Ojiya Sushi
4183 Chino Hills Pkwy J, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
Review №1

Definitely one of the best places for sushi and other Japanese dishes within the area. Presentation and flavor are always on point. Food tastes fresh as well. Staff are nice and polite. Will come back again!

Review №2

So happy to have stumbled upon this little gem. My boyfriend and I came in for a late dinner at about 8pm, and we were lucky enough to be able to sit at the last two seats available at the sushi bar. Fresh, high quality fish delivered daily, thick cuts, and generous's definitely on my list of favorite sushi restaurants across the U.S.

Review №3

I love this place. Always drove passed cause I lived so close but didn't bother to enter until my friend took me. I don't know why it took me so long. The staff is always so nice and the place is always kept clean and organized. I've tried sushi else where and none can compare to this place.

Review №4

I must say I was happily surprised with the quality of the fish and the flavors here. This was a last minute work lunch decision and an awesome choice and def recommend it.

Review №5

Been coming here for over 5 years and it's no doubt the best and most authentic sushi in Chino Hills. You definitely won't be disappointed.Tip: Order off the specials menu for a true culinary experience.

Review №6

Would certainly recommend trying this place. Excellent ambience, flavorful food, fantastic service. They never disappoint.

Review №7

My go to Japanese sushi and more. Love just about everything on the menu!

Review №8

Very good sushi and nice little spot it feels like the real deal, also good service.

Review №9

Food was awsome , sm sitting area, but worth the wait

Review №10

An authentic Japanese experience, the food was awesome and the price was good. The waiter was super kind and the place it's amazing makes you feel in Japan

Review №11

If you want fresh fish this it. The quality is a 10 plus.

Review №12

My usual spot for really good sushi. They always have some interesting fresh fish specials.

Review №13

I ordered a tonkatsu bowl and takoyaki when i went. The tonkatsu bowl had an egg on top that looked nothing like the photo and also was barely any egg. The bowl was basically all this extra stuff in it that was very overwhelming and had too many flavors everywhere that made it taste kind of bad, and the pork itself wasn't that flavorful. The takoyaki on the other hand had absolutely no taste or feeling of savory compared to other places. Overall disappointing

Review №14

On weekends for dinner I recommend you get here around 4:40 pm if you want minimal wait... Otherwise prepare to wait up to an hour. I ordered some daily special sushi and it tastes very fresh. I also had a couple rounds of Sapporo draft beer and it was on point because they served on chilled mugs. It can get quite pricey no doubt. I'd say if you want great quality sushi and great Sapporo brew this is the spot to go.

Review №15

The worst attention ever received, this is my first time writing a bad review but the server was so rudeee!! Didn't come to the table when we called and took years to bring the things we wanted. No coming back

Review №16

Great sushi at a fair price...ordered the sashimi boat, well worth it!

Review №17

Seriously So Delicious. Hands down the best sushi I've had so far in Chino Hills. We've passed up this place numerous time due to a large crowd of people waiting to get in. But it all makes sense now. The food and service there is beyond great. My boyfriend's belly agreed.

Review №18

The atmosphere is really great in there and the sushi is amazing. Sushi bar is a nice spot chefs are excellent

Review №19

Delicious fresh sushi! loved it

Review №20

One of my favourite place to go to for real authentic Japanese sashimi made by Japanese chef (not saying other nationality chefs are bad but it's nice to see a real Japanese chef)Favorite to order are Seared Salmon with miso and Seared Salmon with no dressing, reason for this is the taste of miso dressing is perfectly balanced with Seared Salmon, and without miso it gives you a creamy, rich and Seared fat flavor from the Salmon, cannot have enough with it. It also have a fried garlic dressing but not a fan.Other than Seared Salmon would be chicken karaage, ask them for an additional spicy mayo. Without the mayo it is already pretty juicy and flavourful (7/8 times of my visits it's juicy)

Review №21

Friendly staff and very yummy sushi!

Review №22

Food was delicious and portions were good. Small place and seems to get busy. So was lucky there was a table open when we arrived for dinner. Will definitely be back!

Review №23

Love this restaurant. Great food and friendly personnel. They made us feel like they love having us there.

Review №24

This is my favorite sushi place in town. I even have a Japanese friend who only likes this restaurant when he comes to visit because the food is so good and fresh. I love it but can't go as often as I used to because I can't drive and need to go with someone who will take me.

Review №25

Great good and awesome staff

Review №26

One of the better sushi options in the area. Convenient parking in a strip mall. Good service. Would come back.

Review №27

Great food. Fish tasted fresh and service was exceptional. Try the jelly sake shooter !!!!!

Review №28

This is the go to place for great sushi. Jalapeno poppers are a must to try. We usually get the sushi boat to share.

Review №29

Great prices, food and customer service.

Review №30

Love their seabass combo box! best ever but it's a bit high on the price, however, the quality of the food is worth it.

Review №31

There's usually a wait but the food is usually worth the wait. Very good and worth.

Review №32

Really bad service, totally rude staff

Review №33

I don't wanna recommend soba. It was worst soba in my whole life.....But bento was good(except lack of soy sauce) That's why I upload only one pic.

Review №34

Fresh fish for sushi and sashimi. Highly popular. There's always a line of customers waiting for seats out the door. The place is small and homey, well-decorated and reminiscent of Japanese woodwork and architecture. Cho Toro is a great choice.

Review №35

we haven't tried anything else bc they're quality is so good. & the ambiance. The miso butterfish is amazing! It's hard to find good butterfish and we found it! Woohoo!

Review №36

They have the best bento and quality goods foods

Review №37

The best place for fresh clean sushi in Chino Hill.

Review №38

Nice environment. Fast service.

Review №39

Finding Nemo

Review №40

Today's visit was 5 star for stellar quality nigiri. Seeing mature Japanese expats eating here for years explains the level of quality. Here, you savor every bite. If you're a big eater, expect to pay $$$ to satisfy your sushi tooth. A 30-40 minute wait at peak times does happen at times, but worth the wait.

Review №41

This is a small place serving excellent Fresh cut food. This is the place only a few knows about. I recommend that everyone goes at least once because you will go back. It is worth the wait if you have too.

Review №42

The very best.. Must try...

Review №43

The sushi was really tasty

Review №44

Great specials and great sushi! The house salad was also really good.

Review №45

You can taste the freshness of the fish pieces. Toro tuna is recommended. Service is good over all.

Review №46

Delicious Japanese food with friendly environment and staff.

Review №47

Good tasting food good portions decent price

Review №48

It was good. Service was very good, food was tasty. I had the combination box with salmon tempura, tonkatsu, and tempura. The miso soup and salad were very good. The salmon was really good. The tempura was a bit over cooked, or the batter wasnt chilled enough. It wasnt bad but I'm not sure I'd get it again. The tonkatsu was fine if a bit dry but I've always had it with some sort of sauce and this came without.Overall I liked it but I'd make some different choices going back.

Review №49

Great Japanese restaurant with good quality food. Can be a little busy especially at 5pm-7pm

Review №50

Great spot for sushi in Chino Hills. The restaurant was very busy even on a Monday night which is always a good sign. I had almost exclusively nigiri at the sushi bar, so it was not cheap, but worth it to transport me back to a recent trip to Japan. Fish was very fresh and offered relatively big portions

Review №51

Small and very Japanese style.Fresh seafood, love this place.Making reservation is suggested, here is always full during dinner.

Review №52

The best Japanese restaurant in Chino Hill's. Nobosan and the rest of the Sushi Chefs provide the best selection and freshest Sushi in the Chino, Chino Hills Diamond Bar area area! In addition if you are not into Sushi or Sashimi at the Sushi Bar, the Dinner menu is amazing. You may have to wait for a table, but it will be well worth it!

Review №53

Awful service. Wish I could rate 0/5.

Review №54

Fake sushi comes to mind. Look at the dirty dark floor and the smell of it affects the food and scent of the environment. Cannot believe they do not renovate the floor and at least serve real sushi and not fake lobster meat.

Review №55

Friendly staff and good local sushi

Review №56

Love coming here once in a while!

Review №57

Truly the best sushi in town. The salmon is soft like butter, and the udon soup is great especially the broth. It's a bit pricey but worth the great mouth feel and taste. Treat yoself

Review №58

The best around. True Japanese fresh fish

Review №59

This is probably the best sushi place in Chino Hills. It's fresh, owned by Japanese folks and the standard of food is always consistent. There's no going wrong with anything here. I've ordered the sushi boat, all the bento box combinations possible, cold tofu, udon, and almost all the sashimi orders possible that's regularly on the menu. Definitely can't go wrong with Ojiya.

Review №60

When they say best sushi in town, believe it.

Review №61

Great food at reasonable price.

Review №62

I love the seabass here, and the pork cutlet, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. And the red bean ice cream for dessert! Just know that there's usually a wait try to come early.

Review №63

We have been eating here for quite some time and still never get tired of it. Located in a shopping plaza by Chino Hills Pkwy and Pipeline, restaurant is small, cozy. Always has a line here, but, it worth the wait. Trust me. Their BAKED LOBSTER ROLLS is the BOMB. IMO. A MUST TRY. My hubby liked the combo of Teriyaki Salmon and Chicken. Very tasty and generous portions. Service is fast, attentive and friendly. Good food, good service. Couldn't asked for anything more.

Review №64

Great place to get Japanese bento-style (lunch box) sets, as well as some sushi/sashimi. We went on a Friday night (6pm), so it was very packed. There is a paper waitlist, and it took our party of 4 about an hour to get in. They do have some nice food options, like bento boxes, which are all reasonably priced. Expect to pay around $20 per person for everything (including tax/tip). The food was very good, and the hot tea was both free and very good. They were in no rush to ask us to leave, and we spent some time drinking tea and left.

Review №65

Best Japanese place which has Japanese cooks around this area!

Review №66

Bad experience, bad customer service, unorganized, no manager in site, one women, taking orders, serving food, didn't even get seated. I'll think twice, before i go back to thus place.

Review №67

This is a place that has endured the test of time, reason behind it is not only the sushi (which is very good) but the atmosphere, easy going and very comfortable, be ready to wait for a table or a place on the sushi bar, it gets pretty busy, specially on weekends.

Review №68

Love this place but the wait sometimes is not worth it sorry!

Review №69

Excellent food and service. Very friendly staff. Expect to wait up 30 minutes for a table.

Review №70

Wasabi Taco, Suzuki Sea Bass was great... everything else was awesome too. This place is a solid 5.

Review №71

Excellent food, staff...but get their early!

Review №72

Very good sushi restaurant. Too sauces on lobster.

Review №73

Always a pleasure to eat the wonderful food and the great service.

Review №74

One of the only authentically Japanese restaurants in this area.However, the quality is inconsistent. Was very good a few weeks ago on a weeknight, but not very good this weekend.

Review №75

Waiting time to get in too long, sushi was ok it was better last year, friendly service.

Review №76

Great place for sushi....great staff and servers...get there early always a line

Review №77

A wonderful establishment tucked into Chino Hills. High quality fresh sushi and sashimi in a warm and welcoming service and environment. The sushi boat is a perfect combination for a party of 2. All their ingredients are noticeably fresh, leaving you very satisfied for a reasonable price.

Review №78

Great tasting good quality sushi.

Review №79

Awesome sushi, so fresh

Review №80

Traditional Japanese restaurant, great quality sushi, and one of the best Chirashi bowls ive ever had. Always a line when they open for lunch, which shows how good it is!

Review №81

Food is mediocre. We came in at 5 ordered at 5:05 and got our food at 5:45. Very rude people working here.

Review №82

Nice place to try japanese food!

Review №83

Great food with nice staff. Hot tea is free although lots of Japanese restaurant charges for that.

Review №84

Hands down THE best sushi in the IE. Amazing sashimi, sushi, hand rolls, agadashi tofu, combinations and more. It's a casual and welcoming atmosphere. Their specials are great, varied and reasonably priced. Sea bass in miso sauce is one of my favorites - savory with a hint of sweetness, it melts like butter in your mouth. Note: be prepared to wait for a table on weekends and evenings, and they will only seat your party if all are present. After visiting Ojiya, you'll understand why people are willing to wait!

Review №85

This is my family's favorite restaurant - the hot food is fresh and tasty (never tried sushi though). The place used to post a written statement in the waiting area stating that they avoided using preservatives in their food, which was refreshing and assuring and I certainly hope that they are continuing that tradition. We tried 3 other nearby Japanese restaurants and the food quality and flavor is not in comparison. The only downside is the waiting time because the place is small - usually around meal time there is a long line, so need to plan ahead.

Review №86

Probably the best japanese restaurant around here. The quality of the ingredient is top notch, it pretty much taste like original Japanese. Their sushi is so fresh and authentic, but somewhat pricy. You do get what you pay for. If you're looking for the authentic japanese food experience, you couldnt find it anywhere better than Ojiya.

Review №87

Sushi bar is fabulous. Their specialty is the baked lobster roll. Yum!

Review №88

Today was a blte slow service.

Review №89

This is one of my favorite sushi places. Its a bit spendy but for the most part the dishes are really good. I've been going here for around 7 years.

Review №90

Great atmosphere with Japanese patrons and food imported from Japan.

Review №91

Get there early. Seabass miso is the best!

Review №92

Ojiya is easily my favorite restaurant in Chino Hills. Miso Cod is amazing. Sushi, sashimi, and chirashi bowls are always fresh. Their sleeper agent is their chicken teriyaki. Just try it and let me know if it's not one of the best chicken teriyakis you've ever had!

Review №93

Honestly the food is so, so good. Tastes fresh. There's a sea bass plate that is melty butter heaven. The handrolls are great. More fresh rolls than tempura rolls!But. The restaurant could use some detailed cleaning and maybe a facelift. Cosmetics aren't the biggest deal to me, but the menus on the tables are pretty grimy and faded. The roof over the main counter a visible layer of dust and the floor is coming up in places. The furniture has seen better days. More attention to detail would be make it amazing.

Review №94

A sushi restaurant that provides food with great freshness and great taste! Please do try them out. FYI, they do get busy during lunch hours.

Review №95

Good food and good experience!

Review №96

After hearing so many compliments about this place, I gave it two tries.First time I just ate a variety of sushi since the special sold out within minutes.My most recent visit, I had the Udon/ California roll/ salmon sushi + another sushi for 8.50? This is a great deal if you are looking to just eat something for lunch.For a quality meal I do not recommend this place. I think the great reviews are for its lunch special menu, however the fact that they only limit this first 15 dishes is kind of ridiculous.15? That gets sold within probably the first 30 minutes.The sushi is mediocre. If you are looking for quality sushi, don't go here. If you work around the area and you feeling sushi for lunch, this might be a good choice.It was pretty slow service too. The couple that ordered two specials next to me ate and left while I was waiting for my special plus sushi.

Review №97

Awesome sushi a must for sushi lovers

Review №98

Excellent food fair price

Review №99

Best sushi in town. period. best all aound japanese food in town too. the place is small and always packed. be prepared to wait if you come here during peak business hours especially for dinner, especially on weekends. its THAT good.

Review №100

The best Japanese food I have had outside of Japan, unbeatable in both price and value.

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  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
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