Burger King
3020 College Park Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77384, United States
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I rarely eat fast food, and when I do I rarely choose Burger King. However, I was in a rush to get somewhere and stopped at this Burger King because it was on the way. I ordered a low-carb version of a burger (no bun, no mayo, no ketchup), and asked for it to be a meal. I wasn't thinking clearly, and didn't ask for a side salad like I wanted to. I thought, for sure, I'd have to ask for it at the window and then they'd have to swap the fries for a salad and get all frustrated in the process... ANYWAY, that didn't happen. The AWESOME employee who was working the drive through anticipated that I would probably want the salad since I ordered a low carb burger. Better yet, my low carb meal was yummy. Thank you, Burger King; you just converted a non-customer into a fan by taking proactive steps to make the experience better.

Review №2

Most of the time I get good service there. But this time I got the 2 for 4 breakfast sandwiches and it's like they punched the food before serving it up, which flattened my sandwiches cause my croissan'wich looks super mushed in.

Review №3

Good like any fast food chain who follows the franchise. Not a great meal but a fine Burger King meal. Everything was hot and seemingly fresh. Had to go back thru the line to get the three items that were forgotten from our bags but still was good that it was accurate and that fresh part. You know fresh cooked from frozen but still...

Review №4

I made an mobile order thinking it was the store closer to my work but it wasn't. Called & asked if I could pick my order later after work (like 5 hours later) since you can't delete the order on line. They were very accommodating. My order was done correctly and the fries were super fresh & hot.

Review №5

I just came to Burger King and it was very clean. There were 2 guys that were very kind and patient with the customers. I asked them their names and their names are Eric and Ben. I'm surprised because I always have had bad experiences at different fast food restaurants but today was a pleasant surprise. I recommend this place. The staff is friendly.

Review №6

Ordered the family bundle which included 3 whoppers, 3 doubles & 3 fries. Also an order of jalapeno poppers & additional fries. All fried items were lukewarm, maybe even room temperature. The whoppers where placed on a reg cheeseburger bun. The only cool part of the experience was the extremely pleasant older Hispanic woman who took our order.

Review №7

Lucky i can't do 0 stars. This was by far the worst experience at BK. The initial order process was great. Then it began. We waited 27 minutes to recieve our food. Then the manager came out and took my receipt.

Review №8

Great food, had the whopper for the 1st time, loved it, very filling. Also the food stayed warm long well until after I brought it home. Overall a great experience, also very cheap food.

Review №9

Typical Burger King. Decent fast food and decent service. Ok pricing and the restaurant is in need of a remodel.

Review №10

What happened to the Covid-19 procedures? The credit card reader is not handed out, but the fellow serving the food handles all credit cards and then your food, after putting the ketchup packets on top of the fries. If you want to avoid Coronavirus, avoid this place.

Review №11

I've been coming to this location fairly frequently the past few months and their service is always good, as is the food. They also give ketchup without being asked, which is increasingly rare these days. Would recommend this location.

Review №12

Sub par, closes grill too early which results in substandard product. corporate won't respond to their contact us page, employees don't follow basic food safety guidelines

Review №13

Service is decent, slow for takeout and the food is at least warm! not much more you can expect from a chain fast food restaurant.

Review №14

Service is always fast and the food is always hot and fresh. The drive thru lane never sits still for very long.

Review №15

They have improved on their food preparation tremendously.

Review №16

Let me have a refill well 2 and were really nice but kind of took long

Review №17

Love the fish sandwich. Service was efficient and friendly.

Review №18

I get a senior citizen discount plus the food is good

Review №19

Consistently good and fresh. Never had a bad experience at this location. Good coupons on their app. It's Burger king

Review №20

Morning crew, please wake up n drink some morning Joe. Paid for 2 sandwiches got 1. Ask for bacon egg & cheese, got sausage. Called no answer. Not driving back. WAKE UP!

Review №21

Can't go wrong with BurgaKing

Review №22

Went to this location before going to work this morning (healthcare worker)I ordered a burrito and after eating half of the burrito I realized some parts of the tortilla had mold on it. I went back to the drive thru as that was the only option and I gave them the food back. I spoke to Gio the restaurant manager and not once did he say sorry for giving me food with mold on it. I asked to speak the owner of the restaurant I was given a number that I called and lvm, I have not heard back. The health department was called as well, next I will call news channels.

Review №23

Friendly service, hot food. Quick.We ordered 2 of the new meatless /meat whopper. Very good.

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I ordered some fried mozzarella sticks which unfortunately had been sitting around too long and we're NOT warm and melty as advertised... So I went inside and asked for some fresh ones, please....I must say, they were friendly and accommodating and even said, feel free to refill your drink while you wait.. I did, they handed me fresh mozzarella sticks and apologized again.. I sat down at a table and enjoyed their fresh ones very much!! Thank you, Alisha!!!

Review №25

Always uses a coupon for my burgers, great deal

Review №26

The food seem to be old. Like it had been sitting there for a while. But the lady that took my order was awesome. Great customer service!

Review №27

Same as always great flavor

Review №28

* Follow me on my Google account for more reviews.It's been over a year since I last ordered food from this location. My boyfriend bought a chicken sandwich and nuggets. Oh my gosh, look at this sandwich, it's disgusting! It's old, dry and stale. I cannot believe they served this to us.He couldn't finish eating it.

Review №29

Had a whopper with onion rings and it was hot and fresh. The tacos however were old and didnt eat those

Review №30

Love their burgers and Onion rings

Review №31

Excellent whoppers and good service

Review №32

Good food good friendly service.

Review №33

I went to this location last night and ordered through the BK App and pulled up to the drive through to pick up my order and the lady at the window told me to wait a minute and it would be ready,well that minute turned into fifteen minutes it seemed like,I don't know what the hold up was but now I know why there was a long line the previous night,I left without my order.

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Review №35

Love the food and quick service

Review №36

This place was so clean & with a wonderful, cheerful work crew. Food was great & so was the service.

Review №37

I'm gonna be honest... The most legit Burger King drive thru I've ever had the pleasure of driving through. The man at the window was awesome. 10/10 would drive through again

Review №38

Understaffed, slow service. Order overlooked and had to ask for order after 3 following order numbers were called. Not a good experience. Do better Burger King or business is going elsewhere

Review №39

Just had the impossible whopper and it is delicious!!

Review №40

We usually like going her for a quick lunch bc the meat eaters and vegans both can eat!

Review №41

The food and the service are really good. It has a nice and relaxing environment. The customer's service is awesome.

Review №42

Good for a quick bite to eat.

Review №43

Way overpriced for junk food.

Review №44

Ordered a plain double meat and got one with pickles, onions, bacon and jalapenos. Allergic to jalapenos and do not care hoot for rubber bacon.

Review №45

Burger King is my favorite food place ever and if you get the Burger King app you can get some good deals especially if you don't want to pay full price and they have the best fast food burgers ever and I know lotta people hate on Burger King but if you really try it's the best you'll ever try I promise you that and you can be mad at me if it's not true but you won't be mad because it is true

Review №46

Small portions and over cooked

Review №47

Always great service when we come here

Review №48

Slow service and mor friendly.but the Impossible Whopper is so se o tasty!!!

Review №49

Order was correct when I got it, it came out really quick and the woman who helped me was super friendly. Will gladly come here again

Review №50

Opened 15 minutes late

Review №51

Facility was clean, staff was welcoming, and food hit the hungry spot.

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Review №54

I love BK!!! I always get coupons in the mail so my sunday breakfast before church, at a very reasonable price.

Review №55

Was told they found my makeup bag and would put it in a safe place.. drove for 45+ minutes to get it and manager told me it was gone and he didn't know anything about it.. could tell he was lying and he was totally rude about it to begin with.. useless af!!

Review №56

I do like it very much but the flavor in the different things in the menu are very familiar and very similar. It also isn't the best in terms of health. Over all I do recommend it but I feel that the variety in the menu needs to be amplified

Review №57

I usually love this place that's why I'm giving it a two I went and they had this boy in the register got my whole order wrong then my sisters order was taken wrong as well she asked for a meal and got charged only the burger when she asked the boy at the register he told her “I think you're just gonna have to buy the fries and drink by themselves “ so she did I got my order and we waited on hers but nothing came out so she went to the register and they had no idea what she had or where it was so when they finally gave her her food it was missing a cheese burger so she went to order it didn't want to keep dealing with it she got the cheeseburger 5 mins later and the fries she ordered on the side for her meal never came out and then he has the audacity to be like imma give you guys free I cream but I was like he can shove it you know where ...

Review №58

Good, affordable food. Nice and simple

Review №59

Despite having new staff on almost every visit they are prompt, polite, and get the order correct. This BK really needs an update. It looks like 1980's. One soda fountain has been broken for almost a year.

Review №60

Clean Burger King friendly wait staff Quick Service

Review №61

Good service and food, could have been a little fresher.

Review №62

Thin chinsey burger on the Whopper, charged extra 60 cents for squirt of cheese. So the 2 for 6 dollars can to 7.35. Never again, BK has gone way down in quality!

Review №63

Chicken fries were hard but we come here a lot and it is usually good. We will still come back- we love the play area

Review №64

The play area was very clean and the staff did a very good job.

Review №65

Dont usually post review for burger king or McDonald's...but this BK is legit. Tall playground...long curly slide. 3 year old Daughter approved

Review №66

I love this particular bk because as many times I go they are always super nice and food is fresh

Review №67

I am only giving a 2 star rating for the play place . The little kid at the register aaron is ridiculous. I walk up to him just staring at me no greeting. He is leaning all over the register while taking my order. I have to repeat it multiple times . Then after I pay I realize he didnt even get it right since he didnt bother reading it back. I then have to order fries and drinks separately! When I then have to ask for my cups he throws them at me!!! Get that kid some training or fire him !!! Asap! Do better burger king

Review №68

Love the flame broiled flavor of the burgers, & yummy chicken nuggets!!!

Review №69

Best burgers early in the morning.

Review №70

The new cheesy tots are awesome!

Review №71

Quick friendly service and great burgers

Review №72

Very dirty. They need to clean it up.

Review №73

Decided on a "change of pace" from a Mclunch with my grandkids. I talked them into trying this with me. Not impressive! We went to a corner booth and had to clean lettuce out of the seat before we could sit. Never had chicken nuggets here but after this visit, I understand why they are so comparitively inexpensive. They taste cheap!! An aftertaste that even my grandson couldn't get past. Since I couldn't eat mine, I couldn't make him eat his. Sad when an 8 year old, who prefers chicken nuggets, won't eat them! The target audience for that entree said "No"! The grandfather agrees! The 10 year old however said his burger kid's meal was good.

Review №74

15$ an hour for people to mess up your order or serve you moldy apple sauce. Hardly worth the stop, keep on driving. I ordered two number 1 combos with double patties, drove home and sat down to eat to find both were single patties. Thanks for stealing my money.

Review №75

This is a great location right off the I-45 highway and had a playplace.

Review №76

Fast friendly service. Food hot and fresh and delicious. They forgot to put mustard on my burger. They gave me mustard packets. Not a problem for me.

Review №77

It's hard to see from the street behind the trees like most places in The Woodlands. The parking lot is large and easy to park it. The floors and the tables were clean. It was easy to place an order I had a coupon from the Burger King app that buy one get one free. The food came out fast it was fresh and just the way I ordered it. Hamburger tasted very good I like their Whoppers. I get extra lettuce tomato and pickles and extra ketchup and mayonnaise. It was my first time at this store and I will be back again I highly recommend it to anyone.

Review №78

I don't know why Burger King seems to get so much hate from anyone I mentioned it to or when I see it mentioned online, the lines are very quick, the food is very good, and as long as they have 10 chicken nuggets for a dollar fifty I will make sure to go there when I need a snack in a pinch.

Review №79

Chocolate shake sucked, tasted and smelled perfumey.... spicy nuggets were good though. Water tasted a little like sprite.

Review №80

My family and I stopped at this location tonight approximately 6 pm and there were kids wondering the dinning area and employees standing outside, yet when we got to the doors they were locked. No sign of being closed for any reason. The only holiday sign said Thanksgiving DAY, not thanksgiving EVE... oh well, not coming here for business anymore.

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Review №82

Awesome customer service with my daughtersAnd Great management. Fun place for girls to play on playground

Review №83

Very clean. Workers are fast and friendly. Food is good freshly made.

Review №84

The service was far from what is normally is. The food was good but the employees were very rude.

Review №85

The service was good and the food was fresh and hot.

Review №86

Apparently the chicken sticks, or whatever they're called, are good here

Review №87

I like it, the veggie burgers are good except they're hard on the edges, the drinks are fine and the fries are good.

Review №88

Good food and great service

Review №89

Fast food, fast.

Review №90

Good tasting food. Theo ole app ordering is spotty, you're better off by ordering in the store. The manager was rude to both the customers and employees, but good customer service is something that little by little is fading away in every business.

Review №91

Fresh Food, kids love to play in Playland! It was fun!

Review №92

Fast and food is hot.

Review №93

Pretty sure I got food poisoning from this place. The patty in my burger and the fries were cold and the fries definitely tasted like they were old but I ignored it since I was starving. The next day I spent the whole day throwing up. Good customer service just wish the food could be good as well.

Review №94

Fast friendly great customer service.The manager came by to ask us how everything was. It's nice to see that level of service. From a fast food chain.Also the dining room is always clean

Review №95

9:30pm they start shutting down. DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING FRESHLY PREPARED !

Review №96

I ordered a junior burrito they accidentally gave me a bigger jumbo burrito or whatever and it was excellent so I'll be getting that next time :-)

Review №97

Food taste great. And always fresh. Haven't been disappointed on the service.

Review №98

Their cheese sticks are delicious

Review №99

Very good food

Review №100

Worst Burger King ever. Natashia night manager, told me in order to get a $1 Whopper I had to go to McDonald's, open the app and the coupon would show. Sounds crazy but I did it, nothing happened. I told her about it and she said that's what her manager told her. Then they charge people for a small cup of ice. No restaurant in that area charges for a cup of ice or water. I've been to all of them and always ask for a cup of ice for charge. BK is awfully greedy. I told Natasha how unfair it was considering other restaurants in the area don't charge, she rolled her eyes and told an employee, see this is what I have to go through every day with people. I told her to quit if she doesn't like her job. She then called me a b**** as I walked out the door. I called customer service line which is a joke. They lost my original complaint, gee, how convenient so I filed another one today. The manager of the store is rude and unprofessional and said she was a wonderful employee. That doesn't excuse her behavior that day. Its no wonder Whataburger and Chick fil a have long drive thru lines. Better employees and better customer service. Oh by the way, another BK gave me a large cup of ice free on them bc of the nasty customer service I got from the bad BK. Natasha and the management at the bad BK could learn from this one.

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  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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