Not Your Average Joes
4C Wayside Rd, Burlington, MA 01803, United States
Review №1

We arrived at this spot for dinner. my friend recommended this spot. Well, it was very nice. The staff members were very polite and we had a great feeling. The food was just great. We had a great time and we shall absolutely come back again. Warmly recommended.

Review №2

Wife and I really like this place. The food is great but the service is exceptional. We followed a girl in, apparently a hostess, and she sat is as she got on shift. Now that's service. Our waiter is busting his hump and there's always a manager working. And did I say good fresh food and drinks? Check it out!

Review №3

I had their Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl at 4:30 pm on Saturday 11/14/2020.  Within an hour, the most severe stomach cramps and nausea in my life occurred. The cramps made me barely able to drive home, and I had to pull my car over on the way multiple times. The rest of Saturday night was spent in my restroom for the endless bloody diarrhea.After emailing this issue to NYAJ, I was told “There are many other factors that can cause the symptoms you describe.” Ironically, I was healthy and only had my regular oatmeal for the day before having the Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl. Plus, I have had no issue with consuming raw fish at all in the past. With so many other options in this area, I will never go back even though they are offering a gift card due to my email.Being a customer for more than 5+ years, I also noticed the service has been “changed.” They used to serve warm breads and make the olive oil dip in front of you. Since 3 years ago, they changed that by serving the same but cold breads with premade dip. Though I didn't like it, I still went there occasionally. However, the incident on 11/14 has made me decide not visit this place again.

Review №4

Enjoyable food, staff is always nice. Have gone here off and on over the years since I was little. Can't resist the bread!

Review №5

This review is based on a doordash delivery I got from this location, and it was one of the finest deliveries I've had in a long long time. I got the marinated steak tips and mustard crusted chicken, both dishes were excellent in terms of the entree and the sides, the flavor was fantastic.

Review №6

I absolutely liked their dishes and service, excellent area to my home. The cashiers are always very welcoming. I highly recommend this place.

Review №7

EXCELLENT establishment! the staff were all extremely kind & helpful, and the service was quick! i highly recommend this place...

Review №8

The food, atmosphere and service is already top notch. The food is probably the best value around. Fees like you should pay a lot more for what you get. Always made fresh to order. Minor changes are no problem. If you are looking for something better than the typical cookie cutter chains, then you will love this place

Review №9

It's a chain, but I really like their food and have had some really good lunches here. Today was such a crummy day that I wanted something hearty. I have been looking at their Jambalaya and today was the day. I must admit that it was excellent and almost qualified as spicy. Well seasoned and really tasty. The focaccia was fresh and warm.

Review №10

We absolutely loved this restaurant. The food and service was great. Good portions and well seasoned food. My meal is shown in picture but my wife had shrimp with pasta in a lemon butter sauce. Very tasty. The bread they bring out with oil and cheese is very good but would be better if it came out warm.

Review №11

The food was very good, prepared as requested, had a well stocked bar. Even though it was crowded, it was still possible to hear your table mates easily. The raspberry sorbet dessert with the fresh fruit was a great ending to the meal

Review №12

Pretty average restaurant. The impossible burger and sirloin tips were yummy, and the service was good too. However, the food was a bit pricey for the quality. Also, the spaghetti squash Bolognese is deceiving; it was labeled as 400 calories, but it was very oily and didn't feel very refreshing.

Review №13

Had a nice after work nosh in the bar. The cheeseburger sliders were delish. And our waiter Tyler was AWESOME. If you visit the bar area, ask for him, because he is delightful.

Review №14

We had a reservation, came i approached the manager she said “it wasn't me” and turned her head away from me. She did not intend to look into the issue or try to figure our what happened. We waited there with 6 kids for 20 mins she did not even acknowledge us. So we ended up leaving to a restaurant down the street and willNever come back here again . That manager needs some people skills and management training .

Review №15

Really nice and cozy place with tasty burgers and nice personnel

Review №16

Last night my wife and I went to this restaurant for the first time I ordered a cheeseburger asked for it to be cooked medium. Now to my understanding medium means that it will have some pink in the middle. To my surprise halfway through my burger it wasn't just pink but it was raw. I called over our server and said that he was sorry and that he would take it back and get me another cheeseburger. When he came back with another burger I broke it open to check the color and it was gray inside so I proceeded to eat it. A few bites in the server came back to check and I told him that it was cooked better. A few more bites in I put down the burger and pushed it away I could not stomach the taste anymore because the burger itself seemed to have no taste of seasoning but just a taste of being over charred. I did not complain or say anything to the server for it was not his fault. I paid for the food and yes I still gave a tip but I have to say I will not be going back to this restaurant.ThanksJohn B.

Review №17

I am obsessed with this place. The drinks and food are absolutely delicious. Even the bread they bring out in the beginning! Everything!!! The nachos here are the best nachos I ever ate. I come here just for those nachos. I always forget to take pictures because I just rush into eating. Also may I add, the service is great. It shows that they really strive for great customer service. I love you Not Your Average Joe's

Review №18

Service was slow (we waited 40+ min for our order), food was a little bland and kinda pricey. Perhaps the pizza would have tasted better.

Review №19

I adore this place a lot. It has a different spirit. The food is great. the service is effective and the team is well trained. The pay is satisfactory. greatly recommend.

Review №20

I've been going there for a long long time. I find the food that usually tasty and the service inconsistent. Sometimes when I make appointment s for a table I find that I still have to wait to considerable amount of time and other people are seated before me who should not be in my opinion.While the food is tasty, I think it's somewhat overpriced and I take this into consideration when I do my ratings.

Review №21

The food was pretty yummy. Got the mustard crusted BLT and The chicken satay appetizer. The service was great. Will totally come back!

Review №22

Server was inattentive and we had to flag him down for refills, more bread, etc. There were 5 of us and they brought out 5 small squares of bread and one teeny plate of oil. Food was decent, didn't taste as oily as it has in the past, but definitely felt like they are going cheap on some things.

Review №23

Food was amazing however I do think that the staff could have been a little more friendly to guests that are not from the area. As my family is African American our table was skipped by the manager when she was asking for feedback for the quality of their service. The hostess also seemed to ask weird questions prior to seating my family. Other than that the clam chowder was great, as well as the coconut shrimp and Cobb salad

Review №24

Having lunch today at NYAJs was great! The server was so friendly and relaxed, the food was delicious and I had a special request of the manager which he took care of without hesitation. This was not my first visit; each time I'm there it's a pleasure.

Review №25

Fairly average Joe's. Food is okay but nothing special. Service was quite poor. Even though it wasn't busy, the three hostesses couldn't figure out if there were any free tables (odd). Our waitress breezed by every 20 minutes, so our drinks were constantly empty and the incorrect fries she got me were useless to correct since everyone was finished eating. Waitress didn't once crack a smile and then chastised ME for not searching her down in the restaurant to get the right fries. I wouldn't recommend visiting here unless you're desperate.

Review №26

Great service and food, and a nice selection. Was looking for vegetarian options here and there were plenty, and the food I got was excellent. It's got a nice environment, hospitable staff, and a great selection of food and drink.

Review №27

Had a great experience with the manager at the location in Burlington. I tried using the Door Dash app to order food since I'm staying at a hotel about 5 miles away, and I don't have a rental car. Door Dash on my phone wasn't working correctly and somehow placed, and charged tax and delivery fees, for an order containing no food items. I called the restaurant asking how I go about getting the charges refunded since there was no food ordered, and Door Dash app wouldn't let me cancel the order. The manager went out of his way to honor what I was trying to order, free of charge, and made sure it would be ready for pick up. I explained that I wasn't asking for free food, just wanted to know how to get the charges reversed. He said it was on him for my inconvenience, which was awesome since it was in no way the restaurant's fault. It was a great overall experience considering he could've simply told me to take it up with the app. I ordered the Super Crunch salad, it was delicious and very fresh, and the bread and oil that comes with it is great as well.I would definitely recommend this place to anyone based on my limited experience and how great I was treated, and how good the food I ordered was.

Review №28

Great food great people

Review №29

Nice place, dating a person who's vegetarian and I was amazed to see they have quite a few options for vegetarian people. You just need that eye which can scan the menu option. The ambience is really good and the staff is really welcoming.

Review №30

A great place to meet your daughter when she lives up north & you live on the south Shore.

Review №31

Like the Arlington location this location is great. The food was great and the service was excellent. I would go back again!

Review №32

Food was terrific, server was prompt and friendly. Overall nice meal with family.

Review №33

Got some bread with some butter like dipping daisy. It was pretty good friendly bartender food was just ok. Fish and chips needs more flavor

Review №34

First time eating here and I wasn't impressed. The bread that you get for free was delicious, especially with the oil to dip it in. But my dish, which was a quinoa bowl with tuna was not that good. I believe the cooks in back didn't know or didn't care how to prepare the food. There was so much red onion in the dish that it was appalling. Then the quinoa was very crunchy. I don't know if it was supposed to be that way but most quinoa I've had in any kind of dish is soft, almost like couscous. It more than likely wasn't supposed to be like that. I probably should have sent it back so that's on me. Hubby liked his burger but he ordered it medium and I could tell that it was very rare on the inside. He didn't say anything but I could tell from his face that he wasn't impressed either. I don't know if we'll care to come back because there are loads of other chains around town that can make the kind of food that is served at Not Your Average Joe's.

Review №35

The bartenders here are fast and super attentive. Food service is fast. You can never go wrong with Nit Your Average Joes.

Review №36

Great food, good service

Review №37

We love this place!! The bread is amazing!! The service and food are always incredible! I'm vegan and soy free so I always get the spaghetti squash Bolognese without the cheese and it is really yummy!

Review №38

Service here is great!People are always friendly and help explain the menu when questions rise.I only gave it 4 stars because of the price. It's pretty pricey so it's not something I can enjoy often.But when I do get the opportunity to go, I enjoy it all the time.The bread and oil is to die for!

Review №39

They have prompt service. They will customize your dish the way you want it. I strongly encourage you to make a reservation. It is a very nice local chain.

Review №40

Decent restaurant in a great location, the service can be spotty and waits use to be long but not lately.

Review №41

Great service, and food is consistently good.Managers and staff seem to genuinely care about your experience and quality of the food.The steak-tip plate and turkey avocado club are 2 favorites!

Review №42

So good good alcohol selection and perfectly timed dinner!A great place to relax after work with coworkers or go on a date.

Review №43

Love the fresh, eclectic menu and sharable apps. A bright, modern atmosphere makes this a great place to meet friends.

Review №44

Delicious food. Great wait staff! Tasty cocktails and wine.

Review №45

Good food at mid-level prices. Ambience is better at Burlington location than others.

Review №46

I only come here specifically for the Mona Lisa salad and coconut shrimp. Most of the time I get take out. Solid chain restaurant.

Review №47

For the name seems pretty average to me. Was really Smoky the time I visited. Not sure if that's a normal thing. Food was okay and pretty standard menu. For a place called not your average of expect more challenging mixes of food and tastes. The decor was well put together, but still pretty boring. Staff was friendly and very attentive. Manager was available if needed and personable as well. Overall a nice place and I would go again; but wouldn't be my top 3 choices.

Review №48

On a busy day the service was fast, better than just about every other restaurant I've ever patronized. The food was very good, with the burger I had being good old American cuisine.

Review №49

Always our favorite stop when in Burlington! Great service. Great food. Appetizers are very good and servers keep your drinks full and are very pleasant!

Review №50

Good food, good service and reasonable prices. I have been to several locations and have never been disappointed. Burlington location is my favorite.

Review №51

All i wanted was a beer and an entree after waiting 20 min (10 to get a seat and 10 for the bartender to actually show up at the bar) I happened to be missing my ID which I only noticed when asked. I'm 35 years old but could not be served. I miss Europe. Left starving and angry. Never again.

Review №52

Great food but you cannot be in a hurry. Slow with food delivery but well worth the wait. Highly recommend the sirloin tips!

Review №53

My daughter's chicken wasn't cooked through, it happens and management came right over, apologized and comped her meal. My wife's chicken parm was bland tasted almost burnt. My jambalaya was prepared incorrectly (I've had it several times before and was always prepared correctly . Even though management apologized and comped the incorrectly cooked chicken this was a miserable experience.I'll be hard pressed to return to not your average joes

Review №54

Good Food. Had "lighter" options of the same menu items..

Review №55

Great food. Great service. Inexpensive. Their mustard crusted BLT is absolutely delicious

Review №56

The manager claudia was very attentive and knowledgable concerning allergies as was our server melanie.. great place..great food

Review №57

Food was good, but service wasn't. Waitress tried to upsell complimentary bread then didn't bring any out. Waitress came to the table one time to check on us and that was after I had to yell 3 times to get her attention. She seemed put off that she had to be working and it was the customer's fault. We'll just find another restaurant next time we're in the area.

Review №58

The spaghetti vegetable Bolognese is always very good, as is the Sangria

Review №59

Came here for dinner with the family based on the reviews and was not disappointed. Our service was polite and prompt. I had the Turkey Club which had a huge slice of avacado. Very tasty.

Review №60

Food was perfectly cooked and delivered quickly. The bread and dipping sauce were very good. The Maple Old Fashioned was fabulous. We enjoyed our meal so much that we returned the next night

Review №61

Have enjoyed this restaurant many times, always return to it. Located in Wayside Commons in Burlington, it is a warm, friendly, generally efficient in service restaurant and bar to enjoy.

Review №62

Very nice, clean location, food was smaller portions but was just the right amount for me, no doggie bag

Review №63

Dispite the name, Average burger and beer. Not much to write home about. Staff were pleasant.

Review №64

No wait on a Thursday night @7:45.Bit of a wait for server to get our drink order. Then again for our food order. Seems like the bartender was doing everything, just couldn't keep up! I am a patient person, but she could gave used help. The food was good, but again, the server/bartender could have thanked us upon leaving. She was occupied with cleaning/stocking the bar for tomorrow.

Review №65

I came here with the family and it was an alright experience.We had a waitress who was clearly new but she was very kind and accommodating. Customer service was great overall.The food however was either a hit or miss.The portions amongst different dishes were either huge or small. My dad and mom thought their meals were too salty and wasn't anything to rave about. The dishes are on the pricier side so it was slightly disappointing!Overall, it's not-your-average-joes, but it still has the chain restaurant feel.

Review №66

Had the chicken picata was great drinks were good also

Review №67

Such delicious food! Go for that but also the soothing atmosphere. And the comfy seating. And how they welcomed the 2 yr old member of our party. (My grandson is pretty darn cute.)

Review №68

Love it! We were in tonight for dinner. Absolutely awesome. My girl LOVES the drink menus and I love the atmosphere. Would highly recommend. Great service. Great prices

Review №69

Food and service have always been top notch. Been going here with our family for the past 9 years! Never been disappointed.Great food and ambiance for the price.

Review №70

This is a solid restaurant with good food, good drinks and decent service. The prices are very reasonable also. Serving size is ample as we always bring home a couple of doggie bags. Certainly not upscale but very comfortable. This is one of our regular places for dinner.

Review №71

Steak was very chewy small portion for 21.00 took best greek salad off menu

Review №72

Server Claudine excellent. Met relatives at Burlington MA location for lunch. Food excellent and presentation the same. Bread and dipping oil outstanding. Four in group, four different menu choices, everyone very well satisfied. One of the top NYAJ's we visit!

Review №73

Food place to meet friends with food and drinks. Not very noisy, making it easy to have a conversation, unlike some pubs.

Review №74

Excellent service and food. Melanie was the best server! Great job and thanks for making our night great!!

Review №75

Really enjoy the food here. Their bread and doing oil is unique compared to other restaurants with oil garlic and lots of cheese. Had the seafood fettuccine which was very rich but delicious. 1700 calories but a nice treat.

Review №76

We've eaten at NYAJ in Pennsylvania and were blown away. The service, the food, everything was impeccable. It felt like a 5 star restaurant, and when we passed this restaurant travelling in Massachusetts it was a slam dunk to stop.I wish we hadn't. The service was terrible. Waited 15 minutes for our server to come to the table, and only after we asked. Asked for limes with our expensive soda water, no limes. Fine, I don't usually sweat the small stuff. Then we order apps, and ask for no aioli on the tuna. It comes with aioli and we send it back, the server brings back wontons and tuna, none of the other things that were supposed to come, and asks if this is fine (we have to ask for the soy) and at this point it's frustrating. Someone else comes by later and sees our drinks are empty and refills us (with limes, hooray!). All the while our server is not around to make sure everything is good. Our entrees come out and they were just.. bad. My pasta was overcooked, the food was underseasoned, my wife and I both ate some mushy pasta and a few bites of our proteins and just had enough. I didn't want to send anything back since we had to get on the road, but wow. This was an awful experience all around. Poor service, poor food and this is coming from someone who is kinda easy to please. Don't go here.

Review №77

Our visiting family wanted to take us Bostonians out to show their appreciation fairly last minute on a Saturday night. We knew NYAJs had a great menu for all. We called two other NYAJs restaurants for reservations and were flatly told no way. We called NYAJs Burlington and they said it was busy but they would work us in. When we got there our table was waiting and our server was superb. She was so attentive. The food was great the service excellent and the company wonderful. Thanks NYAJs Burlington your made our night great.

Review №78

Great gluten-free options, staff is awesome about it too!

Review №79

Boisterous atmosphere. Enjoyable. Lots of food choices and ample parking available.

Review №80

Not a very memorable experience. The menu did not have a wide range of foods. Overall, ok.

Review №81

Always get good GF food here

Review №82

Delicious BBQ meatloaf. It goes nice with Harpoon IPA in the sun.

Review №83

Shout out to hostess Beth and our waitress for their kindness for our lunch today. Food was great and they made it special .Thank You,Gail, Janet, Dottie and Maureen

Review №84

Friendly, fast service in a welcoming atmosphere. We each had a pomegranate martini & an appetizer, nachos & chicken quesadillas. Everything was great and appetizers are half price before 4 pm

Review №85

FABULOUS service, food wad outstanding, especially pumpkin apple soup!!

Review №86

The food is always on point. Exciting and tasty!!!

Review №87

We've been to the Arlington and Waltham locations with NO issues. The Burlington location should be shut down. First off, took 10-15 min for our order to be taken. The server even admitted to forgetting about us. Our drinks were not refilled, called the manager over only for him to ignore us and not help out other than calling the over stressed server out. When food arrived, some was not edible. My lettuce wraps were brought to the table touching server's shirt so unedbile then dirty so completely inedible. Just horrible service, management and dirty food.

Review №88

NYAJ is a reliably good place to get a bit of American fair with a unique twist. Everything is flavorful and the servers are cheerful and attentive.

Review №89

Excellent service, wait staff was attentive and very pleasantGood food.

Review №90

Regular food, but masterfully done! Love it.

Review №91

Staff was friendly food was decent

Review №92

Good service, meh meal. Got the spaghetti squash Bolognese and it was flavorless and soupy. The kale stems we're woody and gritty.Follow up, the manager Jimmie replied to my review and sent me a $20 gift card. It truly shows how much they care about this restaurant and the quality of the service and food

Review №93

Food was good, wine was good, wait staff friendly

Review №94

Last minute "let's grab lunch and use this coupon before it expires" didn't turn out as expected but that's OK. We did not spend enough to use the coupon but the food and service was still great! Told our server to keep the coupon code to give to someone else or use it herself. This is one of our favorite Joe's - stellar eats, attentiveness service and a comfortable atmosphere. Close enough to home...

Review №95

Found restaurant through a gluten free restaurant finding app. The gluten free menu has quite a bit on it, and the food was fresh and delicious. Staff was pleasant and quite helpful. I wish we had one near home!

Review №96

Nice and easy place to get food with kind and helpful staff. Not a huge amount of food on the menu, but all the food they make is very tasty, and the bread before the meal is phenomenal.

Review №97

Service was EXCELLENT and they had many gluten-free options, which was appreciated! The complimentary bread/garlic butter is a nice touch. They even had a gluten-free roll just for me, and it was scrumptious! I wouldn't recommend the pan-crusted haddock in gluten-free version, as the breading wasn't very good, but the fish was super fresh. Overall, great place for some good food, great service, and fun atmosphere!

Review №98

The steak tips with brown rice and broccoli was delicious!

Review №99

Very good food. Good portions. 30 minutes wait sat night not bad. Nice atmosphere as always.

Review №100

Service was good and food was good as well! Only hard part was I was with my mom and fiance and kids (9 and 4) and a table of seven over privileged kids and two clueless mother sat near us and we had to listen to the kids who were ages 6 to 16 yell, scream, and run around restaurant the whole time. It took everything in me not to say something to the clueless mothers. Not the restaurant's fault but I have managed a very nice restaurant prior to my career and as a manager I would have gone to table and asked them to please quiet down or given the effected tables a gift card. The whole restaurant including staff was watching this table . I go out with four families with 9 kids from 4 to 9 and we would never allow our kids to effect peoples dinning experience!

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:4C Wayside Rd, Burlington, MA 01803, United States
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  • Phone:+1 781-505-1303
  • American restaurant
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  • Family restaurant
  • Pizza restaurant
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  • Monday:12–8PM
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  • Wednesday:12–8PM
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  • Friday:12–9PM
  • Saturday:12–9PM
  • Sunday:12–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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