4013 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209, United States
Review №1

This shop is incredible! From high end & delicious, chocolate to cookies, mousse, ice cream, brownies... and things I cannot recall because I was in awe. Their truffles are gorgeous... they look like crystals! They have something for everyone. Truly fantastic. Go. Trust me. You will not be disappointed.

Review №2

This is the best dessert shop that I have ever been to. My family was on vacation in San Antonio years ago and we stopped at a little food truck park that is close to Boerne, TX. That is where we first ate at Chocollazo. They have delicious handcrafted marshmallows, great macaroons and delicious chocolate fondue (with strawberries, marshmallows and pretzels). This place is part of the reason that we moved to the San Antonio area. ;-) I definitely recommend this place.

Review №3

We found their company through the Majestic Theatre when we reserved an Alcove. A box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne were complimentary. The chocolates were so pretty we didn't want to bite into them. We went to their website and found out they were a local small business! Naturally, because we love chocolate , we went on a field trip to our in-town chocolate maker's shop! If you're in San Antonio, stop by and try their products! The black cherry/raspberry dessert was delicious! Chocolates are too pretty to eat and too delicious not to! Totally recommend this place for a first-time date. Will definitely go back to try crepes.

Review №4

Amazing chocolates! Almost seems a sin to eat the artistry created here. And the staff is sweet as the confections and very helpful. Thanks Jen!

Review №5

The shop is limited for seating, otherwise it's awesome. Deserts are great, not to sweet or calorific. It has a very pleasant and homely touch. Everything is fresh. Loved it. Little far out from the city centre. Staff were awesome. Inside there are party parlor games. Loved it

Review №6

Friendly, helpful staff were running a safe and mouthwatering chocolate shop. There were handmade bars of dark and milk chocolate with amazing flavor add ins, like potato chips still crispy and salty! The truffles were succulent with honey and peanut butter and vanilla bean.

Review №7

Ms Jen was a total GEM!! Her recommendations were excellent. The FIG TRUFFLE was my favorite! Then my Nanna Debra oatmeal pie . We'll be back...probably tomorrow

Review №8

Loved the different flavored truffles!!!! Yum yum to the chocolate covered Oreos. Want to try crepes next time. Small shop but fantastic friendly service. The chocolates are made in house

Review №9

Great selection of chocolate and candy.

Review №10

This is such a cool place! The customer service was great and everything we tried was delicious! The chocolate/dessert choices were very interesting and unique.

Review №11

I love chocolate just as much as the next guy but Chocollazo takes it to another level. I love how many different things there are to choose from. I decided to get a monster brownie, a frozen hot chocolate and eight truffles. Everything was great. The lady working was also very knowledgeable.

Review №12

First time to visit here and this place is a feast for the eyes! I wanted to check out the chocolates and found that this place offered coffee, crepes, ice cream and candy. Wish I had more time to sit, relax and enjoy.For the Star Wars fan, they have fun chocolate pieces. Their truffles all look unique so I had a hard time choosing. I decided on the best seller caramel macchiato, key lime, cherry cordial and chocolate covered candied orange as a gift.I also bought a heart of gold, a You are my sunshine mixed candy and Fort Knox huge chocolate coin.Definitely need to go back and try more.

Review №13

Amazing place. I love to come here to buy unique and delicious gifts for friends and family. Love the brunch on Saturdays. Every crepe, truffle, and mini-cake I have tried has been amazing. The hot chocolate is delicious. I bought a large, hand-painted Easter egg as a gift from here and my friends loved it. The owner is wonderful and friendly, and even recognized me after my first few visits. And they have a rewards system that I used to get an Eclair Trifle, which was also delish! So glad I found this gem

Review №14

Friendly and welcoming staff. Even during the pandemic. It was my first time here and the server took the time to explain recommendations and specials. Will be coming back!! I got the smore brownie it is sooooo good and apparently a favorite I see why. This is a cute little desert shop 10/10 do recommend!! You aren't allowed to sit in the shop they only do take out but the desert was so good I didn't mind.

Review №15

First time here and I Loved it. Different things too choose from, and good prices. Good friendly service and amazing desserts. Definitely recommend, and will be coming back. Went back a couple of days ago and went a hour before they closed still great service.

Review №16

Must try. Go. NOW. Get a to go dessert as well. Detailed review on yelp, same name.

Review №17

This place is so yummy. Their sweet and savory crepe selection on Saturdays is amazing. All of the truffles are delicious and the shop itself is so nicely organized. Pictures below are of the “Show Me Your Tots” savory crepe, nutella crepe with strawberries and bananas, and some of their truffles.

Review №18

First time coming here. Truffles were great and the strawberry milkshake was amazing.

Review №19

Best place for a small and cute date! The owners are amazing and sweet people. I loved this place!

Review №20

Everything is wonderful here. You can't go wrong choosing any of their gourmet desserts, the crepes and the friendly faces of the owner's! My family and I love this place!

Review №21

I stopped in here briefly to pick up some candy and was surprised by the selection! Their chocolate covered pretzels were amazing. I was tempted by everything else they offer so I will have to go back and try everything else they have to offer. The staff were also very welcoming and helpful. The place is kept very clean too.

Review №22

Staff was extremely friendly and helpful EVERYTHING tasted AMAZING very good selection of chocolate items and all are prepared in store very great concept

Review №23

Chocolates are pretty but bitter. Commercial on TV over advertised this EXPENSIVE shop. Drink was weak on chocolate and did not look as advertised.

Review №24

Went here when I had a need for some chocolate truffles. The place offers far more than just truffles though with gelato, chocolate covered brownies and cookies, and crepes in the morning. I ended up getting a box of twelve truffles and two frozen hot choclates. The choclates were good but the selection limited and they were pricey at 30 for 12. The frozen hot chocolate was incredible though.

Review №25

Yes, PeriodT. Who doesn't love chocolate? The confectionery is in a nice area and the staff was very friendly. I came with a group on a food tour and so we sampled each other's options and everything was really good. The decor is really cute to me and makes it a great date night option imho.

Review №26

Chocollazo is a boutique chocolatier. The truffles and frozen hot chocolate were amazing. I also recommend the Snickerdoodle Blondie. The art that went into all of the specialty foods was amazing. Can't wait to try their crepes!

Review №27

Great shop to stop in for a sweet treat! The truffles are delicious. Didn't try a crepe this time but they looked amazing. The space is clean, and bright with plenty of cozy seating.

Review №28

They may have hands-down the best blondie ever. The s'mores brownie sundae with the blondie was Amazing. Highly recommend stopping by for the crepe brunch on Saturdays. Service was very friendly and made sure our entire party was taken care of.

Review №29

I try to go every Saturday from 10am-1pm they have the most delicious crepes. I love them so much and they are always so amazing.

Review №30

Chocollazo is a gem! I love the fondue, did you know you can get it to go? Lots of creative ways to indulge in chocolate treats, candy, brownies, rice crispy treats, cookies and even ice cream! Thank you for being so nice every time I visit and having such a welcoming space. Cant wait to visit again.

Review №31

Customer service is great! Toffee, truffles and brownie were delicious.

Review №32

Was very impressed by their chocolate bacon covered in heath

Review №33

Always a pleasure coming to this bakery and talking with the owner! She is sweet, friendly and very kind! Her treats are absolutely delicious and her handcrafted, made from scratch milkshakes are YUMMY!

Review №34

I recently reached out to see if I could get my birthday catered by Chocollazo. I did get emailed back saying that they could not cater my event because they are not taking orders on the days I requested. I replied and asked if I could place an order on another day. I did not get a response and I'm very disappointed that this highly reputable company didn't want to offer some flexibility for the sake of getting new business and a happy customer. Very disappointed and most likely won't return or give my recommendation to Chocollazo.

Review №35

I have been here multiple times and it is great! The staff is friendly and the service was great! They sell candies and truffles as well as cakes and fudge. The menu varies each day, but I personally think the chocolate cake is amazing! This is the only picture I have and it was from Halloween!

Review №36

I love this cute confectionery! Their saturday crepe brunches are always delicious and the creative cute candies are adorable. Great place to find fun gifts or enjoy beautiful desserts

Review №37

Chocolate covered bacon is AMAZING. Love this place and the workers are great!

Review №38

Jen is absolutely amazing, her recommendations were all on point. Thanks for being so helpful and coming out to speak with us, your hospitality was truly appreciated. We will definitely return, and because of you making us aware, we will visit the second location downtown over the weekend. Can't wait to try the crepes!!!

Review №39

Highly recommend the Blackberry Orange trifle. Hubby had the PB milkshake. It was delicious too. Chocolates are beautiful.

Review №40

Super cute place! The PB milkshake was amazing! Love the amazing and nice workers will definitely go back soon!

Review №41

Super nice staff and excellent cheesecake!!!

Review №42

Service was amazing, very friendly, & helpful. Awesome array of choices.

Review №43

We loved this place so much!!!! The nutella truffle was super amazing! My gf loved the strawberry chocolate crepe!!!! Will definitely return to this place!!!!!

Review №44

It is a cute little candy shop and might be a good place to take a date after dinner, but I definitely wouldn't describe it as one of the best dessert places in San Antonio. They "proudly serve Häagen-Dazs ice cream.". If I want a Häagen-Dazs ice cream I'll buy it from the grocery store.I specifically went because I wanted crepes. I was told the lady that makes them was out sick. Even though there were two other employees there neither one of them knew how to make a crepe.The only had two other desserts besides the ice cream and candy.A tiny chocolate mousse cake and tiramisu. I asked the lady for a description and the best she could do was, it's a chocolate mousse cake and our tiramisu is really good we make our own lady fingers here.I got the tiramisu and the lady must have taken her fingers because it seemed to me that it was just whipped cream. It didn't even have very much of the tiramisu flavor. I was extremely disappointed.It was also difficult to find.

Review №45

The European Chocolate Drink was amazing! The staff was super friendly. Overall a very enjoyable way to end our night out!

Review №46

Everyone there was super nice and helpful. Even as they were closing we were able to get tasty sweet treats and they make great milkshakes.

Review №47

Amazing chocolate but the prices were a little too expensive for me

Review №48

It had a good selection. I however did not enjoy the choices I made personally. Choc.cookie n brownie with butter pecan ice cream

Review №49

Super friendly staff! Everything looked delicious. Fondue and truffles are excellent.

Review №50

My go to for party sweets! I've visited dozens of times (Broadway location) and ordered from the case and placed custom orders. Everything looks and taste amazing and the service is excellent. I recently tried the new location with my daughter and friends and had the best time.

Review №51

Just to die for! Would defiantly come back!

Review №52

Perfect amount of chocolate and sugar in their brownies and cakes. Not over bearing at all like other notable bakeries in town are.

Review №53

Every time I walk in the area is nice, new selection and really helpful individuals.

Review №54

Desserts are amazing, staff is wonderful, atmosphere is gorgeous. There's nothing not to love.

Review №55

Wow!! Everything was so delicious! The chocolate brownie stuffer with oreos was the best!!!

Review №56

The chocolate is delicious and fresh. Customer service is outstanding. They really cater to what you like and ensure they go above and beyond to provide you with the best experience.

Review №57

Great customer service. Very helpful and friendly. Chocolate variations are wonderful and tasty.

Review №58

BEAUTIFUL and unique truffles!!! So many decadent desserts here I can't choose my favorite! Such a treat to go browse the many homemade chocolate choices. The kids like to fill their own bags with gummy candy and other items in the glass jars. You name it they have it! The owner is super nice too! :)

Review №59

Great staff, amazing selection.

Review №60

My favorite go to for chocolate covered almonds and cashews. They also have a frozen hot chocolate which reminded me of the one in Serendipity, NY.Their pancakes on Saturday mornings are also tasty as well as their chocolate covered bacon on Fridays.This is a family owned business and the owners are very friendly and helpful every time we visit this place.Family owned chocolatiers usually make the best chocolates locally.If you are into handmade chocolates, you should try theirs!

Review №61

Not sure why my initial review showed 3 stars for this place, but I've changed it to 5 like it should be. Wife picked up a small chocolate cake and it was excellent, flavor and texture was amazing. staff was also extremely friendly. Highly recommend.

Review №62

I have been around the world eating chocolate. To look at these chocolates their beautiful. To taste them is something else. Caramel should be rich and melt in your mouth not pour out of the candy mold. The rose water smells great but taste like dead flowers. I tried one of everything the store sales as far as candies go, and I am sorry to say I found nothing that was favorable. The chocolate was not tempered correctly or, they were old. Everything was molded and air brushed very nicely. If your looking for looks, and not taste this is the store. Their deserts were nicely prepared and had a nice taste. If your a true chocolate eater don't eat it here.

Review №63

Amazing crepes, shakes and fondue! Super sweet, helpful and nice employees :)

Review №64

Love love this place. Staff is so friendly and nice. All the chocolate is amazing.

Review №65

Unique pieces! Delightful & rich chocolate art!

Review №66

We had an occasion to visit this place and our experience was enjoyable. Though a small place, they have good varieties of homemade chocolates, truffles, sundaes, icecream and candy. The staff are friendly and service is good. It's fun to have a tasty dessert here. I would certainly ecommend for a visit with children.

Review №67

This place is adorable and the chocolate and desserts are beautiful and delicious. The gem to me of this place is Friday chocolate bacon. It's absolutely amazing and I'd highly recommend it (maybe I shouldn't because it will run out even faster though!). Not only is the food good, but the people who work there are so friendly and personable. It feels like everyone takes great pride in what they do.

Review №68

Best Customer Service Ever! I tried finding a place to deliver some chocolate covered strawberries and everyone was either outrageously expensive or would not give me the time of day! Don't hesitate to support this small business as they are now my go-to guys! Much appreciated!

Review №69

Amazing service! Amazing desserts! Definitely try this place if you're in the area!

Review №70

Lovely shop full of perfect little presents for your sweet tooth.

Review №71

Really nice atmosphere. Great place to eat on a Saturday morning.

Review №72

Terrific artisan truffles. Awesome little cakes. Grab coffee next door and bring it in.

Review №73

It was amazing and I would go visit again.

Review №74

Really fun people, I go in there to get my chocolate cravings filled. Their truffles are fun and different from other chocolate stores I've been to. Always welcoming, great environment, and tasty treats!

Review №75

I love this place amazing service and grate staff!

Review №76

Omg their chocolate mousse cake is amazing I will definitely be going back for some more!

Review №77

Good place to find savory, handcrafted chocolates and other high end desserts.

Review №78

First time visiting today and I have to say everything we tried was fantastic. Crepes, candies, pastries all were great! We'll definitely be coming back!

Review №79

Wonderful eclectic chocolate treat, bakery, and ice cream shop. I took the kids and friends and we have a great time. Yummy food and interesting environment.

Review №80

Beautiful bakery & candy shoppe. Handmade truffles & handmade pastries &, so yummy! Friendly staff are very welcoming. The Saturday crepe days are are amazing! So delicious! They also have large sparkling glass canisters filled with candies I'd forgotten about! Mary Colloza & Jenni Williams are the best ambassadors to everything sweet & chocolate in the world. ️

Review №81

By far our favorite chocolate shop in San Antonio! Everything is delicious and the staff is so kind. We have had them make sweets for a party and just stopped by to pick up a couple pieces of chocolate on several occasions and are never disappointed!

Review №82

High quality artistic chocolateStar Wars, truffles, candy, gelato, AND brunch

Review №83

Crepes, crepes, and crepes, oh yeah they also have amazing chocolates!

Review №84

This place is so cute! The staff are friendly and everything, from the forks to the chocolates, fit a beautiful quirky aesthetic. The Saturday morning crepés are quality.

Review №85

This was our second visit to Chocollazo and it will definitely not be our last! From the minute you walk in, the folks working are friendly and knowledgable about the options. The desserts are amazing and they have an awesome candy selection too. I highly recommend this place!!

Review №86

This place is overpriced and underwhelming. Spent $8 on a frozen hot chocolate that tasted like ice with a slight hint of Hershey's syrup. It has zero resemblance to hot chocolate or chocolate anything for that matter. Such a waste.

Review №87

What a "sweet treat"! Everything is Chocolicous! For a tasty treat for 2...try the fondue!

Review №88

This place is new and very tasty. The staff are so nice and helpful. The truffles are amazing and lots to choose from. Pricing is acceptable for the quality, and I'm very frugal. There's ice cream as well and I can't wait to try the cake on my next visit!

Review №89

Pretty good. High priced.

Review №90

Wonderful great experience great tasty pastries. Go buy some

Review №91

My first time was super pleasant, the sweet lady at the counter was super patient with my 2 little rowdy kids! I bought an Easter egg and a box of assorted truffles..OMG THE BEST CHOCOLATE I HAVE EVER HAD! You have to visit their store, pictures do no justice!!

Review №92

The truffles were---eh. The flavors were minimal, kind of all tasted the same. My husband and I frequently visit chocolate shops in our travels. This one just didn't wow us. I am not sure that we will return.

Review №93

Not real big into desserts but this is probably the most unique candy/ pastry dessert shops I have ever been in. Not only looks amazing but also tastes amazing. I personally know the Pastry Chef, with her passion for perfection and sheer talent for the art i would be 100% confident to devour anything she puts in front of me.

Review №94

Great milkshakes. Häagen-Dazs ice cream! Friendly staff. Will def go back to try chocolate and other desserts

Review №95

Love! The desserts are great especially the fondue!!! The sorbets are pretty cool too.

Review №96

It was good I regret not getting the chocolate covered bacon lol, they only have it on fridays I will def go back.

Review №97

We absolutely LOVE Chocollazo. Mary and her family (Makayla I hope I spell your name right) are always so welcoming. We live closer to New Braunfels and make the drive at least every other week to stock up on her AMAZING chocolate and other deserts. While I have my favorites (caramel truffle and honey truffle I'm talking about you) they are very inventive and always have something new to try. I tell everyone I meet about Chocollazo and for good reason. This is a great place, with great deserts and wonderful people.

Review №98

We had the mousse. It was excellent. Friendly staff and very reasonable prices

Review №99

Neat place! Homemade chocolates, desserts and Hagen Dazs ice cream! Loved it!

Review №100

I was there on St. Patrick's day and ordered their Irish car bomb and an oatmeal cream pie. The Irish car bomb was different and one of the best desserts I've ever had. The oatmeal cream pie was the best one I've ever had. My friend ordered a piece of carrot cake which he described as the best one he's ever had. I've been going to bakeries all my life. This is the best one.

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