Original Pancake House
1904 201st Pl SE, Bothell, WA 98012, United States
Review №1

Food is good, and portion size is huge. If you're a small eater, I encourage sharing food with who you're with.

Review №2

I got the apple pancake.When you order the apple pancake, your server will warn you it takes a while. They aren't lying, it took about a half hour to get out food.It was worth it.To eat the apple pancake is to eat pure joy. It's amazing.Beyond the delight of the pancake, the staff is friendly and quick. We were severed by Alexandra, and she checked on us just enough times to make sure our needs were met, but not so much that our meal was constantly interrupted.I highly recommend this place. The wait times are long, but it's not because of slow service or incompetent staff as with some places. It's just because their food and service is so good that everyone wants to eat there.

Review №3

Delicious but also a bit disappointing. Pancakes were way smaller then I remember and at that price.. Almost 5 bucks a tiny cake. A bit much. Got the 49ers hoping for bigger pancakes not thickened crepes. Again super good but very disappointing for the amount you get compared to price. Service was good.

Review №4

Love this place!!.. since we lived here years ago, we still come for brunch. We were a bit late and cold, but the server and manager were sooo nice and accommodated us!! kudos!!

Review №5

The Tahitian maidens dream is by far my favorite if you love fresh delicious food then this the place to go the waitresses are always sweet and make sure you are fat and happy when you leave.

Review №6

This is a favorite spot for my family and I. Very close to home & incredible service every time.

Review №7

We love visiting the OPH. The food is delicious and fresh, and the portions are generous. The staff is courteous and they always.make us feel welcome, even when our kids are being louder than they should.

Review №8

Various options for breakfast to choose from, pancakes were the best, very friendly and attentive customer service, mask required, you may find busy during weekend mornings.

Review №9

On a whim we hit here after a morning errand. Very tasty, big portions, good service. I ordered an omelet as a scramble (their omelets typically are baked) which saved time. Coffee was decent too (rare for a lot of places). We will keep this in mind when in the area again. Thanks

Review №10

I cAME HERE AfTER A TRIP TO GUITAR CENTER .... I had the Country eggs Benedict.

Review №11

Wow, outstanding service. Thanks Alex, the meal fabulous. There are choices on the menu you will never see at another eating place.

Review №12

EXTREMELY expensive for what it was. I had 2 PC bacon and 3 small eat, no toast, no fruit. This was $11.49! The 2 itemswere NOT served at the same time so half my meal was cold. We have eaten at other places in the chain and they have ALWAYS deducted the cost of the items I did not want. By the way, the pancakes were soggy, small and not very good.We will cross them off our dine out list

Review №13

Excellent. Everything was done as it should be. Eggs light and fluffy, ham thick lean and tasty. The home fries were done perfectly. And the hotcakes befitting a place with hot cake in its name. The service was excellent. The best breakfast I've had in years.

Review №14

I've had many great meals at other OPH locations, but this was my first time at this one. First impressions? Not good. The sign asks me to check in on Yelp and wait in my car. There's no spot on their Yelp page to check in. There is also no one at the hostess stand, so I wander about the restaurant to ask someone about a table. No staff in the dining room. I had to go into the kitchen to find someone!As I was seated, I noticed that much of the wood finish was gone from the table and the upholstery was discolored. The walls and fixtures looked ok, but the booths are old, extremely worn and uncomfortable.The server, fortunately, was kind and attentive. When she brought my plate, the portions were smaller than at other locations. Even the syrup came in a smaller container. The pancakes were pretty overdone on one side.Overall, an incredibly disappointing experience. I will go to another location next time!

Review №15

Dont know how they did this beautiful sunny side up egg, too pretty to eat. I love it

Review №16

Great food and nice waiter always..this is were you come when you're hungry for serious breakfast

Review №17

Yummy, good service, clean. Had the dutch baby, which was awesome and hubby's meal came out 5 mins later popping hot

Review №18

I have been here multiple times over an 8 month stretch. The place appears to be getting progressively worse. If you have ever visited ANY other Original Pancake House, you will find that this one is far different in respect to quality and service. It is a Denny's slapped with an alternate brands mark. Although I have had a couple decent tasting plates here, hence the two stars, the quality of food is simply not there when compared with other Pancake Houses. The waiters are decently mannered and kind, although not always speaking very good English. At least in my experience. The coffee tastes like cardboard and/or cigarettes, and on my last visit here I discovered mold in my orange juice. MOLD! This place needs a health department review. Needless to say, I will never be returning and do not recommend this place until it improves.

Review №19

Great breakfast joint. Worth checking out. I went right at 730a opening. This place fills up fast. Very good service. Very attentive and not necessarily in the best way. In all fairness the service is probably speedy because it's so popular but I felt rushed. So not the best place if your looking to relax and have a slow weekend breakfast. The food, fantastic, filling, huge portions. Not cheap but not expensive due to the portion sizes. Definitely get what you pay for. I had the Chicken Sausage Omelette. Could serve 3 people! So fluffy and yummy!UPDATED (6/7/18) to 5 stars. Much better service this time around. The waitress, I think her name was Dee? Was amazing! Very friendly & attentive but most off all super helpful & informative with the menu. Made anything we want happen!

Review №20

Loved my breakfast! Food was amazing. Pancakes were delicious! Very friendly staff. Keep up the great work.

Review №21

As an avid fan of The Pancake house, my mom and I decided to stop in today for a quick breakfast. After months of not going to restaurants due to Covid-19, I was eager to enjoy my hot coffee and pancakes. We pulled up to the restaurant, and immediately noticed the new paint job they must have recently done. It looked good, with a modern touch.As we walked in, we were greeted by a nice young man who looked to be a manager of sorts. He greeted us to our table, and walked us through the new menu. According to him, around two weeks ago, new owners took over. He said they owned many of the Pancake House's around Washington, and were adding this one to their list. He explained that not much changed except for some new menu items and that the hash browns are now more chunky than the normal sliced. Whatever, I'm not too picky.My mom and I both ordered Corned beef hash with eggs and pancakes. The wait time wasn't long, although they brought someone elses food to our table by accident. We brushed it off, as they were probably new staff. However, what we didn't brush off was the actual breakfast itself. What we immediately noticed was the food content was a lot less than it used to be. I wouldn't normally be too upset with this, but the dishes went up around three dollars in price. The pancakes were small and the hash browns were a small amount as well. Once again, this would be fine if the price stayed the same.The eggs were fine, coffee was hot and savory, and the pancakes were mediocre at best. They lacked flavor, which meant drenching syrup in it was our only option. What wasn't very good, however, was the corned beef hash. It had a very weird ketchup flavor, almost like they cooked it with an overly-amount of tomato paste. They just had a funky taste to them, which really saddened me. The corned beef hash was one of my favorite things to get before, and now that they changed it I may not be coming here as often. The prices really skyrocketed too, and for less food that doesn't sound right. A cup of coffee was almost four dollars and each dish of corned beef hash was almost 17 dollars.We then waited what felt like ages for our check. She gave it to us and then vanished. We had so much free time, as a matter of fact, that we bussed our own table! Finally, we stood up and physically gave her the check. To her credit, she was new and was trying the best she could. I've worked fast food so I know what it's like to get overwhelmed sometimes.Overall, the worst experience so far out of the dozens of times I've gone to the pancake house. The food was "meh" at best, certainly not very appetizing. My mom barely finished her food. The new owners need to make sure service is a little better and bring the old Corned beef hash recipe back!Adan

Review №22

This place has changed ownership in 2020. The new owners are greedy and have significantly raised prices and lowered quality of the food. The portions are tiny compared to the last owners.This place will likely go out of business soon and it has nothing to do with Covid.

Review №23

This was my first time here, we just drove by and decided pancakes sounded good. The whole experience was great, out server was on top of her game, the food came out in good time and was delicious. The jam was amazing, we each had a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. I had the eggs Benedict with the home fries (which looks greasy but it wasn't! The inside was perfect) we also got the corned beef hash... which was pretty bland. It almost didn't have the "corned beef" flavor .. just the beef flavor. Also they weren't quite fried enough. Maybe it is preference but we like a little more crunch to the hash. All the dishes seemed so good it was very hard to choose.

Review №24

The pancake here are the bomb! I sure do love coming here and everything on the menu is delicious. The service here is terrific, they never forget your name once you're a regular here. They even know my order too, which is cool. I feel loved every time I'd walk in!

Review №25

My man's favorite breakfast. Love the mushrooms omelet and the blueberry pancakes, our favorite. Looking forward to our next visit. Customer service is amazing and coffee is always refilled with cream. Looking forward to our next visit!

Review №26

This place is AMAZING....A MUST GO IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ♡ Service was exceptional and portions are BIG ♡

Review №27

This place is usually great. The food is average but customer service is friendly! It's somewhere to go if you are having a quick breakfast craving but don't want to go to Denny's or IHOP. The reason for my 3 star review is the fact that I found mold in my raspberries! This was only one of them. My waffles were delicious minus the moldy raspberries. I really hope they start cleaning their fruit now because they could end up with a lot of sick clients and a lawsuit if this keeps up.

Review №28

Horribly disappointing!!Was there yesterday and was awesome, went back today to enjoy the same corned beef sandwich, but obviously a different crew in the kitchen.

Review №29

Excellent breakfast/brunch spot with some unique menu items that you won't find other places. Their signature Dutch Baby baked pancake is well worth the extra cooking time needed. Their crepes and breakfast standards are excellent, and I highly recommend the Cherry Kijafa crepes as a nice blend of sweet and tart. The wait staff is extremely nice, and always on the ball. Portions are large, so when the menu says an item will feed two, they mean it.

Review №30

The food is rich and so filling, I enjoyed the French crepe with the maple syrup mix and whipping cream. Also, the waffles are crunchy and the waiter was honest with us as she didn't offer strawberries, she said they were offseason and she offered blueberries instead.All was fine, but I don't know why they handed me the check so early, I wanted to stay some more, but when she handed me the check, I felt like I should leave. I was a bit embarrassed.

Review №31

I do go often to the locations I Denver but tried it here in Seattle. Who doesnt like fresh squeezed orange juice and those Original Pancakes! This is where my daughter Happy go for the huge apple pancake, right after giving birth to my grandson! Amazing memories!

Review №32

The pancakes are great. Egg Benedict was delicious but the egg was not runny :( the omelet was good but nothing that u cannot make at home. Hashbrown was mushy rather than crispy. Two out of 4 Water cups in our table smelled. However, the tables and seats were clean. Food was reasonably priced and served in timely manner. Splendid customer service.

Review №33

Employees need to be trained for customer service.

Review №34

If you like big delicious food, this is the place.

Review №35

Great breakfast. First time I had sourdough french toast and it's my favorite now.Light breakfast with good portion. I will go back again and recommend.

Review №36

So happy to have found this location... was in withdrawal moving north from Saratoga CA. Wonderful that their mandarin crepe and the apple waffle were EXACTLY the same excellence I remember. My daughter loves their Swedish pancakes.

Review №37

Really good restaurant, great service. Kind of pricey. The omelettes are huge, you can definitely split it with someone. I must say that the pancakes are some of the best pancakes I've ever had! Definitely going back.

Review №38

A wonderful variety of breakfast meals. I had blueberry pancakes...yum! My boyfriend had Swedish pancakes..

Review №39

I love this place. They have huge portions and everything is good. Their orange juice is the best I've ever had. The pancakes are perfect. Can't wait to do an omelette when I have more time.Took my brother here for breakfast while he was visiting from IL and our server was awesome.We

Review №40

Staff was nice. Food was good. I did take out not dine in.

Review №41

Crepes with all different flavors !

Review №42

Classic breakfast spot! Has a great old school look and feel, the food is super tasty and worth extra you pay in my opinion. Definitely recommend trying it out. Only downside, which I kinda like, is you can't make reservations, it's strictly first come, first serve.

Review №43

I am always met with a smile and a fresh cup of coffee. I always go in the early morning on Saturdays. I have the Eggs Benedict, hash browns and pancakes. The service is great and the food is predictably great. I get there once or twice a month. Highly recommend this restaurant.

Review №44

Nice atmosphere and friendly staff. Busy on weekends but great for a brunch.

Review №45

Came here for breakfast multiple times while visiting the area. The portions are huge! I split my breakfast both times I visited. The consensus at the table was that the bacon was superb. The pancakes are also on point. Just make sure to season your eggs and hash browns.

Review №46

IHOP who?? This place most definitely has the best pancakes!

Review №47

Really good food, but takes forever to come out

Review №48

Apple pancake is as big as a plate. It's the best and great for sharing. Omlets are good too. Fleshly squeesed oj tops it off.

Review №49

Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed, wait staff was fine,food was ok but portions seemed lite for the cost... I doubt I'll be going there again...

Review №50

Good service but not top quality food. Eggs Benedict very undercooked and no hollandaise. I didn't want to send back cuz it was so busy and took a long time to get the food. (I didn't even realize there was no hollandaise until after we left - doh!) $70 for breakfast for 4 with 'ok' food but cafeteria grade quality - unfortunately not impressed at all.

Review №51

Great food, great service

Review №52

Great food! First time here and I would come again. Highly recommend it.

Review №53

My mom & I joined a group of her friends at TOPH for lunch. WE HAD A GREAT TIME FILLED WITH LAUGHTER!! To our surprise we were seated in our own private dining area/room in the back of restaurant! This group is mostly made up of seniors who know how to have a great time, laughing & just simply enjoy each others company!! Thanks to my mom for inviting me to these group events, I'm treated to yummy food & BEST OF ALL~~I have the honor of listening to great stories of "the good old days" & the best part is... if you actually took time & listened to experiences & stories of our seniors or older generation... you can actually learn a thing or two!! The staff at Original Pancake House was fantastic, patient & attentive!! THANKS TO YOU ALL!!

Review №54

12/10!! This place is really good! Great food and super nice staff the pumkin pancakes were absolutely amazing! Especially with their homemade apple syrup, YUM! I definitely reccomend this place!

Review №55

This was a really nice pancake house. They had an extensive menu of all thi gs pancake related. Pancakes, crepes, swedish pancakes, waffles, French toast, and all kinds of other great things.

Review №56

Always great.

Review №57

Great food, great service! I highly recommend the pancakes!

Review №58

We had Dee as out waitress and she was incredibly nice! My boyfriend loves hot chocolate but won't drink the kind made with water, which is how they usually make it. Without us having to ask she went ahead and heated him up some chocolate milk to make a hot chocolate and just brought it to our table! The food was great and the service was even better. Thank you Ms. Dee. Definitely recommend.

Review №59

Very tasty, a little inconsistent sometimes with the pancakes. I still waste all my money getting it delivered since I don't have a car :p

Review №60

The service was awesome!! But the food not to much on the taste

Review №61

Service is great. Need to wait for 30 mins. Food is fresh.

Review №62

Good place for breakfast and kids friendly!

Review №63

"Pancake House" gets you thinking they would specialize in pancakes and waffles, but sadly this is not the case. The pancakes were mediocre at best, comparable to frozen krusteaz from the grocery store. The waffles were worse... I had a $7 apple waffle I asked how big it was he mentioned the size of a large plate, it came out looking like a big eggo waffle, and tasted the same too. Probably the weight and size of 2-3 little eggo waffles at best, and 10x the cost. Actually very low quality, it gets worse with the hash browns look like battered mash, soaked in water and thrown in a microwave. Figured a breakfast place would specialize in breakfast, but it's comparable to a low end hotel breakfast at best, I would actually prefer the self serve waffles there any day over these.

Review №64

The best breakfast by far

Review №65

Great food for the price, service friendly.

Review №66

Clean, friendly, good food, reasonably priced, easy in and out.

Review №67

Alice redeemed an otherwise bad start. Food was excellent, I just wish she wasnt chewing gum :(

Review №68

Great for a quick breakfast or brunch. Staff is always friendly.

Review №69

I came here the morning of Labor Day.They were super friendly and willing to serve.Our server was always there at the right time.The corn beef hash was amazing. Probably the best I've had yet.I will definitely will be coming back to this location.Thank you for the great food and service.

Review №70

Best brakefast in area, I know by experience, hash browns could be better, all else delish.

Review №71

OPH!! I love this place!!! Fantastic breakfast!! Makes Patties Egg Nest look like a Denny's. Makes IHOP look like McDonalds breakfast.Makes my belly look like a beach ball!!

Review №72

Awesome food and service. A hidden gem for sure

Review №73

This was my first visit and I had some awesome sourdough pancakes. Service was pretty quick despite a full restaurant. Would definitely eat here again. Great looking family restaurant.

Review №74


Review №75

Good food good portions fair price.

Review №76

Best pancakes (mainly because thier the thin kind and they NEVER burn them) and somehow they also have the best eggs, IDK how you do eggs better than everywhere else but they do! All in all the foods amazing, definitely recommended for breakfast or lunch as they are typically open till 3:00 and who doesn't want pancakes and eggs for lunch! Secret is their also usually not busy around 1:30 ish so you can be seated and have food in less than 10 minutes around that time, thier staffing and overall service is amazing too, thier usually ready to take an order before your half way through the menu. (10/10, the most reliably awesome breakfast in town, been there WAY too many times, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!)

Review №77

Overall won't be coming back unless it's just for pancakes! We ordered a ham and cheese omelette “scramble” because normally the omelettes are baked in the oven for 45 minutes so they made it an option to order it as a scramble, then a sausage and egg breakfast. The scramble was just basic with way to much cheese, the hash browns were soggy and tasted only like onions, but the pancakes that came with this breakfast were delicious! The house made sausage patties were very mild in taste and also came with the “onion” hash browns. The Service was quick and very nice kept my water full and my boyfriends coffee hot. Next visit we are going to try the apple pancake we had seen one after we ordered and it looked delish. So if your looking for pancakes and nothing else this is the place I guess which hints it's name the original pancake house!

Review №78

Waiter was not available to check on us, therefore no refills, no feedback on food. Coffee was luke warm as was my food. Very disappointing. I gave 3 stars because this was my first ecperience where food and service was lacking

Review №79

We were a group of 4 adults and 2 babies... It was a Saturday morning and had a good amount of wait time. But we got a cozy corner area and got settled well. Since it was a busy morning no one came to our table for quite a while. But once they came, they were very attentive.Our server was sharp and took all our orders on memory, provided suggestions and repeated them well for confirmation. Items didn't take much time to come.We ordered eggs Benedict, full orders of chocolate, banana and Swedish pancakes amongst other sides and drinks.. though the full order of 6 plus 6 medium sized chocolate and banana pancakes seemed like a lot to finish, they were light and yummy tasting. Hash brown was the only item that wasn't finished at our table. They had refills of hot chocolate and not orange juice.Overall we had a great time with 2 babies. Servers were polite and attentive to our needs. The ambience is very much welcoming and to see families of all sizes and ages was pleasant. We thoroughly enjoyed our food and time here. Will definitely return soon.

Review №80

Not too bad a place. Food was fine, service ok.

Review №81

Big hearty breakfast, much better than a chain restaurant would provide. Will be back again

Review №82

Omelets amazing. All staff super friendly and helpful. Budget friendly. Family friendly. Definitely will be going back.

Review №83

Family atmosphere and very busy for breakfast. Food is delicious with a focus on the fried dough arts. The Dutch Baby is a favorite and they make their own corned beef. Unfortunately the Dutch baby and omlettes take up to 45 minutes to cook because of their size. The staff is very friendly and attentive for coffee and water refills, which is a huge plus for those of us that need the caffeine in the morning.

Review №84

I hate to be one of those reviewers, but I have to. I moved here in August of 2017. I've tried 8 times to come to this place because most everyone I know has eaten here and raved about it. I have yet to get a chance to eat here, because I've never been here when the wait wasn't around an hour. Normally I might wait for that, but here the wait room is tiny, overcrowded, hot and generally unpleasant. My only option is to wait outside in the rain, for an hour or suffocate in the sardine can sized wait room.I appreciate the place is popular, but the restaurant really needs to expand to make more room. At least for the wait room, if not for the main dining area. At least put up some covered areas outside so your customers who are willing to wait that long for breakfast can do so without being soaked. Maybe some day I'll get to eat here and give it a proper review.

Review №85

We were seated surprisingly quickly for a busy Sunday morning. Service was friendly and my coffee was refilled several times (more than I usually get at other restaurants). My gluten free pancakes were delicious and fluffy. The only downside was that the waitress forgot to bring out my side order of hashbrowns, so I did have to ask again, but she brought it right out after that. I have been many times and always been happy with the quality, timeliness, and especially the service. Definitely will go again.

Review №86

Too expensive for what it is. A breakfast with sides like bacon and coffee can be $30. Maybe if you know the menu and just order the bargains it could be okay but make sure you know the price of anything you're ordering as the sides are overpriced.

Review №87

Good service and yummy breakfast:)

Review №88

Go there often. Love the food and service.

Review №89

Love this place. The coffee is the best and they use real cream, not the stuff in the plastic containers. That's mainly the reason I choose this place. Coffee is life.

Review №90

Good food great service!

Review №91

This restaurant is wonderful! It clean, great servers, quick, and inexpensive. It's my husband and I's spot!!

Review №92

Food had cafeteria like feel. Very underwhelming. Had biscuits and gravy. Biscuits felt like hockey pucks and the gravy was not good! It was very weird. It's not hard to make tasty gravy c'mon! Wish it could have been better. Service was decent that's about the only thing positive to take away from the experience.

Review №93

Over all they have decent food. It can take a while to get your food, so be ready to just relax and talk while waiting. Prices are normal for the area, but definitely on the upper end of cost.

Review №94

Love this place! Great service and delicious food

Review №95

The staff were wonderful (attentive and friendly). The recipes are bland. It's definitely about quantity here (they ONLY have a multi-person omelet...that I had to drown in tapatio to get any flavour into.) It really seems like the kitchen staff are doing the best they can under specs, but it's intentionally bland. Definitely going to avoid this chain

Review №96

One of the best pancake houses in the Seattle area! Short hours but great service. Love this place!

Review №97

Crepes were fabulous! Service quick even though busy

Review №98

Great food and great service...thk you.

Review №99

I Highly recommend. if you want crepes order just the shells and ask for a jelly or jam. Also if you want to order a omelette, Dutch Baby (aka German pancake) or an cinnamon apple pancake. There is a longer cooking time.

Review №100

Good food. Nice service. I love their eggs Benedict, though to be fair I've only had it three times, and two were here. Crazy right? I've got a love of eggs, and that was the one common way I'd never had them. My colleague got some sausage with their gravy, which he let me try (the gravy). It was awesome. Their omelette was good, as were their pancakes. One star off because they put onions in their hash browns. Disgusting. I won't be ordering that again!

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4.1 Rating
  • Address:1904 201st Pl SE, Bothell, WA 98012, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 425-419-4476
  • Breakfast restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–3PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–3PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–3PM
  • Thursday:7AM–3PM
  • Friday:7AM–3PM
  • Saturday:7AM–3PM
  • Sunday:7AM–3PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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