White Castle
31803 Van Dyke Ave, Warren, MI 48092, United States
Review №1

Well I haven't had a White castle's in quite a while and I could see it was no reason to rush to it unfortunately the meat has gotten a lot thinner There's a lot of buns and a lot of onions and just enough meat to be able to give you a taste Sorry to say I was not very happy but the service was great and everything else was fine And if you got your cravings for your gut grenades don't forget to hit White castles

Review №2

They'll charge you for something you didn't order

Review №3

Customer service was wonderful and just a pleasure to see (in these rough times) i didn't wait any longer then 4/5 mins total! Fastest service from the typical White Castle location my family and I would typically go to. My kids give five stars!

Review №4

This was honestly the best White Castle location I've ever visited! The girls were so nice and friendly and my food was delicious! I'd make the drive just to visit this location again! Customer service was a 10!!

Review №5

I was so happy to see a White Castle on my trip to Detroit. It may not be everyone's go to but it was just as good as I remember growing up. They even had some meatless options.

Review №6

I love white castle! Just wish the notes you put in on the app would be read by the employees. Asked for ketchup and mustard and did not get any. Disappointed.

Review №7

Felt sorry for the gentleman working there. Looked short staffed for sure but lots of restaurants struggling to get help. Meal was hot and he was very nice

Review №8

Who ever worked tonight Sunday October 11th, 2020 around 8:45 pm. You guys Rock!!! Our order was correct and our food was very fresh! Thank you!

Review №9

First of all, my food was cold when it got to me. Second of all, y'all forgot my chicken rings. Third of all, y'all did not give me any sauce for my cheese sticks. What in the hell am I supposed to do with not only cold, but plain cheese sticks??? Y'all tripping, will never order from here again.

Review №10

We got drive through. We got the number one combo. The person asked if we wanted ketchup and we said yes. Once we opened the burgers they had mustard (which I do not like). I ate them anyway but couldn't eat the part with mustard. The service was kind of slow but without the mustard it tasted good. Wish I got the ketchup though. The fries were good.

Review №11

Overall food was good. Disappointed a little because the chicken rings are a little smaller than before but that stuff happens. Would recommend eating here.

Review №12

Service was good but food was incorrect. Ask for extra pickles 1 burger of 4 had extra and one had none! Bummer

Review №13

Food was good White Castle, but service was alittle slow, over not bad got to have some once a year or so

Review №14

Fresh hot sliders, made the way I like them, with a cold smoothie.

Review №15

This location was actually open late. The service was quick and my large special order was 100% accurate. Great job.

Review №16

Food was what you expect, but drive thru was super slow and they didn't have dusseldorf mustard.

Review №17

Nice little wait but good food.

Review №18

Haven't had White Castle in forever!Great service at this location!Food was fresh & hot!

Review №19

Service was quick this time. White castle is white castle.

Review №20

Good food employees very clean and having gloves at all time

Review №21

Great customer service and fresh hot sandwiches keep up the good work.

Review №22

This white castle breakfast sandwiche "hit the spot after a long day at work "

Review №23

I love white castle, always have.

Review №24

My burgers were hot and service was fast.

Review №25

The sliders just taste better here than at other White Castles.

Review №26

The food is delicious, the portions are considerable, the prices are affordable and the service is prompt.

Review №27

White castle is weird. the onions on their burgers are like cooked lettuce. it's kinda gross. however I've had the frozen white castle burgers you get at a grocery store and they're pretty good. quite rare the restaurant is worse than the frozen kindservice was decent and the place was fairly presentable when I went

Review №28

First time at a White Castle really good food. Quick service

Review №29

Drive thru service was good a little bit of a wait but well worth it because the food was nice and fresh and hot I would definitely go back to this white castle and recommend it my family and friends.

Review №30

Impossible burger are delicious...great alternative if you have given up meat.

Review №31

Walked in and it smelled like bleach because they just got done mopping the floor. Great customer service was great foods were hot and fresh. Everything including the men's bathroom was cleaned and shiny. For our bus lovers the Van Dyke drops you off right in front of the restaurant no long walking to get to a bus stop.

Review №32

I forgot I bought White Castle and it was still tasty hours later.

Review №33

This spot is my preferred one. I visit many restaurants but to this place I go the most. The team is very professional and the food they place on your table is so yummy. I never decline to have a nice meal here. I recommend this place with pleasure.

Review №34

8/18 Couldn't seem to get our drive-thru order right even though clearly stated several times. When told that we had ordered something different, "I don't think you did" was their reply. Probably spitting on our cheeseburgers now. Try a different location.

Review №35

Great food n good service!!

Review №36

Just got my order i placed on the app. The young man at the counter was AMAZING with customer service!!! Food is fresh and hot. GREAT job!!!

Review №37

15 people in drive thru 4 people in lobby; they want to take 10 orders in drive Thru before they help us in lobby; not acceptableDon't shop here

Review №38

It's White Castle. What's not to love.️️️

Review №39

We always order the burgers, feeding at least a 20 people at a time. We had to wait quite awhile for our 5 dozen burgers and that's inconvenient but not White Castle's fault! One the staff brought out our order, they gave us coupons for 1/2 dozen burgers which we appreciated. Highly recommend this food it is definitely a different taste from other fast-food burgers.

Review №40

Ya always know -basically- what to expect when ya go to WC. Their 'sliders' are Legendary! I haven't been here in a while, so I didn't know their menu had changed so much! You can get many Breakfast Sandwiches, as well as many Chicken & Fish options, 24 hrs a day!I tried their Sloppy Joe slider, and it was EXCELLENT!! Very Good flavor.I'll have to try one of the Breakfast options next time.

Review №41

Everyone knws the sliders r the bst..

Review №42

Service was ok...but my burgers were not hot and tasted warmed over.

Review №43

Best sliders around.. taste just like they did when I was a kid. Little bit of a wait but worth every minute

Review №44

I seriously feel like they try to make your next experience with this location worse than the last consistently. Foolish kids run this location, there have been times I've waited at the speaker for multiple minutes waiting for some moron to finally respond, just to have me say my order 4 times for them to get it wrong anyways.

Review №45

French fries crispy the best!

Review №46

White Castle is the same everytime, which is Great!

Review №47

Had the crave with my grandson and it hit the spot

Review №48

Was a great new years meal. The crave case, sack of onion chips and sack of fries were exactly as expected and wasn't to long of a wait. Glad the burgers microwave well as they were great the next day too. I enjoy adding extra mustard. These were regular with everything but not cheeseburgers.

Review №49

Could be a little quicker

Review №50

Good old fashion cheese burgers

Review №51

The employee was really nice, and the foods great.

Review №52

Cashier was very friendly and took the time to make sure our order was perfect!

Review №53

This one was in Sterling Heights have breakfast. breakfast sandwiches only came with one slice of bacon cashier was very rude

Review №54

I've liked white castles since I was a kid. There aren't very many left anymore.

Review №55

Wrong food...line was too long to get the correct food.

Review №56

You know what the White Castle is, but I bet you didn't know that they do special Valentine's Day Celebrations every year! We've been doing this for 10 years now and it's the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Review №57

Ok. Well first, let me start off with the fact that I wasn't planning on going here. I'm exploring the Detroit area for Xmas presents. I meant to treat myself to some really nice ramen place about 10min away, but at the last minute, I turned into this parking lot. I've never been to a white castle before. I was meaning to be nice to my body today. But no. I had a #1 (4 sliders, a small fry and a drink). Not only did I eat all of that monstrosity, but I subbed my soft drink for a chocolate shake. Will my sensitive stomach get food poisoning from this? Maybe. But I now can cross off white castle from my bucket list.

Review №58

Whitey's is one of Michigan's staples. Nothing else to say.

Review №59

Ok...had a crave. Double cheeseburgers with extra pickles and onions. Not fast, but worth the wait. Eating area and bathrooms could use attention and the Hi-Tech soda machine was malfunctioning. Love the Castles, endure the source.

Review №60

They were fast and the burgers were so good and fresh

Review №61

Couldn't take an order, finally got the order in and it was rang in wrong, put some nasty stuff on my sliders when I asked for mustard packs, ordered 2 drinks got one, then when I asked where the other drink was the cashier said, "I didn't ring it up" and slammed the window on me.....worst....experience....ever

Review №62

Way better quality than the one on 8mile by far!

Review №63

Service and food was good

Review №64

It's a decent White Castle. Also as a heads up: the Sloppy Joe slider is better than one could hope. Super good annual gimmick.

Review №65

Did not agree with my body.. but overall wasn't horrible

Review №66

Chocolate shakes are awesome!

Review №67

To much mustard . These places don't make these sliders like they used to

Review №68

This is a reason why White Castle became a national. Fresh hot food with smiley faces

Review №69

Waited in line 10 mins for cold burgers

Review №70

Why isn't there White Castles down south? Need these little bite size burgers of deliciousness everywhere!

Review №71

Good customer service

Review №72

Slow but good!

Review №73

Bad experience turn out to be good. I wasn't please with my order but Jacob was apologetic

Review №74

Forgot the damn fries.

Review №75

Classic. I love that they have the Impossible Sliders. They are great.

Review №76

Even though there is a White Castle in the city that I live in, I always enjoy going to White Castle anywhere in the Detroit and surrounding area. the service was fast the workers were nice, me and the family enjoyed our burgers... little burgers that is. . we went after the lunchtime Rush hour and I'll definitely go back again.

Review №77

Drive-through was fast and friendly, food was hot and great

Review №78

Dookie service stayed in the “crave zone” for 40 minutes

Review №79

Awesome food and waitress

Review №80

What's not to love? Best burgers, best fries

Review №81

Fast and friendly and food was good

Review №82

If you haven't been here in awhile you might be surprised at how extensive their menu is. It's not just the burger sliders you remember from your drunken college years. There's people that say they don't like White Castle. They're talking about those delicious greasy little gray burgers. Bring them again and try the chicken ring sliders or their new impossible sliders. I mean, I didn't like the impossible slider, but your veg friend might.I'm not sure about other locations, but this one has decent fast food and really nice employees that seem to work impossibly slow. Just don't rush and you're all good. Pictured here is a regular slider that tastes slightly better than it looks.

Review №83

Sometimes they dont wear hair or hats. Kinda gross, wouldnt eat there ever again but they do employ a lot of ppl for one hour so its nice to see people with something to do

Review №84

Nice staff

Review №85

As far as fast food goes I really like this place. Every time I've gone there the food is pretty fresh, and the employees are very friendly. Prices are reasonable. I highly recommend trying the cheese sticks. Definitely above average for fast food. I never forget to buy some when I stopped in.

Review №86

Drive thru takes to long 20min wait

Review №87

One of the best white castle

Review №88

I came to the location, and it was okay. My problems with this location, is that, the people have customers waiting for food, the young ladies working there are not wearing HAIRNETS! When people are wearing weaves that comes down your back and swing from side to side, YOU need to be wearing a HAIRNET. There was ONLY one person wearing a hairnet, and that was the young lady, who is expecting. I'm proud of her for two reason, she had a hairnet on and she is still trying to provide for herself. The young lady preparing the food, DID NOT have a hairnet on her head, she was the one, with the weave that hung to her hip area. There was others, but not with as long of hair. There's nothing with wearing weave, but weave sheds, and fall into anything. So, please wear hairnet, regardless and this location won't get a bad review. Now, the food, was nice, fresh and hot, they get an A+ on the food.

Review №89

Everytime I go home to Michigan gotta have these.. Yassssss!

Review №90

3 stars because the sliders are always good service is very poor always a long wait for the food inside and drive through. Employees look like they have no clue what's going on

Review №91

The staff was extremely rude and seemed as if they didn't want to be bothered. A long wait for 4 cheeseburgers and a small chicken ring. My sister ordered a strawberry smoothie and it was made twice and it appeared to be moldy with a black substance in it both times. The staff told us it was just the yogurt. This establishment use to be one of the best White castle in the area for over 20 years but not anymore.

Review №92

The service in the drive through was fast and order was right

Review №93

White Castle has the BEST breakfast sandwiches! Sausage, egg and cheese on toast or bun.

Review №94

Very slow. Drive through employee didn't say a single word to me. No hi. No your total is. Not a word yet spent the entire 5 minutes I was in the window chatting with the other crew. Only giving two stars because my order was correct.

Review №95

Good but a little bit of a wait for a crave case but good things come to those who wait, this had the best burgers I ever got from any White Castle in my life, normally at any other location it's just thrown together so fast that it's oozing into the box by the time I get home, this is the only place I actually held a burger in my hand completely

Review №96

It's ok

Review №97

Try the sausage breakfast slider, delicious! Today the service was also exceptional and timely.

Review №98

Always a favorite stop when we are in town. Quick service, hot and fresh!!

Review №99

Good Breakfast sandwiches..first time having it. Waffle sandwich with bacon very good ..

Review №100

Burgers have been good for over 50 years that I've been going

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