Taco Bell
74 Stratford Dr, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

It's taco bell, but the employees are so nice even at the drive thru. They're quick, friendly and the food is good.

Review №2

I have just begun to try various items on the menu and I am loving everything I try. I only use the drive through and I can attest to the fact that for accuracy and speed they beat out all the other fast food places in the neighborhood. Prices are great. The staff is courteous and patient. The Mexican pizza is super as well as the seasonal pineapple whip. Plenty of parking. An easy to find restaurant with a stoplight to allow easy in and out of traffic on Gary Avenue.

Review №3

Order all the time on the app. Lately, one employee (Dan) I have dealt with the last few visits has extremely courtious. I noticed before passing the bag through the drive-thru window, he double checks to make sure what I ordered is in the bag, even the sauces! The dude is good at what he does... Keep it up man, it goes a long way!

Review №4

Quick service but 3 times in a row no sauce added.

Review №5

Great location! Food is always hot, fast, and fresh! Super friendly team members, as well. Thanks, ya'll!

Review №6

Has messed up my order multiple times on multiple visits. Noone was in front of me or in back and yet I still get the wrong food. I clarify exactly what I want multiple times to make sure they understand and I still get the wrong food. These employees don't care if they have a job or not and is like talking to a brickwall will never be back

Review №7

Fast service. Perfect place to stop by and grab some Mexican foods.

Review №8

Great place , open till late drive-through is always super fast very close to home too!

Review №9

Honestly, the best taco bell in the area. Highly recommend. Also, fast friendly service :)

Review №10

Food as expected. Order was correct. Fast service

Review №11

Go to the one in Glendale Heights. I tried the grilled cheese burrito at GH and it was excellent. Got one tonight in Bloomingdale and for the same price I get half the contents. All of our food is lacking substance. They put a tiny amount of meat on your meal then cover it up in cheap condiments, and not very much of it. Once we got a steak quesadilla that had 3 pieces of meat on it. This is last time I will patronize your location. I'm tired of not getting my money's worth. Money is tight enough as it is. Make your food as the company actually tells you to make it. You have to have consistency. Maybe someone stoned out of their mind won't notice while the rest of us grow wise. Good bye.

Review №12

Door dash delivery and staff was very nice

Review №13

The service is fast however maybe that is to it's downfall. Twice out of my five times I've been there my order has been wrong, but fortunately the things that I got still tasted okay. Just make sure you speak loud and clear so they don't misunderstand you.

Review №14

Awful since they've taken away so many good items and increased there price while at it

Review №15

We had 3 mobile orders for this establishment and the manager on duty was very rude at the speaker. He kept telling me that I had to put an order in when I already had and just kept repeating the same comment. I cancelled my order and decided to order somewhere else. When my friend opened her order she received the wrong item. I called to the establishment and the manager on duty Kevin answered us again. He stated whether it was our fault or not we'll try to fix it. He just needs to learn how to talk to people better.

Review №16

I ordered a custom item and it was fabulous. I got the cheesy beefy burrito without the beef and cheese. It's more expensive than the plain bean burrito but it tastes better and it's worth it. Their free water was great too.

Review №17

I was so exhausted after work, but the tall guy on the drive through was awesome friendly and kinda people person.

Review №18

I admire this restaurant a lot. It has a nice spirit. The food is very tasty. the service is powerful and the waiters are polite. The pay is honest. extremely recommend.

Review №19

Good fast food.

Review №20

Still no inside dinning. I did get my husband's behemoth of a pick-up truck thru their driveway with no issues!!! 7/30/2020

Review №21

Excellent young man named Lorenzo working the drive thru. Great, fast service.

Review №22

A well run taco bell

Review №23

Fresh toppings, fast service and very friendly even during these times.

Review №24

Convenient fast food when you need it

Review №25

When the food is fresh its pretty good, this taco bell is usually really fresh when we go there.

Review №26

Every time i go to this location they always forget something. Be sure to check your bags before leaving. Trust me or you will be disappointed when you get home.

Review №27

This place never fails me

Review №28

Rude staff. Will get your order wrong and be condescending to you in the process.

Review №29

This is the closest TB to me and I go there hoping it will be better than every other time I've gone there only to be disappointed. Their top dollar items feel anorexic. And when asked for sauce? What a joke! I literally get one sauce pack per item which, for a sauce person, is just a tease! AVOID THIS LOCATION

Review №30

I like taco bell and after some issues with previous visits it has improved. The visit was quick and cordial and food was good. But the tacos and crinch wrap I bought was not crunchy.

Review №31

Horrible service the white tall balt guy with the glasses is very rude and racist, he will make fun of customers with other coworkers of how they speak English. Make sure you're drive thru window is close before you start talking about people.

Review №32

Food was made incorrectly and sloppy just threw together

Review №33

Horse meat or not, i always come back. love you guys!

Review №34

Ordered a taco and a burrito, payed $10.00 and some changeIt was horrible, what a bad meal it was tastless and soggy. Will not be going back to order anything.It as meatless and soggy at best.It is a rip off.

Review №35

Fast service, quick, hot food

Review №36

If you're going for Mexican food you will be woefully disappointed. If you're gong for Taco Bell food, this is one of the better stores.

Review №37

Fantastic little place with unique authentic Mexican cuisine. Great new spin on a tired industry.

Review №38

It's a Taco Bell like any other one. Grade F beef, chicken that has been sitting in a vat of salt water all day, steak that is the consistency of shoe rubber, service from some grandmother trying to make ends meet, or some 17 year old twerp. It is cheap though, and the Baja Blast frozen drink is proof that God exists and wants us to be happy.

Review №39

This employee was very good and he did table service.

Review №40

Always amazing!

Review №41

I have been to other Taco Bell in the United states. This location serves way better compared to near by location especially one located on Irving park (a lot of Chuckee Cheese, near to walmart). I have never come across any issue either at online order or pick up.

Review №42

Super clean location with some of the best staff.

Review №43

Horrible experience!!!! I use to come here but now I won't terrible experience with online order said didn't have a order and then said guy picked it up when I ordered like 2 minutes ago!!! I don't know what was going on but hate it so much now wont come back ever!

Review №44

Great location, close to mall and make your order perfect, no mess ups. Nice to grab a quick bite.

Review №45

Love what they have done with the place

Review №46

Went there for a taco salad for my lunch. Asked for a lot a lot of hot sauce I got maybe 10 ( I use it as a dressing for my salad. ) I asked for no beans extra lettuce and I got no beans no lettuce. Why would I get a salad with no lettuce.????

Review №47

I just left this place it is 2.13am right now I came at 2 am online it says it is open till 2.30am but it was closed at 2am this is not first time this location did this worst location they should change their hours online if they cant open till 2.30am

Review №48

Horrible experience!!!! I terrible experience with online order said didn't have a order. Today Sunday 12:30 PM Lady on the register she just ignore me. Even order was already ready , she said you dont have order. She waste my 10 min time. I dont like to give any star for this kind customer service.

Review №49

This used to be the best Taco Bell around. The food was always great and fresh. Then they remodeled and got new staff and it quickly became the worst Taco Bell around. The food no longer tastes good and sometimes isn't even edible. I used to go out of my way to eat at this one but now I'm going out of my way to eat at other Taco Bell's.

Review №50

Peaceful environment, food was awesome

Review №51

They got my difficult vegan order 100% correct! YES! Thank you! My standards aren't crazy high but getting my order correct makes me happy.

Review №52

Consistently gets our orders wrong. 5 times in a row across two weeks, I've had them read the order back to confirm but they seem to just put random food in the bag except our orders. Avoid drive through.

Review №53

Good food for a cheap priseWhat can I say

Review №54

The employees are very nice the food was fresh

Review №55

Watermelon slushies are awesome! Keep them year round, TB!

Review №56

Actually, fast! Yet, fresh.

Review №57

Crunch wrap

Review №58

I put a online order and they didn't see it and they said it isn't showing up. But on my phone it showed it is completed and ready for pick up.

Review №59

Good food except it can lead up to an "uncomfortable" evening

Review №60

Great bang for your buck.

Review №61

New design more open seating good for group dining.

Review №62

Excellent service. Carmen is a great manager. Very friendly. We go there almost every week. Quality is almost above all Taco Bell nearby. But I don't understand why they don't fire Teresitta? She Is super rude to the customers. She ruins the name and fame of the nice place.

Review №63

They recently renovated their interior, but they still do things like forgetting to take items off their menu that they don't have available. But that's about as good as a taco bell can get.

Review №64

Good maxican food

Review №65

It is a great place to eat

Review №66

Reminded me of a neighborhood taco join near me. Them too had a spicy gordita crunch wrap supreme. Not many of the other mexican restaurants have such an authentic menu item

Review №67

Good cheap fast food. Finally got my order right after sending it back twice. Might want to consider having English speaking people work the customer interaction positions!

Review №68

I worked here as my first job before college and it was an amazing experience. Coworkers were awesome, food quality superb compared to nearby taco bells.

Review №69

They renovated it so it looks a lot nicer and doesn't have that stench (that smells like what you'll be doing after eating T-Bell) anymore.

Review №70

Came through the drive thru at 1:55. As I pulled up to the menu the cashier said they were closed and turned the lights off as I pulled away. Poor customer service right there since they were still open for a few more minutes.

Review №71

I've given this location a shot MULTIPLE times and have consistently been disappointed. The service here is ridiculous. I've never been through any other drive through where the person at the window is consistently in a rush and expressively impatient....AND THEN DOESN'T COMPLETE YOUR ORDER!!! I have to emphasize that I have been to this location multiple times and the unpleasantness has been consistent.

Review №72

Not bad at all

Review №73

I don't know why they're cheap on putting ingredients

Review №74

Love the new nacho fries!!! The $5 box is a huge amount of food. Very great bargain.

Review №75

Prompt service and professional staff.

Review №76

Glad they finally remodeled this location. This is my go to taco bell. Staff is ALWAYS friendly. Customer service is always above and beyond.

Review №77

It was good

Review №78

Meat wasn't edible! it was hard to chew, looked & tasted really nasty. the nacho fries had hairs on them What a mess. how more unsanitary and irresponsible can this location be.

Review №79

They did not let me use my coupon properly.

Review №80

Its taco bell what do you expect

Review №81

Cheap food that will have you wanting more

Review №82

Average and what you'd expect

Review №83

Typically seem to be the most accurate at getting orders right for Taco Bells around here. That's a plus. Fresco and beans, baby!

Review №84

Not that you would expect a whole lot of a fast food joint but every time I come here the order is correct and the ladies in the drive through are so friendly and really take their jobs seriously.

Review №85

They've got great choices.

Review №86

Good food service

Review №87

Good food

Review №88

Hot fast tacos was delicious

Review №89

This is real mexican.

Review №90

Only gave 5 stars because my kids absolutely love it. Other than that i find the drive thru staff to be quite rude and pushy and constantly in a rush to the point that they forget to ask of youd like any sauce, forget napkins. I never go through drive thru because they NEVER get the order right.

Review №91

Newly renovated... it's sharp

Review №92

My sister and I ordered our food from here and we received half of the order (3 crunch wraps and 1 fiesta potatoes) but we were charged for the whole thing. Overall not very responsible and sort of rude. This happened on February 24, 2019 at 10pm

Review №93

Make food poorly cold and skimp on meat and sour cream. 8 dollars on a tortilla cheese and lettuce taco garnished slightly with beef. The drive thru lady is sweet tho.

Review №94

This is my favorite location in the area.

Review №95

Typical fast food, prices are very good.

Review №96

Not the best. Seems run down inside. They also got rid of x-large drinks.-UPDATE- THIS LOCATION HAS BEEN UPDATED, REDECORATED.

Review №97

Great even late!

Review №98

Reliable if not terribly authentic Mexican food. The McDonalds of tex-mex.

Review №99

Low cost food, quick.

Review №100

Always good food and always good service

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  • Address:74 Stratford Dr, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
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  • Phone:+1 630-529-0050
  • Fast food restaurant
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  • Takeout Restaurant
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Restaurant
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  • Saturday:9AM–2AM
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Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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