Applebees Grill Bar
3103 Garden Rd, Burlington, NC 27215, United States

Review №1

Good service. Food was delicious. My only complaint was that the face mask should only have the company logo not some political propaganda. I did not go out to eat to be made to feel uncomfortable.

Review №2

Great service today. Vastly improved! The new bartender Pete took great care of me. Good convo and the ribs were great!

Review №3

My family and I had a very pleasant visit at Applebee's. We were greeted and seated almost immediately. We were quickly ordering our drinks and reviewing the menu. The prices were great allowing us to order delicious well proportioned and tasty meals.Excellent atmosphere, amazing staff, well priced. As well as excellent variety of delicious meals.We will definitely be returning to Applebee'ssoon.

Review №4

Customers are required to wear masks inside but every worker I saw through the kitchen door did not have a mask on. Can't follow their own rules apparently.

Review №5

Delicious food and wonderful service with Brittney

Review №6

We ate in Burlington. Love their 2 for $20+ meals. Had to wait for table outside in our car, but they texted us when ready. Great food n service.

Review №7

Very poor service had to ask twice for a menu. Once my food order was delivered no one came back ask? How my meal was. It seemed like the staff was more interested in the football game on TV than the customer. I would not recommend this Applebee's to anyone I know!!!!

Review №8

At this Applebees the staff is pleasant and helpful. The wait for food to arrive at your table takes too long. The limited menu during the reopening does not include my favorite. We will continue to go there. The food has always been good in quality.

Review №9

The food was extremely salty and garlicky. I love garlic but it was an overkill! Don't know if I will go back

Review №10

Stood in the doorway where the sign indicated to wait here to be greeted. The waitress looked over twice, bartender looked over twice, shift manager looked over once, bartender walks out from behind the bar, grabbed a receipt off the bar or what appeared to be a receipt, walked around the backside of the bar reached into a box for what we thought was silverware and then disappeared. Approximate wait time 5 minutes, only patrons in the restaurant appeared to be one table, and one person seated at the bar. If I could give a negative star I would. I guess if I had a little bit more patience I would have waited another 15 minutes.

Review №11

A limited menu and definitely not the best place if you want a good steak.

Review №12

The absolute worst Applebee's in the world. I've given them way too many chances and have finally had it with ordering takeout from here. They never fail to mess up my orders or completely forget half of my order. They are slow and careless and apparently can't read or make anything on their menu right.

Review №13

Had been a while since we tried a applebee's. But server was great and food was really good.

Review №14

Our server Kevin was WONDERFUL. I have not had impeccable service like that in a Long time. Applebees Thank you for Kevin.

Review №15

My steak was well done (wanted medium well). Our waitress didn't check in regularly, and there was a snafu with the check. It was corrected.

Review №16

Lunch specials are a good way to enjoy eating good food with a friend at a reasonable price!

Review №17

Food is good but service is allful. We tried it again but we won't be back since the service is so bad. Anybody can have a bad night but the last couple times it has been allful so no more.

Review №18

Ok so I used to love this place Every time I came to Burlington . with that said I ordered the 2 for 30 meal...we asked for ranch with cheese sticks. Never got it. Then the cook an waitress was arguing so loud we could hear them in the dinning room. So then our food comes out. 4 mac an cheese was cold cheese wasnt even melted ...shrimp was cold steak was cold an not well done as I asked for a box the waitress seen I was unhappy an called the then this poorly dressed manager came over an had a b.l.m mask while im ok with everyone voicing their opion a workplace is not somewhere to show your opion ....I will not be coming back.

Review №19

We had to wait to be seated. that was to be expected but once we went in to be seated a family pulled up and the host asked for us to go back outside so he can seat the people that was came in after us not sure if they had a reservation but nevertheless we waited and it wasn't that much longer till we was seated. The food was good we had a great and respectable server.

Review №20

I went there, about 2 weeks ago. My server was great and "all" of my food came out hot. I'll definitely be returning.

Review №21

Came with my family for moms birthday. waited an hr and a half for our food. No refills on drinks. Steaks were under cooked than requested with 2 of their steaks. I asked for a steak with sautéed MUSHROOMS, mashed potato's, and broccoli. My steak came out with sautéed ONIONS. I AM ALLERGIC TO ONIONS. They took it back. Recooked everything came out mushrooms were not at all cooked, neither was the broccoli. We had a to go order for a family member at home that didn't put it in til they gave us our bill so then we had to wait another 30minutes for the order that is 2hrs spent on this. I had to take my food to go Bc I didn't get it until everyone finished either. In total of all the madness we got $10 of the entire bill. Very disappointed.

Review №22

I was a little worried about getting back into a restaurant after not eating in one in almost 3 months. But Applebees stepped up. Our experience was amazing. Our waitress kept her distance and was so pleasant. The wood was even better than I remember.

Review №23

Truly an awful experience burgers gave me nausea and wings were suspicious and tasted like fake meat

Review №24

Pretty good. Not too many options for wings though

Review №25

Great service and food! My only complaint is they are discontinuing my favorite dish

Review №26

This place needs a negative rating if one is available. I find the servers here to be very weird. They kept rushing me as if my presence made others uncomfortable. Servers were very rude. I went there twice and vowed not to go there again. Management has to change the culture here. They feel there is no competition in the area so they can do anything they like and people will still come. Food was not even good. Waste of my hard earned money. Run away from this place.

Review №27

Ribs burnt,drinks weak, chicken alfredo taste burnt did not have what we wanted to order but the waitress was good.

Review №28

The take out is not good at all. Most of the food was just plan no taste. Cold when I picked up the food. They said it would be ready at a certain time. I got there 10 minutes early. I waited 20 minutes to get my food and it was still cold

Review №29

Visited during Covid-19. Half capacity and still very slow. Ordered a meal that came with a bread stick, didn't get the bread stick until I was practically done eating. Not to mention it took forever to get the food. We spent most of our time in the restaurant waiting for food. Waitress was nice and food was ok, but the kitchen is mud slow. Also their menu is cut in half do to the 'rona. So they may not have what you want.

Review №30

I've been using Carside togo for pick up and it's great. Always plenty of cutlery in the bag and no hassle when asking for extra sauce and dressing, even tho it's carside please tip your server at least a couple dollars!

Review №31

Terrible experience. Only 10 people in restaurant when my friend and I arrived. Appetizer was 2 salads. The salads took so long that it came out with the entree. I was bought Steak sauce for my salad instead of salad dressing. Broccoli was soft like one month baby can eat. Steak was so tough. I had mine recooked and my friend steak looked like it was cooked a week before mine. Terrible service! Ask for the manager and she couldn't come and talk cause the manager is in the back throwing up. So, why is the manager here and she can'tTalk to customers. I have never seen a so unprofessional place in my life. My 12 year old son could have done a better job. Now, I have to go to Wendy's or Popeyes cause I'm hungry!!

Review №32

Would rate 3 1/2 stars if app would allow. Food is pretty consistent and good. They change up their menu fairly regularly which helps with menu burn out. Staff is attentive and friendly. Would like to see more craft beers especially local, but they do rotate at least one through their taps so better than none. Will definitely go back.

Review №33

LOVED my Queso Burger! Had it for my B-day

Review №34

The best service and great food.

Review №35

Great food, Great Service. Food came out quickly.

Review №36

First and foremost let me state that I love Applebees menu. I love their apps and their drinks. With that being said, if you go on a night when they are under staffed it can bring the experience down. Last night it took a while to get seated which is fine but once seated we waited like 10 minutes before we could even order our drinks. After the wait everything was back on track.

Review №37

I love the riblets and the rice. Service at the Burlington location is always awesome.

Review №38

Chicken and shrimp dish always good.

Review №39

Food is great but service sucks.

Review №40

Good food but guess since they wer shut down for Corona the draft beer was flat

Review №41

Gave 1 star because I had to.. First red flag was , no napkins at the table. Took 10 mins to bring some. Second red flag, my blue Hawaiian iced tea was in a smaller glass than I've ever had at Applebee's . More flags... husband ordered rare n steak was well done. Waitress asked me did I want steak sauce I said yes. Steak was eaten by the time she got back. 75.00 down the drain. This was on a Thursday at 4pm. Not crowded at all. As long as I'm alive I will never eat here. Food was disgusting.

Review №42

We got there at 745. It was 805 before we saw our waiter fran.. I ordered one app of chz sticks he brings 2.. Then we wait untill 835 before we got our steaks .. The food was great.. But the service not so much.. I think they need more side items..

Review №43

Excellent experience! We enjoyed the all-u- can-eat riblets, shrimp and chicken tenders! The "Captain and Cola" drink special was awesome! My daughter enjoyed the chicken and broccoli pasta in alfredo sauce! Our waitress worked the best and managed to take care of us without missing a beat! We'll be back!

Review №44

Food was great and staff was very friendly

Review №45

Went there with my daughter and granddaughter. There was only 5 tables, including ours there. It was after 7pm. The waitress brought my daughter and granddaughter their salads before their food. And our appetizers. My salad came out with my food. It was the same size as the others. We had to ask for napkins. We ordered mixed drinks for myself and my daughter. We didn't see t he bartender working on anything. She kept talking to a guy standing there. The food was good but the service was awful!! Not sure if I plan on going back.

Review №46

Nice service. Girl was being trained, she was good too. The Appetizer sampler was good. Drinks were great. We were able to sit and talk and not feel rushed. Some Applebees like the one in Sanford bring your food out cold. It's barely lit and it takes a long time to get your food.

Review №47

I have been coming to this location since it opened and that's a long time. This is first time in month's my daughter and I have had a meal at this location, and this was the worst meal and service I've ever had. It felt like I was in another world or something, I don't ask for a Lot, but do your job and if you don't want to do your job go find something different you might be good at. Salads were hot and meal was cold, what's wrong with this picture. Wait staff running around in a circle going no where and accomplishing nothing. Just not a good experience tonight at this location.

Review №48

Visited Applebees today in Burlington NC after not eating there for 10+ years. The food was very good and the service was great. Had a bad experience a few weeks ago with not being acknowledged when we went in but the manager took care of us and definitely made up for it. Will definitely visit again.

Review №49

Went in on a late night dinner with a friend and received good service. The waitstaff on my table was very courteous. The food was good with no issues. The experience was very pleasant and for being late and busy they were clean.

Review №50

Every thing was so good. One star taken away for choice of Host greeting people

Review №51

It was amazing. Customer servive excellent

Review №52

I brought my mother for her birthday dinner last night(February 15th). From the moment we entered your establishment to the time we got in our car to go home, we had service that was above and beyond any service we have ever recieved. The host was named Richard, he was very kind and accommodating to us, as my mother is on oxygen and has severe back problems. He found us a comfortable booth to sit and, honestly, gave us over to one of the best servers we have ever had. Our server, Kevin, was SO amazing! Along with all of the medical issues my mom has, she also has a severe mushroom allergy. He went through the menu with us to help us know what to avoid because of possible cross contamination. He was patient and exceptionally kind to us. We were so impressed, we just had to let the management know. Thank you all so much for making my mom's birthday a very special and memorable one!

Review №53

They didn't have any garlic mashed potatoes along with several other items they were out of..the mac n cheese wasn't good,the cheesy broccoli was spicy hot. I was very disappointed, won't go back, and would not recommend this location to anyone. The wait staff were trying their best. Very polite but they were short handed so if u needed something it was awhile before u got it. My mom didn't get all of her sides with her food so we asked for them.

Review №54

Bad waitress.. hopefully she was just new.. orders wrong.. had to wait for drinks etc. Probably won't be going back for a WHILE....

Review №55

Great service. Politely greeted at curb side. Food was ready on time. Everything was Delicious. Even my steak was properly cooked!

Review №56

The food was good but it took-way to long to get a seat and their was hardly anyone in there. Our waiter was nice and efficient

Review №57

Good was excellent! Not a long wait time and food was ready in just a few minutes. Waiter was polite and very responsive to the needs of the table.

Review №58

Horrible service, Richard greeted us at the door. He told us he will be right be with us. It took them 30 minutes to sit our party of 4. Asked Richard if the available table reserved for something he said that everyone here is tired and just be patient. We arrived at the restaurant at 9:30 and received 3 out of 4 entree's and the four entree came out when we ready to leave.

Review №59

First time here at this Applebees the food and service was great shout out to the bartender she know how to fix drinks

Review №60

Beer "cheese" dip tastes like badly flavored corn starch. They brought me the utensils when the food was halfway cold already and the butter after I was done with my food.Would be nice if y'all had real food, no fillers.

Review №61

Food was NOT tasty. Will not revisit.

Review №62

.Food and Drink was fine. Not enough variety on sides.a salad or bread extra with steak. C'mon

Review №63

Excellent food, need more waitstaff!

Review №64

Well I went with my sister and niece we went in on the 12.99 all you can eat shrimp boneless wings and riblets. First off we order to blue motorcycle muchos that were watered down then my niece ordered her all you can eat boneless wings when they brought the food out she said it was cold as if it was half Frozen my sister ordered the steak which was dry and no taste the four cheese macaroni with she had her mind set on was terrible the manager came we asked for and took the food back to replace it they just couldn't get it right. I ordered the chicken and shrimp fajitas which was actually good tasty but other than that I won't be back..!!

Review №65

Well, I ordered curbside service, got there waited 15 minutes so I called inside to let them know I was outside whomever answered the phone said be out in 20 seconds, no another 5 minutes finally I thought my order was mine no it was another customer who just so happens to drive up. Finally, I got my order the lady took my card so I could pay, another 5 minutes so all in all I would not recommend Applebees curbside service

Review №66

My server was awful. We had to ask for steak sauce 4 times before he brought it, the steaks were cooked to the wrong temperature, and we order a togo bowl of soup and he brought it out upside down swinging the bag. Kevin was awful and his tip reflected it. I normally do 20% or better but this place is awful.

Review №67

Came in with my best friend one night and we waited 10 minutes to be sat. Once finally seated, it took forever for the waitress to come get our drink order. We finally ordered our food which took an eternity to arrive. By then, the couple behind us started to get belligerent because their service was bad. Smh Just all around bad restaurant experience. AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE! I was praying a manager would come out and ask how our service was so I could go off!

Review №68

Pretty good, service was good.

Review №69

Love Applebees. Everything so far has been good. One of my families favorite restaurants. Grandkids even love the food.

Review №70

Terrible service the restaurant is empty and my family and I we have to wait for more of 45 min the manager on duty was so rude and give the instructions of how to seat and no manners really disappointed of this restaurant.

Review №71

Ashton is very good and very nice. Inside was very nice, over a nice place!!!

Review №72

Great food and service!

Review №73

Different $1 Drink special every month.

Review №74

This is the best experience I've had at applebees in years. The server was extremely nice. Food came out in decent time. Overall I'd return if the service continued to be this good.

Review №75

Always a good place to grab some good food and drinks!! Brings back good memories of my younger years!

Review №76

We stopped in for appetizers and drinks. The waitress was friendly and professional. We had a sample platter it was pretty good.

Review №77

Boneless wings were good the but my main dish was burnt

Review №78

Not recommendable. Used dishes are not cleared away and are too long on the tables or bar. Food is average. There are better and more clean places in this area.

Review №79

Got hungry around 8:00 so we placed a "to-go" order with Applebees. We ordered 2 orders of the beef brisket tacos, with fries. I was told 20 minutes, so I waited 10 minutes before leaving, drove 15 minutes to get there, waited another 10 minutes to get my food. When I got home and set out the plates, the ingredients in the tacos looked sorta sparse. I opened one up and found just a very small amount of brisket, which was overpowered by the sauce, pico, and fried onions. Definitely was not worth the 35 minute wait or the $25 & change(plus tip) that I paid for it. It has been a while since our last visit to Applebees and it will be another long while before we go back if this is any indication of what we're gonna get.

Review №80

Good food nice people work there

Review №81

Our server Sarah had a sour attitudefor some reason. I understand some people are having a bad day and so on but to get angry because I didn't wanna eat without a fork and asked for a Togo box is just rude.

Review №82

Waitresses HORRIBLE! Food NASTY DO NOT GO HERE BAD SERVICE! And bugs are everywhere!!

Review №83

The hostess was very nice. Our server Tiffany was very nice and checked on us multiple times. My ribs tasted good but were very much undercooked. My wife indicated that the macaroni and cheese "left a lot to be desired". She said her sirloin steak was good. We both had broccoli and it was very good! My loaded garlic mashed potatoes were also very good!

Review №84

Great food. Friendly staff. Great place to eat.

Review №85

Awful experience! Wings undercooked! Waitress was good, but manager did not even come out to ask anything! Beers were warm, had to send them back! Bad experience! Floors dirty when you walked in......should have seen the signs and turned the other way!

Review №86

Great service with the server Ray and good food. A combination that need to be evident in order for the family to enjoy dinner.

Review №87

It took TOO long for beer to arrive. My date sweet tea was NOT sweet enough. My order of food WAS tasty! The atmosphere WAS cozy. I WILL return.

Review №88

Restaurant was under staffed, very dirty, bathroom was disgusting. Food was soggy and cold. Will not recommend

Review №89

We came this evening. Got here at 11:13pm. Restaurant closes at 1am. Seated quickly and server Keisha very efficient. She was on it with drink orders and our order. We waited a long time for our food. Table who came in after us got food first. When we got food burger was cold. We alerted our server who offered to have kitchen recook it. Since it was now within an hour of kitchen closed, we declined and asked for half off. At end of our meal, manager Ted came to the table and asked how things were. When we told about our experience, he asked if we were so concerned with ordering food close to close, why'd we come so late. When we said we came at 11p but didn't wanna send the food back at 12a, he asked if were so apprehensive about sending food back, why come oit to eat at all. In the end, after he saw us speak with the server again, he brought a gift card for a burger, but the exchange was totally unnecessary.

Review №90

Apple's is back - kiwi lemonade, chicken tendies, riblets and shrimp TO GO? You need this. 2 for 20 deal makes it sweeter. And they have a live customer service (offsite) to take your order if you want. I like the app but thought that live CS touch was special!

Review №91

Love this place! I have several food allergies. If I ask them to leave something out, they do. Food is great and best of all they are very respectful of my Mom who is 92 and had dementia.

Review №92

So, my son and I had plans to go to Applebee's but he chose to go with his grandparents instead. I chose to stick to the original plan and I took myself. It was great I got the stuffed rigatoni with xtra cheese. I also had the apple fritter for dessert. My server was Josh, he was great!

Review №93

Had a wait but food and service was goid

Review №94

I love this church my grandparents went there and I was a child going their this will all ways be my chruch..

Review №95

Service great food good ,draft beer not so great

Review №96

This place Is the worst! They need lots of help my kids food came out over cooked an they forgot there drinks the waiter was so rude an acted as they didn't want to be there. Tables were not cleaned an there was no manager this place should be shut down till they get some help zero stars!!!

Review №97

Got a order using DoorDash and food came missing fries and steak didn't taste right. Was a bad start but called up there and they offered to recook everything and gave us some meal passes which more than fixed that and the rest of our food was really good. We tried the burger, mozzarella sticks, mashed potatoes, and mac n cheese. Manager was very nice and understanding.

Review №98

Outstanding food and service

Review №99

Waited a long time to be seated and waited on the food was room temperature and the place was empty very disappointed

Review №100

This was our Team Christmas dinner party and Applebees knock it "out of the park" !! We had a large party and the initial wait was long, but definitely worth the wait! The waiter, Josh was fantastic and kept everyones glass full and food came quickly and was correct!! Thank you Applebees!! From Ms Joyce Vaughn

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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
  • Great wine list:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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