Big Boy
2183 Columbia W, Battle Creek, MI 49015, United States
Review №1

Must have reopened recently. It's a family tradition for us to go after trick or treating. Shockingly excellent. Used to be so slow. Waitress tonight was excellent. Food, delicious. Ordered beef stew. So warming on a cold night. Gonna go back and hope that this is the norm now.

Review №2

A place to relax and enjoy good food in a pleasant dining atmosphere.The service was prompt and attentive. From being seated to ordering our meal was brought to the table within twenty-five minutes. The food was hot and delicious.I highly recommend Big Boy as a fine diner for those craving a good meal while on the go. Heck, I might see ya there.Bon Appetit!

Review №3

I had never been around a big boy and the triple bacon cheeseburger is the best in town!

Review №4

We had the pretzel bite appetizer, and it was really good. I was surprised that the cheese sauce was cold. Our daughter loved them, though. I had the chicken parm sandwich while hubby had the super big boy. We enjoyed the meal and our waitress was funny.

Review №5

Prices have went up as has everywhere. Would be nice to have some coupons. I do still visit for time to time. Nice staff very clean dining area.

Review №6

Had biscuit and gravy. Service and coffee was good. Biscuit was good, light and fluffy. But the gravy wasn't all that good. Used less milk more water and way to much pepper.

Review №7

This place is pure nostalgia bomb for me.The service is good and food is always stellar.I have never once, left here unsatisfied or disappointed.Will probably go this coming weekend.The burgers are great, but the turkey bacon club is amazing.

Review №8

Very good customer service during my visit. The fact it was not that busy helps to allow more attentive service. I had the chicken tenders and they are revised from past and were delicious. Highly recommended as the quality of the chicken was very high. While stores seem to be closing over time the quality remains high. Thanks for your visit.

Review №9

Great place, so sad that the one in Jackson closed. Now we drive 45 minutes to come here.

Review №10

Delicious milkshakes! Friendly service! Spacious building. :-)

Review №11

I love there biscuits and gravy.!

Review №12

Great service! Marcia was an exceptional server.

Review №13

Was the best slim jim I had in a long time

Review №14

Food and service we're both very good.

Review №15

Very clean dining area with a well maintained soup and salad bar brought a great impression. The staff was courteous, helpful. Attentive, and demonstrated care and interest in our visit and food. Food was well prepared and fresh. Definitely a very satisfying experience.

Review №16

Big boy is a classic in my life. Having moved away, I try to hit one when I'm in Michigan.

Review №17

It was okay food.. service was excellent

Review №18

Service was excellent. Their burgers are historically tasty, and it did not disappoint me. Their soup and salad bar looked great, though I did not order on this occasion. They did have a promotion for 99 cent strawberry pie, and boy, was it delicious!

Review №19

What a great little place! My wife and I are both Michigan natives, but live in Illinois now. We recently stopped here on our way back because we were both craving a little taste of home, and this hit the spot. I orderd the Slim Jim with onion rings and my wife ordered the classic Big Boy burger, both tasted as good we remembered and our server was great to boot! We will be sure to stop by here on our way back home!

Review №20

Pretty good and the staff was very nice

Review №21

We came in for the breakfast bar. It took 30 minutes for the waitress to come take our order.. she proceeds to Say she told us to go ahead and eat,(witch is a lie). She got upset and snatched the menu's saying she didn't get paid enough for this.. (I was completely polite) giving 2 stars because the manager was very nice and gave us our food for free..

Review №22

There is something nostalgic about this place. The food tastes just like it did when I was a kid. The hot fudge cake is still the same delicious treat it was 50 years ago.

Review №23

Great place to grab a bite to eat!My husband ordered the pot roast & I ordered the Avocado omlette with bacon! YUM! The service was great! Lee J was our waitress & she did an amazing job!

Review №24

Good service surprising good food

Review №25

Absolutely one of my favorites

Review №26

Good place for a good bit to eat.

Review №27

The waitress was very good, and the food was very good.

Review №28

Had onion rings... not too good. Also had the club sandwich the toasted bread was extremely hard. Service not so great and it wasn't very busy.

Review №29

Hot food and fast service! Yum!!

Review №30

Had the Impossible burger. It was amazing. The fries are great. Took a bit of waiting for our table of 4 with less than half a house. will recommend and Will come back.

Review №31

Great service, good food.

Review №32

The service was poor and the food was disgusting.

Review №33

Needs to work on their food

Review №34

Fry's are so good

Review №35

Love this place.

Review №36

Terrible! Dirty, Buffet bar not filled . No silverware, napkins and other food items were not available. Dinning area and Bathroom is extremely need of soap and water . Very slow service and including ourselves there were a total of 8 customers. Plus Big Boy doesn't recognize Senior's for discounts !

Review №37

Food absolutely swimming in a pool of grease. To the point of the hash browns were saturated in BROWN oil. Waitress was aloof. Will never be coming back after this. Also, floor entirely unswept, tables had finger smudges. Unempressed.

Review №38

Big Boys, both Battle creek and Wayland. Great food, great service. Miss the Swiss miss. Put it back on the menu

Review №39

We usually only go for the buffet when we have a hankering. The food is usual buffet quality, but the prices are a bit high. $30+ for two people to eat at a Big Boy buffet plus drinks is probably a bit steep. The service is great however! The servers are attentive and accommodating. They brought out some country gravy for us because there was only sausage gravy on the buffet (we're vegetarians). If you want to gorge yourself while emptying your wallet, this is the place.

Review №40

We visit big boy often but had never been to the breakfast buffet. We came with a group of 6 for Mother's Day and it was great! They were BUSY, like full restaurant with a little bit of a wait busy but it seemed like everything was running smoothly. Drinks were getting refilled, the buffet was hot and stocked and honestly for the price it surpassed my expectations! Also, you got a coupon for a free meal when you came back for Mother's Day which was super cute ️

Review №41

Great Big Boy. Good service.

Review №42

Always a fan of Big Big as they are known to have a great menu selection while also being family and kid friendly. I stopped into this location the other day and was wow'd by the staff and management on how well the restaurant was ran. It started off by walking in the front door and being greeted right away by a friendly face and taken right to our table. Drinks were constantly full and our server was friendly, fast, and knowledgeable. The food was excellent being hot and fresh off the grill. I had the classic slim Jim sandwich, which was one of the best I have ever had. The manager, who was going around and speaking to each table, made her way to mine which I had to tell her what a great team they have and how impressed I am with the quality of food and service.Thank you Big Boy Battle Creek for the great service and great food! My family and I look forward to coming back again soon!

Review №43

Hospitality was warm, variety of food could have been better. Fresh water pita chips, fresh nuggets also good. Other than that very nice people.

Review №44

Our service was delightful! It was a nice lunch and FREE PIE TUESDAY!!!

Review №45

Seems to have an old fashion setting but not intentional. Very good customer service.

Review №46

We went because Big Boy was in Austin Powers. The service was amazing. The food was delicious. Now I have my restaurant in Battle Creek

Review №47

Soup and salad bar was okay. Good staff, decently cleaned but really needed to be updated and overpriced sandwiches.

Review №48

Always good; always a place to go for people in the area.

Review №49

Best Big Boy we've been to in years. Clean, good service, food was fresh and tasted really good. The staff seemed to be all women, including the kitchen staff and they were hopping fast and courteous. Most impressive was how clean things were and the fact that they literally came out from the kitchen and used an instant read thermometer to check the salad bar food- every item. I'd let my husband pick this location again.

Review №50

I had the fish and chips which were as wonderful as I remember. Made two meals out of them!

Review №51

Food was good, but took a bit longer than it should have...they were not busy. I had to go up to the cash register to get my bill.

Review №52

Food not that good.

Review №53

Nice place to eat. Good food and good service.

Review №54

Great service food cooked exactly like I wanted

Review №55

Excellent service

Review №56

We absolutely love this restaurant! The food is always good, the service is wonderful and we are treated so well. Top notch place for sure!

Review №57

Waitress was a little slow with plates when we asked for them, it wasnt very busy. One other minor thing, but I can't remember Not complaining but an observation, she was friendly, I tipped her anyway.

Review №58

This restaurant was clean, friendly and the food was very good.

Review №59

Great not many left...take u back prices are also awesome

Review №60

Fantastic Food and Super Service will be back!

Review №61

The staff there is always polite and has great manners. Food is great, and I love their shakes. 10/10 would recommend!

Review №62

Was great

Review №63

Great service & good coffee. Ended up ordering the last chicken fried steak available (my husband had to change his order because they didn't have one for him) thought I was lucky, it was ok... maybe I should have ordered one of their burgers being that the mascot holds one up to the sky LOL next time...My mother-in-law ordered a philly and it was made with raw red onions, thankfully it was easy for her remove them. Their booths are in need of some fixin' poor things. They're all torn up and ruined from years of being sat on. Maybe will try again next time we come across a Big Boy, just to try the burger and have some coffee and pie. My mother-in-law simply enjoys their pies!

Review №64

Service was excellent. Their food was tasty, and it did not disappoint. Very clean. We had a spectacular time!

Review №65

We absolutely LOVE the new update taco bar on Fridays, and the price is unbeatable for all the food you get! Heather was very kind and made sure to make our night out enjoyable.

Review №66

Great service. The salad bar is sparse selection-wise, not worth eating as your main course but ok as a add-on to a meal or sandwich. Soups were tasty.

Review №67

Better than I remember been twice lately

Review №68

Big Boy has been our go to place for our family memories for generations now. Great food and great service! Myra was our waitress. I highly recommend her!

Review №69

My wife and I have been weekly lunch go-ers at the Battle Creek Big Boy for about 20 years. Lately, we've seen an amazing increase in quality of not only service, but food. We decided to stop in for dinner(which is rare) and were left in awe by how great the night workers were. Upon entrance we were greeted by a smiling face, Kassidy who seemed to be as excited to be there as we were. Our server Lexi did an amazing job of making sure our drinks were filled and that we had everything we needed. We even had the luxury of having the manager, Heather stop by and ask us how we enjoyed our evening, and occasionally tending to us when things got a bit busier. All in all we had a great experience and definitely will be enjoying dinner at Big Boy more often! 10/10

Review №70

I play pokemon

Review №71

Great service. The Western sweetness to take it the top third of the omelet chart.,

Review №72

Food was good.went their with my niece and her husband. The lady that waiting on us.she was so nice.went out of her way Just being sweet and nice love her

Review №73

Haven't been here in a long time. Because of a really bad past experience. This time everything was great. Our waiter was excellent. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

Review №74

My family and I travel from Indianapolis twice a year to visit my parents in Battle Creek. I grew up there and have fond memories of what the city used to be. One of the best reminders of the good ol' days is stopping into their local Big Boy! We always feel so at home when we dine in, and are never disappointed with our orders when ordering out. My wife (a retired restaraunt manager herself) is usually displeased with the service we get when we go out but she LOVES Big Boy's staff and their hospitality! The managers are so kind and seem to work very well with their employees. Battle Creek Big Boy is always #1 on our destination list when we enter the city! Keep up the great work!-Mike

Review №75

Haven't been to a Big Boy in over 20 years! Had the classic Big Boy Burger and Onion Rings! What a treat! Sierra our waitress was terrific!

Review №76

Yummy food for Big Boy My server was excellent too Thank you for great service

Review №77

Really good food, and the lady who took y to go order was really nice

Review №78

Every visit to Michigan we go there for thier slim Jim sandwich. Great service and food.

Review №79

Delicious food and friendly staff.

Review №80

Very good burger and fries.

Review №81

Great food,good servers good price

Review №82

We Went To "Big Boy" & I Ordered, The All You Could Eat Spaghetti Special & There Wasn't Hardly A Serving, In The Bowl When The Waitress Brought It! I Wanted Some More, Since I Ordered The All You Could Eat Special & It Seemed Like The Waitress, Wasn't Ever Coming Back To The Table, When We Finally Did Track Her Down, I Got Another Serving Same Size Portion, Ate It, Paid For Our Meal & Haven't Went Back!

Review №83

I wish I could give the one star. On my last visit in I decide that would be my very last visit, the managers were yelling at their staff. Cooks were yelling through the window to servers. The floor under my table was disturbing, trash all beneath mine and my families feet. Eventually we got up and moved ourselves to another table. After having this experience I will never return to another big boy again. Please get new management and staff in this place and maybe it'll turn around.

Review №84

Great food

Review №85

Sandwich wasn't as good as usual.Won't be ordering the slim Jim there again for a long time, if I do.Waitress was great.

Review №86

Food was good and our server was always right there to make sure we had the best service.

Review №87

The buffet was not marked on all 4 sides for both the salad bar and the breakfast buffet. The buffet was very under stocked. They would run out of items very quickly. I can only speculate that the manager did not anticipate a large group of people to come in today. The eggs were never replenished one time while I was was there. They were always out of waffles and french toast. The pancakes looked under cooked. The sausage gravy was non existent, I kept having to scrape the bottom of the pan to get enough to cover the eggs. There are 2 other Big Boy Restaurants that I have been to that would make this place look rediculous and they are Petoskey and Wayland Michigan.

Review №88

The service is great and the omlet was very good.

Review №89

My husband loves the breakfast bar

Review №90

Really enjoy the salad bar in the great service and thank you for giving military

Review №91

Super service. Love all the waitress. Always an incredible experience

Review №92

Great prices...portions good... But no flavor in Burger I had...and chicken tenders were dark as in bad oil dark. Which made chicken tough and elastic,.. The breading was to thick....

Review №93

Really nice staff, good food

Review №94

Staff was acting, very unprofessional! One was yawing she then put her head down on the counter.

Review №95

Good food reasonable easy access staff great.

Review №96

Best burgers ever! And delicious shakes

Review №97

Tried the all you can eat breakfast bar. Cooks were slow to refill favorite items.

Review №98

Very friendly staff with knowledgeable waiters and waiteress. The food was very good. I had the meat loaf and mashed potatoes. My date had the spaghetti and meatballs. I also had a side salad with french dressing. I had coffee to drink. They had plenty of sweeteners at the table, and they brought me a ton of creamer for my coffee. The prices were fairly inexpensive, for the two of us, it was about $17.00 before the tip. I always try to remember to tip at least 15% of the total amount of the check. Very friendly and I will definitely be returning real soon !!!!!

Review №99

Good service n some good choices on food

Review №100

Food was ok...nice staff..clean..

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  • Healthy options:Yes
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