Kiku Sushi Restaurant
3090 Chino Ave, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
Review №1

We've been going to the one in Corona location.But this location is a different owner.Anyways, we thought it was the same owner. I guess they sold this location.So, my husband and I went here for lunch.We both loved it here.Better than the other location in Corona.10/10We loved it here, we will come back again.

Review №2

Fix your website! Everything is take out right now so how do you not have a website with a menu option that works?!?! I'm really not one of those people who just give out 1 star like some reviewers. Cough..Justin Guillaume..Cough..(seriously look at his review history. Passing those 1 stars out like candy) but this seems like it's kind of important with the pandemic going on.

Review №3

Ok place for japanese food. Visited on Sat I believe. I'll return with my coworkers. Prices were good for how much you get. Like a restaurant in Washington I liked.

Review №4

After waiting for ten minutes they refused to seat 4 of us at a table for five. No one else there waiting. I had a handicapped elderly, and after I got the elderly out of car they told me to wait another 20 minutes for a small table!!!! Wow who does THAT ???? The elder needed food and they refused. I will never ever ever ever go back there. I even offered to cover any minimum for the table.

Review №5

Looks really nice. I do like the design inside room. This restaurant should have better place because people hardly notice Japanese restaurant here.

Review №6

Amazing food. Have been going for a couple years every weekend. Would recommend. However they started making their own eel sauce and I prefer the old stuff. Wish they'd go back to their old flavor!

Review №7

Went here last weekend with my brother we were regularsUnfortunately they have new owners and price went upAnd the food portions was not that great. Plus got sick toMy stomach cuz of the uncooked food not ever coming back

Review №8

I wish Google would stop removing one star reviews.Original review:My wife and I came here once or twice a week for about a year until we met the other owner. His management skills are awful and he treated customers poorly. I approached him on it and he lost his mind. I refused to pay for the meal and the other 6 tables left and didn't finish their meals! I have to admit the feeling of solidarity was good right then. Anyways, I have refused to go back simply because of the health risk of that single ow er. He is that bad.

Review №9

Amazing service and amazing food. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for sushi, or just good food.

Review №10

Incredible food and great, friendly service!

Review №11

Good service, but the food it's not amazing!

Review №12

Food was delicious, the Cajun tuna is really great. Also loved the LA Dodgers Roll and the Ultimate Salmon Roll. Bathroom and restaurant were very clean. Wait for seating and food was a little long.

Review №13

3 stars because tonight wasn't our first night at Kiku, if it had been, we'd be looking at 1-2 stars. Normally we get service that's just fine here. But something was different tonight. Maybe someone called off or there were one too many new servers or it was just busier than they had prepared for. Either way tonight wasn't good. From the start it felt chaotic. We couldn't even get our second round of all-you-can-eat because the servers were inattentive, bouncing around like they were in a pinball machine. The sushi cuts (salmon specifically) were sub-par for shape and cleanliness, the rolls were brittle, and even the ginger was too thick and dried out. Had to ask for things twice and then wouldn't even get it from the server we asked. It was just strange. Better luck next time, I guess.

Review №14

One of the best sushi places in pomona, I totally recommend it and it's worth the money and it won't disappoint.

Review №15

The place is amazing and roomy, the food was enchanting and the prices were very economical. fast, productive service and very amiable waiters. I recommend this place.

Review №16

New favorite place!! The sushi is so fresh and flavorful, the staff is nice and helpful and the place is really clean. The all-you-can-eat is really well priced, and the chef makes new rolls (which are part of the all you can eat) and is willing to make new rolls. Such a fan of this place!

Review №17

Bring an appetite! Kiku Sushi offers an All-You-Can-Eat Lunch and Dinner special. The selection is huge and you also get appetizers as part of your meal! The meal includes a drink or a beer. We went, a family of 4, on a Saturday night and we had a 15 minute wait for a table. You are given a menu and an order menu and we received our food almost immediately. By the time we got around to tasting everything we had ordered, we couldn't eat anymore. We cancelled the rest of our order and called it a day. Great night out place, lively and busy.

Review №18

Absolutely loved the food. Great food great price!!

Review №19

Most of the rolls are made ahead of time and refrigerated so the rice is cold and hard. NOT GOOD! Very long line, Poor quality of food. If you don't know any better or thing that corn flakes are a delicious dinner, then yes, you MIGHT be satisfied with this place.

Review №20

Favorite sushi place for the past 4 years! Very clean and a great selection for all you can eat! Appetizers and drink included in all you can eat!

Review №21

I frequent this marvelous place once a month because I love the special atmosphere that is unique to this place. The personel is exceptionally loving and qualified. The service is awfully quick. Needless to say, the food they cook is highly distinguished. I visited more than once and I was always delighted. The rate is fair. I highly recommend this restaurant to my friends and family.

Review №22

Well, we ordered 6 different rolls... and out of the 6, we got 4 that were identical to the picture I've shared here. When we asked about the food, the waitress said they're all different... so we ate them to avoid an argument. Then the waiter kept bringing other sushi plates that belonged to other people. So we honestly were about to ask him to just leave them on our table... because those at least were different. But they took the food away and gave it to the right peoole. Lucky them that they got their orders right... unless they were receiving mistakes like us.I was recommended to try this place... and I did. But never again will I come back. I know a better spot for a dollar less than what they charge here. And yes it is far better with good service too.People do come here, and maybe because they haven't tried other spots. But this spot will be the last place I would try again. Believe me, there's way better. Try Upland and Ontario, you'll find some better there... ive tried them already.

Review №23

Love the food, the atmosphere & service!!

Review №24

Price recently.went up but still a good value for all you can eat. They have expanded and changed the menu but some items are not available for the all you can eat deal. Some rolls are a bit plain but the rest stand out. Still have escolar on the menu so be careful what you order. Still a great place for all you can eat or a quick bite before a movie.

Review №25

The food here is ok but it is a little expensive compare to the quality of the food(as all the reviews notices, the services here is not that satisfactory). Since I have been to a lot more fancy sushi restaurants. I feel like this place is more like a sushi fast food restaurant. If you want to eat sushi around chino, it is still a good place to go.

Review №26

Always nice, great sushi, fast and courteous service

Review №27

Delicious best Sake I have had so yummy will be back

Review №28

Waitress was super nice, but unfortunately the ramen was exactly like instant noodle. I could even hear a microwave in the back.

Review №29

Very good sushi with great all you can eat deal. Say at the bar by myself and the chef just kept having me try more rolls. He was really nice and made sure I was able to try everything. Highly recommend.

Review №30

Surprised to see they had a lunch special 2 specialty rolls for $15! I thought the waiter forgot to charge us for 1 roll. Best sushi in chino hills. The all you can eat is always a good deal!

Review №31

The sushis great and so are the deserts

Review №32

The chef's are cool, The girls are cute and very friendly And the food is amazing! AYCE is a must go hungry!

Review №33

This is an amazing Japanese style restaurant it was my first time coming here and I fell in love with it its so good I love the tempura they offer would recommend

Review №34

Amazing sushi, fresh and delicious, good customer service, beer was ice cold. Will be back before i leave California.... Get the lobster roll and the chino hills roll both were awesome

Review №35

I been to many sushi places and these guys have the best Baked rolls. Plus all you can eat sushi for $28 is just awesome. I recommend you try their Lobster Roll from the Baked Rolls section!

Review №36

My wife and I have been coming here for quite some time because the quality of fish was good, price was reasonable, and the atmosphere was chill. Ever since new management started, the quality has gone down significantly. Specifically, the sushi has way too much rice. I shouldn't have to break off half the rice in a piece of sushi (something I haven't had to do in over a decade) because they want to save money. This last time, there were pieces of sushi (specifically squid and yellowtail) so drenched in sauce I couldn't taste the fish. I also spat out a piece of octopus because it was too chewy to swallow, something I can't remember happening to me before in a sushi restaurant. Too bad as we really liked the restaurant.

Review №37

Great sushi... super sushi bar service... but... poor table service

Review №38

They have an all you can eat and all-you-can-drink special we passed on all-you-can-drink but we took full advantage of the sushi and the rolls and the soup very nice people excellent quality had a great time.Sorry forgot to take photos the rolls look great

Review №39

Open for dine in and still amazing

Review №40

Always a great experience. Lived our food. Service could have been a little better but they were down a waitress. Yummy green tea and lobster roll.

Review №41

Place was easy to find. Lots of seating available. Staff was friendly. I liked their all-you-can eat comes with a choice of draft beer or saké. The bad part is, their sushi slices are so thin and small compared to the other all-you-can-eat sushi places around the area. My miso soup fell off the sushi bar counter because it was slanted. Not good.

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Review №43

In my experience it is very hard to find a sushi place that is both "all you can eat" and that actually serves good sushi. Usually you only get one or the other. This place is the beautiful exception and has become me and my wife's go-to sushi destination. Easy to find, right next to the theater. Very nice staff who remember us when we come in. Wide variety of sushi and a full menu of your other standard Japanese dishes. All you can eat includes almost the entire sushi menu and they don't stick you with the day old fish if you order all you can eat, it's still the really good stuff. All you can eat also includes a draft beer. Lots of TVs around the restaurant playing sports. Highly recommend!

Review №44

Alexa was exceptional and made our dining experience very enjoyable. I am going to be a return customer again and again.

Review №45

Service was great, food came fast, but I honestly did not like any of the food. The rolls were mediocre and they put mustard all over the nigiri...I can see how other people may like it, but it was not for me.

Review №46

Grest dragon roll, freshly made, quick for takeout

Review №47

Great sushi. Friendly staff.

Review №48

There's All you can eat sushi includes a beverage (saki/beer) & All you can eat appetizers includes soda - if your not into sushi. Best bet get all you can eat & the saki then buy a $3 beer...its a tall. Can't beat the price.

Review №49

Great spot not stinging with the sushi

Review №50

Been here many times it's always good!

Review №51

Not really family friendly anymore. New owner wants it to be more like a party atmosphere. Music videos loud, even half naked ladies with bad words they get off you tube. Wanted to relax and talk to my family over dinner wasnt really able to . :( Sushi wasn't bad but not really worth the headache. Sad cause it used to be my favifavo place.

Review №52

Delicious. Some of the best sushi around. Very fresh, good draft beer. Go here, you can't go wrong.The rainbow roll, and ultimate crunchy roll are incredible!

Review №53

Best sushi place, hands down! They have all my favorite rolls!

Review №54

JEWEL IN CHINOI have eaten at best japanese restaurants all over the world, from Nobu to Matsuhisa to Zuma, Kiku is world class- I was thoroughly impressed:fish was fresh n finest from tuna to salmon to yellow tail. Vege's were fresh. For Sunday 11.30am-kudo's to Kiku chefs. I look forward to next visit.

Review №55

Fresh food fair prices

Review №56

First time I had sushi and it was delicious. I was a little nervous going in but came out feeling great .

Review №57

I like sushi I great service and delicious food

Review №58

I tried the All You Can Eat option which includes either beer, sake, or a fountain drink and appetizers. I think its like $21 for lunch and $25 for dinner. The sushi came out relatively fast until more people started showing up, then the orders got a bit disorganized. You order off a paper that only has slots to order once so you were marking either on the side of where you're supposed to order or on the other side which more than likely made it difficult for the chefs. They forgot to give me certain sushi and said that they did. Either way its a set price so you can just order it again but it was still annoying. The sushi to rice ratio was great. Meaning more fish than rice but the rice was either of poor quality or not cooked right because it fell apart or fell off the sushi. Other than that it was a good experience. They were busy so it seemed like they were rushing people out. But over all ok.

Review №59

I hate posting poor reviews when I had the opportunity to post good ones prior and did not.Have had Kiku several times before and it has always been good. Tonight was not.The texture of the sushi did not look fresh. The rolls we ordered, sloppy and falling apart before placing it on the table.Wife ordered cajun tuna twice with the all you can eat and received two completely separate setups with two completely different fish.I guess I will combine my 4 star and 5 star visits with tonight's 1 star to make it a fair review.

Review №60

We love this place! They have a really good lunch special. And the roll selection and quality is great! Also reasonably priced.

Review №61

I love sushi at KiKu, service is excellent and food tastes great

Review №62

Came here for the AYCE option. I like that it comes with option of sake or one beer because I don't know a lot of places that do that. Lots of selection so if you're already familiar you're sure to find the rolls you like. However, for those not familiar you might have a hard time deciding what to get because there are no pictures. Service was pretty quick. Would come here again.

Review №63

I enjoy sushi and sashimi at KiKu Sushi since they opened business in. 2017. Nice dishes and good customer service, I recommend this place for someone who's looking for good and elegant sushi. Dr Park

Review №64

Excellent A plus

Review №65

By far the best sushi place. Hands down. All you can eat and it doesn't taste like cafeteria sushi. It's amazing. The only thing I get that is restricted on the all you can eat menu is Sea Urchin. You get two pieces for free. That's it. If they took away that restriction, I'd be in here every get a free tall beer from tap or a free bottomless soda as part of the all you can eat.Definitely come here. Actually, don't....because I don't want to wait in line for this place because I told you to come here. :)KIKUUUUU! :)

Review №66

Yes. Come here. As of right now the All-You-Can-Eat is around $24.95 & it includes a drink (free refills) and an appetizer. Speedy & friendly service. Cozy. Would definitely recommend

Review №67

Fast turn around fresh food very attentive

Review №68

I loved the all you can eat sushi because it is such a great price! The udon noodle soup is delicious as well!

Review №69

Combination dinner teriyaki beef was so over cooked and tempura shrimp batter was thick and heavy.

Review №70

Really good sushi.

Review №71

Love the all you can eat but be careful, if you order more than you can eat they will charge you!!

Review №72

If you love sushi get all you can eat with all you can eat appetizers as well. Their sushi is awesome but they WILL watch you like vultures to make sure you're not sharing .

Review №73

Super nice staff!

Review №74

This had always been our go to Sushi place. When we went last week I was soooo disappointed. Started with the Iced Tea. Sent it back twice because the taste was so off-It smelled like bleach. Then the food arrived. It was terrible. Finally called the waitress over and asked her if the restaurant was sold because our meal was so sub standard. She confirmed it was. Hub sent back his Cajun Tuna - No sauce or spices on it, Spicy Tuna was so dry, Lobster Roll had one tiny piece of lobster and no taste. on to another place to eat.

Review №75

My wife and I have been going here for a few years now and this is the best all you can eat in town. We've ventured out to most of the local sushi spots in the area and this place is the most consistent quality food and best customer service. The staple servers here Glen and Epple are awesome and on top of every want and need! Great food, great staff and awesome value. Also a nice kicker, with every all you can eat you the choice of a large bottle of hot sake, a draft 16 once beer, or soft drink included. And can't forget about $3 22oz bottles of beer! Cheers!

Review №76

My favorite place to get all you can eat sushi. The origami hand rolls are amazing!

Review №77

Great food! My picky grandkids love their beef bowl.

Review №78

Nice sushi bar. Great for AYCE or by the roll/piece. Calm atmosphere for conversation and the sushi chefs work quickly. Almost no wait time everytime I have gone. Highly recommended local spot.

Review №79

Best sushi in town. Hands down! The food is always fresh and they have great service. You can't beat there all you can eat menu!

Review №80

Great taste!

Review №81

I placed an order to go and was very dissapointed with the rainbow roll. The Fish on the rainbow roll was old and smelly.

Review №82

First-rate sushi and cooked items. AYCE lunch is $23.95. A decent price for quality sushi.

Review №83

Great all you can eat sushi

Review №84

My Father's Day lunch provided by my daughter's. Good food, drink and company. I'm glad they showed me a new experience (baked lobster roll). They force a cold Sapporo down my throat

Review №85

Tasty sushi at affordable prices. The staff is friendly and quick. Highly recommend!

Review №86

Good sushi, good beer, good service.

Review №87

Most of the rolls had artificial crab filler, with little of the actual fish. Very disappointing.

Review №88

Quality Japanese....Good value

Review №89

The sushi is to die for. It's the best I've ever had, and I only come here twice a year because it's so special. I only took a star off because the staff is odd. Sometimes they're great, quick and very nice, but other times they're rude, slow, and show that they don't want to be there.

Review №90

Very pricey, food quality is acceptable. Service is excellent, portion of food is the downside.

Review №91

Delious food, but a little pricey..

Review №92

It was just okay

Review №93

Food is good, the tempura was little more greasy than usual. The service started good with silly gave waitress, then they changed shifts and we had the last waitress that was rude, upset face and did not care, she obviously hated her job. We had to look for someone to bring us extra napkins...... And to top the bad service while eating, she said "if you leave rice in your plate we will charge you extra for it" as if we care but certainly made us leave quick and will never come back to this Chino Hills location. She got ZERO tips.

Review №94

Very nice place, good service good food

Review №95

I never review restaurants but the service and food were so good that I had to for Kiku! Loved it! And they had all you can eat sushi which is hard to come by in the Chino/Pomona area!

Review №96

The all you can eat special comes with beer and saki! The food and service is always great! Kiku is definitely my new go-to sushi place :)

Review №97

Came for the unlimited sushi. Everything was great though service was a bit slow.

Review №98

The first time I came here was around nine years ago. I was with my daughter and we were there for a birthday party. My husband and I just recently had dinner here and the place was packed, good sign. We sat at the sushi bar and ordered the Caterpillar, Red Dragon, and Lobster roll. Delicious in so many ways. We had very good service from the host to the server. This is a definite place to experience.Just took a star off. I called and asked if I could place a "to go order" as fast as the female, who answered the phone, replied she hung up on me before I could ask another question. I called again with my second question. Once again she answered and hung up on me. So Sorry We Are Super Busy. Well I am happy they are busy but money cannot buy your manners. This was super rude and for that I will take another star away. I am very disappointed.

Review №99

Love love love this placeThe chefs and staff are really attentive when you have food allergies.

Review №100

Poor service and my scallops were spoiled!

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  • Address:3090 Chino Ave, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
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  • Phone:+1 909-591-1291
  • Asian restaurant
  • Japanese restaurant
  • Sushi restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:12–9PM
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  • Friday:12–9PM
  • Saturday:12–9PM
  • Sunday:12–9PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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