal. Unacceptable. Good luck drinking more than me to enjoy this place. I tried. Happy travels.

Review №35

Pro's: Great Burger (Peanut Butter Banana), great fries.Cons: 300lb man with no shirt on sitting and eating at a table and his belly was all hanging out. Also fries are separate and not part of the burger order. Cole slaw had a funky stinch to it and luke warm. Service could of been better as well as over all house keeping.

Review №36

I grabbed me a kids hot dog and I loved it the people there were super nice

Review №37

Try the grouper fingers and any burger on the won't be disappointed!

Review №38

Always great service and food! Seriously the best beach food you can find in this area of Myrtle Beach. We stay in the resort, so we can call it in and run down n grab it, or u can drag in off the beach with a wet bathing suit on and get a cold beer and hot burger! Large menu, plenty of choices to suit the whole family... kids included. CAUTION TO ANYONE WITH A PEANUT ALLERGY!!!!***** They allow peanuts in the floor in the restaurant, they DON'T allow them outside the restaurant, but it's in the air, if you're deathly allergic, I'd use judgement here. But it's a 5* because I can't give it a 10* rating!

Review №39

This place served my 4 year old grandson a corndog that looked like one of those hotdogs in a gas station that has been in the warmer all day, the cornbread was torn off the top & it was black, the hotdog was black & shriveled up, they took it back and brought another one and the outside was steaming hot so my daughter cut it up and the inside was frozen. My other daughter ordered a Pina colada and it tasted like coconut water. We got an I'm sorry from the waitress, but nothing else, in fact the only time the waitress was at our table was when she took our order and brought the food, we had to get her attention when we needed something and there was only 3 other people in there. I gave 1 star because everyone that ordered a burger said it was really good.

Review №40

One of the worst dining experiences you will ever have. You couldn't tell that the mixed drinks had any alcohol in them at all. The "blackened" mahi sandwich wasn't blackened at all. And who in the world puts raisins in cole slaw?! They should be fired immediately!

Review №41

Amazing burgers!

Review №42

The service was a litttleeee slow. But well worth the wait. Our server was Jenny. SUPER sweet. Awesome customer service!!! Very apologetic about any waits or inconveniences. Also, the food was very good. I'd come again, mainly for Jenny's customer service and the shrimp po boy.

Review №43

Great food. Very fresh. Had a burger and onion rings both were great. Everyone else at the table enjoyed their meals as well.

Review №44

We really enjoyed our visit here. Great burgers.

Review №45

Best burger at the beach!! Fun atmosphere and right on the beach.

Review №46

Not the best River City location. Hot and kinda dirty.

Review №47

Great food, great service!

Review №48

Good burgers, friendly staff, and right on the ocean!

Review №49

Great burgers

Review №50

Awesome burgers with some very unique selections, plenty of variety! Great little restaurant with an amazing view! Kim provided us a great experience, her fun attitude was truly enjoyable!

Review №51

Onion rings were HUGE and very crispy.

Review №52

Great staff. Great food. Definitely try it out if you like burgers. So many options. This location is great because it is beside of Ocean Annie's so you can enjoy local bands with a good burger.

Review №53

Been coming here for over 15 years and we ordered today and its a pure waste of money. The food was awful couldn't even eat it. Never will I spend another dime here.

Review №54

Literally the best burgers I have ever had!!! The fries with gravy and mushrooms were to die for!!!!!! Reasonably priced too!

Review №55

Tasty food, liked that they had vegetarian options.

Review №56

SOOOOOOO many different burgers!!! This is the only place I've ever seen sell a burger topped with fried banana peppers. Prices are very reasonable, and the burgers are quite filling. You won't be disappointed. Ask for a medium rare burger though or it may come out slightly dry

Review №57

I got the Angus burger with cheddar chili fries and it was great. The fries had a nice layer of chili and then were coated in cheese. The burger likewise was delicious with great bacon.Very colorful decor and in a great location. Service was quick and pleasant. I definitely recommend.

Review №58

Beware. Their vinegar based barbecue is not, it is tomato based. So disappointed.

Review №59

Amazing food and great service!

Review №60

My favorite spot to eat on the beach. Everything I have ever ordered is hot and delicious!

Review №61

Great burgers, huge portions and friendly service.

Review №62

This place is a MUST! Fantastic food plus you walk in from the beach and feels like you teleported to NY. It's really cool.

Review №63

Good food and nice live music. But the smoking was to much.

Review №64

Amazing food quick service

Review №65

Excellent food and friendly staff.

Review №66

My family and I went here last year and plan to go back again. It was phenomenal! The service was very friendly, the food was spectacular, the wait was about an hour, but well worth it.

Review №67

Lots of locations in the Grand Strand area and a large variety of burgers. Fun atmosphere. Pricey for a burger joint. Kind of a gimmick.

Review №68

Food and service were great

Review №69

Great burgers. My family was here for the week and we went here for burgers and everyone ordered different burgers and were very pleased. Burgers were cooked good and lots of different options.

Review №70

Amazing service!! Awesome food!!! Very friendly atmosphere!!! We will be back again! Had Aaron as a server and have no complaints! We had 4 teens and 3 adults.

Review №71

Have eaten here a number of times. Good food at a good price! Graceson is a really great waitress!!!!

Review №72

Great burgers for a great price. Nice that it's located in the resort. Don't have to get the car and go out.

Review №73

My wife and I have been here before and it was better. Yesterday someone must have called out because it was super busy. The food was a little disappointing I ordered the bbq burger which was the best thing but wanted to onion rings they came out soggy and not very good. The staff was not super helpful. Will try again when they have more/better staffing.

Review №74

Directions send you to a different restaurant. To hungry to find the real one

Review №75

Loved the service and food.

Review №76

We weren't sure what to expect since it was part of Sands Ocean Hotel. The service was exceptional. Shanon was our server and what a delight. Pleasant, friendly, and prompt. We had the Philly cheese steak, best onion rings we've ever had, and clam chowder. You will not walk away hungry, the portions were big. We ended up sharing the sandwich and soup. We will be back during our stay!

Review №77

My family of 20 went to RCC yesterday afternoon at 4:45 for an early dinner. When we arrived the place had only 3 tables occupied so we thought it would be a short time to be seated. It was over 30 minutes and we watched as approximately 10 parties seated as we waited. We asked more than once what was the deal and finally this "manager" got quiet ugly with 2 of my family members telling them that we either had to split our party or keep waiting until a table of 2 cleared out so we could be seated together, "like it or not" he said! Several times we could have been seated together in other areas in the restaurant but he just wouldn't seat us. The food took 45 minutes to get to the table after the orders were placed. Our waitress was good but not very friendly or outgoing. Overall this place is one I am not inclined to visit again!! You need to send your manager to PR training! He has no people skills at all!!!

Review №78

Good food would definitely go back.

Review №79

Got here our very first night and decided to eat here and it was delicious!! Very good burgers and fish!! Wait staff was very fast refilling sodas and very friendly too!!! Great atmosphere on the beach!!!

Review №80

Might have to wait a bit for a table but it's entirely worth it. Or get burgers to go. Service was quick and consistent. Burger was absolutely a top three I've ever had.

Review №81

This place is awful. The burger sucked some serious ass. The cheddar and onion burger was nothing like the photos. You'd be better off getting a sandwich from 7 Eleven at 2 AM. The corn dogs looked like those dried up ones that roll around on the rack at a gas station. The mushrooms were dipped in some kind of heavy batter and sucked too. I think someone else had ordered them earlier and they just gave them to us. I'm out $50.00. I could have got the same quality of food at the Walmart cafeteria for $10.00.

Review №82

This place is fantastic. Great food, good service. Exactly what a good lunch/dinner spot on the beach should be. Since it is so good, be prepared to wait a few minutes for a table during busy times.

Review №83

Love this place. Simple, straight forward. Great food, great prices great people. What else can I say. Definitely a place to stop at when ur hungry

Review №84

Best Burgers in town. Emily, Brooke, and Logan will take care of you! Awesome food and amazing staff!

Review №85

Waited a while to be seated. But burgers were pretty good .

Review №86

Best burgers and fries in town and an great atmosphere

Review №87

Awful... I had to take the food back. Not only that ...the manager was a complete ass. I'm a guy that loves food, especially a place that's so highly rated on Google. Google's never let me down. But I'm sad to say. This place deserves a -5

Review №88

Great little dive. Nice atmosphere beside a pool overlooking the beach. Angus burger was cooked to perfection.

Review №89

The onion rings are amazing ... Our burger lacked the flavor you expect ... Good service and fun place to dine.

Review №90

Friendly people & Excellent meal !

Review №91

Great just ask for light ice

Review №92

Food not the greatest in taste or quality. One of the orders was cooked wrong (Cajun vs regular) and they had no interest in fixing it. If you are looking to get liquored up with mediocre food (if drunk probably tastes great) then this is your place.

Review №93

Really Good Food but...The service was a little slow although it wasn't busy. We ordered 2 10pc wings, one mild and 1 plain with teriyaki sauce on the side but received 18 wings all plain. At $1 per wing, missing 2 was an issue but the server didn't understand so we didn't make it a big deal. We also ordered cheese sticks, cheese fries, a shrimp platter, chicken tenders platter, a house burger, and a grilled onion burger... everything was amazing! Best burgers ever.. really. One star deducted for wings.

Review №94

Food and chips was top notch

Review №95

Awesome place, huge onion rings, [email protected]$$ burgers.

Review №96

If you want a bar feel with some burgers this is your place.

Review №97

Yummy poolside eats

Review №98

One of the best burgers I've had in a while.

Review №99

MY girlfriend brought me here to eat because it was a place she remembered visiting whenever she came to Myrtle Beach as a kid. She thought I would enjoy it and I did!

Review №100

Great service!!! Think it was the best burger i ever had... Chicken wings were awesome and the slaw Was amazing!

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  • American restaurant
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  • Delivery:Yes
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  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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