El Bucanero - Embassy
13802 Embassy Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
Review №1

Though we shared separate tables because of covid restrictions which were very well enforced it was a very pleasant sit down food was good and our server Leyla was great

Review №2

This is, by far, my favorite place to eat, lunch or dinner. All the seafood is fresh and delicious. The micheladas are tasty too. You can't go wrong at El Bucanero.

Review №3

Excellent seafood place to grab some delicious ceviche or any seafood. Good friendly staff, fresh food and their micheladas are to die for. You're missing out if you haven't been here.

Review №4

Great Seafood as well as traditional Me food. All very very delicious. Price worth it , but not pricey.

Review №5

Great food. All fresh! Great service. Luis, our server was very courteous and attentive.

Review №6

I was extremely disappointed with the customer service. We were seated and did not have a server. Once we were finally asked what we wanted to drink we ordered a few drinks and one appetizer. We were never checked on after getting our order and when I finally got a hold of somebody to place an additional order and we were told we could not order anymore. By far the worst experience.

Review №7

Had the worst experience with a server here. I've never been disrespected like that. I was given a terrible tone and attitude for simply stating that the food I got was not what I ordered. I'd like to point out that the server who brought our food out was helping our actual server so when I told her several times that I think the order was messed up because it's not what I ordered she continued to give me a bad attitude. My sisters said that they heard me say what I ordered to the server. I then told her I'd take the plate because it happens... stretched both of my arms out to reach for it and she looked at me, then our main server, and STORMED off. She said a terrible word about me in Spanish once she left. I didn't hear it but she didn't know that the table next to us was where the rest of my family was sitting, so they heard her say the word. They then looked at me and asked if she was talking about me. My family was so appalled they called our server and the manager. I would like to point out I was never disrespectful and to this moment don't understand why the waitress got mad, she wasn't even our server, she was just helping bring out the food. The manager came over and “trying” to figure out what happened and she was being passive aggressive trying to make it my fault, I didn't get mad because I told her I still wanted the food. I LOVE THE FOOD HERE SO I DIDNT CARE I GOT A DIFFERENT PLATE. Manager then tells me like it was my fault that now the plate would be deducted from the server's paycheck and I just told her to please bring me the plate they brought out because I didn't want this to be a big deal but I was called a TERRIBLE word in Spanish so none of it is my fault. Anyway, we left and called back to get the server's name and when we did, the manager was SO DEFENSIVE. She said “I'm not scared of you? Are you trying to write a bad yelp review? I have to leave the restaurant by a certain time to not get fine?” We just needed a name and she could've hung up. She said it was confidential info and that servers name is on receipt... it's not... because the lady wasn't our server she just helped our main server bring the food out.I didn't plan on writing a review, but the way the employees handled this was completely out of line, classless, and disrespectful. Plus, the lady on the phone, the manager, assumed I was writing one so here it is. This is my first review I've ever written

Review №8

Love it here everytime!Their virgin piña colada is way better than most places and surprisingly affordable.Portion sizes are actually too big if that's even possible!The mariachi band was on point - extremely talented!And the photographer was a super nice touch, felt like we were on a cruise, with better food quality.

Review №9

Love this place! It's great true Mexican food! I read a review complaining about kind of cheese used and I felt bad because this place is staying true to Mexican food. Most Mexican dishes use fresh cheese or queso fresco not any melting cheese! I think that people need to now the difference between Tex-Mex (melting cheese) dishes and Mexican (queso fresco) dishes. It doesn't mean that the place is bad it means there are some people that need to be educated on the difference! I hope you give this place a chance!

Review №10

They are known for the seafood not the beef. If you eat hear, you're coming for mexican style seafood. Also this was the first place I had EVER seen a Pregnant Virgin Mary Statue in the for sale case. Hats off for being unique

Review №11

The food isn't fresh, the tortillas are frozen then reheated. You can feel the sogginess of the tortillas. The red sauce enchiladas completely lack flavor. In Spanish if mentions the cheese is Fresco but it's in tiny letters so unless you're looking closely at ingredients, it's a major displease when you're used to cheddar cheese enchiladas like it's served literally everywhere else in the city. The service wasn't bad, the skinny margarita was good but when you have to listen to Club music in the background of a family restaurant setting, it really becomes annoying hearing kids cry and having to listen to "Shots Shots shots shots, turn down for what" playing in the background. Food was overpriced and 100% not worth it whatsoever

Review №12

Went out to celebrate our sons birthday with a party of seven, one was a child of three years old and we were told we had to sit outside. Only six allowed at the table because of covid which is understandable, however there is no mention of this on their website or when we called ahead.The hostess and server were very impolite and have zero people skills. We went during their lunch hour around 12:30pm and there were plenty of tables available even with the 6ft spacing rule, but it doesn't seem the hostess uses much logic. I asked her to place us in an area with two tables close together and we would make our own seating arrangements, but that just seemed to confuse her, and she simply said it wasn't allowed, even though it follows their 6ft spacing rule.Also be prepared to pay 18% gratuity on a party of six or more despite the type of service you receive. We had a horrible server named Stephanie who didn't seem to like any question my wife asked. Even when we broke it down in simpler terms as to what exactly we wanted to know on their $40 appetizer, she simply stated it “ it comes as it comes.”Lastly my wife tried to express this to a manager on our way out and she simply shrugged her shoulders and waved us out.I would not recommend this place, especially if you have a party of six or more, as you will have to sit in unsanitary conditions on their outdoor patio area

Review №13

I went at the recommendation of some co-workers while in town on business. I am admittedly not a fan of seafood, so I may be biased. They do offer some standard tex-mex fare. The burrito I received was mostly onion and cilantro and I found that I could only take that for half the dish. The service was great and the other patron I was with enjoyed his meal greatly.

Review №14

Awesome place for seafood, margaritas,beer Mariachi's and an all around great time! Brought some family that had come down from New York City and they loved the place. We sang, we drank and we ate but we had an even better time just catching up and joking around. Just doing what family does. The good thing is that everybody at the restaurant was having an awesome time. I have been here many times and it's always a blast. Everyone always leaves full, tipsy and with a big smile on their faces. The food is great and so are the drinks. Just come early because there is always a long wait. We waited for about an hour and forty five minutes. You might wait less time if you have a smaller party but the waiting is well worth it.

Review №15

Food is always grewt. Mixed drinks are good. Bottle beer could be colder. Service needs to pick up dramatically!!!

Review №16

Best seafood in San Antonio!! The host forgot about us, but our waitress made up for that... She had great customer to and kept checking back on us. Always good food and great service!

Review №17

Family plate we're good but I asked for a shrimp cocktail with octupus and my large cocktail that was priced literally at 16.99 had 6 shrimp and full of octupus and cocktail sauce really had no flavor. Big bill for a family of 4 wich we only bought 3 plates and 4 drinks , will not going back to overpriced restaurant.

Review №18

If your from Mexico, you'll like this place. You'll feel right at home. They offer numerous type of dishes you can't find anywhere else.

Review №19

Delicious food, the prices are very reasonable. The lunch specials have awesome. I am coming back every week.

Review №20

2nd time trying to give it a chance and twice I've been disappointed. I dont know whether I have bad luck but the food I order always taste horrible. Cocktail shrimp tastes like it was prepped days ago, burnt fried oysters, and our server brought us the wrong food, picks it up 10 minutes later from our table, then serves it to another table that it belonged too. Thats highly unsanitary. What if we had already picked at it? Then the server tells me I have to order in Spanish because he doesn't understand English. Wth?! What if I weren't bilingual? ... horrible. Last time I go to BUCANEROS again.

Review №21

If your looking for good Sea food, this is the best place in town. Location is roomy inside, lots of dish verities and mixes to choose from. I would recommend to call to make an RSVP.

Review №22

The food and atmosphere is great!

Review №23

OMG , I give them Two thumbs up !! Eveything was so Good !! We had Oysters , Fried Fish , Breaded Shrimp , Shrimp Empanadas were Anazing !! You can view the Menu online. Mmmm Delicious !! Trust me !!

Review №24

The food in the service is not as good as it used to be it used to be very tasty I don't know what happened

Review №25

Good food. Mexican sea coast style. Always good service. You can ear in with social distance guide lines

Review №26

I'm from Houston and we ate here for the first time. Mambos Seafood has nothing on this place!!! Their food was bomb! We had to wait for an hour to be seated. They don't sit incomplete parties. It's cold inside!!! Service was slow. Bathroom wasn't kept clean. Pee all over the floor. But the food was delicious!!!!! Myhusband loves seafood and he loved this place!!!

Review №27

The drinks and the fresh seafood are on pointttt!!I had some "camarones al mojo de ajo" and they wasn't what I was expecting but wasn't bad either.

Review №28

El Bucanero is a fantastic place with a variety of plates, drinks, and so much more. If your craving seafood. Look no further. The host was very helpful and made sure we were taking care of without feeling over bothered. Their selection starts with a variety of drinks, large portions of seafood, children's plates, and of course your standard dishes you would expect. Make sure you bring your appetite and be ready for a difficult choice in what to start with. This is a restaurant you will need to visit more than once to be able to crave all your flavorful desires. The price is above average yet you will not be disappointed. Prepare yourself for a short break with friends, family, or even co-workers. If you are able to enjoy the selection of alcoholic beverages, there will be smiles as you leave the restaurant contemplating what your next visit will be like.

Review №29

Best mexican seafood place in town. Fried mojara fish is my fav. Good prices

Review №30

The food we got looked basic but tasted so delicious!!!! Lol. We got the combo fajitas (steak, chicken, shrimp) and the fried fish tacos. All so tasty. The margaritas were good too.I really wanna come back and try all the fancy crazy looking foods other ppl got

Review №31

It's a nice place to go with the family I came here with my children and they loved the fish

Review №32

Food is very good, we had one of thier molcajetes which is plenty of food for two!! Come hungry but expect a wait in the car before entering and service is a bit slow but not bad.

Review №33

The ceviche Verde was good. The michelada was also tasty.

Review №34

Enjoyed the Caguama bucanera and a nicely plated campechana Hawaiiana. Both were flavorful and would recommend!

Review №35

Great place for seafood in SA.I'm not from the area and I was happy I found this place. So many things to choose from, something for everyone. Prices are not bad at all given the BIG portions that they serve.Server was very welcoming and very attentive. The place was very busy, but really enjoyed the ambience, mariachi and all.

Review №36

Friendly staff, great at maintaining social distancing when it comes to seating arrangements. The food was great and delicious. Big portions.

Review №37

The experience was great, especially during this pandemic. There's hand sanitizer immediately when you walk in and the tables are super spaced out. The menu is in pdf form and we received plastic wear with sealed "chips and salsa (3 kinds.)" The waitres kept her distance while also wearing a mask and as beyond friendly. The drinks were great and the food was even better. We even had live mariachis!!!!! We came here for our first date and will continue to keep coming back for the amazing seafood. Perfect every time!!!

Review №38

Food was great, a little pricey but plenty is served.

Review №39

Friendly staff following all safety Covid-19 guidelines clean & warm environment Great tasting delicious food Good price kid friendly & well stocked adult beverages Good experience

Review №40

They food was great my family love this place. The service was great

Review №41

Food was great and service was great even though wait was long due to CoVid19 restrictions.

Review №42

It's a fun environment. Generally a busy place always packed. But the parking lot is perfect for the amount of people. They said it was a 30 minute wait but then they got us in a little earlier. The environment is super fun. Bands, music, etc. The food is super delicious. Prices are very fair for what it is. If you want something more upscale order it. If you're down for street tacos well they got that too. Drinks are a awesome its a fun family environment. My thoughts are scrambled I love it I recommend it to anyone.Update: Week days are nice and slow so no wait the waiter was extremely helpful and went the extra mile. He knew his menu and things even off menu that wasnt put in. He even noticed the sun in my eyes and went to close the blinds low enough to block it.

Review №43

A great place to visit and enjoy a variety of sea food. It's a large restaurant that can get very busy. It was a fun visit.

Review №44

Seafood very good but seafood portions small...lot of fries...hot sauce 3 types fantastic...overall menu looks swell...

Review №45

Service was not great but food was excellent.

Review №46

My gf loved it. They do have good seafood. The cheeseburger was good and tasted homemade. The mojado burrito was also great and haven't had a burrito like that before.

Review №47

Probably my favorite San Antonio restaurant. Always great food, great service. I always order the same thing, oysters "preparados" and a michelada.Ideal for family and large groups, just be aware that despite being a huge place it fills up on sunday nights & holidays. This is where people go for family gatherings!

Review №48

It was ok, it took them 45 minutes to bring us our appetizer. Service was bad but the food was really good. I do recommend it though.

Review №49

They were overly busy and our waiter only checked on us one time. When the food arrived it was good but very cold.

Review №50

Ceviche was more of a cucumber salad. Ordered Ceviche Mixto and received only pescado. When you think of ceviches you think of incredibly fresh. This ceviche was more grocery store purchase. That's as far as I got. Left hungry.

Review №51

Food is Absolutely delicious as well as the drinks!! Great customer service. You can't go wrong with any choice you make. Love this place.

Review №52

We had the ceviche verde and it was delicious. It was not even the lunch rush and our waiter was a little slow. They would not allow us to bring a tiny brthday cake into the restuarant which is kind of dumb as it was just my aunt and myself and the restuarant in itself is huge and they don't have desserts. Other than that the food is good.

Review №53

Excellent seafood, service, varied menu prices. The way they prepare and combine seafood into different dishes is an edible art... My favorite seafood restaurant in San Antonio... Everything fresh and delicious. Que delicia!!!

Review №54

Best Seafood ever! By far the best and most fresh seafood dishes me and my family have ever had. The wait for a table is usually 30-55 mins, but it is well worth it. FYI... you can have a drink from the bar while you wait.

Review №55

The food is always amazing it is the children that the parents don't watch who let come up to your tables because there to busy eating is what annoys me when you're paying nearly $50 for lunch for 2 people

Review №56

We love El bucanero don't get me wrong.. but literally have had the WORST experience. I called to place a pick up order about 10 times and I finally got ahold of someone and they put me on hold then they hung up on me. I drove to Bucanero expecting that it would be easier to place my order. When I got there they told me to park and someone would come and help me with my order, 10 minutes passed and I had nobody come up to me. I decided to call in my order and was told it would be ready in 45 minutes, since I had made the drive already I accepted it, although I didn't get told on the waiting time until AFTER I paid. We waited an hour and a half for our order. The restaurant was already closed. I am completely disappointed with this location. I will not be coming back.

Review №57

So good it's a must visit location!

Review №58

This place should really work on the air conditioning in the waiting area. Waiting times are usually an hour if you don't check in soon. They have a really useful system through the Yelp App that has it where you can reserve your spot in line and you'll receive a text message when your table is ready. If you're a bit peckish while waiting, there's usually a churro truck outside and they're delicious! The hostess and waiters/waitresses are very nice. Ordered the Breaded Filet plate and it was very airy and crispy. Worth going back for it!

Review №59

Food was good. Service ok.

Review №60

To order at curbside is a mess.Waited 10 minutes to decided to leave. They tell you where to park and have you wait until a waiter comes to your window to take order. They've been serving like this for weeks you would think it would be put together better

Review №61

We Come here like 3-4 times a month. Love the freshness of the food and I recommend the Bucanero Micheladas. They are dressed with cucumbers and fresh shrimp. This location is bigger than the other one plus it has an actual parking lot vs a dirt lot. Either one has great service and the food is just as good!

Review №62

We sent the shrimp cocktail back, it was dark and extremely watery , and for my $52 molcajete I got one small piece of crab and no way to open it . It was just a bad and very expensive dining experience. I wouldn't recommend anyone go here unless you're okay with subpar seafood.

Review №63

If you are hungry, this is the place to go. They serve big portions and the food is good

Review №64

Ceviche is where it's at (green specifically) we also ordered a michelada and it was $13 it was delicious but drinks are cheaper in Vegas!!

Review №65

The waiter was amazing! The food was also. The manager on dutie was the rudest ever, who gave this B management position.

Review №66

Super fresh seafood that's ridiculously deliciously flavorful

Review №67

All I have to say is WOW Loved it

Review №68

To busy, not enough servers. We were a party of 4 and only 3 plates came out. I waited for my plate for 15 minutes after everyone got theirs. Had to ask for items that should have been brought with the food. Had to ask for refills. Food was good.

Review №69

Took my mother-in- law here for her birthday and service was HORRIBLE but the food was SOOOO GOOD. Next time, I think I'll just order to go.

Review №70

Wish Austin had something half as good as this.

Review №71

The food was very delicious and the staff is very nice.

Review №72

Lovvve this place, absolutely amazing food. Drinks are so good and food is even better.

Review №73

5 stars! Food is excellent & authentic, staff is very attentive without being overbearing. Bloody Mary was only ok, but the michelada was great.

Review №74

Compared to the other location on Marchbach this is ridiculous. I ordered a Mariscos soup and pure soup nomariscos. They didn't add no napkins, lemons, salt nothong. The lid was all broken and the soup spilled inside the bag luckily it didn't spill on my seats. Never ordering at this location again.

Review №75

This place is the bomb! For my first time there I was extremely satisfied. I enjoyed their food and their drinks where so tasteful! I look forward to my next time there. P.s. The mariachi makes the atmosphere so pleasant.

Review №76

The food was delicious. If my rating was solely on flavor I'd give this place five stars however, the prices were not so cheap. I understand it's seafood and all but man. I hate to say it but that is why I'm dropping it down to 3 stars.

Review №77

If you're in San Antonio I highly recommend giving El Bucanero a try. Their seafood is very fresh, authentic and very good.They do usually have a wait during the weekend but in my experience they usually say one time and we end up waiting way less. In all honesty its worth the wait if you like seafood.The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is that I feel they need more staff during the weekend. We had to keep calling over our waiter if we needed something on these last 2 particular visits. Perhaps, more waiters for less tables ?However I do want to say in previous other visits it has been a great experience despite how busy it gets(these visits were way more busy than the above mentioned. )When you leave give the churro truck a try (they are not affiliated.) The churros are so delicious and crunchy you'll want more!

Review №78

Mmmmm thats all i have to say. If you haven't been you need too.

Review №79

Omg this place it's so freaking good. DELICIOUS!!!

Review №80

Awesome. Lots of food. Delicious. Big recommendation

Review №81

Stars are for food and service. Food is fresh, every dish has its own unique flavor. Drinks are perfect not too sugary and not too strong. Wait time however for food to arrive is more then I prefer. Complementary chips and 3 different hot sauces to try. Staff mainly only speak Spanish. (Don't worry pictures are on menu so you can just point.) over all very worth trying if you love seafood. $14.99 ceviche. $8.99 margaritas.

Review №82

Delicious and the best service

Review №83

The food was delicious, the service was great and the environment was very festive. If you like or would like to try some good Mexican seafood (mariscos), this is the place to go. For those of you who like to enjoy a beer or two, order a pachanga. Its beer dressed with a tangy sauce and shrimp. It may sound weird, but it's awesome, but be warned, bring some friends along because they will not let you drink it alone. Enjoy...

Review №84

Ceviche is amazing. Food is quick and delicious.

Review №85

Great foodThe best in San Antonio

Review №86

can I say yum! Staff is very kind and quick, clean restaurant, amazing food!!! Their ceviche is delicious!

Review №87

Absolutely loveeeeeeee this place best seafood to eat at. Customer service is fantastic, I love to eat specifically at this one not the other ones they have, I guess because its awesome. I recommend the Elias plate my fav. Also recommend the ceviche love it with extra avocado ..also recommend everything else on their menu ️️️️️️️️️️️️️

Review №88

It's been too long!! I looooove their Tostada Super Mixta!! My absolute favorite!!

Review №89

Highly recommend everyone order the shrimp salad as a starter. The restaurant at Marbach overloads this dish's portion to near double. It is cold, delicious and fresh.The lunch special #10 (torta) is a relatively small portion but I have to say the torta bread is top notch. The bread is crispy, tasty and soft all at the same time.The fideo soup that accompanies lunch specials is perfect with a twist of lime.Molcajete Bucanero is not cheap yet and I could not finish it with one other person. It should be able to feed three hungry people. Every item was tasty and don't miss out on the juices down the middle of the molcajete!The raw oysters, as all the seafood here, is cold and fresh when served. My only gripe here is they have no horseradish and missing a good cocktail sauce to go with the raw oysters.I tried the oyster shot today for the first time. It was delicious but it should be known the red sauce is based off chamoy and is very sour. I am familiar with chamoy and it was to my liking. If you don't like chamoy, ask for an alternative juice for the oyster.

Review №90

The Botana Mixta con ostiones was very Good

Review №91

Always so fresh and delicious!

Review №92

This last time I went was a little bit off with the guac containing a lot of onions and the fish was a bit overcooked, the mango margarita I had was amazing tho

Review №93

A place to feast like a king and indulge in all the delicious flavors Mexican seafood has to offer. Absolutely no BS! Have some beers, drinks and let your taste buds go. Cheers to the cooks

Review №94

Very busy place at lunch time, excellent service ,plates are well served 2 can share with most dishes. Michaledas are the excellent

Review №95

Love it all - food, service, one of my favorite restaurants in this town, it never disappoints.

Review №96

No strollers = No El Bucanero. My wife and I have been eating at El Bucanero for over 10 years since they were a hole-in-the-wall on WW White. The owners would recognize us. The food is great and we have always been pleased. Today we went for our regular family dinner and they refused us service. We have recently been blessed with 2 big babies. My wife and I are unable to carry these babies together. We NEED a stroller to transport them. The restaurant has a new “no strollers” policy. We tried appealing to the manager, but she said we could not come in. I hope the owner sees this and changes the policy. We have taken our stroller into many restaurants that were happy to accommodate us, but despite the abundance of room in this restaurant, we were refused. Please don't drive away one of your oldest customers.

Review №97

By far the award winning best seafood restaurant in San Antonio, it's a must try you won't be disappointed.

Review №98

The Molcajete was amazing! Bring your appetite or share.

Review №99

My cousin took me here, and I was blown away by the selection and the massive variety of seafood offered here!! I loved it! Had the ceviche with different fish and variations than the usual like raw oysters and I never eat raw oysters. It was amazing! The surprise was absolutely one of the best I've had in San Antonio. Thanks Bucanero!

Review №100

Great food and the service was also very good. Huge menu.

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:13802 Embassy Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
  • Site:http://www.facebook.com/ElBucaneroSA/
  • Phone:+1 210-333-0909
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–10PM
  • Saturday:11AM–10PM
  • Sunday:11AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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