Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
3290 Vandercar Way, Cincinnati, OH 45209, United States
Review №1

Service was good, it didn't take too long to get our food. The bread sticks were rock hard, but the rest tasted yummy. The prices seem a little high for the quality of food, but the portions are large. The lunch specials are by far the best value.

Review №2

The food, and lunch deals are great. There is alot of shopping options in the area. The restaurant was very clean, and the staff was very friendly. I had the lunch shrimp scampi

Review №3

I had an absolutely wonderful experience dinning here, me and my husbands absolute favorite hostess is Agatha, she is such a doll. If you go there and are lucky enough to see her she is such a doll. My husband and I will soon be celebrating our 20th anniversary and are very excited to see our favorite hostess.

Review №4

The lady working up front was itching herself before helping her guest. the staff was very rude and stole money from my friends purse. do not recommend

Review №5

We had the most amazing time with our server. She was exceptional. The food was also awesome.

Review №6

Our waitress was Monica. She got our drinks fast. Food was on time and tasted good. Came in with some girlfriends. Would come back.

Review №7

I could live off the salad at Olive Garden and the soups are all wonderful. My daughter could live off the bread sticks. She has to take her spaghetti home everytime. I kind of forgot about coming here with everything being so restricted because of the virus. I'm super happy that my daughter and I decided to come in for lunch on Saturday. They weren't busy and our service was impeccable. For those of you who have any concerns the restaurant was super clean, social distancing was in place and everyone was wearing a mask.

Review №8

The best service me and my family has had in a very long time !!! Tonight we came and ate we had the best server you could possible have his name was CJ ...he had me a refill before my cup was empty very respective noligable on menu asked if we had any questions A++++ service !!! I live 30 min away from this one and will def return just for CJ highly highly recomend went above and beyond !!! And the food was great also and the rest of the staff was awesome too well the ones i seen and talked to at least give this server a raise or manager position i really think he deserves it really made us feel special !!! If he ever leaves we will be mad customers inless he leaves on his own for greater and better opportunity !!!

Review №9

Delicious food and amazing service! the store manager took the time to appreciate the customers for coming in. very friendly and comfortable dining atmosphere!

Review №10

Very expensive for low quality food and service. Paid extra for bread sticks... were supposed to get 2 included with each of our meals and paid for an extra 6. You can see by the picture that we are missing a few. They were dry, chewy and seemed reheated anyway. And the alfredo and steak were just ok. Not much alfredo sauce but enough. Major complaint is that my steak was dry and plan. No flavor. They didn't put the garlic and herbs on it... the best part. So overall not a great experience. I've been here a couple of times before and have never been impressed but have never felt like it was a bad experience which is why I am giving 2 stars. One good comment is the salad was good and very large.

Review №11

We took our 16 year old to olive garden for her birthday. Our food came out hot and fresh. The chicken and gnocchi soup was very good and the salad always fresh. Malcolm was our server and we want to thank him for taking good care of us and working during these challenging times.

Review №12

Long wait, but standard for olive garden. I must add. Our server Gillian was awesome!! Tip her well, she is excellent!!

Review №13

Food was pretty good but the service wasn't the best. Drinks are always delicious!

Review №14

Best olive garden ever love it absolutely the best servce and food was deliciousDont just take my word for it it is definitely a must. try .. We will be back

Review №15

My server was great polite and tentative. Had my two favs stuffed shells with shrimp and Moscato. Only bad thing my shells were lil dry n Lil hard like they had been cooked then sat around but usually my experience is great here

Review №16

Food was good just wish they didn't give me a child size portion

Review №17

Server was great and so was the food. No complaints.

Review №18

Only giving this two stars because staff was friendly and the order was ready for pick up at the right time. But the food itself was cold, chewy, and expensive for the price. I've had better microwave food.

Review №19

Italian food and service at this spot is excellent. i like it here, excellent food & service. prices were appropriate.

Review №20

Came to the Oakley location after having eye surgery. Food was hot, fast and tasty. Our waitress was super nice and made everything easy.

Review №21

The fool is delicious and the salad was great, the service was wonderful.

Review №22

Incredibly rude staff, they messed up and refused to acknowledge it. First they blamed me, but when that lacked any credibility because it just didn't make sense, they started back tracking. They couldn't fix the problem. And they wasted my time. Will NEVER come here again

Review №23

My wife and I went here for dinner. The service was great! The food was as ordered. Everything was hot and tasted awesome!

Review №24

Restaurant was clean and extra precautions taken for COVID. Food was fresh and delicious and our waitress Sandy was sweet and attentive ( and that's NOT the Watermelon Margaritas talking) Definitely DO NOT pass on the take home meal for $5 what a deal!!

Review №25

I typically rate Olive Garden slightly above Applebee's, but this one is way below other franchise restaurants.My issue is surrounding the wait times, but the actual service and food quality. While sitting in the front waiting area, three hostess started talking about boys they've dated and even started casually swearing to each other. We have a 10 year old daughter and typically come to these places for the family friendly environment. This was not the case...When we were seated, the wait time to be greeted and served took way to long. 10 minutes to be served, 10 minutes for apps, 10 minutes for entrees... I attached a picture of the entree I ordered.... YikesWhile eating, the waiting staff next to us started counting their tips in front of guest. To me, that's a little rude and could be completed in a more discreet location.At the end of the meal, the wine glasses were still at the table and the did not offer their signature mints.... Bummer...Overall, the restaurant seemed to be managed poorly and needs to tighten up on its business practices. I'll not be returning to Olive Garden any time soon.

Review №26

I don't usually submit negative reviews, but my experience at this Olive Garden last night was abysmal.My party of six had a reservation for 7:30, however we weren't seated until 8:10. What is a reservation for if we still wait 40 minutes?Once seated, we didn't receive our drinks until 8:40 (a full hour and ten minutes after our reservation). In fact, one of our part didn't receive his drink until after the food came out at 9:00.An A/C vent on the ceiling blasted frozen air on our party the entire time, literally blowing our paper sheet menus off the table multiple times. Though very uncomfortable, we were told it was unfixable.The waitress was inattentive and, to be frank, lost the entire night.While the food was on par, the service remained awful. When time came to pay. The waitress struggled to process cash payment over the course of 30 minutes, even so much as stopping our party at the door for the payment being a dollar short (it wasn't), though there was also an (undeserved) 20%+ cash tip on the table.We finally left the restaurant at 10:05.

Review №27

Bread so good..server had alot of tables. Sat in bar area

Review №28

Came here yesterday for my birthday. The service was great and they were really clean. They were wiping down and sanitizing everything. We sat very far away from everybody else. I got a free dessert for my birthday and our server tink was really polite. 5 stars

Review №29

Food was fabulous and our services was excellent. I will go again.

Review №30

I eat in this place a lot! This is my favorite restaurant to pass a nice evening. I go there regularly. The cooking is of high quality, the workers are courteous and the price is decent. I enjoy going in this spot to have a nice meal.

Review №31

The food seems off for the last year. I've love this chain but this location is always getting it WRONG. Today I sent back my bread sticks 3 times before they said "the oven is up too high" they still came out hard and burnt. It didn't matter to the manager that I didn't get to enjoy them with my food. Go to Colerain or Mason. This location is NOT WORTH IT.

Review №32

Had a good time celebrating my birthday with my son, daughter-in-law, play-daughter and grandchildren & great-grand son! Good service!

Review №33

The last 2 times me and my family have ordered from here we've placed a large order. With our order nothing was missing and everything was on point and hot. The car side service during Covid19 is so well organized, you all have a great crew here.

Review №34

Don't bother calling ahead to get put in line to be seated. We left our hotel and it was a fifteen minute wait. It took us 10 minutes to get there and we checked in as the app instructed us to do. When we checked in she said it would be fifteen minutes wait. Our wait was longer than 15 minutes after we arrived as well. Why bother checking in ahead when you aren't getting put on the list until you get there???

Review №35

This was a carry out order, that started out great, but when I got my food, the salad dressing was wrong on one of the salads. i ask for ranch for both, they kept giving me Italian. i asked for extra sauce on the pasta. they gave me a thimble of extra sauce. We had to come home and add water, because there was no sauce on the pasta. they said the sauce fell to the bottom of container.

Review №36

Good food and fast service. Was not crowded

Review №37

Amazing place to eat for any occasion. Birthdays, holidays, or just meeting up with friends on a Thursday night.They can cater to any food needs that's you or a love one has. My sister-in-law is on My WW and is gluten free and she had no problem picking a dish and cleaning the plate. A very awesome place to eat!

Review №38

I've always liked the Olive garden however I'm trying to stay away from carbs and so I'm eating whole grain and they took that off the menu and I wish they put that back on the menu and there was something oh and I took a take home order they didn't add any bread this order was for my Mom so I think they should have put bread other than that it was all good

Review №39

Our dinner was so delicious. And everything was excellent. Mack our server, was so attentive and kind. Can't wait to return

Review №40

I only get to Olive Garden once a year so I always get the Chicken Scampi. Service was awesome too!

Review №41

Amazing food and service

Review №42

I wish I could give it a higher rating I just can I wasn't a big fan of the service nor the food.

Review №43

Server was excellent

Review №44

They really have done a great job of spacing and placing people safely.

Review №45

If you make a reservation for 5 PM, I can understand there being a 5-10 min wait still, but NOT a 25-30minute wait like the person who walked in the door in front of me did. Had I known I would have to wait 40 mins, I would have booked at 4:30 PM. No one informed me it would still be a 25-30 min wait from the reservation time. Poor planning, poor service!

Review №46

Came to this restaurant last night an hour before closing. Yet again, food was made wrong. No shrimp in the Chicken & shrimp Alfredo. I'm tired of giving people money who do not listen or rather want to do things their way. This is the fourth time food was made wrong at this location. No more!!!

Review №47

I eat in this lovely spot often! This is my favorite place to to have a good dinner. I visit this place regularly. The food is great, the team is friendly and the cost is decent. I enjoy going in this spot to have a decent meal.

Review №48

Timing, traffic, and circumstances led to a rare occasion to choose eating at (this new) Olive Garden. Clean and spacious, we had a very friendly and patient server. Salad, soup, and breadsticks were fresh with tasty entrees following. Too much to consider desert. Overall, pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't make this a regular option but once a year or so, if you don't mind corporate "Italian" you may likely ask "why don't I come here more often?" Answer: familiarity breeds blandness. This is a classic example of less is more.

Review №49

I like this place very much. theres a great feeling. The food is wonderful. the service is dynamic and the crew is trained. The price is honest. I definitely recommend.

Review №50

My experience here was Horribly RUDE And Unprofessional it was a self claimed Night Manager by the Name of Rebecca (Short older Lady) she was talking to our BDAY PRINCESS disrespectfully and her Whole Energy was just ROTTEN what a BAD this Olive Garden has on it's Payroll

Review №51

We had a great experience here. Zoe was wonderful and took great care of us during our lunch. The food was excellent and we had no issues with our orders. 5 stars all because of Zoe. Great job!

Review №52

They finally have the Stuffed Shells back!! I've been waiting for months for this!! It's so delicious!!

Review №53

I hadn't been to Olive garden in a very long time but never this location. My client and I was having lunch here because they were moving to the area for work. The atmosphere was good. Upon arrival they greeted us and pointed us in the right direction. However my waitress got my order wrong, ignored my request for something else, then didn't give me a bag. She might have been just tired because it was the end of her shift. I could've complained but I don't like to make a fuss. Overall it was a nice place.

Review №54

Used their catering service for a corporate event. Jade, our set up specialist was on time and very efficient. There was an over charge on the order and she quickly remedied it without delaying our start time. Would highly recommend.

Review №55

I visit different locations of Olive garden once a week I usually get the same meal but on a Sunday I visit the Oakley Olive garden I purchase the same meal my glass of wine I had to ask for water the meal was small portions of chicken I inquired if they cut the chicken breast in half I was told the item only was served with chicken tenders so I asked for more meat in my pasta I have pictures of how small the portions of meat we're in this pasta it was even more disappointing when they came out with a few more brief nuggets claiming to be chicken tenders.I was in a group of all black women we had to White servers and one black young server the Caucasian servers took the orders a collected the money however the black server did all the actual work she was told not to collect the money.Several of us try to pay Michaela and that's how we were told that she was not to collect the money yet the Caucasian woman collecting the money was overwhelmed impatient rude and discussed it with the group very clear signs did they did not want our business.

Review №56

We had a wonderful time here. Our server was amazing and the food came out so fast! It was quiet and such a lovely time.

Review №57

Feat and friendly service during troubling times. Food tastes like homemade and as for the salad ..... I could eat tub of it all by myself and eat the main course for dessert.

Review №58

I like the atmosphere, it's clean. Our waitress was friendly. I was a bit disappointed with the online seating option. It said 50 minutes and ended up being 90 minutes before we were seated. It took 12 minutes from the time we were seated before our waitress came to the table and it took quite awhile for our food to be served. The food was hot, fresh and tasty but slightly over priced for not so authentic Italian cuisine.

Review №59

So delicious. The endless stuffed pasta is amazing. My waitress was very kind and helpful. I will return.

Review №60

The food was fresh, and of the quality that you'd expect from Olive Garden - good, not great. This is not fine dining, and that's OK. I tried a new cocktail which was pretty good, but not my favorite. Only taking a star off because it seemed like our waitress wasn't listening to our orders, like zoned out or distracted. We received one incorrect item, but she did fix it and gave us the right thing. This would normally have redeemed the missing 1 star, but then it felt like she avoided us for the remainder of the visit. We had to wait around for a while before she gave us the check and then she just bolted. Usually the wait staff will ask if we need help using their little tablet POS things on the table to pay for our bill, but she left us as soon as she put the check on the table. It just seemed like she didn't want to be there, overall. Or maybe she thought that since we appear to be young, she didn't think she would get a tip from us - which is very unfortunate because we tip at least 20% no matter what. To wrap it up, I'm sure we will come back, as the service is usually pretty good. Oh - the prices of the entrées all seem to have gone up by like $3-$5.

Review №61

I get to eat here a lot since I work right next to it. I got to say the service is always awesome and they keep the place well organized constantly. Rates are affordable and they serve sizeable portions.

Review №62

We had an impromptu birthday party for our mother at Olive Garden. We really didn't know what to expect because when I called they said they don't take reservations on the weekend. I had no idea how many people were going to show up for my mother's party. When we arrive no one was there to greet us when we walked in the door which I thought was a bad sign. When someone finally did come, she wasn't the friendliest person. She asked how many. I told her 20 and that I would like to be seated once the majority of the people had arrived. Well it end up being 35 people all together and they had us in a room to ourselves and it was wonderful. They were courteous and gracious my mother had a wonderful time most of her children, grandchildren, great grand and great great grandchildren were there. I can't thank Olive Garden enough for making the celebration of my Mother's 95th Birthday a success.

Review №63

Went here with my brother and daughters and they had a wonderful experience. Our waiter who was attentive, kind, and speedy. We got our food in a timely manner. I wish the had actual salad options, they only serve the house salad. The menu options was variations noodles. Hey, what do you expect, it's Olive Garden.

Review №64

Had a fabulous evening! Olive Garden is a great place for large gatherings. The service was A-1 and food was so fresh and delicious! Highly recommended!!

Review №65

The food is a guilty pleasure. It's so good.

Review №66

I brought my daughter to your restaurant for dinner after the dady daughter dance, I wanted to take her to a restaurant a little nicer that than our regular burger joint or pizza place. To start with when the hostess finally shows up to ask the number of our party she doesn't even acknowledge our existence and ask the people who were literally walking in the door how many. Don't get me started on the rude people that came in behind us and knowingly cut in line and said nothing. When she gets around to seating us she puts me and my 6 year old daughter in the bar. I asked to not be seated in the bar with my daughter and all I got was attitude. How about the table that the couple that came in behind us got? You could say she put us in the bar because she was saving bigger tables for bigger party's, but she put us at a 4 top. I just got up and left and don't ever plan to come back to your branch. I understand it may have been busy she may have been overwhelmed but this is the career path she has chosen and if she can't hack it she might want to think about getting a new job. Maybe a wallmart employee, at least we expect them to be rude and have 0 expectations from them. I know Olive garden is not the nicest restaurant in town but it is supposed to be good dinning experience with good food. Step up your game Oakley!!

Review №67

Had a great experience, food was great! We had two managers stop by and ask how our food and service was. Would recommend!

Review №68

I am a big fan of Italian food

Review №69

Very polite workers and food always good

Review №70

Service is terrible. We got seated and two other takes got seated and fully served mean while we had to flag down multiple servers to locate our server. She was never told about our table. Drinks were overly late. We got our salad and bread and had to remind them we had drinks. Other servers were giving away our drinks and my wife ordered a Mojito and it was made wrong and we never even got it( they gave it away), thoroughly unimpressed with this location. Good location, deplorable service.

Review №71

My husband and I had dinner here the other night and it was very good. Nothing stellar special but very acceptable and good.the 9 oz wine pour was very generous and very nice to have. Our server was efficient and pleasant to work with. I really hate the at the table computer paysystems though. It's very impersonal.

Review №72

Great service! Waiter was professional and prompt, we were seated right away, and the food was delicious. Affordable wine selection was a plus! We were initially seated at a table, but my Fiancé wanted to move due to noise. Our waiter had no issues with letting us move, even during the busy dinnertime rush.We came because we had a gift card, but this may just be our new date night place.

Review №73

The restaurant was not full. I didn't understand the 15 minute wait for seating. Friendly staff. Hard calamari. Soaked salad; too tangy I couldn't enjoy any crunch. Why only 2 olives and 2 slices of tomato? Buttery, soft breadsticks. Deliciously tender chicken and shrimp pasta. The restaurant is, like most, tempered for the cooks, not the patrons. 70 degrees outside, 50 degrees inside.

Review №74

Had a nice lunch our server was totally awesome

Review №75

Excellent as always! Place was clean and neat.

Review №76

Good food.Service a little slow as only a few customers after lunch rush but good service.Server was very attentive and personable.

Review №77

Love this place!!!! Food is always amazing and service to match!!!!

Review №78

The waitress was very helpful and food was great.

Review №79

Very good service and relaxing atmosphere.

Review №80

The Olive garden great food, but the service is good sometimes and other not so great. I love the atmosphere and for the most we always have a great time.

Review №81

Great location. The soups and breadsticks are the best.

Review №82

Was told a 25 minute wait to be seated for a party of 13 and it was an hour. Service was poor at best. Very unorganized when the checks came.They came back 3 times trying to figure out what bill belonged to who. It took 2 servers and 2 managers to get it all straightened out. We were there for over 3 hours which is unacceptable. Won't be going back. The food was good though !

Review №83

There was 20 min wait time, which wasn't bad and the service was great. A good place to dine with a date, friends or family.

Review №84

Definitely a spot worth stopping over, the food is awesome and well prepared, the cost is reasonable and it is constantly well organized here. Fantastic work.

Review №85

Really degraded in quality, re. Salad, nothing but BIG chunks of iceberg white heel of lettuce, I want the salad in the pics. Lasagna good, bc it is mass made and frozen.

Review №86

I had a blast at this establishment. It felt very homey, warm and welcoming. I can't say enough...

Review №87

I expected better tasting food and better service. Our servers were on top of their game. The issue was everything was slow coming from the bar and out of the kitchen. We had a huge party of about 20. One side of the party was half finished with their meal before the other half was served. When it came time for the bill, even though we had the orders grouped according to who was paying, it still took nearly 15 minutes for us to get our bills. Very disparaging. At least my granddaughter had a wonderful time; she was, after all, with her family and friends.

Review №88

Food always good and generous portions. Service is always friendly, but slow, very slow. My waitress had 4 tables and commented how busy she was! 4 tables is not busy. Last time we stopped by at 11:20 am there were 4 cars in parking lot and they said a 20 min wait for a table. How is that possible? When u want Olive Garden I do go here but only if I have a lot of time.

Review №89

Friendly staaff, food was fresh. My 4 year old loves this place

Review №90

As you can see we cleaned our plates.

Review №91

We had a large party the waitresses were pros no incorrect orders and very attentive

Review №92

It's okay I had shrimp scampi which was good. This was my 2nd time visiting and they got my mom's order wrong again she was not too happy it messed up the whole meal. We were there to eat together but instead I was eating she was waiting. Also be wary when sitting they wipe the tables but wipe everything on the floor and it gets on chairs too. I will try a different location next time.

Review №93

Food was delicious. Our server, Mack, was attentive, patient and very sweet. All the food came out within 30 minutes of ordering. Phenomenal evening

Review №94

This place is worth trying. They have large portions for fair prices. Always well kept and with good vibes. Highly recommended.

Review №95

This was the third time that we have received poor service at this location. We decided to try again today because we were really craving the soup and salad. Unfortunately our waiter did not make the grade again. First of all, he failed to get our salad order correct. I then had to ask for our drinks as he did not bring them at all. After a long wait, he brought the correct salad. After another long wait, we finally received our soup. We had to ask for our order of pasta. He told us it was being made fresh, however when it FINALLY came out, it was lukewarm. We asked for soup refills and drink refills which we again had to wait a lengthy time for and we never received our drink refills. Because our visit took so long, I finally just requested to-go containers as we had other things to do. Our waiter was polite when he interacted with us, however he just didn't seem to care about providing good service. I might add that the restaurant was virtually empty as this was around 2pm. We have removed this Olive Garden from our restaurant list.

Review №96

We sat at the bar. Our server/bartender was very professional and friendly. We will definitely go back.

Review №97

Only a few customers there.... service was great. Sorry for the virus for your employees..

Review №98

My fave spot

Review №99

Our server Candace was awesome! Food was delicious. Long wait for breadsticks tho...

Review №100

Our server was very new BUT the server helping him for our party of 14 was amazing and made up for where he was slacking. She could've and basically did handle or group by herself. My suggestion is to provide more training before setting servers out on the floor. He was clueless about a lot of your basic menu items. He was slow and seemed lost. I left a decent tip... more than 20% but it was because the other server did her job plus his. If there was a way to give it all to her I would have. They did gather the staff including the chefs to come sing happy birthday to my special needs daughter and her boyfriend. That made them feel special. The bartender Mack is great.... he is always fun to talk to. I could sit at the bar and chat with him for hours. I gave 5 stars because even though the one server was new and clueless the female server helping him was exceptional and did his work and hers while smiling the entire time.

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  • Address:3290 Vandercar Way, Cincinnati, OH 45209, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 513-351-1573
  • Caterer
  • Italian restaurant
  • Family restaurant
  • Gluten-free restaurant
  • Takeout Restaurant
  • Seafood restaurant
  • Soup restaurant
  • Wine bar
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–11PM
  • Thursday:11AM–11PM
  • Friday:11AM–10PM
  • Saturday:11AM–10PM
  • Sunday:11AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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