Panera Bread
370-420 W Army Trail Rd Suite 420, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

Thank you very much for the excellent customer service provided by The manager Lisa at this location. My Delivery order was very late in Arriving and I had to leave fir an spot. Lisa took the time to track it. And it took a while. This was during their busiest time in the evening and she remained pleasant throughout the effort.

Review №2

Very good, very fresh, very small, very expensive. Delicious food every time, tho. Flavors of the food come alive in every dish. You can tell everything is made with care. Specialty Panera fountain drinks all taste extremely weak with barely the essence of whatever flavor you would expect. Great food but low value for the price. If I was a millionaire, I would eat here more often.

Review №3

I recently placed an order to pick up. The order was about ten minutes late- not a big deal. Thank goodness I checked inside the bag because almost HALF of it was missing. The manager was nice enough to let me choose some items from the bakery; however, the staff needs to pay better attention to what they're doing. The restaurant was not busy and there were several staff members working behind the counter. I was disappointed, as I usually have a great experience at this Panera location.

Review №4

Giving a zero for service and attention to detail. On August 7, 2020 we ordered a pick up order and paid over the phone, not unusual for this time of 2020, however when my daughter arrived to pick up my order it was not there, apparently another person whom did not pay for food picked up my order, although the staff was kind enough (really?) to make my order again they did not seem concerned nor did they seem to care she was now late for a meeting. My husband called later that day to speak to the manager and was offered an apology and a 20 gift card. After paying $80.75 for the lunch ordered , ok compensation I guess for the inconvenience but the gift cards never arrived, poor customer service just actually gave what the manager thought would satisfy the customer. We will not return to Panera and give a company our hard earned money when that's all they care about.

Review №5

I usually don't use Panera, but today my boyfriend dropped to this restaurant and I really felt in loveWe got a squash soup and smoke house chicken sandwich. I will come back soon. I owe you the photo.

Review №6

The service is horrible. Trying to place a catering order and no one will answer. The customer service is poor inside the store as well. No attention to the customer they just want to get you in and out fast. Going to Zupas cafe for my catering orders. They answer the phone and appreciate their customers.

Review №7

I haven't been to this location in a long time but they did a great job redecorating the place. Was there for several hours with my friend and no one asked us to leave.

Review №8

What terrible service. I used to love Panera. This branch has made me hate it. Extremely terrible. Nobody asks or helps you. Makes you wait on purpose. Just plain awful

Review №9

With each day, the service just keeps declining. They forget items, give cold coffee, extremely long wait times. We are disappointed to see how Panera is falling short to provide a good service anymore.

Review №10

I had a TERRIBLE experience at the this location recently . I understand that the pandemic has affected a lot of business, but the quality of my order terrible. The wait was ridiculous and I was barley serviced!

Review №11

Usually this place is really great but recently I got a disgusting hair in my delicious broccoli cheddar soup. They should be more careful especially during these times.

Review №12

Was a great location but going downhill. Ordered bagels online the day before and paid fully yet they called me next day before pick up time saying they ran out! Not that they didn't make any that day but they ran out. Why accept online orders in advance than ?

Review №13

Just reviewing for rapid pick up order- I've been here a few times and they go above and beyond!!! Right on time and delicious! Love creamy tomato soup and their Asiago cheese bagel although they run out of it often!!! Brownies are great too! They just made a mistake with my order and the manager refunded me and gave me what I ordered at no cost for the mistake! Thank you so much will be back!

Review №14

Missing items in order in the pick up. Several times in a row. Worst company and restaurant in the area. Horrible. Never again.

Review №15

They keep forgetting to put bread bowls with orders. Its frustrating when you curbside pickup and get home to find out half your order is missing. Whoever order checker 8 is needs to read order receipts more throughly.

Review №16

After a personal boycott of Panera Bread, I decided to use a gift card I won in a raffle.While I can say the food was great, I am disappointed in the quantity.I ordered a white cheddar and steak Panini.I'll rate it as a 10 for flavor and 1 for the sandwich.$9.99 for 1oz of steak? WTF!Last visit for me.

Review №17

Just stopped in for quick bite. We had a bowl each of chicken noodle soup and autumn squash soup, two small cups of coffee and two cookies costing $19.50. The chicken noodle was a standard good and the autumn squash was a bit sweeter than I like, but I expected that could happen. Good service and clean space as usual at Panera.

Review №18

Ordered a suffle and a medium coffee, both of them luckwarm.The server was nice enough to exchange the suffle with another at the same temperature (not great).It was 7am and the morning rush on full swing.Sorry but at that hour I expect to have hot coffee and fresh suffles served at the right temperature.More the server encouraged me to warm up the coffee in the microwave oven?!?!The restaurant setting looks really good, however the bathrooms need a fresh look soon.You could see for yourself in the pictures.

Review №19

Good food good service,

Review №20

Never makes my order correctly and manager was very rude about it. Won't be returning to this location.

Review №21

Very loud and obnoxious staff. if they're not talking and screaming they're humming and singing. save your money and go to a different location. tried studying but their voices are legit the only thing i can here - shut up please.

Review №22

The food was great, however there was one worker who was very rude. did not like that!

Review №23

One of the best Panera bread locations. The staff are kind and I saw them helping all the customers. They keep the dining area and the bathroom clean

Review №24

Kinda pricey, but the quality is there. They have pretty quick service and a good variety of options to pick from. Overall a solid place for lunch.

Review №25

I have been regular customer at this location Sean is wonderful with excellent customer service. He is kind and great with customers. We need more people like him in this world.

Review №26

Panera Bread is great. Their soups are delicious, their pastries are so yummy, that if we don't enjoy a treat while we are there at Panera, we always bring treats home! My only request is that they have their potato soup on the menu more than 1 or 2 days a week. It is sooo good!! It's my favorite!

Review №27

The cashier waited patiently as I decided.The broccoli cheddar soup was very good and HOT!.The new summer strawberry caprese salad was nice, fresh and cold.Last of all the ham sandwich minus the cheese was cold but I'm assuming it's supposed to be a cold cut. Good experience practically always

Review №28

This place is worth giving a shot. They serve large portions for reasonable rates. Regularly neat and with fantastic vibes. Will come visit again.

Review №29

If I could rate this location in the negatives I would. Every single time we come here they get our order wrong and then we have to call and talk to management who says there is nothing they can do. We either are always missing items or there is a wrong item. Glad to see they could do a remodel now perhaps they could start working on actually getting orders correct.

Review №30

One of the central things I look for in any eating place is consistency and this Panera has it. From food that is consistently good quality, to service that is friendly and efficient, to a facility that is clean and well maintained, combined to give you great value. If there ever is a problem, which we rarely have here, they work hard to make it right.

Review №31

Last time I was here they gave me a plastic spoon for my soup.. and an elderly gentleman a plastic fork for his salad which later broke in his mouth. I listen to him complain and the staff said we simply don't have a dishwasher right now.. I started laughing and left.

Review №32

Love this place. One of my favorites. Great service. The food is a bit pricey but is good. Restaurant is clean

Review №33

Best tomato soup to cheer me up !!!

Review №34

Weak & sloppily out together sandwiches. The grilled cheeses were poorly made & the portions of cheese were lacking. Ordering online for asap pickup I dont advise. A 5-year old makes better sandwiches by hand. I've definitely had better for the already pricey $8-$10 sandwiches. I had a giftcard though.

Review №35

Such a nice place to meet friends and chat. Or, go alone and do some work. I tried their Goddess Cobb Salad last week and it was so good. Their Pick 2 are always large portions yet healthy.

Review №36

Have never been at this location and have not eaten at Panera for a while. I got the Pick 2, Fuji apple salad with a turkey panini. It was very good. The only negative was the tables were not all clean...maybe they were short handled....

Review №37

Yeah , very disappointed with my order . Lazy staff members and low quality prep food .

Review №38

Clean and friendly place. Kinda trendy for the hipsters and shopping mom's, but if you come after the lunch rush, you can relax more.

Review №39

Not as impresive as other penaras weve been to. Me and my mom went to this penara today and we were not as happy as we usually are. For context, me and my mom frequent penara and we have a order we enjoy and stick to. This is not our usual penara but we thought it would be the same as the other one we go to. Well we were very disappointed. The lines were long, so we ordered from the computer divices. When we ordered they were out of the tracking buzzers that let's them know where to bring you food. I went up to a lady who worked there and I guess she could not give me one. (I literally don't know why she did not explain when I asked) we ened up having to search for our food. Once we got it, we realized that the restaurant itself was a mess. The tables were coved in food as well as the floors. My mom's sandwich also did not have as much meat as usual. It was 12:30 when we went, so right at lunch time, but this is no exsuex for not as good food and service. We will likely not return to this penara again.

Review №40

I liked Alex. Nice dude. Also, top notch food as always.

Review №41

First visit to this location and far from a good first impression. Right from the start was having issues with the quick kiosk. Have to press very hard for the kiosk to accept touch commands first, then in the middle of my ordering the app on the kiosk closes and I have to start from the beginning to input my order. Not a huge deal but frustrating being it's supposed to be a quick kiosk. Second, when the order is delivered the bread for the sides were substituted due to not having any selected available. Not a huge deal again but there was no notice given at the quick kiosk about shortage of items such as the bread. Finally the floor and tables are all in shambles. The floors are dirty with tons of crumbs and garbage like straw wrappers and napkins in the walk ways. Many of the tables are dirty as well. I'd be willing to come back and try this location again being there are some good reviews. Hopefully second time is a charm.

Review №42

Got our order messed up. Not sure I'll be back

Review №43

I had an issue with my order today, I ordered through Grubhub instead of the panera app. My order was delayed due to the Cafe never receiving it (b/c I ordered though Grubhub instead of their app) During this process, it was upsetting not getting my food, it was lunch time and I was HANGRY (angry+hungry) I was welcomed by an angel, aka delivery driver (didn't catch her name, she drives a white equinox, I believe) and she sat down with me and explained the whole process of the delayed order and gave me some cookies ;) Sometimes all a girl needs is some free cookies and everything is magically okay. I want to thank that delivery driver, her customer service was everything. Also, shout out to the manager for hiring amazing kind hearted people. Love y'all. Peace out.

Review №44

Always liked Panera but the lack of employees is starting to show. Tables not wiped down. Coffee cold or watered down. Prices seem high enough that they could add another staff member. The organization of the table delivery is great but when the portions have been cut in half (salads) and prices went up its frustrating. The senior staff that is running the front is the best and what keeps me going back.

Review №45

Good place with friendly stuff

Review №46

Visited last night ordered Togo Thai salad awsome dressing was very tasty love the this was my third visit for salad I am dialysis's so I can't have soup I love their soup.

Review №47

Great food but slow service

Review №48

The place is very good. I've used it as a study location and stayed for a few hours while ordering food. The staff never bothered us and the person that delivered the food to our table was polite. The price for the food is pretty expensive to say the least!

Review №49

Obvious reduction in staff. Rarely more than one cashier. Coffee and cream containers frequently empty. Staff may be warm behind counters but dining area usually too cold in winter. Simply not the higher standards of earlier years. Looks like the new business plan is "to go" and delivery!

Review №50

Been coming to this location since I was a kid. Have always had consistently kind and attentive service. Standard good Panera food.Their hazelnut coffee is great, and I prefer to grab it in the morning rather than Starbucks. They don't burn the beans and the price is right, especially if you bring your own to-go cup. Plus elderly people like to gather here early in the morning, and it really sweet to see everyone so happy and kind towards one another. I always feel good here, whether it be with friends or alone with a good book.

Review №51

Great food, great service and quick turnaround times.

Review №52


Review №53

This place is dirty..they cut their serving sizes down. My salad didn't have ANY blueberries in it. The lettuce was mostly those white hard chunks hardly any pineapple, chicken cut way back too! Not worth the money!!! Go to a different one!

Review №54

$8.00 for grilled cheese!

Review №55

Good food, healthy nothing to complain about it's good. Service is good. Great place to go out for a quick bite. Visit regularly. Cream of chicken and wild rice is the best soup.

Review №56

Good food but the service was slow and the employees werent the friendliest. Great prices for the food though!

Review №57

Service was quick and when asked about allergens, the cashier made sure she consulted with their database to make sure what allergens were in our sweet treats.

Review №58

Pricey, but food and service are great.

Review №59

Delicious, healthy food in a nice environment with good service.

Review №60

Maybe its preference, but the food was overpriced and not good.To start the chicken noodle soup was lukewarm and tasted like it was straight from a can and microwaved, the sandwich steak was basically frozen and honestly tasted horrible. Even the server was rude when I got confused with the trackers they had.Sure the atmosphere was nice, but I'm not paying 50 dollars for 3 people just for atmosphere and less than mediocre food.

Review №61

Great service great fresh food

Review №62

It was good to eat at food place because good.

Review №63

Excellent place ordered. People that work here are so efficient. One of the better locations around

Review №64

Nice place and the food was quick and tasty...the only reason for not having a 5 star is they did not have hot sauce for the breakfast sandwiches.

Review №65

Poor experience with cashier..Ill equipped. Slow counter, wait. Order was incorrect..inconvenienced. Returned inside to correct. Pick up counter staff were spot on..I had my completed order. 2 bagels instead of 1 & 2 coffees. I was offered apologies, a coffee, baked good item. No thanks as I merely wanted my original order.

Review №66

A panera but not like every other panera :) wonderful customer service!Thank you

Review №67

Today I found long black hair in my egg and steak bagel. I've lost my appetite for Panera forever. Before eating check your food .Good I found it before I've started eating my food.when I've show it to the manager he didn't care. Nice service Panera.

Review №68

Love the brocc chedda soupppppppp

Review №69

Anything off the menu is delicious, especially the cinnamon crunch bagel, broccoli cheese soup and bacon turkey bravo sandwhich. That is about where the positives end. If you do online ordering, or just ordering in general, they get it right about 20 percent of the time even though there is a 17 year old twerp supposedly checking your order. It is a new staff every time you go in there, probably because people hate working there, which shows. It took me 17 minutes just to get a dozen bagels and some cream cheese.

Review №70

Very poor management, very expressive food for the poor quality

Review №71

Good food, modern atmosphere, friendly staff! Great place for a bite to eat any time of day. I really like Panera's salads!

Review №72

Good food. Bring back the mushroom soup

Review №73

The staff is friendly and helpful. Love the "order from your table." No pressure to choose before you get to the register or remember everything while you're standing there. You can order on your phone, review it, pay and wait at your table for your food. That's what we did today and it worked out great!

Review №74

Always quality food. Selection suitable for diabetic and low fat. Everything is delicious. Delightful service. Love having surprise of discount from my Panera card.

Review №75

I ordered a WHEAT bagel with honey walnut cream cheese and got an everything bagel. Does that even make sense that someone would order those two together? Clearly not and they got my order wrong. Highly dissappointed

Review №76

The only thing I don't like is some condiments and it's not super easy to find out what's on a particular sandwich to get your order sorted before you hit the counter. But this location is great, clean, and well staffed!

Review №77

Chicken soup was perfect today, sometimes not hot/warm enough. My favorite though is French bread and butter

Review №78

Love their grilled cheese sandwich.

Review №79

Not much soup in the bowl and very small piece of bread with cold butter, plus the soup was splashed all over the bowl on the outside, to much money for such little soup and bread

Review №80

Worst service

Review №81

Exceptional food. The creamy tomato soup is one of my all time favorites. The variety of beverages and delicious desserts really add an extra touch of diversity and lack of bordem to actually go an visit the place again. Highly recommend this place for a simple hang out to a casual date.

Review №82

Food was great and everyone was so nice. 5/5 would go again

Review №83

Excellent service. Fresh food and friendly staff !!!

Review №84

Love coming here for the sandwiches..

Review №85

Gross. Nasty reheated soups and Mac and cheese. Would never eat here again or recommend anyone else to.

Review №86

Enough seating for meetings. Interesting enough food. Too many desserts.

Review №87

Cozy, fairly quick even when busy. And I am super excited that they have broth bowls again! My daughters love the broccoli cheese soup.

Review №88

Pastries and sandwiches are awesome. Salads and other items only so so, always leaving me feel dissapointed. Hard to find a spot to sit if you're looking to do some work/studying as people crowd the place for free WiFi.

Review №89

Arrived at 9:40pm while customers were still dining, cashier claimed to close at 9 or 9:30 and only be open until 10pm on weekends while their hours on Google say differently.

Review №90

Good food for the quick dinner. Also, never rushed if you want to linger awhile. Salads yummy and try to avoid the pastry.

Review №91

We waited roughly 15 minuets for our food due to a glitch in their system. The manager personally apologized and refunded half our meal due to the wait. This was more than he needed to do but was greatly appreciated. This is a great chain of the entire franchise, would highly recommend visiting great employees as well!

Review №92

Bread seamed tad tough today... Will not be chewing any bubble gum today lol.

Review №93

The woman who works behind the bakery in the mornings is not very friendly. Every time I walk in to order she is always doing something with her back turned to the door. She does not greet you or even a quick “I'll be right you”. The only person to even acknowledge me was the manager. I love Panera but she makes me not want to go to this location. When there isn't anyone in line and yet it's still faster to go to a kiosk is a little annoying.

Review №94

Always a great experience, good food, and very helpful counter staff. Last night, I ordered the salad I wanted by the wrong name and was given a sandwich - when I brought this to their attention, the manager not only gave me the salad I wanted, but also let me take the sandwich home. I was very grateful, as this was my mistake. The bakery perks are always a plus, too! We frequent this location and have never had any complaints.

Review №95

The food is great and the staff is nice but the place is always packed which makes it hard to find a table. The pastries are good and the ordering process is fine. Lines are always long and even so you feel pressured and pressed to hurry up and order and get moving.

Review №96

Good place but now days it's so expensive. We ordered two lunch ... Over 25 dollars.

Review №97

I ordered the Mediterranean sandwich and it was delicious.

Review №98

Friendly people, food good

Review №99

Lover soup and sandwiches, but I always have a problem with my order. Little things add up! I don't have time to go back. Last time I ordered rapid pickup and I still had to wait, then my sandwich was missing bacon. It was BLT, the heck. Anyway my last order did not have the chips I will probably just start bringing my own lunch or take my business somewhere else.

Review №100

I only put 2 star because staff are friendly, but food is salty and the bagels at Panera is different. Every time me and my kids eat bagel we get itchy bumpy skin with hives and eczema. Panera is NOT clean food if you have skin problems Panera is NOT good for you so BEWARE. Go ahead and see/test it for yourself.

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3.5 Rating
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  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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