Churchs Chicken
1318 Highway 71 South, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States
Review №1

I would have given them a 5 star but 1 out of 5 item's we got was not that fresh. I still ate it. It was not bad. But the other 4 were right out the fryer. So it seem like it could have been just as fresh. But it was not bad just not near as fresh as the rest of the order

Review №2

Church's gets it right, they fry their chicken to a nice golden brown. Too often , I've been disappointed in other places because the chicken is overdone and it's too dark. Or it's been sitting under a lamp too long and it's dried out. My order today was very flavorful juicy, and and just the right amount of crisp. Their jalapenos are on Point as well as their biscuits. Every time I come here I usually go through the drive-thru and you're always very friendly. Today I went inside to eat and again they were very friendly. The only complaint that I have about this location is it run down and needs some money spent updating it and the parking lot it's atrocious. But the food, the food is good

Review №3

Nice hot and fresh

Review №4

Not usually into fried chicken. I guess this tells you something about the food here. My first ever time trying Churches and OMG. Incredible. Everything was hot; perfectly cooked. Tasted awesome.Thanks guy! Great Job.

Review №5

Great chicken if you love it crispy (which we do)! The biscuits are amazing with the honey drizzle that's baked onto the top.... The only down side is the sides. When you order a 16 piece family meal to feed 6 (left over chicken for lunch was the goal lol) that came with 2 "large" sides that are not large enough to give that many people more then a few bites... Not cool. Order extra sides if your feeding a family. We learned our lesson and will have to adjust the order next time.

Review №6

Tonight the wife wanted to treat me and suggested Churches Chicken. She got the three piece and I got the chicken fried steak, what a disappointment... The chicken was ok but I could taste nothing but fryer oil on my steak and we only got two small sides one mashed and gravy and one slaw. Not enough gravy on the mashed or the steak... We won't be back.

Review №7

Good place but no one knows english. Lol

Review №8

I tried to go in and order takeout Saturday. The place was dirty and the employees were ignoring everyone in line. Only one employee of the entire staff had her mask on correctly and the people handling the food weren't wearing theirs up at all. This was only brought to my attention when I noticed the lady coughing at the food. It's mandatory that food handling staff wear masks for a reason. It was just overall nasty, so we ended up leaving.

Review №9

I have tried to call all day and no one has answered the phone it goes to voicemail

Review №10

Price wasnt great and I'm not a fan of the sides we got. I'm picky my potatoes and gray don't go in the same container.

Review №11

Not as good as it use to be. The flavor isn't there

Review №12

I deliver food. I repeated the order 3 times, apparently they didn't have that particular meal. I called the customer was irrate and yelling at me. The shift leader on 9/1/20 @ 1:30 or so asked me to pull to the window where I repeated the order 3 more times and showed her my screen. She just stared at me with her hands up like she had no idea what I was talking about. She stepped away to "call her manager", I waited 10 minutes just for her to come back and say "oh you're still here", and she STILL just stared at me. I had to request to order 2 times before telling and showing her the order 2 more times. This was ridiculous. I have worked these jobs and she does NOT need to be a shift leader.

Review №13

Always fresh although the wait times can vary.

Review №14

I have never had such bad service. They are the worst fast food place in fort Smith. Cashier would not even get off her phone to wait on us. Corporate officials never called back when I posted a complaint. Never ever go there!!!!

Review №15

Church's has amazing biscuits but last time I got them here they were so solid they couldn't be eaten.

Review №16

Very delicious. The chicken was hot and fresh.

Review №17

Always hot and fresh. When I say hot I mean be careful or it will scald your mouth. Best chicken and best deals on chicken especially if you like dark meat which we do.

Review №18

The chicken was tender and the fries are good.

Review №19

Way better than Popeye's drive thru maniacs but need to get their non-English speaking jerks out of the window! They don't smile or even try to be kind. But the chicken is always spicy if requested and it's always hot. I love the food but the staff needs to get it together.

Review №20

The chicken was hot. However the skin crust was horrible

Review №21

We don't do Churches often due to distance but they make it worth the trip. On top of the order being perfect, staff was friendly, communicated early that for our large order it would be 6 minutes cooking, and everything tasted great. Worth the hour drive. See you next time.

Review №22

Good choice of sides, chicken is delicious and at a great price.

Review №23

They are always out of things. Last time I went they didnt have tea or okra.

Review №24

The chicken is good, but the service horrible, you need a new people make the diferent for this restaurant.

Review №25

Good environment. Good food

Review №26

Fresh cooked food

Review №27

Love churches chicken, but the wanna charge extra for condiments if you dont buy certain items. I like honey on my chicken. I shouldnt have to buy biscuits to get honey with my chicken ???

Review №28

The food was ok but the meal didn't come with a biscuit

Review №29

Dream of the day we get one in berryville eureka springs or green forest. You cant get better food

Review №30

Excellent service, really good food and fairly priced.

Review №31

It's the best place to get chicken

Review №32

The chicken is hot, once or twice a little overcooked, ordered okra recently, never again it was so dried out and hard, I almost drove back across town to return it. I know the people who work there are only human, what gets me is the rude drive thru ladyWe used to have chicken about once every other week, but I dont like dealing with ppl who are gonna be short with me and act like I'm trying to bankrupt them when I ask for condiments. So now it's about once every few months that we try again. Hopefully you hire ppl who dont seem like they are miserable.

Review №33

Does not take all forms of payment

Review №34

Love Church's chicken!!! Great flavor, good prices. Friendly staff

Review №35

Worst place in town.

Review №36

One of my favorite places

Review №37

They have the best biscuits around ! Honey covered and so buttery that the taste of a perfect biscuit that's melts into your mouth. The spicy chicken bone in is also delicious with a good crisp and tender juiciness.

Review №38

Inadequate parking, the staff seemed perturbed that I actually came in rather than use the drive through,. Eventually someone sighed deeply and slowly ambled over to take my order. No one smiled, it was purely transactional. The breading on my gizzards was absent any seasoning and they were overcooked. The potatoes and gravy were "adequate".

Review №39

I absolutely loved the 8 pc Garlic Butter Shrimp Platter w/ coleslaw, fries & a biscuit w/ a drink for $5.00.The Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes and white Gravy was hot & delicious as well.I went right after they opened & the wait wasn't too long. Staff were friendly & order was correct. I'll be going back.

Review №40

Absolutely lovely try to get it made fresh if you ask they'll do it extremely good staff might take a second longer well worth it

Review №41

It was one of the only places open on Thanksgiving. It was made fresh and tasted great!

Review №42

Beats KFC 10 to.1 very fresh priced food

Review №43

It's real good

Review №44

Seems all the chicken places are getting smaller chicken and adding more breading to make it appear to be bigger ...visited 2 times in the past month, (drive-up) got home order was not correct

Review №45

Good food but the chicken tender combo plus adding a side is outrageously expensive compared to buying a 3 piece combo.

Review №46

Need dine in and speed and better löcatio n. For some lf their better buisness im a fan if they were closer and faster

Review №47

They have some good prices on the meals and some good food

Review №48

Not even worth 1 star, stopped by once through drive through the wait time was terrible went somewhere else thinking I'd give it time went back and the wait time was horrific ordered my food and after 15 minutes I still had not moved no cars had moved so I left!! I will not be going back if they cannot pick up the pace if I wanted to wait I would have made fried chicken at home thawing it out and actually cooking it myself would have been faster

Review №49

Garbage cabbage juice is what this place is. The wait is horrible, and so is the customer service. Hell I'm going to have too learn Spanish to even talk. You will be better off making your own. May be quicker then they are.

Review №50

The restaurant wad not very clean and didn't smell clean. No receipt was offered and when I asked for one I was told only the manager could get it but employee wasn't willing to get the manager. The ice machine was out of ice and the employee acted upset that I asked for ice from behind the counter. Long wait for food. Just not a good experience.

Review №51

Mmmmm great food great service

Review №52

Not a big fan of this place food was supposedly made fresh yet it was cold. My chicken strips were like rubber and my fries were soggy and cold.

Review №53

Quick service and good food. Biscuits were exceptionally good today

Review №54

Ok. Churches is great if you are familiar with this chain. This location is dilapidated and often understaffed. They have served us very old (hours under a heat lamp and refried) chicken. They said they dont carry white gravy, which is amazing with their strips. The staff is mostly friendly with exception to many employees who dont speak english as their first language. This just makes it hard to communicate but otherwise friendly.

Review №55

Too long of wait,they need more staff tell you 15mins and come say 10 more.

Review №56

Where are they had a 10-piece chicken for $10 which I didn't think was much of a savings and that's all it was was just chicken legs and thighs only. Did not come with biscuits we had to buy those extra. The chicken it takes it all right but Kentucky Fried Chicken the blowing out of water.

Review №57

The one in Rogers, AR closed down. I had a day to waste and drove to Fort Smith because I LOVE this place! Worth the drive.

Review №58

Great place.

Review №59

On 1/9/2020 wanted some churches chicken it was 8:45pm go to open door and its locked but the doors says closed at 10pm im like ok we go through drive through and ask why the doors are locked he said they close at 9PM I was like why we cant come inside I wanted to eat inside we were traveling needless to we went to a restaurant to eat I was very disappointed.

Review №60

Good and satisfied

Review №61

Very rude and lazy customers!! I wouldn't go dare go back and they don't ask you if you need anything!! I travel all the way from Little Rock and eat here and I wouldn't come back!!

Review №62

The food is delicious. I come here all the time, the service is great and don't take long to give you your food. The manager that is always there is really nice and is happy to assist in anything you need! I really recommend this place to come and eat. Btw the chicken is always fresh when I come here and the poppers are sooo good I can't resist but to buy a little more and I usually take some with me so I can have some at home. Better than KFC and Popeyes.

Review №63

Do you enjoy waiting in the drive thru line even though you are the only one there? Do you like have to repeat your order multiple times because they decided not to listen? Do you just love having to repeat your order AGAIN AT THE WINDOW and waiting another 20mins? No? You sure? Then I wouldn't recommend it.The food itself is fine especially for the price, but that all I can say thats positive.

Review №64

Terrible the portins arent with the money. I ordered chicken tenders and there was no flavor I asked for potatos and gravy and got a biscuit and also ordered a chicken fried steak and it had no gravy at all

Review №65

Chicken is good and juicy, sides are subpar.

Review №66

Disgusting food & grumpy setvice... Not returning

Review №67

Okay when you walk in you might get some breaking bad los pollos hermanos vibes but the chicken is soooooo good

Review №68

Awesome flavor, great prices and customer service

Review №69

Zero st location is the one I always go to and the employees are so nice, food is always good and fresh

Review №70

Food is delicious, honey biscuits are awesome. My grandma loves this place but I think it smells wierd and looks dirty. I only go with her.

Review №71

Waited 20 minutes in drive thru before they took my order. Waited in drive thru another 25 minutes before I got to window. Now been waiting 10 minutes and still no chicken. Could of cooked a whole meal myself in the time I had to wait.

Review №72

Chicken was old, very rude manager when you complain about how your food is served to you. No apology from manager at all & told if you have a problem with how they're give your food to you then you can call corporate that she don't have to serve you at all!! Very bad customer service all around!!

Review №73

Love their chicken, my favorite place for fried chicken..

Review №74

I like Chuck's Chicken, they have good deals and I love the fried okra

Review №75

Every Tuesday is chicken night thanks to Church's special discount.

Review №76

Great buttermilk chicken nuggets

Review №77

Not bad. Good service. Clean. Never seems busy when I go there. Wonder how they stay in business.

Review №78

WHY IS IT EVERYTIME WE TAKE A CHANCE AT THIS PLACE WE GET THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE THROUGH THE DRIVE THRU? Today we recieved service by a Janeth. Now not only did I tell her the order fully once, she openly stated for me to tell her again. After each item she verbally confirmed the first time like she was listening. So yet again I repeated the order. So we pulled up. As she is stating the order back she states two sprites which isn't at all what I had ordered. So I state "Let me tell you my order again." SHE THEN GETS AN ATTITUDE WITH ME THE CUSTOMER. Janeth then states "I didn't say sprite twice, I said fries. Are you not wanting fries now?" Jesus took the wheel folks. I had to calm down, cause obviously she wasn't going to admit she repeated the order back wrong. So we got that squared then we had to wait 10 extra minutes per the usual which in this case for fast food it's either in your hand by 7min or less. So we sat there for 17mins. Not a check in, not a your order will be coming up. Nope half the order was ready, but Janeth didn't feel the need to give us that. Nope as soon as we paid she fully left the window after passing us our drinks. I already told my husband we will never return. Cause this poor excuse of customer service isn't worth my time.Btw those who were wondering about the order. Or if Janeth happens to see this review. Again girl it was:#3 side mash potatoes w/ a Large Sprite no ice#4 side fries w/ a Large Coke no iceSo there ya go! Fort Smith's Arkansas church's chicken isn't worth being harrassed at a drive thru window.

Review №79

I have NEVER had worse Churches food. My tenders meal tenders were half the size the last ones I had.. not exaggerating. The side of Fry's maybe had 10 Fry's in it and the drive through took our order right but the other items and sides were wrong so we had to park and come in to fix it.. not going back

Review №80

The food was good. The cheese poppers were awesome.

Review №81

It sucked. Only three people working only one had gloves on when handling the food. They did not have what we wanted and it would have been 15 for one order than another 12 for the second order.

Review №82

Chicken is amazing, only issue we had was the carbonated lemonade!!

Review №83

Good, hot, fresh food at a great price. That makes it hard to beat. Thanks Church's Chicken, for a great food experience.

Review №84

Good chicken but a little greasy

Review №85

Make sure to check everything before you leave.

Review №86

They have no good customer service and the food suck and they slow

Review №87

Service was slow but they have the best biscuits!

Review №88

It was dirty, the Dr Pepper did not taste like Dr Pepper, the employee's uniforms were dirty, the breading was falling off the chicken. It was just gross.

Review №89

Fresh food at a great price

Review №90

Great food

Review №91

They have great deals on chicken -tastes better than kfc

Review №92

All but the day time management. The man that works the desk. He's real rude

Review №93

Chicken did not seem cooked as well this visit. It did not seem like they were running any specials.

Review №94

Great food. Great service.. Friendly ppl

Review №95

Absolutely the worst Church's Chicken location I have ever been to. They NEVER have any spicy chicken ready. Went there today and ordered their Tuesday special, 2 pc. dark w/ biscuit in spicy. Ordered two of these and was told they only had enough for one order. They only had two pieces of spicy chicken and that was their daily special. The last time we ordered spicy, we were kept waiting over 35 minutes. Ft Smith Church's tarnishes Church's good reputation in other places.

Review №96

I have eaten here several times and the food was good and service good BUT this time it was not good!!!!!!! Chicken strips were barely warm and old, we told the staff about it and they gave us a story about different temperatures for strips and chicken etc. We will NOT be back!!

Review №97

Terrible customer service

Review №98

Good chicken served hot.

Review №99

Good food but needs updated building.

Review №100

I have been Church's all ove rthe place but this location is the worst. They're always so slow and alot of the workers are rude. I'm usually overcharged or they don't have basic menu items.

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