Rams Horn
30500 Dequindre Rd, Warren, MI 48092, United States
Review №1

Outside of the fact that they're open 24 hours and the service was friendly I found very little to recommend about this location. Our order was prepared incorrectly (Got wrong toast, hash browns instead of tomatoes that were ordered) and my omelette was just awful. I understand we were there at 3:30 a.m. and that's not exactly prime time but I felt like we woke up the cook.

Review №2

My wife and I came here after a great evening out. 45 minutes after we got here. My wife had ordered her steak medium well and it was so well done that you could even cut with the stake knife. We sent it back and 25 min later we got it back and it was still bleeding. I understand that things are bad because of coverd but when we are told that one of the cook's has called off and the manager is taking care of the kitchen and waiting on tables there is a problem. We will not recommend or return to this restaurant ever again.

Review №3

I came here twice. Left disappointed both times. Food is atrocious. First time the dessert saved me from writing a bad review. But this 2nd time I was served ice cream on a PLATE. The servers are very pleasant (thank god) but the food is not worth the money. It won't even pass as being okay. Menu is all over the place.I recommend you use your hard earned money at a place you would rather be able to actually eat at!

Review №4

I support this Ram's Horn! They're quick helpful service is on point and you get what you pay for. I repeat, I support RAMS HORN FAMILY DINER! If you honestly expect fancy grade A prime rib with fancy plating, you make me chuckle :)

Review №5

I like this place. It's nice. The staff has never been rude to me in all the years we have come. The food is good,then service is good.A great place to go for a fast bit to eat with no frills. Not gourmet food just good food at a good price. Plus they are open 24/7 as of this posting. Check it out for yourself, not going to cost much

Review №6

The food was amazing per usual.Karen was our server, she was cool and very attentive but she had an odor that almost made me choose another restaurant option.Hygiene is key! Especially with covid.

Review №7

I have eaten at this restaurant many times over the last 15 years. The service is good and the food is excellent! I highly recommend this place!!

Review №8

Janet is one of the best servers there. Place is clean and service is great. Perfect breakfast spot for the night shifts at the plants.

Review №9

Food is excellent. Service is very poor. Gf had to get us refills and staff was very condescending to her. Since they reopened only once did we get good service and it was a takeout order. Loved this place before new management but now maybe only get takeout. In short: wait staff is very poor, but the kitchen staff is awesome.

Review №10

First time at this rams horn. Service was amazing. They made my picky kids food exactly as asked. Distancing customers very well. Waitress was nice and attentive. Prices are great.

Review №11

Service was wonderful even during the trying covid times. Staff was quick and kept up on our needs. Food was great as usual.

Review №12

Good food at good prices. Friendly service always.

Review №13

Went there to eat in, and the waitress brought our appetizers in a carry out bag which we never mentioned or wanted her to do. so I spent 51 bucks here and the best part of my food got carried out which was horrible when we got home.Ill think twice before going there again.

Review №14

Lots of confusion in this restaurant. Very bad experience. Was not many people in st the time we stopped in. Others came in 15 minutes after we did and we did not have meal. Only two of us. Had to ask the the manager why we weren't served. He went to check. Ten minutes later he brought our meals. Thus will be the LAST time I will ever go to this Rams Horn. How do they stay in business. Wish there was a ranking below one star.

Review №15

Woke up at 130am craving biscuits and gravy it was amazing.Thanks gene still running a great business.

Review №16

I would not recommend the meatloaf, did not even recognize it as meatloaf when the server put it on the table. The server was very nice and polite

Review №17

SO nice to sit in a restaurant again! This location never disappoints with their sparkling clean, private bathroom and beautiful, socially-distanced dining room. Those blueberry pancakes are always a winner in my book

Review №18

This rams was okay but not great. As you can see in the pictures a few things were plated sloppy and was a lot over done on the wrap. Or server was helpful and a little rude but I don't think she meant to be. My brother wanted a burger with bacon added to it and she said well we are just gonna do a different burger and do no cheese. But she kind of did it in a rude manner. It is hard to explain. I would also like to point out that I am an aspiring chef and I see more now that I take culinary classes while I was waiting to pay I had the pleasure of watching a waitress plate a side salad. The way she was plating it was using no gloves picking out the good and bad lettuce from each other which kind of grossed me out just because I know how it should be. Then there was problems with the register and they didn't know how to work it. The food tasted good except for a dry wrap but other than that it was okay.

Review №19

I go here Saturday mornings for breakfast before work great place to eat the people are always nice

Review №20

Fast and friendly service, decent food for the price and always clean.

Review №21

Best thing about this place is their late hours.when you wanna eat breakfast food at 1am

Review №22

I've, been a loyal customer for about 2 too 3 yrs, and the service and food was great prior to covid 19, but since they have reopened the service has been poor ive watched arguing in the front area were food comes out from kitchen, food not as good, and its just not the same, then I see a add that say 15 percent off same staff come see us, well its not the same staff, yes a few but a lot left, . I went there for a few reasons ,1 good food,2,close to my home, 3 I'm not a good cook, so it was a great place too go. But I'm done, new owners seem to not care, they have a great manager, but he can't live there, I d go there if he was working but other than that I now go to a new restaurant .Rams horn this is how you lose customers,

Review №23

Great food especially Friday fish dinners. Good service highly recommend this restaurant.

Review №24

I took my mom to eat last Sunday there. They were very kind and helpful my mom being disabled they gave her a spot right where she didn't have to walk so far as well very accommodating and good food

Review №25

It's terrible place. Food not fresh and smell stinking. One good thing is the diner is cheap "cabare" staff.

Review №26


Review №27

Food tasted terrible and when we complained they said that there's nothing that they could do. Our waitress was pretty good though.

Review №28

My friend brought a buffalo chicken salad from here once. I had one bite and was shocked at how delicious it was. I tried to get it again but the taste was not consistent, that being said however it is a nice local spot to eat some food and seems to be frequented by tons of people in the surrounding area. I went back a couple of times after my first takeout order but I have tried it this year. Might stop in for a quick bite soon but nothing really to go out of the way to try.

Review №29

Extremely kind wait staff. Food is pretty good for late night munch.

Review №30

I've, been a loyal customer for about 4yrs, and the service and food was great prior to covid 19, but since they have reopened the service has been poor ive watched arguing in the front area were food comes out from kitchen, food not as good, and its just not the same, then I see a add that say 15 percent off same staff come see us, well its not the same staff, yes a few but a lot left, . I went there for a few reasons close to my home. so it was a great place too go. But I'm done, new owners seem to not care, they have a great manager, but he can't live there, I d go there if he was working but other than that I now go to a new restaurant .Rams horn this is how you lose customers, update 10/15/20 found a great Coney Island on 14mile their breakfast waaay better then you guys. Rams Horn Needs to step up and sell it back to the old owner.

Review №31

The food was not hot. It had to be reheated. The waitress was great

Review №32

Their Country Breakfast Bowl and Biscuits and Gravy are Awesome.

Review №33

Ram's Horn is a metro Detroit staple that has, perhaps, run its course. It wasn't bad, just generic. There are other local casual diner chains in the area that do the same things better. We had a lovely server who was still attentive, even though half the staff wasn't there. Again, not bad, but not great either.

Review №34

The food was horrible! The veal was burnt and the salad was all lettuce with 2 cherry tomatoes. We asked to have the hash browns in a separate container and they couldn't even manage to do that. Will not be returning.

Review №35

Just walked out before being served. Waitress was yelling at a old man for not wearing his mask while he walked 5 feet from the entrance to the bar. It's not a law btw. It's a order. Went across the street to the Thai place. Awesome service and food!

Review №36

Quiet easy to place my order and it was delicious

Review №37

This restaurant makes tasty and quality food that is reasonably priced. Customer service is wonderful. Try it and you'll be hooked. My family is so hooked they were happy to get a Ram's Horn gift certificate for Christmas.

Review №38

Food was good and the server was friendly and efficient.

Review №39

The food was very good the service was excellent

Review №40

I took my sister here for Mother's Day. We had Spinach Pies for an appetizer and Stuffed Grape Leaves as our main course. My Lentil Soup was seasoned perfectly as was my sister's Chicken Lemon Soup. The meal was served with freshly baked pita. I found the Spinach Pie and Grape Leaves to be perfectly seasoned and baked. Our server was attentive but not intrusive. One great aspect of this visit involved my calling for a reservation the day before. A few minutes after hanging up, my phone rang and it was the restaurant calling to ask if there was anything special they could do for our meal. I have never had this happen before- what tremendous customer service. Oasis has made a customer for life due to the food and thoughtfulness of their staff. Also- the quantity of grape leaves was large enough to take home for another meal.

Review №41

Friendly staff and good food.

Review №42

Excellent hospitality, very good taste . Their bread is amazingly soft and crunchy. The people there, are very friendly and the food is delicious. There are also decent vegetarian options, if you are not a meat lover. Overall a good place to have a decent meal anytime.

Review №43

I waited 45 minutes for my carryout and they still messed my order up

Review №44

Order messed up in four different ways. Toast burnt, eggs brown, pancakes burnt and we were one of only two tables occupied at the time.

Review №45

The food is sometimes hit and miss. Had potatoe skins they were pretty much hollowed out and filled with cheese. Pancakes are either good or really really horrible. Some of the waiters are also weird one day we came in and they were arguing on the other side of the table about scheduling. Also Sunday's are usually busy.

Review №46

Great food and great service

Review №47

Service was slow (waitress had to many tables )food was cold

Review №48

The folks are a really great. The food was really good. We ordered breakfast and it was cooked to perfection. The coffee was good. The only thing we have to say about it that might be bad is we found it to be a little pricey. But again it was a good place to meet with friends.

Review №49

Rams Horn tastes like good home cooking. Their breakfast is my absolute favorite around. The hash browns are perfectly crisp without being overcooked. The eggs are fluffy and fresh and the sausage and biscuits might be the best I've ever had. Very friendly staff that look professional. Thoroughly impressed

Review №50

Great place friendly servicers

Review №51

My favorite dining when visiting the metro Detroit area! It is family restaurant with a delicious and diverse menu. From the fish & chips, to fresh salads, breakfast or killer burger called "the imitator", the RH always delivers great meals, friendly service & affordable prices. They still hand scoop ice cream! It is like the old neighborhood family owned diner in a mordern day setting with a great expansive menu!

Review №52

Food is very good. Sevice is great.

Review №53

2 time's they f×××ed up are food and it was not eat here

Review №54

Good food and good host

Review №55

Awesome food and great service...

Review №56

I've been coming here for over 15 years. Great food, great service, very friendly people

Review №57

Good diner food open 24 hrs. Food is reasonable priced and friend people

Review №58

Used to FL food prices. Mi food way more expensive than FL. Otherwise good food n nice place n relaxing n golden oldies ta listen to. Ifin ya can afford it visit the Rams Horn. Youz'll enjoy it.

Review №59

Good food & good service !

Review №60

Now I remember why I stopped coming here. Just left here tonight at about 12:40 Am. It's 4th of July. I get it, working on the holidays suck. From what I can tell there is only two girls working the floor. A younger one and an older lady. I had the younger girl. She wasn't bad. Forgot my refill. Whatever. It happens. Long wait. It happensBut the older chick working was on a whole new level of crazy. I'm hearing her talk to the kitchen and every word out of her mouth is F that and F this. It's not that serious lady. Cool down. She's legit having a melt down.Total lack of management on nights.

Review №61

Janice is a great server, food is great, and restaurant and restrooms were very clean

Review №62

Great service, Good food reasonably priced. If your going to eat at Ram's Horn this is the best location in the metro area

Review №63

Been going to this place for YEARS. Always clean, very friendly and efficient staff. Chef makes sure you get your food the way you ordered it. Only thing is....they have way to many menu items to choose from! I'm always changing my mind cause everything is so tasty. Go....enjoy!!

Review №64

I use to come here every time me and my friend who when we got drunk or we were broke and just wanted to go to a sit down restaurant. The food isn't that bad for the price it's just a nice place to come in the middle of the night for food

Review №65

The food is big and homey! The scene is set to be like 50-60s if your into that theme. The service at this particular location was phenomenal!

Review №66

Pancakes hard. Bacon burnt. Eggs were WONDERFUL.. If I had known this survey would pop up on my phone I would have taken pictures.

Review №67


Review №68

Excellent workers, highly recommended. BEST RAMS HORN IN MICHIGAN. Foods like perfect home made meals. Been coming here for years.

Review №69

Always seem to order the same thing..Famous Imitator Burger..but it's always great. Fries are not as consistently good. Sometimes taste like they need to change fryer oil more frequently. Very nice and friendly staff each and every time.

Review №70

I spent $36 and end up throwing it out

Review №71

This is our second visit and they did not disappoint. I had a wonderful avocado omelette. Even the manager Robert was busy tidying up in the parking with a broom and dust pan as well as serving coffee warmups in the restaurant. He took the time to say hello and assure are order was tasting great.The servers, management and food meet our expectations.

Review №72

Great food great service. Highly recommend

Review №73

Very good service

Review №74

Service was fantastic for our group of 10! They even made us potato pancakes and a Carmel Apple Waffle Sundae which are not on the menu!

Review №75

Didn't pickup the phone. Says 24/7. Guess they don't want the money...

Review №76

Good food, reasonable prices. I love the Cajun Chicken Ciabatta, but lately it's been unreliable. A few times it was served without a key ingredient, once it came out as a panini sandwich. Mostly on dinner shift. Beyond that, i enjoy the atmosphere and attentive staff.

Review №77

Menu is extensive and they're open 24 hours. They serve a dessert made from Sanders bumpy cake. Breakfast ranges from omelettes to french toast. They serve a wide range of burgers and sandwiches. I had the cabbage soup which hit the spot. Comparable to an old school big boy or Silvermans.

Review №78

Excellent food, very kind employees, constantly awesome character. They charge convenient prices and the food quality is good. Fantastic work.

Review №79

I ordered a turkey dinner to go and was I surprised when I opened the container and saw a kids size meal I paid 11 bucks for half a meal!!! Not happy at all food not that great!!! I will not eat there again!!!! Others say good food guess that part didnt make my plate!!!

Review №80

I've been coming here for a few months, or once every other week. The service is always good and the food above average. It's not often overly busy which I love, because it allows me to unwind or get some paperwork done. I've eaten pancakes, waffle, sausage links, eggs, bacon, and more. My favorite so far are the pancakes, and the coffee.

Review №81

Under new management, food is subpar

Review №82

Staff is great & the food is good

Review №83

Food's okay service is decent. I think it's a little high on prices for the extra sides

Review №84

Hi I would like to say that Stephanie & Charlene is the best manager she is very kind and nice she gets me in and out of the restaurant I really enjoyed her she's very professional as I answered the door I will continue to come around to him and spend my money because she rises my spirit and she make my day better

Review №85

Food is good the people are very helpful and attentive

Review №86

Friendly, attentive wait-staff and great value

Review №87

Dependable. Good food. Great service.

Review №88

If I could give this place a 0 star I would, the service was horrible me and my crew asked for water multiple times and didn't get it till we finished our food. My friend asked for sauce about 3 times and didn't get it which made him really upset. I asked for my toast and they brought it out so late to the point where my eggs were cold. I would never choose to come here ever again.

Review №89

Very nice as always especially enjoyed our server Lisa

Review №90

I go here once a week for dinner with my grandma. They always have an incredible staff. They remember us, joke around with us, and just overall make it a great experience to come in every time. Never had any issues with the food either. If you're just looking for a quick bite to eat at a reasonable price this is a great place to go.

Review №91

Waitress was all over the place, very disorganized & forgetful. Food was barely decent, wouldn't recommend

Review №92

The food was great and the service was too.

Review №93

Hi my name is Raafat I always end every night at rams horn after work because the manager is my favorite manager ever there is at night shift and if she's not working I'm not going in not only me but my friends and family I love her she does the best customer service I ever seen ... she's always happy and always taking care of business and customers she makes sure everyone is happy with the service...

Review №94

This location is (usually) on point. The waitresses during the day are great and a better reason to comeback than the food. Not saying anything particularly negative about the food.

Review №95

Good prices only fair service. Quality of food could use improvement.

Review №96

The staff here is ALWAYS friendly and the food is great. The prices are very fair for the portions you get, as well

Review №97

The place wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. Our waitress was nice but the work environment felt really off. Menu seems outdated and cash registers was very old school and not up to date with their systems which makes it time consuming.

Review №98

Decent restaurant, a bit overpriced for the quality for my taste.

Review №99

For some odd reason maybe it was taste buds out of wack . I ordered a country fried steak. Mash potatoes and gravy & corn. Food tasted kind of bland needed something. ( But I must admit) I haven't been feeling to great & haven't been able to eat much at home. The waitress we had was good she was always checking on us to see if we were ok & I think it was her manager checking in on us as well. But the food needed something. Was to bland for me. My husband said the food was good nothing wrong.

Review №100

This is a great spot to bring the family for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The food is super yummy, and the servers are always very friendly... Their open face hot turkey sandwich is divine!

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3.7 Rating
  • Address:30500 Dequindre Rd, Warren, MI 48092, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 586-573-6770
  • American restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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