Chipotle Mexican Grill
Oleander Place Pad, 1525 Fordham Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403, United States

Review №1

Avid Chipotle lover. There was actually a 2 year period where I got Chipotle about 3 times a week. This Chipotle though, has always been a little off with the food. The rice was dried out my first visit and the flavor wasn't great. Don't get me wrong, I finished it because even bad Chipotle is good food. I figured it was a fluke, because it happens in all restuarants. My second visit, the guac was off, rice was dry again, and flavor was off for the bowl again. Maybe they ran out of limes? I know I can ask them to remake the bowl, but the one thing I hate more than bad food is food waste, so I ate the average burrito bowl. Opt for a different Chipotle if you can.

Review №2

Do not order their special salads for online orders. They are chincie. They put ton of red sauce, unlike normal beef, chicken meat offering. Just stick to normal salad bowl options.Disappointed.

Review №3

I went here tonight with a close friend. It was very makes it harder to staff member seemed very rude to me. She cut me off while trying to explain that both orders were the exact same. I understand they're very busy..but at the same time customer service should still be upheld. Probably my last time going here. Some advice: turn the music down, be respectful and keep the dining area clean.

Review №4

It use to be my best spot to go to for dinner or lunch. Lately they cut back on the amount of food you get. If im paying 15+ for a meal i would like to feel like im carrying 2 plates. Each time I go it seems like im not getting what I paying for. So I stopped. Until it change ill take my business elsewhere

Review №5

Nasty... Not a clean table in the house. Our worst Chipotle experience ever. No dressing for the salad, food prep person wiped their nose on her arm before dipping our food!

Review №6

I have no complaints about the food, its always great and tastes amazing, that's not the issue.Every time I come in to order, the music is too loud, so loud the staff can't hear, and even when they can they don't listen. And not to mention, the staff has a habit of being rude and rolling their eyes, sighing at customers, and flat out ignoring customers.Its not uncommon for the tables to be dirty and look unappealing to eat on aswell.The last several times I've come here my food has ALWAYS been messed up, if your going to order and pickup here I highly suggest looking at the bowl/burrito/whatever to make sure its not messed up. For example, I ordered a burrito and when I picked it up they gave me a bowl with three things in it. Unbelievable.I understand it's a busy and high paced restaurant, but they really need to pull it together, its truly fallen from grace and I feel more annoyed then satisfied with the whole establishment if were being honest.The food is great, but they mess up orders, the restaurant is unkept, and the staff is rude.

Review №7

It's good stuff! Very happy with the Carne Asada steak.

Review №8

I ordered a bowl they packed it up so much that it fill out of the paper bag they give you... the food that i could salvage from the drop was good the only thing that was nasty was the rice it was really hard!

Review №9

Bad attention very loud music. I was very unsatisfied with this food, I would not return to this place

Review №10

Not a happy camper. They're really stingy on the food. I barely got any rice, and my family didn't get a lot either. The employee complained about not having enough rice for the end of the night, which is unacceptable. The sour cream was watery, and the staff wasn't too friendly.

Review №11

Stale chips or wrong. I can't remember the last I ordered delivery and my order was correct or my chips were not stale. One time the avocado was not ripe. I have tried many times.

Review №12

I absolutely love this Chipotle. They make my order right everytime, the food is always delicious, and they never take long to make my order.

Review №13

Always liked this place and go there most days during the week because it is close to the office. Last three days the portions for I normally get were very small. Called to let them know and they said that is the way it is supposed to be from now on. The price is still the same for literally half the amount of food.

Review №14

I love Chipotle but the last delivery I got was so awful I will never eat at this location again. I got so much sour cream my burrito was dripping. The steak was just burnt and i can tell the stove top has not been cleaned all day. finally the chips were so salty they weren't edible. Please do not eat at this location.

Review №15

I understand that everyone is on the edge due to COVID-19. I also understand that there's limitations to the way you will get service. However that's no excuse for unnecessarily make people wait for their food when is done and ready to be picked up out of being petty. Nor does that gives you the right to yell at a customer when the customer knocks on the door to be help. Specially when there's over 10 customers waiting outside. So one of the girls that works there greet it everyone by yelling at the only person that knocked on the door because set person wasn't 6 ft away from her. That's unnecessary and unprofessional. After I saw how she treated that customer I don't think I'm going to buy from Chipotle ever again. I rather go to Moe's is just 3 minutes down the road anyways.

Review №16

Not very helpful with ordering the food. The girl making the food rushed me even though no one was behind me. She did not tell me some items cost extra. Not very helpful.

Review №17

I love chpotle but tonight we ordered online delivery. My bf and I both got the salad. It was awful. We both hardly had any lettuce in the salad. So we basically ate meat, cheese, and salsa. And mine had so much liquid sitting in the bottom of my so called salad. Also only had one dressing for 2 salads. :( just dissapointed tonight

Review №18

Well ordered from postmates they at least credited the missing burrito from the order. I typically order double meat and the burrito is like a football it showed up like a taco plus one wasn't even in the bag. Very dissatisfied hopefully it's just everything going on but not what I expected after spending over 20 dollars on burritos

Review №19

Seriously Chipotle you need to step it up . If I had wanted a skimpy, bland burrito delivered to me I would have ordered from Moes. You USED to be a bad a** at making burritos.

Review №20

Quick tasty food. Only wish the noise in the main dining area had ceiling tiles or something to muffle sounds. Its too loud in there no matter the time of day.

Review №21

Always a great location. however last time I ordered more (alot) ingredients than usual and they seemed to skimp a bit on the portions of each to avoid filling my bowl so much.

Review №22

Delicious and fresh. I will be a repeat customer.

Review №23

It's absolutely scrumptious. If you're looking for a great Tex-Mex place with fresh food and ingredients, look no further than Chipotle.

Review №24

Posting this for other vegetarians: Do not eat here. The way the employees handle food is atrocious. Twice I've found meat in my food. Not just traces of meat, but actual pieces of chicken and beef. This is NOT a vegetarian friendly restaurant and unless you want to spend all afternoon in the bathroom I'd suggest steering clear.

Review №25

Everything is always good here fast and very nice staff. Wich the hardest working dude in there would wear a belt. Dude really fast just wear a belt.

Review №26

I received my order from chipotle bad delivery and I have been given a less amount of queso then I had ordered as well as the queso lid was not on properly so it spilled all over my other food.

Review №27

Every time I come in here the service gets worse.

Review №28

The last few times I've went there food has been extremely inconsistent... One time they were out of steak and salad dressing, the other time the chicken had almost no seasoning and then one time is was too salty, they are just very inconsistent at this Chipotle.... So let me update this, today me and my roommates order online and it said our order didn't go through but it charged our credit card and when we called them they pretty much said that sucks.. So I guess we will dispute the payment with our credit card company... Nothing but problems with this chipotle.

Review №29

Takes forever to pick up the food. Messing up the orders.

Review №30

They mess up my order EVERY SINGLE TIME. Every time. On top of it, they are rude. I can't stand this place.

Review №31

Busy spot but staff does a great job

Review №32

Hairs in my food... So i'm in the food industry so I hate being over critical. It's new year's day, not that busy pretty fast service. I go home and I eat my food and gag as there's a hair at the back of my throat. I spit it out and try and give them the benefit of the doubt but found another one at the bottom... I have blue hair right now. This hair is blonde and could no way shape or form be mine. This is so so upsetting and disgusting.

Review №33

Pick up orders only due to Covid. Friendly and accurate.

Review №34

This place has changed staff once again. During peak hours I think they are underman/woman. This place be busy.Their tables don't always be clean, only because they dont be having enough people. One more person wouldn't hurt. Everyone sits down to eat here. If a person stop to clean the tables during peak hours they would get behind.

Review №35

Whoever just made my bowl, amazing just amazing.

Review №36

Food not fresh need better management a lot of employees standing around watching food run out. Why do I have to wait 6 minutes for you to bring something out. And then you fix the food for adults like you serving toddler's. A little bit of food for $9 not worth it

Review №37

I use to hate this place but slowly began to love it, I now eat it atleast every two weeks, only problem I have is they just dump the sauces on it like no tomorrow lol

Review №38

I order their new protein bowl and they made it with so much pepper that it was inedible! I was also charge of chips and queso and I receive it all in all spent $20 on something that couldn't be eaten and had to order a pizza! I would like to see the cook eat the dish that was served to me!

Review №39

Yum. Carnitas is my fave. You can also get a full size quesadilla, it's not on the menu but you can!!

Review №40

Chipotle bogo code does not work at this location. Didn't tell me this as I ordered two of the same entree. Disappointing my local chipotle wont participate in a national promotion

Review №41

Generous portions and fresh. Easy to customize if you have a special diet.

Review №42

Chipotle is a great place for some quality healthy food. Takes a bit of time depending on the location but over all great place with nice staff. A lot of the orders are backed up by online orders from grub hub or Uber eats.

Review №43

Been here many times. Usually everything is great. Last visit the portions were pathetically small. With almost everything they gave me I had to request more. And my bowl was still smaller than normal. Several staff were very unfriendly. Even after requesting “just a little more chicken” I still did not end up with a full scoop.

Review №44

I usually love Chipotle, but will probably not go back to this location. Extreemly small portions when compared to the other Chipotle locations I have been to. Employees were tediously making sure I only received a few pieces of chicken. Employee was very respectful, however, when I asked if I could get more rice and chicken. Chicken was cold as well.

Review №45

Some what half of staff was courteous and friendly. Do they really expect the customers that dine inside to clean their own table before they sit down? I counted atleast 7 employees and they weren't that busy with a line of customers. Trash was on the floor and the disposal cans were full. My wife also stated her food was cold. This hasn't been the first time we have seen the dirty table issues. We saw a family of 4 with small children had to bus their own table aswell. I guess if the quality of food and service continues this way is safe to say we will find another place to eat.

Review №46

I keep thinking I'm catching them on a bad day but the past three times I have come here have been less than stellar. Particularly with small portions of food and cold food. I'm assuming that they have been giving out less food because of the complaints I've seen about them running out of food but the solution is not to give people less. You have to give people what they pay for. I arrived less than an hour before closing one night and a woman scolded one of the workers (in front of me) for giving out too much when he barely gave me any food to begin with. The pans were full of food but they were handing out servings as if there were hours left in the day. When I got home and ate the food the quality wasn't at the level I'm used to.When I worked at chipotle timing was everything. You have to know when to have the next batch of food ready before the other runs out. You can't just hold on to the food on the line all day by giving everyone skimpy portions. I think they just need better management.

Review №47

Whos idea was it to do to go orders with automated voice messages? It shouldn't take 20 minutes to place and order

Review №48

Great food

Review №49

I've been in service industry for 25 years. This location has the rudest staff ever, and they always mess up my take out. It was amazing how rude the checkout girl just was. Fire everyone, train a new crew, and start fresh.

Review №50

This was maybe the worst chipotle experience I've had.There were no fajita vegetables, and I was told it'd be a while if I wanted some.Besides the chicken and steak, every meat looked like it was part of a soup.I'm not sure how hard it is to keep the ingredients stocked since there are maybe 10-12 items available, but this was pretty bad.People go to Chipotle because it's reliable, but this one is by far one of the lower end ones. Maybe I caught it on a bad day.

Review №51

Understaffed. Every evening there is 30-40 minute wait. Hire more people!

Review №52

Service was poor, food line needed some attention, the glass had several prints or marks throughout. The food appeared to have not been tossed or it was just old with a dry look. This was not the standard displayed by other locations.

Review №53

You can't go wrong with Chipotle! Don't forget to try the Carne Asada! Friendly staff and clean dining.

Review №54

The place ran out of veggies for veggie bowl and when asked how much time it will take for the refill, the person told me they will take 30 mins to get the veggies and 30 more to cut them and then they will have to cook them... and i was standing there wondering wt#...

Review №55

Every time I come here the employees look miserable and are not friendly at all. They were out of almost everything and seemed annoyed that they had to restock. I waited around 5 minutes before anyone acknowledged me as i was waiting to pay. Not the usual chipotle experience.

Review №56

Food was good but there is no baby changing table in the bathroom. Had to literally hold my son over the sink to change his diaper. People with babies would like to eat as well.

Review №57

First time visitor. Very satisfied

Review №58

This is honestly the best location I've been to from here to New York. The staff is extremely friendly. I'm a frequent customer here, and occasionally when they are busy and run out of something specific I asked for, I'll wait for them to make more. They are always as quick as they can be and compensate me even when insisted it's not necessary. Awesome group of employees

Review №59

Chicken bowl. So good

Review №60

Consistent service and quality. I've had some bad chipotle experiences in the past, but not here. 4 trips and my food has always been hot, fresh, and flavorful. More importantly, no undercooked rice or stale tortilla chips. Service was accurate, friendly, and prompt. Thank you.

Review №61

Service was excellent, parking was easy, service was some of the best I've had from the scale of one through 10 I would give it a 9. The restaurant was clean the restrooms were also tidy. They have a large selection of dishes on the menu, the staff was very professional, every staff member had a smile on their face they seem very happy working there that made me feel comfortable of being there. All staff members were in uniform very professional looking. I would recommend this place for anyone families or eating by yourself.

Review №62

Hit or miss. Love the chips and guac but they seem to be out of chips a lot and not willing to make more. Sometimes we get cheated on the portions, sometimes it's good. Sometimes staff is rude.

Review №63

The chicken is melt in your mouth good.

Review №64

Good burritos, friendly employees.

Review №65

Something going wrong with Chipotle on Oleander. Used to be great service, but last 3 visits had terrible experience with staff / service. We'll be heading to Moe's!

Review №66

Ordered through the app and it was so quick and convenient. Food was hot and everything was correct in my order. Great food! Wish they would deliver to my location!

Review №67

How hard is it to maintain adequate stock of food? EVERY SINGLE time that I go here, they are always out of a staple food/menu item.

Review №68

Delicious and so much food for the money! Employees were quick and friendly. Highly recommend eating here!

Review №69

Paid $1.40 for chips. There wasn't even 15 chips in the bag. It would be one thing if the chips where free, but you pay for each extra here. This location is usually very clean and the staff is friendly at the beginning. I think the cashiers feel rushed by the end and they need to just breathe!

Review №70

Food is okay at this location, but the attitudes of every employee working there are AWFUL. A customer shouldn't be made to feel like such an inconvenience. They also “run out” of items constantly, but I feel like it's most likely laziness. Overall, never a great experience at this location.Edit: took away another star because nothing has seemed to improve. I called the store for about 15 minutes this afternoon to update an online order I had placed, but no one every answered, just rang and rang. Wake up management!! The only reason people still frequent this location is because it's the only one nearby.

Review №71

I love eating here. Food is always fresh and tasty. The staff is always friendly.

Review №72

Tasty, and though there is almost always a wait it moved quickly.

Review №73

Great food, quick service, and friendly staff!

Review №74

The quality of food & service here has slowly been going downhill. Very disappointed.

Review №75

Kind of disappointed in the new Carne Asada meat.. bummer!

Review №76

Small serving sizes ! I spoke to staff about adding more food to my bowl Jr said that would make the prep team work harder. I Won't be returning! I want my monies worth!

Review №77

Love love love Chipotle

Review №78

One of my favorite places for lunch!! Mostly is fresh!! The restrooms aren't disgusting!! Everything is seasoned better here!

Review №79

Loved the flavor of the carne asada.

Review №80

Went to this Chipotle around 10:55 (they open at 10:45), and still no meat was cut up, vegetables were not cooked (they said it would be 3-5 minutes to cook them), and the proportions were super small also. I had a steak burrito and guacamole (by the way, chips don't come with an order of guac). Steak was gross and couldn't finish my burrito. Also, found a HAIR in my guac. Overall bad experience and staff needs to get it together.

Review №81

Best spicy burrito bowl in town

Review №82

I have been to this chipotle 3 times in the last 4 months and all three times they have been out of chips, twice they have also been out of another item (guacamole/corn). The staff has always been apologetic, but they don't tell you have already started having your order made that they are out of things, which is annoying. The solution seems simple to me... if you run out of things all the time, have more things.

Review №83

Amazing food! The indoor seating is fancy and they keep it nice and cool inside, it's also nice to be able to eat outside.

Review №84

If I could eat here everyday, I would. Fresh food and speedy service. Really enjoy this restaurant, especially when dieting.

Review №85

This was the worst chipotle ive ever been in, the portions were less than half of any other chipotle ive gone to. The staff all seemed they like they just woke up from a 10 year coma, basically brain dead.

Review №86

Both times I have have ordered from this location the chicken has been hard thin burnt pieces that look like they were left over scraps. Poor quality

Review №87

Love this Chipotle! Food is fresh, and delicious. The guacamole is awesome and clean restaurant experience....also very good for my diet as it's a very healthy way to eat out!I'll always be back for more!And Oh, enjoyed the music which created a very happy dining experience.

Review №88

Despite past problems reported in the media, I still like the food.

Review №89

It was very good! Steak was so tender.

Review №90

Every time you visit they are out of something. No fajitas no lettuce... You literally have one job... It's 11:30... How do you not have food prepped for your busiest times??

Review №91

I mean the food was great and all, BUT they forgot my chips that I had placed online. The cute girl at the register went over our order making sure that everything was there. You're probably wondering why didn't you check your order as well. Well my friend was the one that picked it up. I would like a gift card or something for thisThanks!

Review №92

Quick service. Good food.

Review №93

Wonderful service

Review №94

Always clean. We love having food at this location.

Review №95

Good ol' Chipotle. Best one I've been too. The music may have been a bit loud last I went, however.

Review №96

Fresh food and great customer service!

Review №97

I like the products but did feel the server was skimpy on the meat added to my burrito and said so to her.

Review №98

Yuck! Atmosphere was horrible and the food was worse.

Review №99

Poor service, very small portions, and food was cold.

Review №100

Service was amazing and the food was delicious. My experience exceeded my expectation

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  • Kids' menu:Yes
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