Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews
1000 El Paseo de Saratoga, San Jose, CA 95130, United States
Review №1

The Hostess at front entrance (Kirsten) was outstanding. He radiates cheerfulness and energy. Great guy, that kept a great mood and customer attentiveness as we waited for our "meal to go".

Review №2

Service and food are good but Payment devices don't work

Review №3

My husband and I had an early lunch. Limited outdoor seating, appropriately distanced. We were seated immediately. Our server was friendly and ensured our orders were correct. Food (burger and fries) were good.

Review №4

1st time in, I have read a lot of negative reviews about the service, I think they have worked on that cuz our server was fantastic, she refilled our water without our asking, asked us a couple times if we wanted more endless fries and even remembered my special request. last but not least she actually carried on a conversation with us for about 5 min. 5 stars +I ordered the new Hazelnut shake which came in a tall glass and a half full steel mixing container. The flavor unfortunately did not have a hazelnut taste 2 stars.I ordered a cheese burger with a fried egg, beacon, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled mushrooms and string onion rings. The egg was a little under cooked but beyond that was quite good.There was a smashed onion ring next to my foot that must have come from the other table. I think they need to step up there game and stay on top of things like that. Overall the experience was a solid C + (or 3 stars)

Review №5

Great burgers though really slow service during COVID time. My order was not ready for pick up when they said it would be.Ask for honey poppy sauce to dip your fries in and you will wonder why you've been eating your fries a different way.

Review №6

Great food and efficient people, kind too. Definitely recommend putting some of their seasoning on their boneless wings, taste amazing.

Review №7

Great service, quick getting a table for 2 and the service that was provided was excellent. I would definitely go back to this location

Review №8

The food's good. The service friendly and very nice.

Review №9

The wait was very long. burger was good

Review №10

Great service, super clean and totally social distanced.

Review №11

Wednesday night 6pm. Restaurant 3/4 full. 20 min wait for table. 45 min wait for 2 burgers and fries. Food approximately as good as any given fast food joint. Who would wait over an hour for a Wendys equivalent? Not me again.

Review №12

A good place to enjoy unlimited fries on occasion but the wait can take forever (to get seated). Our server was nice and kept the fries coming but this is unusual & it does take a long time to get re-served.I ordered the Chili Cheeseburger and upgraded to garlic fries which then all becomes bottomless

Review №13

Every time I go here, I am not disappointed. The burgers are exactly what you are paying for, juicy and deluxe. The different sauces they add allow for some complex flavors, but if you just want a good burger without all the extras, those are excellent as well. I normally am not a fan of steak fries, but they are decent here. If I want fries, I want super crispy fries, which steak fries are normally not.

Review №14

The food was fine. It's what you'd expect at a low priced chain hamburger place. Not awful but not great.The service was incredibly slow, however. We had to ask 4 times for sweet potato fries and 3 times for drink refills. Even though it was practically empty, we barely saw any servers.All in all disappointing!

Review №15

Delicious hamburger with all-you-can-eat fries or broccoli. Price is reasonable and staffs were nice enough. Loved it.

Review №16

Really bad experience. First they took forever to get our burgers, we ordered three and they all tasted really bad, in n out is much better... Their bottomless offers are a joke, they give tiny amount and when you finally get the attention of your server and ask for refill it's another tiny amount... Even if you get three refills it's still less than a large fry at McDonald's... I know I'm not going there again

Review №17

Went on a Wednesday it wasn't too busy I had the Zen(?) chicken burger which was a special. It was pretty good, not sure how healthy it was but I hope it was. I think there was red cabbage in the dressing that really made it pop. Having salad as an optional side, for the longest time I thought it was either steak fries or steak fries.

Review №18

Ordered over the phone and the person on the phone did not speak English very will so my entire order was screwed up pretty badly.The "Garlic fries" had all of two specks of garlic on them, the mushroom burger had about 3 mushrooms on it, I had ordered iced tea and when I arrived to pick up the order I was informed that they did not have iced tea at all. The food was cold and they could not find my order with my name because the person who took the order put my name in as something else. My advice, go somewhere else.

Review №19

I've been coming here for years. The quality has been dropping for a while. I think this time is my last. Once we walked in we greeted by friendly staff but the room smelled of stale wet towels and wet wood. The food took forever to be served. When it came my order was wrong, the fries and onion rings were almost burnt. I could distinctly taste the bitterness of burnt food. To be fair our server was courteous and helpful.

Review №20

Nice burger joint! Friendly and cool staff and environment! Definitely recommended if you like to have some decent burgers with decent price. Good variety too!

Review №21

Onion rings and stawberry smoothie was super ...its beautiful fine dine ,red in color ,very colorful ambience .... veggie burger was a delight full meal

Review №22

The service was great! The food always delicious. I had a chicken sandwich lettuce wraps with guacamole and bacon. My mom ordered Simply Grilled Salad. Everything came out perfect. My sandwich was free since I'm a Rewards Member and it was my birthday the month of October. Thank you!

Review №23

Ordered Korean Fried, Kentucky Yaki, and Chili. Was all very excellent. Good for take out. Very good price. Nice people working there. (Kinda wished they were open more days and longer hours, but their limit makes them special)

Review №24

Love them Deep Fried Potatoes

Review №25

Best burgers ever! Their fries are fresh and unlimited. Children have many choices and they'll bring them more if they ask. All you can drink non-alcoholic beverages.

Review №26

Got a gift card for Christmas and was excited to have lunch there today. Very few people in the restaurant, but we waited 10 minutes for someone to acknowledge us and seat us. Lots of employees who ignored us. Clam chowder tasted like it came out of a can. Not fresh. Ordered bottomless house salad, but server ordered us a regular salad that isn't even on the menu! He finally brought me a refill after adjusting the order. Took a while to get utensils. Tried to pay and the machine on the table broke. Lack of hook in bathroom for purse. Servers don't smile. I guess they also know that El Paseo is getting razed and stopped caring. We won't be returning.

Review №27

Zoltor was an awesome server, super attentive and friendly. Incredibly helpful and just an overall heart and genuine server, wanting to help however he can. More restaurants could use servers like him.

Review №28

I went to pick up the food here after 10 minutes of knocking on the door I realized this is the first company going to get bankruptcy by and Covid but hertz made

Review №29

Service was pretty good, once we had a server. Our group of three was sat for 15 minutes without even a glance from the wait staff. Service improved significantly once we requested to be reseated.

Review №30

I won't be going back. They were out of several things we wanted to order. A machine broke while we were there so we didn't get part of our order. They simply didn't bring out all of the food we did order (no reason why). The hamburger buns were stale. They used way too much sauce. The veggies were way overcooked. Definitely one of the worst dining experiences I've ever had.

Review №31

Really bad management here. First we waited for anyone to acknowledge us when we came in. When we were acknowledged we were told that we'd have to wait to be seated because people were on breaks. Then we are seated and no one asks about drinks or acknowledges that they will be right there to take our order, etc. The last time I was at a different Red Robin everyone was so friendly and willing to help. Oh well.

Review №32

They served me the most delicious burned hamburger.

Review №33

Frozen French Fry served lol.. not cool. Waitress was awesome, who ever is in the kitchen is to blame. They also made my wife the wrong burger.

Review №34

Waited to be seated nobody came 10 minutes. So left will try new location Super Duper better service already.

Review №35

I've been to several red Robin locations and have had good experiences. However, going here for date night was quite a bummer. We went because of a free tavern promotion. I asked the server before ordering if they were participating, he said yes. Upon paying for the meal, another promotion went on the bill a buy 9 get 1 free promotion. I asked the server if I could have the other promotion reflected on the bill. I know its basically the same outcome but it's taken me over a year to get the buy 9 one. And it would be good to have it in my back pocket if we wanted to come back.The server told me I had to go into my account and tell it to have the tavern offer the next promotion to be added to the bill. However when I went on my phone it was. I showed him. Another waiter came by and asked to see and he left. The manager came and asked to see and said that if my boyfriend puts his red Robin loyalty number in he would get the promotion. So we tried that and no promotion popped up. And at this time the manager tells me there is nothing he can do. He can't override anything in the kiosk. Not that I wanted him to just take my burger off the bill, but I feel like that would've been the thing to do, but he repeatedly said that there was nothing he could do.So we paid with the buy 9 offer. And the manager even looked at me (I was visibly upset) and told me "There's nothing I can do about it. You're mad at me now huh?" And I just looked at him smiled and told him no. Like why would you even ask me that?Food was good. Customer service needs work.

Review №36

The food is good, but service is slow. The waiters are nice, but not as effective as in other places. This seems a corporate problem, every round robin we've been at had the same issue

Review №37

Good burgers and great endless fries. Service was ok but to be fair it was very busy. They do not have free WiFi.

Review №38

One of my favorite burger places thanks to their variety and bottomless sides. The fries combined with their seasoning =

Review №39

This Red Robin is a great location, they catered to my wife's "gluten allergy" and accommodated her appropriately, thank you Red Robin for a great experience. Cheers.

Review №40

We have had a few not so great experiences, but overall the staff is great and the food is always good.

Review №41

I had never been to Red Robin until 2 months ago but I don't know why it had been missing from my life all these years! My meal was excellent! The burger I had ( Master Cheese ) was one of the greatest burgers I have ever had from a chain restaurant and their Steak fries are excellent. I can't wait to go back ( but I am watching my waistline, so it won't be soon ;)

Review №42

Much better than the last time I was here. Food is good, service was overwhelmed. Not enough servers or cooks. Waited a good half an hour for burgers and a salad. Had to ask for refills. A server should not have to be asked for a refill when the glass is empty. Like I said better than last time though. Probably the last time I'll eat here.

Review №43

Always a great place to visit. Fresh, fast and delicious food!!

Review №44

Went out this evening to RR and it was a typical crowded Saturday night. Was given a 15-20 minute wait but it only took about 10. We had really great service, and it usually is good but tonight was pretty exceptional especially given how busy it was. We had three employees, not including our server, check on us, refill drinks, bring more of this and extra that, it was just really impressive. The fries are always hot, keep us coming back! I had the fish n chips instead of my usual burger and I really liked it! The cod was fried perfectly, the portion size (4 pieces) were good, and it's more than my burger (14.99 vs. 11-13) but I'd definitely order again! My husband got one of the double Tavern burgers and it was surprisingly pretty small (thus 3 stars) and he wasn't that crazy about it. He says the Gourmet burgers are much bigger and better. My daughter and husband shared the Mudd Pie and it is HUGE! They really loved it but the best part, the crust end, is very small and the rest is just basically chocolate ice cream with whipped cream so you're paying $8 or $9 for mostly just ice cream (again 3 stars).We've been coming here for a few years and we keep coming back so they obviously are doing many things right!

Review №45

It took 30 minutes to wait to get seated. Another 30 minutes to get the food and then 10 minutes to eat it. No busboys make it hard for the waiters.

Review №46

Even though they were very busy with several parties waiting, we were seated pretty quickly. The food and beverages were top notch, prepared correctly and promptly, and the service was attentive, quick, and friendly.

Review №47

6:30ish dinner, Red Robin's was busy. But we were able to get seated in the bar and order fast. I had the Sauteed Shroom and my friend had the Simple Chicken with Bottomless Fries. Our server was great and always helpful in getting us refills for our Cokes or Fries. The burgers were great!If you are in the area, suggest you stop by!!

Review №48

Good food, great service, I like it!

Review №49

Great service, great food, first time being there the waiter was very friendly and attentive. She made sure we were helped and weren't missing anything at all. Came around a few times while dinning and made us feel comfortable.I would definitely recommend this Red Robin to anyone!!

Review №50

Enjoyed the free double Tavern Burger and endless fries on Veterans Day.

Review №51

Red Robin is a great sit down place to enjoy dinner with friends. It's a fun environment and there's always games on to watch. The food is quite good and the bottomless fries is the bomb. I like the blue ribbon burger and their Oreo shakes are the best.

Review №52

It seems strange for me to write a review for a chain, but this location deserves it!My boyfriend wanted a burger last night, so we thought of Red Robin. Our closest location would have been Great Mall, but I didn't want to deal with the crowds. I actually wasn't the biggest fan of the idea because I generally have horrible service when I go to Red Robin (great mall + eastridge).I was shocked to see that there was no wait (half of the restaurant was empty) - this was great for me because I was hungrryyyy. And our host let us choose our table near a tv playing football, which my bf appreciated.I'm surprised we got our food pretty quickly! Two burgers + garlic fries + sweet potato fries.Our food wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but we were seated timely, our food came out pretty quickly, they were v attentive, and asked if we needed any refills on our fries. If this was any other location, it would've taken twice as long to finish our meal (if at all).I def recommend this location! and if I want RR in the future, I'm coming to this location.

Review №53

Food is good but not 5 stars.Not bad on to go great drinks and shakes

Review №54

Picture of kid's fruit salad misleading

Review №55

Apparently this is considered a burger. Waitstaff was abysmal, fries were meh at best. I would not return. Even MacDonald's has better food and customer service than this.

Review №56

Funny you should ask. I went there with a two-for-one coupon which allowed me to purchase a double burger and get one free. After I ordered the waitress came up and handed me a check for two full price burgers. When I asked her why she told me that I ordered a burger that was not on the specials menu. When I asked her why she didn't tell me that before, she shrugged and said "I don't know." I followed her back to the kitchen where are we ironed out the order with the correct burger. She brought me a receipt for the correct amount which I signed (with a $2 tip). It seemed like everything was okay. However, when I was driving out of the parking lot she flagged me down because she had given me the wrong burger. Today, when I checked my account, the full price that she originally charged me was on my card instead of the two-for-one price. Now I have to go back tomorrow and talk to the manager. I won't be going back to Red Robin again although the food is pretty good. The level of incompetence is just too much of a hassle.

Review №57

Had the best waitress who was very attentive to my families needs. True bottomless fries, drinks, etc. Great lunch!

Review №58

The Avo-cobb salad, which is supposed to have avocados in it, only had one very small piece of avocado in it. The honey mustard dressing was very good though.

Review №59

Had the prezel bites. They are disgusting!!

Review №60

Great food and great service,I'm a very satisfying customer, I only waited less than 10 minutes to be seated.

Review №61

There is an unclean grease smell. I was surprised by this.

Review №62

Very family friendly, service was very helpful and attentive. Food was what you expect from a burger and fries restaurant (which, to my tastes, was yummy). Sides are bottomless, so the server offered me an extra garden salad, which was great in helping me not fill up on the burger and fries. And all without spending a fortune!

Review №63

We ate outside on the patio. The hamburger was cold, French fries were cold - not good service at all on the outside tables.

Review №64

Utter and complete incompetence after 5 separate orders. How poorly trained is your staff that they cannot manage to put salad dressing in the bag? Is this a critical skill that requires hours of retraining? It's very simple, salads REQUIRE salad dressing. After four separate attempts with door dash I figured I should go into the restaurant for my to go order. When they brought the order to me I was distracted by my three year old and failed to double check and when I got home NO SALAD DRESSING. At a certain point this is either intentional, poor training or they simply don't give a darn.Regardless this is pathetic, the customer shouldn't have to check the bag to make sure the server read the darn receipt. Oh yes, the receipt has the salad dressing clearly printed and indented so as to call it out specifically.Who is managing or NOT managing this business?

Review №65

Amazing food and service. Shout out to my boy Jamie! Amazing service clutch refills and food.

Review №66

They have the impossible burger, which I love!

Review №67

Love the Burning Love burger, bathroom was dirty and out of TP though..

Review №68

Good service, but kitchen is very slow.

Review №69

The food is ok and I'd order take out here but the restaurant is just unpleasant. Its a burger place, I wouldn't expect anything fancy but the entire place smells really bad inside especially over by the bar. Its conveniently located, has plenty of parking and the staff is friendly but not a great place to go eat.

Review №70

I just love this place. I always go when there is a game going on or when I just want a nice juicy burger.The staff is always super nice and attentive. The food is always hot and fresh not greasy. I would recommend this particular restaurant to everyone.

Review №71

Worst service experience there ever. Slow and inattentive don't even do justice. After ordering we were ignored until after I paid the check. Then the waiter brought out 2 boxes and finally refilled my kid's fries.

Review №72

Ugh. I try and enjoy this place, but repeatedly have poor service. I've never once received the correct order, and the service is slow, to boot.

Review №73

Burgers were good but fries and their refills were old and cold. Was not until we special ordered a set with no salt did the fries come fresh. That is what happens when you go off hours (2:30PM on a Monday)

Review №74

My wife's burger was made wrong so she sent it back only to watch the cooks have attitude about it and walk back behind closed doors to do who knows what with. We cancelled the order at that point. Kid's these days do not understand what customer service is all about. We love Red Robin but will never go back to this one. 2 stars for the beer.

Review №75

Great fish and chips! The codfish is always tasty with a lightly crisp batter and never over cooked. They do a good job. I always add coleslaw as a side, but remember to ask that they don't add too much dressing...sometimes they may have to swap it out if it comes too soupy. But they are very accommodating. It's a great service oriented place. And all their burger selections, incuding vegan, give everyone a choice for dinner out. You'll never leave hungry if you enjoy their bottomless fries.Enjoy!

Review №76

The food there is delicious! There are lots of types of burgers.

Review №77

Good fine food

Review №78

Nice place to get a good gourmet burger and bottomless fries. Lovely atmosphere and service is always great. A great place to bring the family or a date

Review №79

Great dinner. Nice place. Waiter David was really good.

Review №80

Friendly mediocrity. Lots of variety with smallish appetizers. Pictures look much better than what you actually get. Very salty. And they were out of several very common beers. Adequate but only went because it was late and alternative places were closed.

Review №81

The food was great. The server was friendly and attentive. However, he did not serve us... He put all the drinks down on the corner of the table and we had to distribute them to the correct person, the same with the food. He stood there holding the plates and said who had this handed it to someone to be passed down. If I want to serve myself I will go to a fast food.

Review №82

Kristina s it so nice and easy going. And very attentive.

Review №83

Unlimited fries or salad or broccoli with purchase of the burgers. Gluten free buns on request. They ask if it is allergy or preference. The customer service is hit or miss but not at the level of the managers. The kitchen is reliable most of the time. 11/23/2019 I have to downgrade my stars to three due to slow service.

Review №84

Any Red Robin you visit, you can't go wrong. A $6.99 burger with bottomless fries is incredible! If you just drink water, a single person can get in and out for $10. (And that is including the tip!)

Review №85

Your typical Red Robin restaurant. Came here to watch the soccer match at the bar and have a burger. Pretty consistent experience and great food. The bar staff was attentive and took care of us. plenty of seating and real close to the AMC movie theater in case you want to grab a bite before or after your flick.

Review №86

Seated outside? Prepare to be neglected. We didn't get condiments or even napkins. Waitress brought one napkin for two people. Tables were dirty. Milkshake arrived well after burgers even though ordered first. Hardly saw the waitress.

Review №87

I tried a Salmon lettuce wrap burger with zucchini fries. It was really good, but messy. Our waitress, Lisa, was very helpful.

Review №88

Iss fire but I can never finish their burgers.

Review №89

It's very consistent on service and food. I like the option of being able to seat yourself near the bar area at the smaller or larger booths. Burgers are delicious too and love the bottomless fries. We normally head here before going to a movie at AMC 14

Review №90

Was busy. Got food in reasonable timeWas very good. Will go back.

Review №91

We go to Red Robin about twice a year. Tonight was our best experience so far. They have increased the choice of Tavern double burgers which we find more than enough in terms of size. All were really good and the total cost ended up pretty reasonable.

Review №92

The food is decent...but the amount of waiting for drinks and food always makes me question why I keep coming back. Literally waited an hour for soup and salad. You have to order a second drink when you get your first so that the second comes by the time you finish your first. It's not the servers, they seem to be doing their best, but the bar and the kitchen need to step it up.

Review №93

The hostess made everything so easy for my DD order.

Review №94

By far the worst Red Robin experience of my life.When we arrived I told our waiter it was my husband's birthday. She said ok. I had to go up the the kitchen area to ask for utensils since she disappeared. When she did show up we asked 3x for crayons. I guess she forgot so I had to go up to the hostess to get crayons. There was 7+ tables that had not been cleared and garbage on the floor in the walkway our entire time there. It was not during rush hour.Food was normal, end of the meal she gave us our check. My husband said I have a birthday burger. She adjusted our receipt. No one ever came out to sing to him. I asked he wanted to wait. But he didn't want a pity song.Literally worst experience ever.Hubby use to work there when it first opened, the service has gone way down hill.Bring back better service!!!

Review №95

Just yesterday my family of seven and I went to this location, and I'm very sad to say that we were very unsatisfied with the quality of food and service we received. The quality of food was deff not pppp and the core values was not up held. Our server Jorge barley table touched and showed signs of stress and frustration. I order and appetizer large doughnuts and it sat in the window for nearly 20 min and died so when they brought it to my table I told them to take it back it was cold and remake them. Instead they redropped them and brought it back and at this point I'm frustrated because I know this is not Red Robin standards since I use to be a cdt.

Review №96

Great burgers, excellent service.

Review №97

They never can seem to bring out the food all at once for everyone. Kinda cool as you can just pay from your table. Wish they'd get more organized in the food dept as there so many other burger places to choose from now. Stack of onion rings are very good, but there never seems to be enough sauce for the whole family to share.

Review №98

We were seated quickly but it took some time to take our order. We had 2 orders, and they were mixed up. The food was not that good, I didn't even finish eating! Fairly new customer but will not be returning! I'm done with Red Robin (I know it depends on the cook but the last few times the food has not been good)!Sincerely,Concerned!

Review №99

Excellent food. Great service, no waiting

Review №100

Great burgers and fries, I would definitely recommend the impossible burger

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  • Phone:+1 408-370-1236
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  • Delivery:Yes
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  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
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