Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
9301 Winton Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45231, United States

Review №1

Missing items from my order and when replaced items were poorly prepared. They flooded it with cheese sauce. Keep in mind this was them fixing the original, incorrect order. This isn't the first time I've had issues here.Edit: Last time I spoke to the regional manager he sent me a letter in the mail. It said there was a gift card enclosed for the price of the items that were missing and there was nothing enclosed. It was just the letter.

Review №2

They can't even get my order right, I ordered 2 double cheeseburgers, 2 large fries and 2 shakes. None of the food was right!!!! I got a Pepsi instead of a shake and the toppings on the shake were butterscotch and it had like fruity pebbles on it or something!!! They also gave me one single burger and 1 large fry.

Review №3

Definitely better than Steak ‘n Shake best steak burger around delicious custard great customer service I love coming here just wish the dining was open to get the full blast of there awesome hospitality you guys continue doing a great job here this location and west Chester are my favorites

Review №4

To be honest it was just ok. The cashier rang up my order wrong. when I got my food I told them what I really ordered. They messed that up as well. The sad thing is, is it was not that busy. I'm also 100% positive that they gave me a child size order of fries. My child apparently got my order of fries.

Review №5

I come here twice a week and always leaves with a smile this store is a lot better than it was two years ago the service and the quality of food has definitely improved straight awesomeness

Review №6

So outside of them putting onions on my burger and not putting my tomato on the side like I always ask...the food is pretty good. Kinda like steak n shake meets 5 guys. Fries are good. Not sure about the service since I don't pick it up but

Review №7

Stop in here this morning about 11:30am my Cali burger was so good hot and fresh and the service was outstanding I will definitely be coming back for round two

Review №8

A great shout out to the manager Michael this afternoon for going above and beyond am giving me and my family the best service we had in a long time we felt welcome and loved through the drive thru thanks so much

Review №9

I don't get to come here very often but im glad a came today! there are times the line is long but its defiantly worth the wait. staff is always nice and my food is hot! i wished i lived closer so i could come more!

Review №10

Burgers, yeah, so great. arrived at seven, it wasn't crowded. definitely worth going back to. prices were reasonable. atmosphere is similar to a cafe in san jose i loved.

Review №11

Mike took my order. When I picked up the order, I asked if I could eat at the outside tables.He said that was ok. As I was finishing my meal he came out with a refill on my drink. Great customer service.

Review №12

This is my first time trying Freddy's. It was AMAZING. All my food was cooked properly. The Custard was Marvelous. I got an Oreo concrete and it was sooooo good! This is a restaurant I'll recommend to all of my family and friends.

Review №13

Love the Chicago dogs here and all the employees looked very happy and joyous great customer service

Review №14

Always the best Steak Burgers! Try their custard! It's a dream boat!

Review №15

Burger was dry. Fries were cold. Chicken tenders were awesome.

Review №16

Steakburgers and fries are excellent. The fry sauce is a wonderful addition to the menu.

Review №17

First time here NEVER coming back due to horrible service from the girls at the window. Rude and slamming the window in my face the over priced shake and sundae were leaking out all over my car. Got my money back still have chocolate all over my interior. Lesson learned horrible service.

Review №18

The food was good but the bag was handed to me with grease prints all over it.

Review №19

They have great burgers! And Mt Dew. The fries are also really good. I've been to this location 3 times and they gave always been friendly.

Review №20

Freddy's has the very best french fries, period. My entire family agrees they are their favorite. The burgers are delicious, the sauce is delicious, and the frozen custard is delicious. Just go...

Review №21

I've eaten at a Freddy's twice in my life...last week and week before. 2 different locations. Both times order was wrong. I also thought they had leaf lettuce not shredded. Taste was good but 2 for 2 wrong orders! That's not good. I'll give them 1 more chance! It's a simple order!!

Review №22

Food was pretty good. And cashier was nice

Review №23

Great place to go! Staff is so friendly, it's ridiculously amazing! Definitely after signing up for the Freddys rewards on the app, the visits just get better and better️ Food is great, and there is always great quality at this place! HIGHLY recommend ️

Review №24

Was recommended to this place by a coworker. I must say to be greeted immediately upon entering with a loud “welcome to Freddy's!” Was very nice! The woman had a big smile on her face and I felt at ease. She was great at answering all my questions and offering suggestions. The food was so juicy and hot and I got it much quicker than I expected. They even came out and held a conversation with me after I sat down. I look forward to coming back here. Thanks Freddy's!

Review №25

Classic diner serving some newer kinds of dishes. Interesting how they name the custard flavors. "Dirt & worms" consists of custard with 2-3 gummy worms laid in around the edge and Oreo crumbles sprinkled on top. The chili looked too much like chili-dog chili but tasted OK. All-in-all it's a great new addition to the Finneytown neighborhood where I grew up.

Review №26

It takes a few minutes because they cook to order but the food is worth the wait!

Review №27

This place has gone downhill FAST. Drive thru takes FOREVER and today they made food wrong, made a concrete wrong, didn't give us straws or a receipt and looked like they were more interested in talking amongst themselves than actually working. It's a shame because the food used to be great and worth the higher price and waiting a little bit for. Now I think it's time to just quit eating there.

Review №28

Best spot to grab some food when in a hurry. The customer service is quick, prices are reasonable, great character. Will come visit again

Review №29

Best custard in town!!! the managers are always great! i cant wait for the dinning room to open so i can avoid the long lines in the Drive-thu

Review №30

I have never been here before and boy am i glad i stopped! I was worried it would be over priced and not live up to my expectations but i was wrong. i was always a fan of different burger places and i think this is my new favorite. the burger was well made and had a great taste. i did have to wait a few mines but it was worth the wait. i spoke with the manager at the window and she was so sweet. i cant wait till the dinning room opens so i can sit down and have a full meal with them.. thank you team winton for with i think will become my new dinner spot this summer!

Review №31

We waited in line for the drive through. Probably 8 cars in front of us. Worth the wait though. Great Patty melt and custard was awesome as well.

Review №32

I would love to give five stars but my burger was burnt and dry last time we went. The shakes are awesome, you may have a little wait time in the drive thru. The dinning area is still closed, but this may change. Other than that my family enjoys the food.

Review №33

The vanilla custard is good an creamy, the burgers and dogs not so much.

Review №34

I have only been here a few different times. i was worried with everything going on in the world that it would not be a good visit but i was wrong! they were lined to the road but i waited anyway. i was surprised that it did not take long to get my food! it was around 8pm so i thought the dinner rush would have been over. everyone i could see would looked like that were so happy to b e there. the 2 young girls at the window were so sweet! they both had big smiles on their faces and took care of me so fast! my food was hot and sooo good! i will defiantly be back to this location!

Review №35

Saw some of the workers disinfecting all the handles and tables right after people were leaving. I was watching as they were making sure they didn't miss anything. The food was delicious and I really enjoyed feeling safe while eating out today!

Review №36

Excellent food and service. All the girls who work there are adorable and friendly.

Review №37

Looong wait at the drive through. Order taker messed up several times so it took almost 5 minutes just to order for two. When we finally got our food, it was lukewarm. At least the order was correct.

Review №38

Stopped by Freddys a few times while visiting Cinci and what a surprise. We love these burgers and fries and especially the seasoning. The presssed burgers which are then layered are perfectly carmelized. Furthermore, the staff was so gracious and helpful, so many tough choices and they're all so tasty.

Review №39

Extremely slow drive thru. Waited about 20 minutes for 1 large fountain drink.Veggie burger is so so. It's got flavor but is very mushy.

Review №40

Best food and service I ever had last night

Review №41

This freddys was subpar, my "burger" was so squashed and flat, it was more like eating a piece of paper, the hotdog I got was plain when I asked for ketchup and mustard. My fries weren't fresh and were hard. Not hot and crispy. I asked for ketchup and freddys sauce and it wasn't already made up in containers so I had to wait for them to fill up cups with it.Will not go back

Review №42

Terrible service. Waited 20 minutes in the drive thru for food and of course forget on item and one item made wrong.

Review №43

Great customer service and the food is good, fresh and delicious! I love the cheese curds!

Review №44

We met with friends at this place for lunch. This restaurant was recommended to us by a friend. Well, it was very nice. The staff members welcomed us with a smile and we felt good. The food was just great. We enjoyed every moment and we will visit this place again. Highly recommended.

Review №45

Always awesome food. Great friendly service. Knocked a star for not being able to go in to eat.

Review №46

Freddy's was absolutely delicious! They definitely has shake shack beat!

Review №47

First time eating there. I would like to try more of the menu especially when they run it if chilli.. but I got a gift card so a very nice touch

Review №48

Pretty good burger. Drove by and had never heard of before so I had to try it out.

Review №49

Good taste but presentation is horrible. I purchased a cookie custard it was sloppy like the custard melted but refrozen and chunks of the cookie was missing like someone bit off of it and I ordered two chicken sandwich combos one was regular the other had two bottom buns. Smh!

Review №50

Line is super long and was told the app for curbside wasn't working. Then told it wasn't his problem.

Review №51

Love the food and love the atmosphere. The gm was there day when I went for lunch and she seemed to have a great handle on her team. The food was coming out fast and it was hot and yummy. Everyone working looked to be very focused on getting the job down! Next time I'm in the area I will definitely be back

Review №52

The custard is amazing. Now the burgers. I'm in love. It's like heaven the way the burgers melt in my mouth

Review №53

Stopped in for lunch and got my food in a timely manner and I was definitely satisfied. Food was fresh and hot. Awesome experience. Great service, and greeted by the manager (younger gentleman) and staff. Very clean and friendly. Other then the construction it was well worth my time and money spent!!

Review №54

The burger was good, but fries were cold and no fry sauce. They were too busy serving the drive thru, to bother with the sit down customers.

Review №55

Slow but tasty. Little too greasy and they never get special orders right.

Review №56

I did not know about this google review but I told them how great they were and they directed me to leave a review! Thank you freddys! You and your team never disappoint!

Review №57

Freddy's is the best. I love the Classic steak burger with cheese and the one with bacon is delicious! Freddy's is the bomb!

Review №58

They gave us the wrong order in the drive thru, other than them remaking the order cook to order food was good

Review №59

Out of every topping. Lazy employees cant even put stuff in bags hands us 4 sticky cups and drops a spoon on way toward filthy drive thru window so we only got 3 spoons.

Review №60

What a fantastic experience we had ordered 6 different meals. All correct! Drive thru even!

Review №61

Other Freddys could learn a lot from this location. a whole lot.

Review №62

Honestly a good restaurant for a family to go and have dinner. The cleanliness of the store and bathroom is outstanding, food was hot had my order was right. I have no complaints. Manager Michael Walton is a friendly person amazing costumer service. I will definitely be going back and recommend to family and friends.

Review №63


Review №64

Yesterday was the first time I've ever been to Freddys! Very long line in the drive thru, I had to wait a bit before I could pull in but we were excited to try so we did. Only a few minutes before we got to the speaker that line was moving surprisingly fast. Usually when I go anywhere the person at the speaker sounds really monotone but the girl on the headset was sweet and friendly! They were helpful and offered suggestions and explained the menu to me since I had never been there. Then we got our food! My gosh! So yummy! I drove by this place multiple times before my family and I decided to stop but now I'm mad that I could have been experiencing this for awhile now! Thank you Freddys!!!! You now have a repeat customer!!!

Review №65

Decided to get Freddy's tonight since I was in the area and I was pleased with the service. Food was great and the custard was even better. Manager Mike came out into the dinning area to check on customers and made sure that customers were satisfied. Staff was friendly and prompt and the place was clean. Money well spent today.

Review №66

They were very slow. They gave me food then I had to wait for my drink. Finally got home after being gone 40 minutes (I live 5 minutes away), just to find my onion rings all clumped together and halfway uncooked. Just batter and flaccid onion. My burger was alright I guess.

Review №67

Our 1st time was tonight and the drive thru was out to the street but we waited anyway get uo to the window ordered a combo 8 she informed us there was no bacon we said ok that with a sweet tea she again informed us they had no tea we ordered another combo with a chili cheese dog she also let us know they didn't have any chili it was like everything we wanted they were out of but they made sure we paid the full price for everything

Review №68

The food is affordable and we always walk out full and the dessert is always the best afterward!

Review №69

Obviously the fries are Amazing. I always order the veggie burger (which is black bean) with crispy lettuce and tomato and the Freddy's sauce...sooo good! I also order root beer when I eat here to extra indulge. I've never had their ice cream desserts but I imagine they are great

Review №70

AMAZING customer service and food from AMARIA- she was very friendly and polite!! She was super sweet and made doggie treats for my two pups as soon as she saw them. Food is delish! I will be back soon!! Thank you!

Review №71

I just started coming to Freddy's a few months ago and I'm Glad I did! This place is great and the service at the Winton rd location is even better. They are always so nice no matter what time of day I come in! I will definitely be back!

Review №72

So slow everytime I come in .. I door dash an try to avoid this place at all costs cause it's like a half hour each time .. ridiculous!!!

Review №73

The food was made fresh. It was good n hot.

Review №74

I love this spot! They prepare first-cleass meals, their menu is large, The chief cook in that place is a specialist, I like a lot trying all their dishes. The food is consistently fresh, the attitude towards the clients is good. I often eat in this place and I not even once was disappointed. I recommend it to all.

Review №75

This must be new management because these people don't seem to have a clue about costumer service. They really need to take their job a little more serious.

Review №76

Fast service. Freindly staff.

Review №77

They seem to get orders mixed up, food is good

Review №78

Good burgers but not overly impressed. The beef steak is so thin. Quick in and out.

Review №79

That was horrible food. The fries were too salty to eat. My cheeseburger was dry with crusted dry edges. Revolting

Review №80

Wow. Great place. Super busy and you can see why. Friendly staff and management. Said "please" and "thank you" and were really helpful. Something you don't see when you go to restaurants much anymore if it isn't a fine dining establishment. Good food. Phenomenal custard cookie sandwiches. Can't wait to try other desserts. Might become too spoiled to eat regular ice cream.

Review №81

I waited in the drive thru for 15 mins while the car in front of me was talking to the window employee and just laughing. The supervisor or manager should have stepped in and intervened. I do not recommend this restaurant until the staff gets trained again including managment.

Review №82

Everytime I order from here every burger is wrong. I didn't think it was that hard. I used to work in food and I can say 100% making a burger is pretty easy. For $40 everytime I order, you'd think you could handle three burgers.

Review №83

REALLY good steakburgers

Review №84

Steakburgers. First visit. Food so delish and fries long and skinny.

Review №85

Great place to get food, bathrooms were clean and great customer service. It was an all around good place to eat I will definitely be going back. The manager Michael Walton was friendly and his staff was also. All around positive atmosphere.

Review №86

Great food. Not a fan of cheese curds but my wife made me try hers and these were actually pretty good. Staff was polite. Manager (very young, worked Sunday lunch) was polite and smiled a lot with her staff. They seemed to enjoy themselves even when it was busy.

Review №87

Went for lunch today. They were very helpful and the restaurant looked great. I went to thank them for a nice visit and they suggested I leave a review for them. I'll probably be back tomorrow.

Review №88

Excellent. Well worth the wait, however a little pricey.

Review №89

You literally have to get a triple to taste the meat I mean to me it is Steak and Shakes cousin restaurant comparison but fries are good when they're very hot hamburgers are good too but you must get that triple it's pointless to go in and get a single burger because then you'll just be eating bread the burgers are very thin so that's my point I do enjoy their ice cream very delicious ice cream very good shakes I've never had anything else o their chicken tender basket is good as well.

Review №90

Went for the first time! It's so nice inside! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. It didn't take nearly as long to get my food as I might expect

Review №91

Nasty! Fries too much salt, hamburger nasty!

Review №92

Bad service, the wait was way too long for a doordash order.

Review №93

Freddy's was a great place to eat. I happen to love shoe string French fries and they did not disappoint. Best fries ever!!!!

Review №94

Seemed like the young man up front was fairly new but the manager, I think, was very patient with him. Nice to see

Review №95

This place is by far my favorite. Every time I stop in for lunch, my food is hot and fresh and the staff are always so polite. Not to mention the place is always clean, big ups to the crew at Freddys!!!

Review №96

Tonight I visited Freddy's on Winton Rd for the 1st time and had a great experience. The young manager Mike Walton was friendly and made my experience welcoming & the food was good. I will definitely be back again.

Review №97

This location is open for drive thru only at this time, due to Coronavirus concerns.

Review №98

Beef fN hotdogs

Review №99

Freddy never fails to meet expectations. Always have enjoyed their burgers and custard, especially the turtle concrete. Wait time can be a bit long depending on the time of day but it's worth it.

Review №100

Great place to eat. The manager Mike was pleasant and courteous and staff was friendly. Glad to see great restaurants are still being managed by people who love what they do.

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