Doc Browns
6511 TX-1604 Loop, San Antonio, TX 78254, United States
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Doc browns is an awesome place with great bartenders and a fun atmosphere

Review №2

Laid back spot with good music and plenty of of room! This is a great spot to come with a group of friends for happy hour. The drinks are reasonably priced and the small menu of food items they have are tasty. I will say though, there is typically only 1 bartender around the 5p hour so the wait for drinks is a bit longer. That aside, the drinks are made well and the bartenders are polite.

Review №3

Was a ok place to drink...pricey drinks...for low grade was good.

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Review №5

GREAT atmosphere, will be going back. Variety of music played. Great place to have a good time. Bartenders are nice and friendly.Restrooms are CLEAN.Totally recommend

Review №6

Visited from Miami. Came on Saturday and Christmas day Wednesday night. Saturday had an amazing choice of enjoying Latin music outside or hip hop inside. Great vibe. Wednesday only had inside but they cycled through 5 djs and the drinks were very cheap. Highly recommend if you like the bar scene.

Review №7

Good music. They have a indoor & outdoor DJ. Drink prices were decent. Overall good vibe. However, I left early I was only there for like an hour and a half. I'll definitely go back and stay a little longer.

Review №8

Great patio scene, with a better scene on the dance floor inside. Bathrooms are clean and the staff is friendly.Just visited and I'm upgrading my review from 4 to 5 stars. Great place to hang with family on the weekends!

Review №9

We heard about the food here so we checked it out on a Friday night around 7:00pm. The first seat I sat in was sticky, the second one had a huge wad of gum stuck to it, the third one was just right. We sat at our table admiring all of the other empty tables wondering if any one was going to bring us menus. I finally went to the very over staffed bar, three people behind the main bar, one person at the empty back bar and three other people wandering around aimlessly, and asked if there was table service. I was told no, so I asked for couple menus, I was told they were out of menus, the tables were 80% empty.I asked if the kitchen was open and the gal said yes and started to rattle off food items to me. I asked her if she could come to the table so my wife could hear what she had to say, I was told there is no table service.We left.Will not go back.Terrible service.One star is generous.

Review №10

Amazing Music and Amazing Space. Avariety of vives with great drinks. Multiple Bars so you hardly have to wait that long for a drink. I love the outside patio. Gives you time to take a breather or have a quick smoke. Outside hesters are available for those cold nights as well.Greay parking next to other shopping areas as well.

Review №11

Some people at club are very sensitive, if you rub too close, they start getting mad and quickly want to start a fight. Security is quick, I did nothing wrong, actually security favored me. I may or may not return, drama, some guys there have insecurities! They are many other places my plus $300++ tab will gladly take my money with my crew.

Review №12

I go here all the time. It is a good crowd and they play good music. I have never had any issues hanging out here. Excellent location and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend it for a night out.

Review №13

If you like Latin sounds and like to be a little bit crazy on the dance floor just come on

Review №14

Doc Brown is a relaxed bar. The staff is friendly and attentive. The atmosphere is inviting. I would definitely go back

Review №15

I love their outside area! They always play a good latino music set, the crowd is amazing!

Review №16

Decent place for a Thursday night. Not crowded. Drinks are good and fairly priced

Review №17

Great place , good security , good prices on drinks , dj's actually mix , not playing the same week after week , recommend.

Review №18

I like a lot... A lot of potential and a great DJ...

Review №19

We went here because we were told the food was good. When we got there was no where to sit at the bar. All the tables were empty so we sat at one. We waited about 15 minutes and then my husband went to the bar that had 3 people working behind it and asked for some menus. He was told they were out of them and the bartender started to raddle off what they had. He asked if she could come over to the table so I could hear too. She said no so we left and wont be bavk.

Review №20

Great place! Dj was tight and very beautiful ladies filled the place..

Review №21

Went on a Thursday night to celebrate a friend birthday. Started off slow but it got packed and the ambient changed drastically after 1130. Solid drink specials and overall had a blast

Review №22

Good music, not bad prices. Good place to go let lose and have fun

Review №23

So much fun! Great music and super service.

Review №24

Fun place. Good food, good drinks!

Review №25

Nice place to go and relax and have a few drinks.

Review №26

Went in with a buddy of mine to have a few drinks and some good food. Was not disappointed.

Review №27

Bartender made me a really good Old Fashion. It rained a bit earlier so patio chairs and tables were wet. Staff should remember to dry them off so that guests can sit outside without getting their bums wet lol. Also I would like to see better drink specials.

Review №28

Great music, nice crowd. I had a blast!!!

Review №29

The bar tenders are great and they have surprisingly good food.

Review №30

The bartender, Elliot, remembered my drink and they had karaoke. Good singers and even better acoustics. Everyone sounded great! A very good Tuesday night. And my well whiskey was only $2!!! Karaoke was til 1am but the KJ let customers sing til 1:30a. That's customer service!!! Thanks Doc Browns. Had a great night! See ya next Tuesday!

Review №31

Good dj, ample space and parking, hard to order drinks.

Review №32

Great chill spot. Music was awesome

Review №33

Music is decent but it is overcrowded.

Review №34

Nice place and good music but there is never any place to sit down and have your drinks, every table is always reserved instead of having a vip section for parties and there is never any room to dance......everyone is standing on the dance floor like your still in high school and just having conversations on the dance floor, people just sit down and allow other to have fun dancing while your drinking and conversating at a table.

Review №35

Been here multiple times, never got a word about my neck tattoos.All of a sudden "it's always been a rule"Not to mention this place is expensive AF.

Review №36

My family loves the happy hour there. After 1030 it has more of a club feel. The dj is not so bad. They have different themes during the week. The food here is good.

Review №37

Awesome atmosphere and the bartenders are also super nice. Music is great and there's even a dance floor where you can just enjoy the night away.

Review №38

Love how they play everything specially latino music

Review №39

Had a blast dancing!!! Wish the salsa music was inside but I guess it's not a popular. Defintely reccomend for a night out with friends or the girls

Review №40

Good atmosphere, very quick bar service, which is key. Two different DJ's at that. Good spot to grab a drink and chill for a minute.

Review №41

Such a great place. I will be back..

Review №42

1st time there girls night out. Had a great time will be back soon.

Review №43

Cheap, strong drinks. Awesome shot prices. DJ never disappoints on a Saturday! Fun for a date or with a group.

Review №44

It's like the people who work here don't want tips or something like that.

Review №45

Never knew it was here. Nice prices and nice drinks.

Review №46

Pretty good place, music and drinks were good

Review №47

Just about the only bar I know of that can make an Old Fashioned in this area (have to go downtown or Stone Oak for other places, but I don't want to drive that far). Standard beer variety, nothing really special there. Good happy hour specials, and the bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №48

Attended a Company Party. Plenty of space available. The Bar was stocked plentifully. It was a chilly night and the patio had portable heaters on. Very nice.

Review №49

Loved it! We went on a Friday night and we had a blast! The music was really good. The only thing I didn't like was the michelada I ordered. I ended up giving it back. It tasted awful. Tasted like they used old clamato juice with artificial lime juice. Gross!Other than that, I had a great time! I will be back again.

Review №50

DOC BROWN'S is a perfect spot to go hang out and chill or go pick up the opposite sex. Its a mixed crowd with a good vibe. It gets packed but not enough to where its uncomfortable. The bouncers here are soo nice! If you go... find Jason the Bouncer and Ask to be upgraded to VIP for a more personal experience!

Review №51

Great drinks specials, DJ was awesome really had to the crowd going. Decent size dancefloor, clean restrooms at least the women's. Didn't realize that there were waitresses since nobody every came up to our table, but overall my sister had a great birthday get together there.

Review №52

Kind of expensive drinks good music good staff

Review №53

Nice inside, and outside bar patio. Decent drink specials, good music, nice bar/club type atmosphere

Review №54

While it wasn't very busy for the day it was of the week, there was a live band! They played a little bit of everything and my drink was quite tasty. I'd go again.

Review №55

Great music....however super crowded

Review №56

Good drinks and great fries!

Review №57

Amazing music and great diverse crowd. Love it here.

Review №58

Well this place is super AWESOME!! 10 stars, oh the MAX is 5 my bad google!! Anyways, like I said 10 stars!! Best BAR/CLUB I've been to very very clean and upscale probably because in ALAMO RANCH!! Excellent staff of people all walks of life go and work there it's the best I truly hope if you new to the area you visit and say hello to the Security staff as well as the DOC BROWNS BAR STAFF!! Show love to all the great people who work there!! And MOST of all let loose and enjoy life for the night your there Be it BIRTHDAY, WEDDING, DIVORCE, OR ANY OTHER PARTY YOU WANT TO CELEBRATE AT DOCS IT WILL BE THE BEST PARTY YOU EVER WENT TO and if you see me there in crowd tell me you enjoyed my review I like a good ol pat on my back every now and then.. see you there!!

Review №59

This place is everything you need in one. The bouncers are somewhat pleasant but they do take care of their people. Jason well he's one bad dude because of him I will continue to go back.. great job Jason and all the rest of the sexiest bouncers out there.

Review №60

Fun, great music, good drink prices.

Review №61

I like the variety of music. Drink specials. Free birthday shot!

Review №62

IT WAS LIT Definitely will be back on Saturday night!!

Review №63

Good music and good drinks prices. You can reserve a table for free. Not sure about dress code but I saw everything I terms of clothing.

Review №64

Very layed back atmosphere for a Saturday night . We sat on the patio listening to music having a drink

Review №65

This place is awesome. Clean facility and groovy DJ. They play all kinds of music and drinks are reasonably priced. The two door guys are cool. Positive attitudes.

Review №66

Great environment. Good prices on drinks and specials. Ampil room inside and out in the patio area.

Review №67

Really liked this place. Drinks are at a reasonable price. Very good music.

Review №68

Good music and not everyone is 13 lol

Review №69

Good place to go out with friends to hang out and have a great time

Review №70

Very friendly bartenders and great music

Review №71

Great place my niece had her Wedding there Dj Lex was great !

Review №72

Cool place with a few old school video arcade cabinets and a shotput table. You can get you game and your drink on at the same time.

Review №73

Not my cup of tea, really but still a pretty cool spot. Decent size dance floor. I think I counted three bars, or maybe 2 with one big one that wraps around. Nice patio area with an outdoor bar. There is a dress code but it seemed pretty lax. My friend was worried about his ball cap on the way in but it wasnt a problem.

Review №74

Went in on q Saturday and the atmosphere was pretty great. The dj was playing some good songs and the staff was on point

Review №75

This place is nice. Their happy hour works out great. It's not usually crowded. Nice hangout place after work.If you are looking for so many options you might be disappointed. But if you just want to have a chat and few beers this is a nice option.

Review №76

Beautiful people wonderful energy

Review №77

The music great, a mix of old and new. I just loved talking with Ray (security). A fellow Michigander and all around great guy.

Review №78

Nice place to grab a bite to eat, have a few drinks, and then stay for some fun. A bit of an older crowd (around my age) which I like. Nice to be able to go somewhere and hang out and have some fun drama free. Great staff!

Review №79

I've visited this place multiple times and I always have fun. It's a really cool place.

Review №80

Personally loved the bartenders. Polite and Accurate with drink orders

Review №81

A solid place. No cover charge. Basic good in kitchen. Good bar selection. Good sound

Review №82

Disappointed no floor service at happy hour. Nice back porch.

Review №83

Never use your credit card here . Went here last night and bought a drink that cost $4.00 used my credit card and put a $ 1.50 tip. I closed my credit card out right away. Was looking at my bank account this morning and saw they charged me $15. So the bar tender wrote her self her own tip of 11$ . Never coming back here again .

Review №84

Great customer service and awesome atmosphere.

Review №85

Nice music with a mixed crowd. Great atmosphere and time. Too many people standing on the dance floor instead if off to the side

Review №86

Nice sound system, good prices with indoor and out door seating

Review №87

Best girls night out! Bartenders were fast. Great music!

Review №88

Music whit dj from 98.5 its badass

Review №89

I always have fun here

Review №90

So much fun! Music is good!

Review №91

This place was awesome, I would go there again...the drinks were really good...

Review №92

Good throwbacks and bar

Review №93

Great place good music great bar tenders, and food is good

Review №94

Only bad thing they dont let people in with certain tattoos so make sure u have something to cover them up or your not getting in

Review №95

Great service Relaxed environment Great Food!!

Review №96

Great drink. Diverse atmosphere

Review №97

It was an okay spot. We got there pretty early and found that every table was reserved ! That was disappointing. So we stood around until 1am when we left.The place has some great potential though. Good music, pretty quick service and availability. The outdoor ambiance was a big plus. It's worth stoping in.

Review №98

Have never eaten any of the food options, but the drinks are always good and the beers are always cold. Great spot to hang out with friends. Only down side is that on the weekends ALL tables are reserved so you are forced to stand around...

Review №99

I like this place. Bit of an older crowd which for me is great. I had dinner up here and stayed for some fun. Crowd was nice, nothing obnoxious and the staff was friendly.

Review №100

DJs are good, and usually play about 65% hip/hop (90's, 00's, current). The other 35% is mixed with 80's pop, current pop and Latin music.On a typical Friday or Saturday it's pretty packed, crowds mid 20's to mid 30's. Bars can get overwhelmed at times, but bartenders are responsive.

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  • Address:6511 TX-1604 Loop, San Antonio, TX 78254, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-994-8130
  • Bar & grill
Working hours
  • Monday:2PM–2AM
  • Tuesday:2PM–2AM
  • Wednesday:2PM–2AM
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:2PM–2AM
  • Saturday:2PM–2AM
  • Sunday:2PM–2AM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Bar games:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great bar food:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Dancing:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Food at bar:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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